Having problems with your 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II ?

It sheared off when trying to remove nut to add side step bracket!

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Answers :

Use a easy out to take it out,
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II

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It sheared off when trying to remove nut to add side step bracket!

Use a easy out to take it out, ... 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II

Im trying to remove the front hub on a 2002 dodge 2500 4x4 with the v-10 in it. Im removing hub so i can slide out axle shafts on both sides of front axle to do a ring and pinion job. my prblem is how do you pull the hub off? i removed the huge nut on end of axle shaft, removed brake caliper and caliper bracket, ( removed 4 nuts on the backside of hub the square flange or whatever). please tell me how the hub comes off,i cant see anything else holding it except maybe a puller to pull i

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You are almost there, I think the hub/bearing assembly is stuck together (see diagram at the bottom of the web page) you may have to use a rubber mallet to bang the hub loose.\015\012\015\012Click on the ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Trying to replace the idler pulley on 1999 Buick PA with supercharger. This is on the supercharger belt. The pulley i am trying to replace is directly behind the engine mount bracket. I have removed the engine bracket bolts, disconnected the engine bracket from the motor mount support, and removd the bolts holding the motor mount to the frame. i also loosened the right engine mount, and jacked up the passenger side of the car. I still cannot get the engine bracket off of the engine enough to get

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Cannot remove rear brake caliper. I tried remove the caliper from the mounting bracket, but the thing won't come off. I loosened the bolts but they will not come out all the way. Do I have to remove the mounting bracket first? Or Am I just missing a simple important step?

Try using a "c" clamp and push the piston in all the way on the caliper. Take the lid off the master cyl first. Lee ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

Can't get the nut on the l bracket off to remove starter.is it sae or metric?theres a heat shield on one side of starter that appears to become a l shaped bracket on end of starter with a bolt coming from the starter,and a nut holding it. i am unable to see any other restraints on the starter. i need to replace the starter,so how do i get the nut off,what size is it- sae or metric?

Almost all vehicles from 1980 on are 90% Metric\015\012\015\012You need a lot of tools to work on todays vehicles ... 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I'm trying to remove my oil pan on a 2000 Silverado 1500 with a 4.3L V6. I've removed all of the bolts, the starter, the transmission cooling lines, the oil level sensor bracket, the front wire bracket, the transmission-to-oil pan bolts, the starter bracket bolts (located on the top, passenger-side of the oil pan), etc. I cant seem to either break the gasket seal or perhaps there are other bolts. Please help

I am not sure, But there could be six more bolts to remove. They will be on the side of the pan, about half way up. three on each side. Sorry for guessing, I work on to many makes and models. Also the gaskets do hold the pan on tight sometimes. If th ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Trying to get the main relay out of my 92 accord. Been on my back for a while now and I'm getting a little annoyed! I've removed the cruise control box and then the one nut on the bracket for the relay, it's loose now but there seems to be another bracket for something else over top of the bracket studs for the relay. Not sure how to proceed from here. I tried to pry them off but backed off because I was afraid I was going to wreck something. Do I **** it up and keep prying or am I missing somet

Hi,\015\012Please check the bellow link ..it is helpful...\015\012\015\012http://techauto.awardspace.com/mainrelaydefine.html\01 ... Honda Accord

Trying to replace rear turn signal light by following manual...which I can usually do..however we can't seem to get past removing the 2 screws...it has proven very difficult to find the clips that it says we should be able to slide off to locate access to the tail light . The owner's manual is long winded... 1. Remove the two inboard nuts on the assembly. 2. Pull side assembly rearward to clear studs. 3. Rotate side assembly on the outboard side releasing the upper clip. 4. Slide assembly slight

They are on a rail, after removing the screws it should slide towards you. Since it just wiggles, there are small plastic studs that keep it in place. I you need to pull it towards the front of the car or 90deg out from the front of the van. ... Chevrolet Express

Engine mount I am working on a 2003 dodge neon. I am try to replace the timing belt. I cannot remove the right side center engine mount. The one that comes through the right side wheel well. I need to remove it, I believe because the bracket that the power steering pump attaches to has a bolt that I cannot access without removeing the mount. Unless there is a special tool required there isn't enough room.

Raise engine up as high as it will go. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

2003 Dodge Durgango, trying to remove the drivers side headlamp. Removed three bolts but I have one nut or plug on the top right side if you are looking at the lamp from the front that i do not know how to remove.

It's not a bolt. It's a plastic ball and socket (to keep the headlight in place when you change out the bulbs). Give the headlight a good tug and it will come out. ... 2003 Dodge Durango

I'm trying to remove the right side tie rod on my 94 tempo. It's got a large nut or socket holding a ball on the interside of the tie rod. Any advise on removing the nut without twisting the shaft going into the stering housing.

Auto zone has loner tools for the job its a long socket tube it wont break the rack when you loosen the inner socket ... Ford Tempo

2001 Lincoln LS V8 Sport Trying to replace sway bar bushings... Have service manual on CD... One bolt on passenger side bushing bracket is inaccessible; blocked by the heater valve... Manual says to "remove 2 bolts from heater valve bracket and locate valve aside" (there is a diagram)... There is NO WAY I can get to these heater valve bolts to remove them, and even if there was, I'd never get them back on again. Am I missing something?

Try to cut the wheel to one side.Check the clearance from the plastic inner wheel well.Remove the plastic inner wheel cover will give you 2-4 inches more to work with.=======99% of the front end work is ... 2001 Lincoln LS

I want to install a pair of step bars on a jeep wrangler four door. My problem is i cant remove the factory bolt to isntall the bracket for the step bars. The bolt unscrews but after a certain point it just dangles there. I lifted the rug in the interior to check for a nut but i didint see a nut or maybe i didnt search right advice please!

You can try a pry bar to put pressure on the bolt while you try to turn it ... or just break out the torch. ... 2008 Jeep Wrangler

07 Ford Focus Arm Rest replace..... has been broken for a while from leaning on it....Did not know the round caps were actually "removeable" even tho there pretty fragile......My problem is the "swivel bar" that would make the arm rest move up and down properly......On each end should be two knobs, like nuts, to hold it in. One side broke. So now I'm trying to remove the whole armrest piece, but the knob is holding it.....Do the knons twist off like nuts or something.....This is making no sense

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I have 2001 Chev Tracker, Oil started to run out of the Right side break drum. Removed Drum and foud oil all over the breaks. Tried to remove the Axel by removing the four nuts off of the backing plate, Axel wount come out. I think the bearing and seal are bad. I need a picture of the breaks also, not real sure of were all the springs and other parts go. How is the axel removed?

The axle requires a slide-hammer to remove. And usually the axle bearing is destroyed in the process. A new axle bearing needs to be pressed on by a machine shop, and then the reinstall of the axle requires the correct application of concussive for ... 2001 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a 2006 Hyundai Azera and want to replace the front rotors. I cannot remove the front driver side. The two screws on the rotor would not even come out with an impact screw drive so i had to machine them flush with the back of the rotor. I hit the rotor to break them loose and it wouldn,t move. I tried a heavy duty puller and hit it with a hammer and still would not budge at all. I was wondering if i could remove the axle nut and remove the hub and place it on a hyd. arbor press to remove t

... 2009 Hyundai Azera

I have established that my starter is bad, and I'm in the process of trying to remove it. I have removed the electrical wires, and the two retaining bolts (with extreme difficulty!) but there seems to be a third retaining bolt on the top of the unit , that is extremely difficult to get to. Its obstructed by the oil filter and two nearby pipes. There are also two small nuts which appear to be stablising the starter to a bracket. They look like they both need to be removed. Does this seem familia

It is a 3 bolt starter for sure, And yes the bracket has to be removed, Id advise removing the oil filter as well, But it can be done without it.. ... 1993 Ford Tempo

While replacing shocks on my 97 2500 4x4 I have managed to free everything except 1 of the three mounting nuts on the shock "tower" located on the drivers side. It broke loose with impact as the others did, but apparently broke the weld on the underside. The bolt now spins with the nut. I am assuming there is no other way than removing the coil spring and replacing said bolt and nut assembly from the underside. Is this a three bolt assembly welded into a circular bracket or an individual bolt,

The bolts are welded to the circular bracket. You can try a long flat head screw driver to hold the welded end from moving and rotating during removal, but your still going to have to keep the bolt from turning during install. At this point, compress ... 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

Re: 2000 Mercury Mountaineer V-8 with A/C. I'm trying to remove the radiator but it appears that the A/C condensor and engine radiator were installed at the factory as one unit. I've got the right side A/C condensor bracket loosened, but the center left bracket connection to the radiator is impossible to slip out of position. What is the technique used in the shop to get this radiator separated from the A/C condensor bracket so that I can lift the radiator out?

Here are instructions for radiator removal. At the bottom, there will be links with pictures. \015\012\015\012Removal & Installation\015\012\015\012\015\012Drain the cooling system. Remove the overflow tube from ... Mercury Mountaineer

I am trying to remove the window from a 2006 Hyundai sonata to replace the outside doorhandle. I tried loosening the 2 bracket bolts but having no luck with the window releasing. Any ideas how to get the drivers side front window out and replacing the door handle? Thank you...

... Cars & Trucks

Power window The Driver’s side window keeps popping out of the clips attached to the regulator bracket arm. I ripped everything apart, made sure that the window was still in the tracks, and re-seated the window into both clips on the regulator bracket arm. Then I plugged the door back in and rolled the window up without issue. I tried to roll it down and about 1/4 to 2/5 of the way down the clips pop off again and the window just sits there. I repeated the above steps several times thinking

... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Hayne's Manual for 1986 Taurus lead me wrong! After removing everything I can, I still cannot "reach up behind instrument panel" and even come close to touching the speedometer cable connection. The solid metal bracket to which the steering column attached is in the way. I tried going through every available hole (both sides of cluster). Also tried pulling cluster out, but, again the speedo cable won't allow it. How do I detach the cable in the engine compartment? That appears to be my onl

If its a manual cable you just unscrew from transmissionwill be at your gearbox and remove all cable ties holdinding outer cable might give ya enough slack to remove from dash end ... Ford Taurus

How do i remove the power steering pump from a 1995 chevy cheyenne 4.3 liter engine? I am trying to replace the pressure side hose on the pump and cannot get to the mounting bolts on the pump because of the pulley,or the mounting bracket for the pump because the pump is too close to the bolts that holds the bracket on the motor.

U need to get a special tool for pulling asnd installing the pump's pulley, as soon as you get the pulley off the pump is easy to remove, Autozone and Kragen loan this tool with acredit card secrity deposit. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

I have a broken bolt (passenger side) on the thermostat housing and need to replace the thermostat. I've tried drilling out the bolt and extracting it with an easy out but no luck. Th remaining bolt kept it from leaking until I cleaned everything up but now I can't get a good seal and don't want to risk breaking the stud with bolt attached on the right side because an important bracket is attached to that stud and also to a throttle mechanism. any suggestions as to how to remove the bolt or

There is a new kind of easy out .. the old left hand spiral design doesnt work somtimes .. the new one is much better (more of a straight rib) ... use penitrating oil a few hours before attempting to remove .. \015\012\015\012in an emerge ... Cars & Trucks

1992 Subaru Legacy, 2.2. Replacing the water pump and timing belt. I have removed the radiator and side belt covers but can't get the center cover off. The cam pulley turns when I try to remove the nut. Do I need a special tool?

... 1992 Subaru Legacy
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