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2002 jeep grand cherokee limited. no air comes out of the vents or defrosters on any setting. just stopped all of the sudden, the fan motor comes on all speeds an i hear the vents change when i change from vent to defroster to floor so its working, very very little air comes out. on the passenger floor to the left of the blower motor, there the vent housing, one side gets very hot the other side about an inch away is freezing? Any help?

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2002 jeep grand cherokee limited. no air comes out of the vents or defrosters on any setting. just stopped all of the sudden, the fan motor comes on all speeds an i hear the vents change when i change from vent to defroster to floor so its working, very very little air comes out. on the passenger floor to the left of the blower motor, there the vent housing, one side gets very hot the other side about an inch away is freezing? Any help?

... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I had no air coming from the vents but from the floor and defrost, i changed all hoses and heater control valve which broke while fixing . i cant find the hose that runs across the motor on the drivers side it broke off and my repair air wont come out the vents, where does it connect and i need a diagram of the other hoses it all got mixed up when taking it apart again i had a brain fart and cant remember where they go, can you help ?


Just replaced fan blower motor on ac, only passenger side vents blow cold air and stronger than the drivers side. it only works on high speed and it will also change fan speed while driving without changing the control. i changed the control panel last year. I need help this is the second new blower that i have put on this car. the reason for this second one is water was in it, i guess someone didn't do something right??? water was pouring in the floor board too...

The water problem is a drain hose is plugged up.should be a hose hanging down for moisture to drain out from under the evapoator. try running a small plastic tube up it and see if it will clear it. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My blower motor never work, and it's been getting cold so it's time to get it fixed. The heat comes on, and you can hear it changing from vents to floor and feel a little heat, it just dont blow. So I took it and got a diagnoic on it and they told me it's automatic climate control blower motor module. Now is it the climate control and the blower resistor that needs to be changed. They want 500 bucks to fix it and i dont have that type of money

You can purchase a repair manual for the car on ebay motors that will have a electrical component locator for $20.00, First try looking under the dash board in the general area of the glove box to locate the heater box the fan resistor will have 3 or ... 1997 Chrysler Concorde

Air Vents have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dashboard air vent problems. No air is comming through the dashboard air vents, It comes through the floor vents nor matter what setting I use on the controls. The side vents by the front doors have air. I can see the vacuum motors attempting to move the doors, but nothing happens, No vents air, no defrost, although the control for temperature of the air mixture worls OK.

I had the same problem and read through different forms and when I went under the hood - the vacuum line actually disconnected - put it back on and everything works great - thanks so much for your help ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Rear AC only blows on floor, ceiling vents do not work. I can hear changes in air flow when I change the rear passenger settings, but all air comes through floor vent. Kids are sweltering. I know its worked before, and I know the how the controls should work. Its not a fuse since power is sent to the rear ac unit. The air flow and sounds change when I change settings, but air only comes out of floor vent. Thank you for any ideas. out of warranty :(

... 2009 Toyota Sienna

The blower motor stays on high all the time. A/C works but will not come out dash vents, comes out defrost and changes to floor when I accelerate. Thanks for your help. Cecil

Your problem with the blower motor only running on high is caused by a defective blower motor resistor pack. Replace the resistor pack. The problem with the vents is not related to the blower motor, and is caused by a problem with the vent controls. ... 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

On my 98 Olds Intrigue no heat will come out the drivers side of the vents, I read that it was possible a "bad blend door motor". Where is this motor located exactly and is it a real pain to change out? Thanks, HJ Roach

... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Vacuum leak I have a 1996 chevrolet blazer s10. When i try to change the heater control switch from floor to vent or anyother position most if not all the air comes out of the defrost vent. Some say it is a leak behind the dash the other say it is a leak up by the motor. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 1992 chevy blazer s-10 type my heater blowes through the defrost and floor will not blow through vents on dash can you please help with problem thank you frank ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1997 LeSabre. When I start the car the temp flashes of the display for several seconds. I can hear the actuator motor working behind the glove box. The AC will only come out of the floor vents and from the defroster vents. I have to manually move the baffle to switch heat and AC on the front passenger side. I've heard that I can press a series of buttons on the control panel to get the error code. How do I do this?

You can not get an error code like this from this car. Some of the older models had this but not anymore ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Bmw stalling i have a 99 328i and it runs fine when u first start it and drives fine but after about three hours of constant driving it starts to lose power and if u come to a complete stop and then try to start off again it will stall then u have to hold it to the floor to get it to crank again ive changed the first o2 censor the one on the left side front of the motor if ur standing in front of the car lokking at it and the cam shaft position censor and cleaned the icv i took it to bmw and the

You need to replace brakes you are ruining the rotors.have fuel filter change.if stall out again have fuel pump pressure tested.because they are expensive dont buy one if you dont need it. ... 1999 BMW 328 Series

My 2007 Acura TL is having an air conditioning issue... The air is coming out cold from the two vents on the driver's side, but the air coming out of the passenger's side vents is very warm. The air on the passenger's side does not change in temp regardless of the temp the climate control is set at. I have tried the dual setting, the individual side setting, turning just the a/c on with and without the recirculation option. My TL has the navigation system--if this provides any relevence to the p

Navigation has no relevence at all. but what does is the vent system in the dash.there is a flap inside the vents under the dash it sounds like it is not moving on the passengers side. ... 2007 Acura TL Sedan New Cars

Changed battery and now the A/C won't blow through dash vents, only the defroster vents and floor vents. Also, driver side is cold and passenger side is hot. Did not have this problem prior to battery change.

Set all HVAC control to off or CCW, disconnect battery for about 10 minutes. Reconnect battery and do not touch any HVAC controls for several minutes. The system will calibrate itself at this time. If this does not fix the problem, you have one or mo ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Rear heat only blows on floor, ceiling vents do not work. I can hear changes in air flow when I change the rear passenger settings, but all air comes througt the floor vents

... Toyota Sienna

99 Ford Expedition climate control: When you fisrt start the vehicle and the engine warms up enough for the heat to come on, it blows cold air from the floor. i can change to any setting i want(flr,vent,def...etc),the damper moves without a hitch...it just doesn't heat. If i am taking it a long trip, it finally heats, but then it will not cool. The damper changes from the floor to the vent as it should, but only heat. I noticed during the summer when i would run the ac...it kind of did the same

... 1999 Ford Expedition

On a 1999 Dodge Dakota, is the heat selector switch electrical or a vacuum switch. The truck in question has no heat coming out the floor register or no vent or air condition when you change the selector switch. The selector switch do not seem to change the out put from the floor the the vents to the defroster.

... 1999 Dodge Dakota

I can not get hot air to come through the vents on the left side (passenger side)but when i change the direction controls on the climate control panel the air changes direction so we can assume the doors in the system are working.Heat blows freely on the right.When recycle air is on, cold air still comes through the right.The CT did put a ligt on the AC when turned to Lo and on recycle air.When on Hi it put recycle on blows hot air every where to achive temperature it does not do that now.I rang

You need to check under dash to make sure plastic heat pipe is in place to that vent ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1997 nissan Quest the ac and heater blower motor is blowing fine the speed control works fine the problem is I cant chose which vent the air comes out unless I move the rod located on the side of air carrier on the bottom of the console on the drvers side of at the feet level. This rod is supposed to be pushed by what looks like a selenoid with about 10 wires hooked to it coming from the climite controle in the dash. as i said the blower motor works fine I justb dont know how to use

It is most likely the actuator motor,this is the electronic part you are describing,this part is most likely only available threw the dealer on your vehicle,they are just a motor,and they go out from time to time.voltage can be checked at the motor,1 ... Nissan Quest

New system installed compressor,dryer, system comes on you can hear it in the dash the blower motor only comes on when it wants too then it cools good installed new blower motor it was about to lock up now it still won t come on fuses checked air wont change to blow out dash it goes on windshield and floor 12volts to blower motor plug when unit on key on 1996 buick park dual climate controls when i installed new system 1 yr ago i replaced the in dash control unit, cant figure out the proble. is

The programmer is most likely your problem\015\012It will keep the ac running to the preset selection you have entered on the control\015\012You can view the illustration and the cost of one gere below\015\012\015\012 ... 1996 Buick Park Avenue

1992 camry air/heat does not come out center vents but does work on side vent. When changing from windshield vents to center vents you can hear noise as if it changed but no air. Not sure if it is a

... Cars & Trucks

AC issues My battery died and after replacing it the a/c will only blow through the passenger and rear dash vents. The driver's side vents are blowing hot air but not very hard. Cold air is also coming out of the defrost vents but not the floor vents. I took the #36 fuse out of the rear fuse box and waited 3 mins before putting it back and started my car. I let the car run for 2 mins before turning on the AC. When I turned the car on there were knocking noises coming from the dash and after

The problem is either an actuator or the door associated with it. Sometimes the gear strips, especially when the system goes thru a recalibrate after power has been removed and reapplied. Below is a diagram of the locations of the actuators. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

1989 s10 Blazer, Very little air coming out of dash vents. Blower motor works good all three speeds, Acts like dash vents blocked or door not opening Took inside cover over the heater core off and blows great cold air. soon as you put the cover back on air coming out of dash vents like switch is on low. is there a vucuum actuator somewhere under dash to open up dash vents. Also cant see any change when lever is moved to multilevel.

You need to pop your hood and check your vaccum lines should be by the passenger side should be little tubes and stuff with a TT piece maybe running by your engine or possibly into your firewall.\015\012The distribution of the heat ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Heat is coming out of the passenger side middle seat floor vents when the a/c is on with the rear reostat switched on. Does anyone know what could be the problem? I do get heat out of the heater vents when the heat is turned on but also get heat ( a very slight amount) coming out of the heater vents when the a/c is on the rear reostat.

I think you should diagnosis of cooling electronic. ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager


That is not right both fans should be pulling the air through the radiator. Also if the fans came on at 225 degrees that was fine and would not hurt the motor. You will need to have the car looked at to see what he has done wrong.\015\012 ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Air only blows out from the floor when you switch it to either vent or defrost you get nothing,i have changed the switch and same thing,floor vent works great but when you switch to defrost or vent nothing comes out.

Sounds like you need a blower door acuator motor, which moves to direct the heat to where you want it to be ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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