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I have a hose that looks expanded but i don't know which hose it is in order to tell someone. it's to the right of the engine..lower maybe? its a radiator hose because it is connected to where you would add water to your engine.

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Answers :

Upper coolant radiator hose.
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I have a hose that looks expanded but i don't know which hose it is in order to tell someone. it's to the right of the engine..lower maybe? its a radiator hose because it is connected to where you would add water to your engine.

Upper coolant radiator hose. ... 2002 Kia Spectra

The hose that sucks antifreeze into the engine burst and I DON'T KNOWN WERE IT CONNECTS TO AND WERE THE CONNECTION WOULD BE AND HOW THE HOSE RUNS WHEN IT GOES TO THE CONNECTION. Its not any of the big hoses on the radiator the hose size is 3/8.. What do I do to to connect it and how..

3/8 would be the size of a tranny line or the over flow hose from the top of the radiator at the cap to a overflow bottle... ... Chevrolet Blazer

I recently purchase a 2004 XC90 with over 200k miles. When attempting to change the oil (a long story) I noticed that the rubber hose connecting the hard plastic air intake(?) that crosses over the top middle of the engine to the cooler in front of the radiator was oil soaked, possibly rotten and somewhat distorted. There doesn't appear to be any oil leaks from above that would drip onto the hose. Could the oil be coming from the inside of the hose? Thanks

This is the turbo air cooler hose and most of them have some oil in them from the turbo. i would replace the hose and keep an eye on it, the problem may be a worn turbo. the turbo is sucking in oil, the turbo may need replacing but i would nt replace ... 2005 Volvo XC90

1988 Mazda 323SE -- small hose, literally the length and girth of a thumb, has ruptured... would like to replace it myself if possible, but can't find a part number or a name for it, and frankly I'm uncertain of its purpose or function... connects from top radiator hose to engine block.

Mazda go this from Ford as an idea. If you look at the older Ford V-8's, such as the Windsor series, they have a similar arrangement at the thermostat housing. It is a type of bypass for the upper radiator hose to help eliminate overheating. Some of ... 1988 Mazda 323 Hatchback

Recently I removed the radiator and the hoses to replace the radiator and the thomostat. After fixing back everything my AC would not blow cold air. Both the fans work great. I check the electrical connection from the Condenser Fan to the Compressor. When the AC button is pressed from the dash board I feel the engine slows down (normal) as the Compressor Cluth engages. But the air that blows do not get cold. Not at all. What could be the problem?

Blower motor went out ... 1996 Honda Odyssey

Need to know how to remove the water outlet from 08 charger 2.7 if the intake has to be removed or mabey the radiator the part in question is located at the front of the motor on the top made of plastic with a bleed screw and connected to it is a long steel tube that runs through the vally to the back of engine where it connects to a rubber hose any help would be helpful hank you

... 2008 Dodge Charger

I have a leak coming from the area that my lower radiator hose connects to. Not to the radiator but to the engine component. Could it be a seal? The hose connects from the radiator bottom and travels up to this area or the engine.. manifold I guess.

Is this the large hose? if so this could be the water pump leaking ... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

My engine light came on and my car started to overheat. There is plenty of anti-freeze in the car but after about 15 minutes it begins to smoke on the right side where there is a connection from the radiator to the coolant hose. Can you tell me what the problem might be and how much would it be to fix?

Every one thinks this not starting and overheating problem is due to a thermostat, waterpump, alternator or radiator but it's not I encountered the same proble went to many service station but no one could figure it out until on day I decided to chan ... 1997 Mazda 626

Need to know name of hose that is just below upper radiator hose it has 3 connections 1)to the thing that hold oil filter 2)over by water pump and 3)connects to hose on rightside of engine just above oil filter looking into engine

That is still a little hard to say, because there are heater hoses and crank case ventilation hoses in that area. But the base beneath the oil filter is a cooler that has water lines to it. That sounds like the best bet. But you don't need a name. ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

What is the small hose that comes out the back of the radiator reservoir and where does it connect to on the engine? I have a 2000 mercury mystigue with over 176,000 miles on it - great shape - impecable maintenance but now a horrible sound from the engine - looked under the hood and found an extension off the back of the radiator resevoir pointing toward the back of the engine that definitely had a hose on it at one time - small diameter.

The hose is just the over flow hose and it drains the excess coolant when it's over filled when the coolant expands. As for the sound, what does it sound like and where is the general area is it coming from, keep me posted. Be glad to help you get yo ... 2000 Mercury Mystique

Hello. i am trying to find a diagram for the engine oil cooling lines for a 1994 6.5 diesel. i know it connects to the radiator but, where does it route to and connect from there? what i am trying to do is connect the engine oil cooling system on a 1994 5.7 to help with the oil cooling. i have the radiator for it but i am lost after that. any help would be appreciated!

You could go the easy route and go with a remote oil filter locatation which would give you a. accesability to filter and b. more liberty for tube/oil line placement the adaptor goes where the oil filter goes and allows you placement where you want ... Chevrolet 1500

94 mitsi magna. plastic coolant recovery bottle full but cracked plastic cap on the plastic 'T'connection for hoses to radiator and overflow. radiator empty, big hose from engine to radiator blew off. reattached hose, put water in radiator tank and have been able to drive car home. is this a coolant problem, a radiator problem, a head gasket problem etc

All of the above.. Replace hoses and T connector.. Proper fluids in place.. When a engine gets hot - that will certainly compromise the head gasket and/or the head.. A compression check will diagnose that..\015\012\015\012Go ... 1990 Mitsubishi Montero

Coolant is leaking from around the tube on the back of the engine. The tube which the bottom rad hose and the heater hose is connected to, is leaking. My question is how is this tube connected to the engine? and how would you repair this problem.

If its the 3.o v6 the tube is underneath the lower intake manifold to the water pump and then into the engine ... 1993 Dodge Daytona

Radiator Hoses......???????????? There are 3 hoses for the radiator on a 93 convert. celica gt. I need to to what the hose under the upper hose is called. The upper hose connects to a part of the engine block and then there is another little hose that goes directly to the motor i need to knowwhatt hats called and the price range that i can find it in.......

That little hose is called a by-pass hose the upper should go to the intake manifold where the thermostat is you have a lower hose tah goes to the water pump and then you have a very small hose tah connects at the neck of the radiator that goes to yo ... 1993 Toyota Celica

2002 Chev Tahoe (4.8 V8eng.) dealership saids my meticulously maintained tahoe may need a radiator hose replacing, based on the current mileage of 73k. On the estimate it's listed as "heater/radiator hose" replacement. apprx $600..?? Tahoe still runds/feels like new. Any ideas, insight? Is this something I can crawl under and sqeeze to check the brittleness of the hoses? Are they accessible? Anyone know of a website that would show a diagram of the 2002 radiator hose connection? Thanks....

Hello. It is possible that your hose may need that but on the other hand many vehicles that are ten years old are still running on the original hoses. Joe\012\012please rate my answer as 4 thumbs up. Thank you. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 1994 GMC 6 cyl. pickup. I am loosing coolant and it looks to be coming out of top of engine where the hose connects. The hose is a rubber hose coming from the heater coil and turns to metal as it enters the top of engine behind carb. If you can give any advice no how hard this hose is to replace I would appreciate it.

This hose is rather easy to install, But the real problem is getting the old hose off!! The connection at the heater is fun. I found it best to cut length wise and very gently peal the hose off. Very easy to create a leak in the heater if you get to ... 2003 GMC Sierra 1500

Ok so i posted about car overheating a few days ago and got a few answers. I have a 99 mercury mystique, what would happen is, id drive to work (about 10 miles 15 minutes or so) and the temp gauge would get kind of warmer than normal but not way hot. anyway after parking and turning the car off the radiator reservoir would be nearly full all the way up to the top and then water/coolant would spray out of the little overflow hose (little tiny hose connected to nothing at top left of the reservoir

Could be a weaf water pump also check or replace radiator cap ... 1999 Mercury Mystique

Hello, I have a 95 Tacoma 4x4, 2.7, 67k miles. I'm having problems with no heat and want to replace the thermostat. I've searched the internet wanting to be sure of where it's located. I've replaced many in my life and they've ALWAYS been at the engine side of the top hose. I've found as many people saying it's at the top as say it's at the bottom hose. The engine side of the bottom hose does have the familiar round ball looking neck where the hose connects. Any help would be very much appre

... Cars & Trucks

I have a coolant leak coming from my 1988 f150. I thought it was because of a bad hose, so I replaced the hoses on the top and bottom of the radiator, but it is still dripping. It sort of looks like the liquid is coming from just above where the bottom hose attatches to the engine, but I can't tell exactly where. Any idea where it might be coming from? Cracked engine block, maybe?

The bottom hose goes to the water pump and I would bet your leak is coming from the water pump. The water pump leaking mean it is going bad and needs to be replaced soon. Definitely not as bad as a cracked block. ... 1988 Ford F 150

95 Honda Civic CX, 155,000 miles, engine gets hot quickly (all I have to do is drive a few miles and the engine temp goes up, fast). No leaking radiator fluid. Hoses are all in good shape. There is no oil in radiator fluid (and no fluid in oil). I thought maybe the radiator (being 14 years old, might be clogged?). Honda dealership said that i might have a blown head gasket, not sure, but will charge me $2,300 to fix. What should I do next?

The water pump on your civic is driven by a timing belt, i fit is out\015\012of calibration, you may have other issues than overheating, the way\015\012you describe it, there is a possibility that you may have an issue with\015\012the head gasket ot ... Honda Civic

Car heat i got my radiator flushed and changed, got a new thermostat, and heater core flushed. but the heat comes on warm and when it gets hot (engine) it blows cold. if the theory of one hose is very warm (problem being under the dash) and both hoses are cold (problem being the engine) what are the possible answers for either engine or dash problems so i would know

Park your unit on a slight incline, start cold w/ radiator cap removed and interior heat on full bore. This will burp or release your air from your cooling system. Add 50/50 until radiator is full. When you replace any good amount of coolant in post ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 2004 dodge intrepid the other night after a short drive I had a large leak of coolant. I checked it in the morning and found that the top hose connecting to the radiator had come off. I reattached it and seemed fine. Tonight when I got to work had the samething. What would cause this and what would cause the hose to come off in the first place

The pressure from the cooling system is causing this to happen, the next part is that there is a clog in the cooling system. if you are getting a normal amount of heat in the cab of the vehicle, then you can rule out the heater core. the other thing ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

Car is overheating any opportunity it gets. Replaced the thermostat and water pump, had the radiator checked and still having a problem. I used to be able to rev the engine pretty hard and that would cool the car off pretty significantly, but no luck with that. Top and bottom radiator hoses hot to touch, however the heater core hoses are not warm at all. 04 g/p v6 3.8 no-SC

Hi, it sounds like you have air in the cooling system and there may be a head gasket leak. \015\012Recommend you park on an incline, remove the radiator cap, set the heater on high, start the car and let it warm up until there is flow in the r ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a leak coming from the upper radiator hose (someone else looked at my engine and told me this) the only problem is i have NO idea which the upper radiator hose is...some kind of diagram would be great! also how do you test to make sure thats what it is?

The upper radiator hose sit on the very top of the radiator pointing toward the engine, close to where you add coolant or water to the radiator, where the cap is at, before removing cap look for any wetness, if you don't see any, top off radiator ins ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a bmw 92 325i. The engine keep over heating and then pipe connected to the radiator come off. I fix the pipe but it still over heat. The coolant level is good and it run with out over heating for a little but then over heats. Both pipes going in to the radiator get hot with the engine. So if there any thing u could help me with I would love to heir it.

Hi,\015\012 I think you are referring to the radiator hose. There is one at the top of your radiator and one at the bottom.\015\012It sounds like you had a build-up of pressure from overheating, which caused your hose to come off.\0 ... BMW 325
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