Having problems with your 2002 Jeep Wrangler ?

My 2002 jeep wrangler has been making a weird clicking noise and then it later broke down and was leaking a bunch of fluid. can anybody help me?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My 2002 jeep wrangler has been making a weird clicking noise and then it later broke down and was leaking a bunch of fluid. can anybody help me?

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Trans seal leaks after replacing seals three times and output shafts twice. Originally the cv shaft boot had went bad. I replaced shaft only and did a 3X3 fluid change. Two to three weeks later noticed fliud leaking from seal area. Changed seal that was torn. One or two weeks later noticed fluid again. Have replaced seal two more times and another new shaft, and still have fliud that apears to be coming from seal. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated.

... 1999 Acura CL

Power steering my power steering fluid bottle keeps emptying every time i fill it .Somewhere along the line the fluid is leaking out and i have found the point where the leak is coming from .It is a little silver cube right at the bottom of my steering column but i do not know the name of the part so i can order it could anybody help me out with this problem please

You will nedd to change the entire rack and pinion ... 2000 Ford Focus

Loosing brake fluid but cant find a leak? Went mudding and got stuck. Later, brakes had no pressure. Checked for leaks, but found none. No money to take into shop, so i wanted to fix it myself. Any tips or brake system diagrams would be a major help.

... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

The power steering gear broke off of the frame in my 1989 gmc suburban 5.7L, 350 v8. How can This be repaired? cant drive truck, turning left just causes the steering gear to bend in engine compartment and leak fluid. one bolt was missing and the other one broke through the frame. Help!

Unfortunatly The Steering Gear Box MUST Be REPLACED. Ther is Not an Easy Way to Repair it.\015\012 if the Case is broke you will Have to Pay The CORE Charge Also. THERE ARE 4 BOLTS 3 Through the Frame to The Box 1 for the Steering Shaft ,AND 2 ... 1989 GMC Suburban

So yea i have a low coolant light on again i replaced the intake manifold last year and sometimes the light would go on and off but the fluid remained in the reservoir.. so the light came on the other day didnt go off checked and fluid was gone.. filled it up and 3 days later its gone.. I cant see no leaks like last time when it was the intake... please help me!!!

Easy way to tell if the intake is leaking internally would be to check the oil level because typically if it is leaking it runs through the engine and down into the oil pan.If the oil level is higher then normal then the intake gaskets leaking is a g ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

We had a leak on the PS on our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, fixed it ,but now it seems like there are a some air bubbles / pockets when we turn the Steeringwheel, and it also makes an awful sound when when we start the engine and turn the wheel. When the engine is running the PS fluid is also foaming pretty bad in the reservoir . Does anybody know how to fix that? would appreciate any help I can get , riding a Motorcycle in winterweather is not that much fun ;) Thnx.

After filling the reservoir, turn the wheel all the way to the right then repeat going left. Normally that will purge most of the air from the system. Any foam from that should dissipate after a short time and you can then top it off. The noise shoul ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Put a new fan belt on a 2006 chevy impala ss because it broke . got the oil change fluids check ect on computor now a week later a leak on passenger side of motor

It should be under the hood of the vehicle or in your owners manual. ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Remove gearbox from vw passat automatic . It is a 1999 model. Transmission fluid is leaking, dont know where the fluid is leaking from. Will drive a short distance prior to the automatic shift not responding. The mechanics have quoted a hefty price so I want to remove it manually and then get them to fix the problem (as it may only be the pump? or a leak in a hose?) and get the mechanics to re-install the gearbox. i need help on how to remove the gearbox. Please help!

This is not a weekend mechanics type job because you could damage something else taking it out.best advice is to fit a manual gearbox which here in spain you could buy from a accident damaged car with the flywheel and clutch and starter motor for aro ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Leaking Fluid Clear/light brownish, odorless fluid leaking into floorboard on passenger side. Floorboard is soaked. Was left out in the rain during a huge storm, could this be water somehow getting through? It's leaking from under the dashboard on that side, it's not a window or door letting water in. I read that it could simply be water from the A/C, but if its light brownish, can it still be water or is it some type of fluid, like transmission fluid? Help!

Hi Sarah, I'm glad to help!\012\012Lets address your question first. No it can't be any type of fluids from the Transmission or Engine. The reason the fluid is a brownish color is because the water coming in is washing dirt and debris into th ... 1994 Ford Escort

Leaking Fluid Clear/light brownish, odorless fluid leaking into floorboard on passenger side. Floorboard is soaked. Was left out in the rain during a huge storm, could this be water somehow getting through? It's leaking from under the dashboard on that side, it's not a window or door letting water in. I read that it could simply be water from the A/C, but if its light brownish, can it still be water or is it some type of fluid, like transmission fluid? Help!

Hi Sarah, I'm glad to help!\012\012Sarah, you can rule out the A/C because the A/C wasn't running when the problem occurred. You can also rule out any fluids from the engine are transmission for they only leak on the ground not inside the veh ... 1994 Ford Escort

TRANSMISSION LEAK I very low on gas, practically empty, got gas and then my 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (8cyl 4x4) drove off the gas station lot, then started acting like if didn't want to move much. It would rev, but finally was not responding when in reverse, drive or either of the gears. Leaked out all transmission fluid. Replaced 4qts fluid, was able to get the 2 miles home barely, but leaking all of the new fluid. Help!

Pretty basic. If it's leaking that badly, you should have no problem locating the leak source. Line leaks are best done using compression fittings. (cut line and install). You can also use high pressure hose (like what's used when installing a trans ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transmission leak We replaced a transmission coolant hose on my SL1 because it was leaking fluid. We felt the transmission fluid on this belt and not the other so it led us to believe this was the source. It is not having any transmission issues (knock on wood) but the leak is still there and Saturn wants to charge me $375.00 just to put it on a lift. What else could it be? The fluid is coming out of the side not the transmission itself! Help!!

Would be coming out the pan gasket? these are really pretty simple to change unless its leaking from a servo either way i would take it to a transmission shop for a second opinion if you dont feel comfortable changing it yourself and i think you'll ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I have two major leaks in my power steering system. I had someone put some fluid in and didn't think to look under the truck first so I'm not sure when the leak started. I got in the truck and started it up and began move the wheel around to see if the fluid helped the problem then it went stiff again. I then shut it off and went and looked, it had two major piles of fluid and was still dripping a little bit. What is leaking?

Pump, pressure hose, return line, or steering gear. I would have to see it to tell you for sure. The best thing to do is clean it up real good with a de-greaser- like simple green. I would then refill with ps fl ... 1988 Dodge D-Series Pickups

1993 buick lesabre, steering fluid leaking, adding every other day, the only place I see fluid is on the ground and a thing that has vents that looks like a cooling system for the fluid that the tubes run through,,,could this be the place it is leaking??? The pump itself has no leaks here hoses are attatched..Help!!!!

... Buick LeSabre

I have a Honda CRV 2007. My windshield washer fluid receptacle needs constant replacing of fluid . It empties within 1/2 hour. I have taken it to the dealer twice and they can not find a leak. The carpets and trunk remain dry. My garage floor shows no sign of leak. It only leaks when the car is in motion, I guess. There is obviously a leak somewhere, but I cannot get these folks to believe me. Help !

... Honda CR-V

Transmission problem transmission leaks but not from transmission.. its leaking at the vaccum hose on top of the engine (i believe).. there is significant "fluid" around the hoses but i'm unable to distingush the fluid. my transmission fluid is gone in a month. HOWEVER i changed my oil and put the exact amout of quarts in as perscribed by ford and a month later my oil level is WAY above where it was. Is it possible that is where my transmission fluid is going due to a vaccum hose? another thing

The vacuum modulator that the vacuum hose connectes to at the transmission has a ruptured rubber diaphram, replace the vacuum modulator and the vacuum hose. ... 1992 Ford Explorer

Brake Leak I have a 91 Buick Riviera, brake fluid leaks instantaneously, I was told it has to do with the ABS system. Have a 1994 Merc Villager......brake fluid leaking beneath the HYDRALIC UNIT...HELP....ANY IDEAS FOR REPAIR...can we salvage this, as the new unit is worth more than the vehicle....or would you normally have to replace the unit......Where would it be typically leaking?????? Bad seals.....maybe loose line.....cracked unit....PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!!!

I recently changed out one on my 97 villager. Not hard at all. I purchased a used unit from a junkyard. I agree a new ones cost is crazy. These units are known to have problems with high mileage villagers. But I am will to take a chance with a used o ... 1994 Mercury Villager

My 2003 chev malibu washer fluid button doesnt work properly. i press the button and nothing happens...but then i could press it a couple minutes later and the wipers will work and no fluid...if i press it again a few minutes later it will spray fluid and wipers will work....not sure if its the washer fluid button or if theres a fuse or relay for this switch in the fuse box...help!

The switch in the stick your pushing is bad ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu


Might just be a loose connection on the power steering hoses. You'll need to get under (BE CAREFUL) your car or get it up on a car hoist. You or a mechanic, should be able to trace where the leak is and either tighten the connections or replace the h ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Line broke was leaking fluid then stopped leaking . no fluid comes out of abs unit on frame. is there a way to reset the abs unit to get fluid to rear brakes again

Replace the broken line then, you must bleed the entire brake system , each wheel works by itself on these cars, . Put the rearend in the air get the tires off and then find where the lines go into the ABS unit. Bleed fliud there first, then the indi ... Ford Ranger

Brake fluid leaking inside cab off of push rod on clutch what can i do i got a 2007 ranger with the 2.3l from a california news paper delivery guy it has 70,000 miles on it and i drove it 1,000 miles home and then found the cllutch fluid empty did not check it untill i got home i filled it and then bleed it shortly after that i slipped off the clutch pedal and it slamed back off the floor then i noticed fluid leaking please help

Replace clutch master cylnder...hope it helps ... Ford Ranger

I bought my 1999 Lincoln Continental as a second vehicle. Drove it home with no apparent issues. The man I bought it from told me that an O ring needed to be replaced on the transmission pan and had a slow leak which I could see (very slow). Well now two weeks later I've only driven it a few times and the leak is very bad. It now leaves trans fluid from traveling down almost the entire under carriage, smells like something is burning when running, and whines now even with full trans fluid replac

Whinning noise is the bearing of the oil pump inside torque converter.\015\012Burning smell fluid has little to know pressure ( cause pump is dying) can't circulate to cool parts as well as provide pressure. Time for a rebuild. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

Water and radiator fluid pouring out under front of vehicle but it doesnt show it is overheating? the radiator is new three months old, the freeze plugs are all new same time as radiator, the theramostat is only a year old and its not leaking from the water pump cuz i can see where the water is coming from and the water pump isnt in that spot also it isnt old either its new does anybody have an suggestions what could be leaking all my fluids out my truck and not causing it to overheat?

What area is it coming from? These are common for leaking intake manifold gaskets ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Leaking fluid i noticed a red fluid leaking from under my truck. please help

It could be your automatic transmission fliud. normally this fluid is color red. have it checked right away because you may have bigger problems if you ignore it.you can check your level by running the truck on neutral and check your dip ... 2005 Ford Escape
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