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Spark plug removal

\015 I'm trying to figure out how i remove the spark plugs from my 2002 jeep cherokee and replace them with new ones. It looks like you need to remove a bunch of things to get at them, but there must be an easier way.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Use my advice at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for what you do to your vehicle. \015\012For Jeep Cherokees with a 4.0 engine; (if you are standing in front of the vehicle looking back at the engine compartment) the spark plugs are on the left side / the same side as your battery. What look like spark plugs on the right side of the engine are actually your fuel injectors. On the exact opposite side of the engine block, all 6 spark plugs are held in place with a long rectangular box (called a coil pack) that has 3 small raised boxes on it. The coil pack is the length of the engine block and about 1 1/2 wide. There are 4 large approx 1/2 bolts that hold this coil pack in place. There is a plug on the back end / closest to the fire wall where you can upplug this coil pack but I couldn't unplug it. \015\012Simply, remove the 4 bolts holding the coil pack in place, lift the coil pack away from the engine block and the spark plugs are exposed. The boots that attach to the spark plugs are "fixed" in to the coil pack. Replace your spark plugs some type of using anti-sieze compound, adjust your gap, and torque to 19 lbs. NOTE: use dielectric grease on plug boots and coil pack ends of wires. can also be used on plug in bulbs. \015\012The above answer is great but if they are platnum plugs dont bother setting gap because you usually don't get a spec anyways and you do more harm than good. The gap is preset
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I have had the coilpack for that side burn out before where you can still see visible spark at a plug, but when in the cylinder and under compression it wouldn't spark. It fooled me for a bit but ended up being a bad ignition coil.. ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

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When you change the wires did it bring back the dead cylinder? If not check the resistance on that injector it should read 11 to 15 ohms, check another injector to see specific ohms they should be close if not exact. ... Cars & Trucks

Misfire on Cylinder 3 of a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX (2.7L 6-cylinder engine). I would like to change the spark plugs, but can't reach the 1,3, and 5 plugs even after removing the intake manifold and the ignition coil -- there appears to be not enough space etween the hood (or better lower window part) and the motor to insert the spark plug removal took -- unless there are bendable ones? Are there? Any other way (without lowering the whole motor? I would like to do this in my driveway! Thanks in

You don't have to lower the motor .Ive been in the same situation with the same carI used a swivel adapter . first insert the socket with the swivel on the spark plugthen get an extension and add it to the swivel e ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I pulled a spark plug to change plugs and the spark plug wire boot was all wet from oil. The other three plugs were fine. The rest of the engine looked fine apart from the regular dirty engine look. No oil leaks elsewhere. What can be done? I am thinking i need to replace the valve cover gasket along with the valve gasket(?), unless there are small gaskets by the spark plug. But do i need to remove the cover to fix it?

Yes you need to remove the valve cover to repair it, the new valve cover gasket set will come with the spark plug hole tube seal's also. ... 1996 Saturn SL

I'm trying to change my spark plugs and can't get the boot off of the plugs. Is there a tool that I can purchase that can remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug? Thanks, Jeff

Try to turn the wire before pulling on it to break the seal.I use an alignment shim from (early gm upper control arm) with a 1/4 inch bolt about 4 inches long fits around the plug well and you can pull the wire off. ... 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

I took my 2004 gmc envoy, 6 cylinder, in for new spark plugs and fuel filter. When i got it back the service engine light came on. I took it back and was told that it was a bad spark plug. I have taken it back two more times and it has the same misfire in cylinder 6. I then took it to Firestone and they told me that the spark plug was so tight in cylinder 6 that they did not want the liability of trying to remove the plug for fear of damage to the cylinder. I took it to another place and th

I was having a similar problem with my 2002 Envoy. Usually when accelerating at 60 and 90km/h it would have almost like a clunk and idled rough. \015\012\015\012I took it into the shop and they said a tune up would be the first step to co ... GMC Envoy

Ive got a 2001 vw jetta 2.0 that died while driving and will not start. The starter engages but engine is not firing at all. Ive tested the starter which is good. I removed a spark plug & while still connected to plug wire & turned the key to verify spark which it has. I then pulled fuel pump relay & tested with twelve volts & it is operational. I then removed the fuel pump & tested it with 12 volts & it too was operational. I disconnected the fuel line just before the pressure regulator & fuel

Do you have compression on every cylinder? that may be your problem, that's the suggestion i'll make. pull each spark plug one at a time and do a compression check to make sure you have compression. if you don't have the tool, they are not that expen ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

The spark plugs on my 97 jimmy are very difficult to access and remove. is there a trick to removing and replacing 6 spark plugs?

Just need different wrench combinations\015\012\015\012Use a wrench instead of a ratchet or go \015\012thru the wheel well flap,to get a couple\015\012of them ... GMC Jimmy

I was told that in order to change the spark plugs on my Nissan Maxima, the shop would have to remove the intake manifold to an extra cost of 200.00. Is it necessary to remove the intake manifold to change spark plugs. Have any idea as to what I should pay for a tune up on a 2000 Maxima

This is possibly true, especially if you have a 6 cylinder. They don't actually remove the whole intake from the motor, there is a section of the intake system that can be removed fairly easily and then the plugs can be accessed. Unfortunately, thi ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Saturday the car was running fine sat. afternoon the spark plugs were changed and the second boot from the left was so stuck that it actually broke in half when trying to remove it. So finally after removing the broken ignition wire boot and replacing all of the spark plugs, and the entire ignition wire set, and being careful about puting them back in the correct order the car refuses to start. The dash lights come on and the relay clicks, but it wont even try to turn over. Any ideas on what cou

Either battery or starter is bad or loose wire at battery or starer ... 1996 Honda Accord

How do you remove the spark plugs in a 2008 automatic chrysler pt cruiser? Do you have to remove the manifold and replace the gasket to change the spark plugs?

I think you can reuse the gasket (rubber) just take out the bolts and position it out of the way enough to get plugs in and out. Be sure to replace the timing belt, tensioner and water pump at 90k miles....or youll be sorry. ... 2008 Chrysler Pt Cruiser

I have a 61 ford falcon 144 ci . I can't seem to find the correct spark plug removal tool.I tried an 18mm spark plug socket then a 18mm deep well socket and it still won't fit. Is there a special tool to remove them ? I'm confused. It shouldn't be this hard.

You can buy a original car diagnostic tool for you car ,go to the immokm website ... Ford Falcon

This question is about my 1990 Toyota Cressida. I'm in the process of replacing the valve cover gaskets because of an oil leak. My question is....how or is it possible to remove the center piece between the valve covers in order to gain access to the spark plugs? I noticed oil and dirt built up in the spark plug wells. I'd like to clean up good before I install the new spark plugs. Another question is...when i replace the valve cover gaskets, do i use some kind of sealer?

... 1989 Toyota Cressida

How do you remove the cover that is above the spark plugs i know that two plugs are exposed but the cover restricts the other four plugs from being removed and i have already removed the air inlet hose and the other two hoses as well as the bolts on top off the cover and two bolts on the left side if you are facing the car

Are u talking about the valve cover??? if so remove the bolts or screws or whatever is holding it down. ... 2005 Dodge Magnum
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