Having problems with your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Turn over will not start - 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Well that is very vauqe problem description but if your getting fuel and your getting spark
blue spark not orange pull spark plug out and check if your getting both of them you could very well
possible that your crank shaft positon sensor is bad or your camshaft postion sensor they both tell
the onbord cpu to when to fire spark to each cylinder if they are bad symtoms are hard starts or no
starts at all on most vehicles not starting is what happens
Are you check if the THEFT SYSTEM is armed? Check battery charge and spark from coils.
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1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited start a vehicle in the voltage meter reads normal start driving and it drops down 0 turn it off start a back up it reads normal good battery good alternator what could the problem be

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I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 liter 4x4. the problem i am having is that when i turn the jeep on and it is idling the oil pressure is at about 40 lbs. however as soon as i touch the accelerator the pressure will drop to 0 until i let off the accelerator and then it will return to normal. it only does this after the engine gets cold or the first start of the day. the outside temperature seems to affect this some what because i used to be able to let the jeep warm up for 10-15 minutes when

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I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I traded in on the c4c deal. I have not yet taken delivery (they are waiting for the gov't $) and my Jeep died a couple of nights ago, it was running, I stopped, parked, ran into a store, came out to restart, it sputtered and choked then died. It tries to start but won't turn over. After a tow and many tests, my mechanic says it is the fuel pump - he's getting 0 pressure from it, although the wires show power. He tried banging on the tank to jolt it for "

I dont know why Chrysler did this,but yes you have to get the whole unit,it is called a fuel pump sending unit.Did you consider getting a used unit for a lot less,and if your lucky fewer miles on the part. ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7l V8, When iginition is in the on position I can roll the windows up and down, the instrument cluster works as it shoul, but once I turn the ingition over and the engine starts the cluster goes dead and the windows no longer work. Also if I start the vehicle with the A/C off then I can't turn it on unless I turn the engine off then turn the A/C on then start it again. Its the same with the interior lights if I start the jeep with the doors open the lights stay on

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I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L. About a couple of months ago, my dad did a tune-up on it: changed the spark plugs, the O2 sensors, and the fuel filter. However, recently my car has started to stall. For example, I was driving, and was about to turn onto another street. In the middle of the intersection, my car "shut off". The engine died because the gages all went down to 0, the power steering went out and the brakes were hard to push, but all the electricity was on like the radio

Is there a check engine light on when truck is running ? Does it stall when you hit bumps, only when you turn, stop ? ( my concern is the sometimes dont start.) for a minute or next day or what. Take it to a garage and have them do a fuel pressure te ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 jeep grand cherokee. i just purchased this jeep and just had it looked at at a shop and everything, lately when i first turn it on it wont start, it wont even make that noise like the engine trying to turn, after a couple tries, it comes on and starts but the jeep is shaking very hard, the more i continue the drive the more the shaking stops, but this worries me especially after having it looked at by two diff places!! i was told to put fuel injector/cleaner in the gas tank and did so but i

It could be anything realy!\015\012get it checked again where you had it done last time as timing may have slipped its not uncomman! \015\012a compression check would be a good idea!\015\012as it may be low on a coupleof cylinders! ... 1994 Jeep Cherokee

I insereted the key to my 2003 Jeep Overland into my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee and was able to turn the key and the car would not start. I tried this several times before I realized I had the wrong key. The car will not start with the real key, now. When I turn the key, nothing happenes and a perform maintence light comes on. Could this have messed up the security system. The onboard computer system has not worked for the last 2 years, jeep is no longer making parts for this modle and an aft

It sounds like the theft system is activated.Try getting out of the vehicle, closing all the doors.Using the Grand Cherokee key, lock the drivers door, wait 1 minute, then unlock the drivers door using the key.Now ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

No spark at coil for my 1988 jeep cherokee 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L was running fine when wife returned from grocery store and shut down the engine. When she attempted to start it the next morning, the engine cranked fine but won't start. I can hear the fuel system pressurizing when I turn on the ignition. Checked for spark coming out of coil -- NO spark. I don't want to start throwing parts at the problem. Any ideas on what/how to proceed past this point?

Ignition control module? Perhaps. Perhaps not. \015\012Do this for me: Go out, and open the hood. Look to see if the computer for this vehicle is mounted on the firewall, on the passenger side, about 1/2 way down the firewall.... Let me know. P ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My friend has A Grand Cherokee Laredo 1994, 4 liters. His Jeep start and run well. He goes in town and when it is time to re-start his Jeep...the motor turns but does'nt start. If my friend wait 4 to 5 hours to re-start his Jeep...Vroummm! Everything his fine and he's able to come back home! He already change twice his gas pump and the problem still remain. Where could be the cause of this failure? Thanks! Alex

Next time it don't start I would check to see if it has spark. If it don't have spark there is 3 components i would check #1 Crank sensor #2 cam sensor or pickup coil #3 coil I have a feeling one of these items could be your problem. Good luck ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee when I put the key in the key cyclinder and turn over the jeep I have to turn all the way to the end and wait for a few seconds for the jeep to actually turn over , this recentally started to happen the battery is a brand new optima yellowtop and new cable ends with voltage reader my voltage output is around 13 and 14 volts and no ther problems when driving and help would be great.

Adjust the ignition switch on the column underneth ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, when i start my 1998 jeep grand cherokee in morning ,no problems all gauges are fine lpg cuts in on the mark .but,if i turn engine off for short period and go back to it when i turn the key on the fuel and battery gauges don't work and the jeep won't fire up i have to get out and take neg cable off battery and re connect.THEN IT IS FINE AGAIN If i leave it over night say the problem will rectify its self.But when i get out to go to the shop it will more than likely happen again.The jeep turn

Similar problem with mine. disconnect batter for about an hour/ reconnect resets on board computer-be ready to drive till engine warms up completely. ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, when i start my 1998 jeep grand cherokee in morning ,no problems all gauges are fine lpg cuts in on the mark .but,if i turn engine off for short period and go back to it when i turn the key on the fuel and battery gauges don't work and the jeep won't fire up i have to get out and take neg cable off battery and re connect.THEN IT IS FINE AGAIN If i leave it over night say the problem will rectify its self.But when i get out to go to the shop it will more than likely happen again.The jeep turn

Hi,It sounds like the immobilizer is not switching off properly, the best thing is to reset it and if you are unable to do this then take it to a dealer and they will do it, for free sometimes.Hope this helps, let me know if y ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 5.7L Hemi. I have had a starting issue I turn the key - nothing Turn the key a few more times the engine cranks and starts. It was doing this last spring and I replaced the battery & starter which seemed to fix the problem for a few months, then it started doing it again. Cold or hot weather does not seem to matter. The problem is getting worse - happens every start battery seems to be fine - seems like a grounding problem. I tried starting in ne

Is the engine grounded to the body? if so, you may have a key issue that's only going to get worse. your key is coded, black square ignition key right? $75.00 dealer only. sorry but it sounds like that's your problem. almost like a valet key. only wo ... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I got a 1994 jeep grand cherokee u can drive it about a miles shut it off will not start turn over good wait about 45 min then it will start up drove it a 100 miles no problem with it starting up. But now it has starting to shut off going down the road. U have to wait and it will start up. It is. No fire going to coil or spark plugs. The fule pump working great. New alt.batt.new eng swich. I can rapid turn swich on an off horn will sound 4 time.open the door unlock the door with key and it wil

Replace your camshaft position sensor its located under your distributor cap,easy fix ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My vehicle is a 1996 jeep grand cherokee when I turned on the ignition to start it, it feels like it does not go all the way over in start position. But can turn the key on and jump start the starter with the screw driver and it will start..... does this mean my IGNITION SWITCH CAN BE BAD? Thank you Robert

It could be or solonoid you jump is bad try banging solonoid might unstick when turn to start if lights dim switch is fine ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

Just had the fuel pump replaced at my local jeep dealer. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE 4.0. went to start it to take it home after repair and it did the same thing, turns over but won't start. If I keep trying to start it off and on it had been starting after a while. Still at dealership now. Any suggestions?

The fuel pump relay is bad replace it and now pay me ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 2008 jeep grand cherokee, When I turn the key to start the car,although the lights on the dash board lights the car does not start and there is no sound like cranking the engine, Yesterday I got it to start by turning the on and off many times. but after I parked the car the next morning t wouldn't start again. My next question is if there is a recall on this problem Please help.

I haven't heard about any recalls for this problem on this vehicle. It could be a faulty ignition switch or if you have an alarm installed on the vehicle a faulty alarm circuit or Stater kill switch. If there is an alarm installed and it is not a f ... 2008 Jeep Cherokee Grand

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition 2004, 2 things: 1. the ac turns on but the air comes out warm. 2. sometimes when im going to turn it on it doesn't start... radio will work fine, lights turn on and everything but it wont start, only after several tries and playing around with the brakes and accelerator it turns on. Please help me and thank you

... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (5.2 liter V8) has a number of symptoms. First off my speedometer quite working in addition to a "Service 4WD switch" alert that occasionally goes off. This has been going on for several months. Then one day it wouldn't start, which after taking it to a mechanic turned out to be the fuel pump. After replacing the fuel pump the Jeep just didn't run well and progressively got worse. Now the jeep has very little power if any at all and occasionally wont start or will die

I would say it is a throttle position sensor.If it is bad,it simply does not know what is going on with the gas required or being used.It also is an input to your computer(ECM or PCM).Your computer then tells the car something isn't right,stop workin ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1994 Jeep Grande Cherokee, and it is difficult or will not start. When tested on the diagnostic computer, at times it shows as the jeeps computer is not working at all (is receiving no power), but if the key is left in the on position for a minute or two, you will hear ticking sounds and the fan run and it will then sometimes start right up. Other times it will require holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor while you turn over the engine, and then it may start, but if so will

I believe your ecu is in need of repair. You have described the 'No Check Engine Light' problem exactly. If you look at your dash in the am, before you try cranking and it won't start, there is no check engine light when the ignition is turned on. Th ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo won't start. It began to start then failed. Now it won't start at all. No clicking. Interior lights are on but the headlights make clicking noise continuously inside jeep when I try to turn em on and they dont come on. Only one emergency light flashes.

If it has a fuse for the security alarm in the fuse panel inside the vehicle check it. if the battery has been dead it may have to "re learn" its starting procedure and is difficult without taking to a shop ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 4.0 that keeps overheating.It just started with my new job that I use my Jeep. I do a lot of short driving and shutting off and restarting in a short about of time. I have replaced the thermostat, cap, and temp sensor. The fan comes on but not after I stop and start the Jeep. To me, when the fan comes on it seems to be rotating kind of slow. Its very quite and I can almost see each blade turning. The water pump is not leaking, the hoses are not sucking

What you are describing is a fan motor on its way out..\015\012Very typical behavior for a failing fan motor..\015\012It needs to be replaced.. Not a super difficult job..\015\012You can get a new fan motor ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Q. Hi I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0 litre inline six engine with 130000 miles on it. I have a weird problem. My jeep won't start on the first try. It will always start on the second try, every time. I checked the air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs. Everything seems okay. It runs great, just won't start on the first time. Any suggestions? I changed the fuel filter and hooked up a pressure gage to the fuel rail.When it is running I show about 52 LB pressure. When I turn it off fuel

Have you tried to switch your car on, wait 3 sec's and then start the engine? reason: If the pressure in the fuel system went down very fast, it need some sec's to arrive the pressure it needs to start. Also possible: switch on, wait 2 sec's, switch ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited wont start. I turned the ignition over but didn't let it go to full position and immediately turned it over again. I don't know what that triggered but it will just click like it's trying to relay everything but wont turn over. Before this happened, it started just fine. The battery is new and since this has happened the starter cylinoid has been changed out. Still nothing. However, if someone is under it and crosses the possitive and negative on the starter, it

Your reply really sucks. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The vehicle has recently started over heating. When I start to drive the car in the morning, the engine temperature reads cold until I turn the heater on. Once the car starts overheating, the only way to stop it is to turn the heater on high. This prevents it from overheating and eventually cools the engine down to normal. For the first time today, I noticed a small puddle of coolant under the car.

If running the heater keeps the engine from overheating, this is usually a sign of a fan failure. I don't want to dismiss the coolant on the ground, but if your engine is getting hot enough, it's going to boil the coolant and it will come out the ove ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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