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Soft brake pedal ls lincoln - 2002 Lincoln LS

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Soft brake pedal on a 2002 Lincoln LS - 2002 Lincoln LS

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Soft brake pedal ls lincoln - 2002 Lincoln LS

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I have a 1981 Corvette and my pedal has to be pumped to get a hard pedal.The Brake Master cyl. has been changed twice in 5 days the brake fluid level remains full.The brakes have been bled 5 times and on a lift, in the air, we cannot find any leaks. Each time, after bleeding, the break pedal is niceand not soft. But after driving and using them for a couple hours the pedal continues to go soft and almost to the floor. Pumping them 3 or 4 times give me more pedal but the next time I use them it

First check each wheel brake cylinder for small leaks. If no leaks then the brakes have not been bled properly. Liquid will not compress like air, thus the reason pumping the pedal makes the brake pedal come up. If you had all of the air out of the l ... 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

I am working on a 2004 dodge caravan with a soft brake problem.i have replaced the rear shoes and adjusted rear brakes,also replaced front rotors and pads.i have also replaced the master cylinder.after bleeding brakes with engine off i can get a hard brake pedal, assoon as you start the engine the pedal goes soft.i have repeated this procedure of bleeding several times with the same soft pedal results.i have also disconected the abs pump and controler to see if the abs system was causing the pro

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Brake pedal gets soft now and then. I did a brake job on my 99 Prizm and replaced the stock brake tubing with longer non stock tubing to get by, but now the brake pedal gets real soft now and then like almost falls to the floor. It still stops the car but feeling scary when it falls and slows down the car slowy. Could it be that because of the longer tubing the brakes is not getting enough "pressure" to apply to the pads? I've bleed the entire system twice, with no luck. Also, my parking brake c

If the brakes were bled correctly the the length of pipe should not make any difference. Did you bleed them manualy or with a pressure pump? It is quite easy to get air in if manualy bled. Check the rear brakes to see why the hand brake is not workin ... 1999 Chevrolet Prizm

89 F250 7.3 diesel; Brake pedal fading to floor; when vacuum line at booster disconnected brake pedal is very firm; reconnect vacuum line and soft pedal returns. No leaks on brake lines and brake flu

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All of a sudden my brake pedal is very soft, and makes a short hissing noise while being depressed. The hissing seems to be coming from that diaphram area above the brake pedal. The master cylinder is full and there don't appear to be any fluid leaks. When I turn the engine off though and pump the brakes, the pedal will get firm again. It's only with the engine on that is goes soft.

Right, your booster diaphram has torn. You will have to replace the booster. Often this can be done without breaking the hydraulic system open. If you would like to do it yourself, let me know and I will send instructions. ... Ford Ranger

I have a 96 geo prizm. I have replaced the front and back brakes. I have bled the brakes and the foot pedal is firm for about the first4 days. After the 4 days the brake pedal gets really soft and you have to push it almost to the floor for the brakes to engage. I tried bleeding the brakes again and that fixed the problem, but it is now back to being soft. Do I have a problem with my master cylinder or is there something that I am missing?

It sounds like master cyl. is drawing in air causing prob. also another test would bee too bleed out and get pedal back, now step on pedal and hold firmly and see if pedal creeps near floor indicating innternal leaking in master cyl. also have some o ... 1996 Geo Prizm

I have a 2000 chevy blazer. had to short fix left rear brake line with hose and clamps. bled air from that side, brakes were soft in the pedal. checked right rear for any air had none. brakes still feel soft inthe pedal and the brake light is staying on.

Do not drive the vehicle. remove the hoze. replace it with steel line. rubber hoses are not meant for the high pressures of brake lines. it is expanding when you press the brake pedal. very unsafe. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

1998 Pontiac Sunfire, at a stop brake pedal went soft and to the floor. While car is running pedal is soft, while off pedal is hard. Have bled all the brakes and found no air in the lines and fluid is

The leather inside master cylinder is leaking. Buy a kit or a rebuilt from parts store. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. I had to replace the front brake pads, rotors and calipers. After bleeding the brakes I still have a soft pedal. when pressing it the pressure builds up but after pumping then releasing them they go right back to being soft. I replaced the master cylinder and still having the same issue also when pressing on the brake pedal I hear a squishing sound like it is releasing air. Any ideas?

Make sure there is no run out with the rotors , if there is it will move the caliper pistons in and you will have to pump the brakes to move them back out every time. It is best to use a pressure bleeder to make sure all air is removed. ... Dodge Ram 1500

2002 deville 4 wheel disc brakes with abs. while driving the car smeems to have plenty of stopping power. When you are stopped the pedal is vary soft and travals to floor. I have replace master cylinder 2 times, the power brake unit and the abs unit bled system with scan tool and with out. Always same result soft pedal you can push to the floor when vehical is running not running pedal is rock hard

It appears that you still have air in the system .Repeat the bleeding system starting at the m/cyl by cracking the lines one at a time to allow the air trapped in the m/cyl to escape first. (when replacing m/cyls it is agood idea to prime the unit fi ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

My 1997 gmc 1500 has developed a "soft" pedal and the I P lights have come on. If I clamp a pair of vise grips on the rear brake hose before the "T:|"the pedal becomes firm. I have bled the brakes many times, replaced the rear wheel cylinders and lines back to the "T" replaced the drums and shoes, but the pedal is still soft and the lights stay on. I just changed the master cylinder, and still no difference. The master was bench bled before instalation. I did replace the main line going to the

Hi, you are experiencing the GM brake pedal, this is a common problem, most of the time the abs module is to blame. if air gets trapped in the module it will always be spongy. you need to crack the bleeders just after the abs unit and have an assista ... GMC Sierra 1500

Ford 1998 F-150. Brakes overhauled 6 mos. ago. Hwy/City driving percentage: 90/10. I was driving on the freeway this morning, cruise control on, when the abs and brake light lit suddenly. I tapped my brake pedal to disengage the cruise, but the play was soft & and the pressure did not engage the brakes nor turn off the cruise. I turned off the cruise manually, and attempted a full press on the brake pedal to engage the manual brakes. This did work, but pressed to the floor, braking was

With the sudden loss in brake pressure, and the light on, I would check the fluid level and if its low, suspect a brake fluid leak, that may be the burning smell, maybe leaking near a exhaust pipe? You dont mention where you are, but if its NORTH and ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

While car is sitting at idle brake pedal goes to floor when applied. when driving the car on the road the brakes still feel soft put perform a little bit better, expecially when applied abruptly. still the pedal feels very soft and unresponsive. the car can come to a complete stop even tho this problem exists. any ideas?

Check brake fluid level --if good- air in system or in need of new braakes if brakes are good than need to bleed air need out check for leak if no leak bleed brakes ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

My 94 c1500 has very spongy brakes.I have replaced brake booster,master cylinder,porportion valve and both rear wheel cylinders.brake pedal will get firm when applied too bleed brakes but not much fluid coming out of bleeder screws on left rear wheel and pedal goes down. I have bleed master cylinder and at all the wheels in correct order still have a soft brake pedal?

You still have air in the system. You will have to bleed more. I had to bleed a quart of brake fluid out of each wheel to get good brakes on my 1996 GMC. ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

Brake pedal goes to the floor after putting on new brakes and bleeding the brakes. This is a lincoln LS, 2002 model. When motor is not running there is good brake pedal with no travel, after you start enging it goes to the floor

Bleed the brakes. RR,LR,RF,LF\015\012You have to have a hose on the bleeder valve going to a bottle, to catch the fluid. \015\012Put someone in the car,start engine,when the person says DOWN,you crack open bleeder valve and close before t ... 2002 Lincoln LS

ABS and Brake light stay on plus pedal is soft after tight turn

Sounds like you have low brake fluid pressure and the pressure sensor is turning on warning lights saying there is low pressure and also pedal going to floor indicate this, sounds like master brake cylinder is worn out/broke and needs replace ment ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Excessive brake pedal travel and 'soft' brakes

The brakes have to be bleed you wrote that when you start the car the pedal goes to the floor that means the booster is working fine take it back and tell them you want the brakes bleed ... 2003 Honda Accord

Brake pedal soft engine on, brake pedal hard engine off

... 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

1998 Pontiac sunfire manual Brakes went soft at a stop one day, pedal slowly went to the floor. have bled all brakes and found no air and fluid runs fine. pedal still goes to the floor while car is running. pedal goes hard when car is not running. whats next? im at a loss here...

Bad master cylinder.. normal for pedal to get hard while pumping pedal with engine off. ... Cars & Trucks

1999 Ford E350 van problem: brake pedal is soft; have replaced master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and drums, front calipers, rotors and discs; have bled master cylinder before installation and bled all wheel cylinders as well; have also replaced rear anti-lock system; the rear anti-lock system light on the dash remains on; the pedal gets hard when bleeding the brakes, however, does not stay hard after bleeding. Does the anti-lock system need to be bled as well? If so, how?

Good question, on the antilock system is a bleader too and bleade it the same way you bleade the caliper. After all is done adjust the rear brakes, they should have a drag to them. ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

I replaced the rear brake lines on a Kia Sedona after they leaked. The rear lines were bled (twice), but the brake pedal is still soft. Do I need to bleed the Master cylinder to get a firmer brake pedal? Do you just pull the line off the master cylinder and bleed, then re-bleed the rears again? Could it be air in the front lines also?? Thanks in advance

... 2004 Kia Sedona

Can vacumn pump make brake warning lite come on it is making funny sound and hardly no brakes .the fliud is ok brakes and rotors are new also,and no leaks.started the truck and the pedal felt hard &soft yet drove truck slowly and pedal was hard slowly stopped. thank you.

Yes, if the vacuum assist goes bad, the brake warning light should come on. ... 2002 Ford E350
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