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2002 lincoln ls 3.9L engine backfired and broke plastic intake manifold

\015 Front of the intake broke , engine backfired at start up\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2002 lincoln ls 3.9L engine backfired and broke plastic intake manifold

... 2002 Lincoln LS

1997 Lincoln town car 281 cu in engine. The intake manifold was replaced due to the thermostat housing crack failure. Since then, there is an idle surge that disappears "off idle" -- about 1500 rpm. The surge only happens after the engine is warm. Cold running is fine. STP Injector cleaner in the gas and Sea Foam in the oil (there also was a miss under load and occasional backfire through the intake manifold -- like a sticky valve) helped about 90 % in gear. The miss is gone and the idle -- in

Dirt may have got onto the O2 sensor, this could cause a surge without the light coming on. Some debris may be on a sensor preventing the computer from making correct adjustments..... ... Lincoln Town Car

Heard loud backfire and found box ( part F 202 90 001 and 002)attached to air intake hose shattered . what is plastic box called and where is best place to get another. After it broke I could start car but it died almost immediately. Removed broken box and placed plastic lid over hole and secured with tape and appears to be temporarily ok as car now runs. Is there any problem driving until replacement part obtained?

No problem driving it, but expect it to idle weird. That box is not really a neccesity, only to regulate the air coming into the intake. Now your not gonna be able to get that box at an auto parts store. Your best bet is to find a auto salvage yard, ... 1991 Mazda 626

I removed the intake manifold and broke some plastic tubing. Where does this tubing reconnect as I can't find the one end connect. It seems to have somethiing to do with the service engine light s

You may have broken the tips off of a sensor found at the rear of your engine as well as damaged the vacume line you will need to replace possibly both the sensor as well as the lines after awhile due to the heat of the engine they will dry out ... 1993 Chevrolet Corsica

1997 Pontiac Bonneville While trying to take the intake manifold off to replace the gasket the belt tensioner broke and its not something simple like a bolt or anything, its where the bracket for it connects to another bracket, from what I can tell. Its like a circular plastic piece that was either pressed into place or maybe bolted on, I can't tell. Is there any simple solution for this? Or will I need to replace the tensioner?

You Need to Replace The Tensioner Not Difficult. ... Cars & Trucks

Re/1997 Merc, Grand Marquis: The plastic intake manifold is split open in the front. A split of about 3 or 4 inches. It spews coolant from the split. There was never an indication of a leak until this major problem. What can be done? Is this plastic a coolant unit heating the entire intake manifold? Does the entire unit need replacement? Since the car is so old and putting lots of money into it is unwise, is there an epoxy that can be used to repair this split?

You need to replace it Epoxy will not work sorry to say for its been tried and tested not to hold up for long. I would get a new one for the older ones will do the same as yours did eventually. Since its a 1997 its a toss up to keep or fix dependin ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Trying to remove head to replace head gasket on 2.0 L non-turbo engine on '97 Mitsubishi Eclipse. My Haynes manual says to remove the intake manifold stays and the head can be removed without removing the intake manifold from the head. It does not mention the black plastic box that is mounted over these stays. I took off three nuts that seem to hold this box in place, but it does not come off. What is this box and how do I remove it to get access to the manifold stays?

Jack up the car support with jack stands remove cover shield to view the underside of the box/intake manifold, make sure to use a drop light to uliminated the underside of the assembly, this should allow you to see what is connected to the box or the ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 2005 lincoln ls V6 and is leaking oil behind the intake manifold it seems that there is some type of sensor behind the manifold because there is a plug connected to it what is the name of this part it is bolted behind the intake manifold

... 2002 Lincoln LS

Intake manifold the intake manifold gaskets are plastic and rubber do you just hand titen the manifold or what is the tork specks for the bolts

I usually just tighten them hand tight using the cross pattern there is a tourque spec it is 44inch lbs i belive but never had a problem tighting them like i explained ... 1999 Chevrolet C1500

1999 e350 5.4 gas backfired and exploded the plastic intake, replaced, wont fire, fuel ok, may have gotten a little water into some cylinders, any suggestions? Not sure how to check for appropriate spark. Unbolted and raised intake (assembled) to remove and reinstall plastic intake, didnt drain all water and coolant, so small amount may have entered cylinders. Thank You.

A small amount of coolant should not prevent the engine from starting. Check all your connections to the injector harness and the cam sensor, maf, etc. I know you've done this already, do it again :-) I always miss something. If you have a stetho ... 1999 Ford Econoline

I have a Ford Explorer XLT, 97 and need a diagram of a plastic multi tubed air intake that sits on the top of intake manifold, I need to remove it so I can get to thermostat plastic housig.

... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

Removal of intake manifold on 1999 lincoln town car

... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Coolant leaking in and around the intake manifold as well as the under carriage of that same part I think. Outake? I know that the part that attaches to the manifold appears to be metal but the manifold appears to be plastic. Can this be the problem?

The plastic piece is the upper intake manifold. The metal part is the lower intake manifold. Sometimes the gaskets go bad between the upper and lower intake manifolds. But usually the upper intake manifold is cracked and needs replaced. ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 2004 kia sedona w/ 3.4 engine,i removed intake manifold to do spark plugs,and found a plastic part broken and rattling around inside the manifold, it appears to be something to direct air flow,is this part replaceableor do i have to get another manifold Thanks, clifweb

... 2004 Kia Sedona

1996 gmc jimmy wont start seems like advanced timing issue backfiring out throttlebody, replaced timing pick up, distribitor cap, crank sensor, ICM, when ignition conrol module replace the engine ran fine for about 4 seconds and went to backfiring out throttlebody, then replaced injectors inside intake manifold, still backfiring. it has 65 psi fuel pressure. this whole problem started after wife drove car it quit and had to tow home. distribitor is tight. i have not checked with a timing light.

You said the problem happened right after the engine was replaced correct? If so bring number cylinder to top dead center on the compression stroke. Remove the distributor cap and see if the rotor is lined up with the number one spark plug wire. It's ... 1996 GMC Jimmy


Answer , very carefully ...\015\012\015\012drain coolant , remove and mark all vacuum lines , make a schematic to diagram your hose routing, disconnect and plug all fuel lines, remove distributor and mark location of rotor, disconnect b ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

I have a Ford expedition 4.6 and continue to get a P401 code. I have replaced the EGR manifold, sensor and DPFE sensor. I also had an intake cleaner with the machine done and still continue to get the same code. I also around 40 - 45 miles per hour have a spark detonation when shifting. The only thing I can imagine is when changing the first manifold the first time the brake booster bracket broke, but the people over at Auto Zone said not a problem put tape around the hole it was only for sta

Could be the knock sensors,or crank,have them checked.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012TIM..................... ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Vacuum leak I have an 05 chevy colorado 3.5 5cyl. I noticed a vacuum leak on the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold.Problem is that in order to fix the leak,the black plastic cover over the intake manifold needs to be removed or at least loosened.Any idea how this cover can be removed?

Mine is doing the same, it's your pcv receptor on the manifold. that hard plastic cover is actually part of the intake itself, if it "came off" it would cut your intake in half. that seem seals the two halfs together. you gotta pull the whole inta ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

Engine didnt want to start with out pushing down on accelerator slightly. Ran fine after starting. replaced fuel filter and air filter, no difference. Two weeks later engine backfired on start up and broke intake plenum in two. Removed intake plenum, spun engine over seemed to have good suction on all holes. 3800 v-6

You need to bleed the fuel line to take all the air out then it will start up. ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

I do not know a lot about troubleshooting and I am trying to determine what is throwing codes and causing my ls to run like garbage, all of your help is appreciated. I know the LS has problems with Ignition coils, This is something I don't want to replace unless absolutely necessary due to removing the intake manifold. and I don't have a lot of money to throw at this problem. I own a 2003 Lincoln Ls 3.0 V6, It has 32,000miles, The only modification on the vehicle is a ram air intake. Th

You have vacuum leaks\015\012I assume the intake manifold\015\012I don't know what manifold or why\015\012you would play with a V6 LS intake\015\012This is an expensive high tech veh,\015\012not one you modify,you have m ... Lincoln LS

1996 Buick Le Sabre. 3.9 v/6 Check engine light came on and found out plastic intake manifold was cracked. Replaced the intake and for a few days light was off. Then the same check engine light came back on. Car surges sometimes and will almost die while idling. It runs ok, most of the time, but check engine light stays on. Got any ideas?

My light went out after i replaced egr valve---twice--then came back on....then i had a fuel system "clean out" done by national chain...light went out--milage went up--GOD BLESS AMERICA!! ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

If it is not necessary to replace the coolant tube in the intake manifold if it is leaking antifreeze, how do you fix the leak even if you do flush out the system and put green antifreeze in? I am also curious as to how I go about verifying that the leaking coolant tube is in fact the problem? If i look inside the manifold will i be looking for something specific? Is the coolant tube plastic or is it a rubber tube?

I'm assuming you are talking about the 3800 v6 engine?\015\012I don't know what hose or tube you are talking about either. There is not any coolant going through a hose in the intake manifold. There are two bypass coolant elbos on the passenge ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

What are the torque specs and pattern for a 2000 ford escort intake manifold. This is the zx2 with duel overhead cams. (Plastic Manifold) Thanks

Manifold bolts and nuts. Tighten in the sequence illustrated to 10-12 ft. lbs. (14-17 Nm). \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Good L ... Ford Escort

Need to replace the plastic intake manifold on my 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis with a 4.6 liter motor. The problem is there is a metal bracket that holds the throttle body cables on the driver's side rear of engine that covers the fuel rail and I can't determine how to get it off. There is a bolt on the top which goes into the manifold and that bolt comes out easy enough but there must be another in the back of the engine which is entirely impossible to get to. How does one get this bracket off???

Email me and i have a complete list as well as pictures to assist your endevours. [email protected] ... 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

Fluid leaking from intake bypass connection need exploded view of the intake manifold the plastic connector from water by pass is broken i dont know what it is called to re order

You may be talking about the heater pipe quick connector located on the lower intake mainfold.Very common to break off on early 3.1 liter engines.Also very difficult to get out with intake on car.most of the time they have to be cut out in pieces wit ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina
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