Having problems with your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

2002 jeep gr.cherokee. heater moter quit. live in Mich. it very cold. could it be a fuse under the hood?

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More like the reostat or the motor brushes ,take it to a garage ,these combined units are not cheap ,you have my full sympathy because i will not drive anything if no heat and i live in spain on the med and trust me it gat cold here too ,it can drop to 1 or 2 centigrade ,just above freezing
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2002 jeep gr.cherokee. heater moter quit. live in Mich. it very cold. could it be a fuse under the hood?

More like the reostat or the motor brushes ,take it to a garage ,these combined units are not cheap ,you have my full sympathy because i will not drive anything if no heat and i live in spain on the med and trust me it gat cold here too ,it can drop ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

We had very cold conditions in our area (-35) for about a week. I could barely get the car started one day. the next day the car wouldn't start at all. All the interior lights and bussers worked and the battery was fully charged. There was no sound coming from under the hood when i turned on the ignition. The starter is only a year old and was functioning just fine, i'm hoping it just a fuse but which one i don't know. Could it be the starter again? if it is a fuse which one inside or under the

Could be a fuse. cold weather make the starter draw alot of amps. or if the starter selinod is the cold to to kick in the starter. I use a light bulb under the start sometime it helps. ... 1993 Nissan Altima

The 2002 Jeep Liberty I have has shut off about 3 or 4 times since I have had it. The first time my mechanic said it was simply something called a "main fuse" Since then my husband has passed away and it happened tonight. I feel certain it is the same thing but don't want to get charged out the ying yang for something that could be quite simple. I do believe this "fuse" is under the hood. Does ANYONE know what I am talking about and is it easy to fix? PLEASE help asap! I have a samll child

If he didnt replace the fuse before or it has stalled and then restarted without doing anything then its not a blown fuse. if it is a blown fuse then the wire harness has rubbed through somewere blowing the fuse.if it not the fuse blown then i woukd ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

2002 Buick Century - AC does not work in Max setting. Works fine in Blend setting, compressor comes on and runs cold. But in standard AC mode, on Max setting with AC button on, does not sound like compresor is coming on and not getting cold. Could this be a fuse? Or ideas? I do occassionally (maybe once or twice a month) hear a clicking noise under the hood after I turn off the engine and exit the car, which sounds like a possible fan going bad, and also get some occassional rattling sound fr

... 2002 Buick Century

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited power cuts out when I turn the ignition sometimes, I have checked fuse box under hood all ok, ckd battery, starter, alternator, all good, not sure what else.. is there a fuse/switch for the ignition or what else could this be? When the power cuts out sometimes the needles on the gages "dance" cant get it to start no matter what I move or fuses I replace then will get power back for no apparent reason and can start it.. sometimes it will last only a couple of s

Did you lose your key or had it replace because if you did that might be the problem. my jeep has a key with a chip on it and if i start it with my extra it will turn off after a couple seconds there is a fast way to chek it. on your dash check the l ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Just moved to TX Very HOT! my a/c in my 2005 ford escape blows but not cold. in the fuse box under the hood fuses R6-F25-F16 are missing... could this be the problem.... thanks, Raven

If your airconditioner is running hot, check that the flap door is opening, and check the refridgerent level, if low, no cold. ... 2005 Ford Escape

Starting problem I have a 1995 Jeep wrangler with a 4 cylinder standard transmission. When I try to start it I have to turn the key several times to the on position until i hear a clicking sound from the fuse box under the hood. Finally when that happens I can hear the fuel pump turn on for a second like it should. Then it will start. I need a wiring diagram so I can trouble shoot this annoying problem before it gets worse. I have already switched the relays around but still no luck. could it be

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and It won't start. I've changed the rotor and distribator cap. It gets gas and it has spark, but it won't start. Is there a resistor that controls the firing motor on this Jeep? ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Think the bonnet could be froze up where the hinges are,water has got under and down the sides of the wing/ bonnet ,only quick fix i can suggest is to hook jumper lead direct to the top terminal of the starter motor ,and the neg to a anywhere on body ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2002 jeep liberty won't start on cold morning, not battery, turns over and over and over. Went to dealership, no codes. Suggested replacing PDC power distrubution center, under hood fuse panel. But 1400 is more than I want to spend on a maybe. Help?

Try changing to a hotter firing plug, also 'm not sure if yours have a distributor or coil pack, but if a distributor, change out the cap and rotor button. If a coil pack, remove pack and place di-electric grease behind the pack. This keeps moisture ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

2004 Jeep Liberty, used a/c the other day and it was not cold, just blowing air, then at a red light noticed smoke coming out of the hood and a burning smell. Turned off a/c and it seemed to go away. Now when I start it up it makes a louder than usual noise. Could this be a fan belt problem?

Sounds like the AC compressor has seized up, u have most likely burned the belt up, the belt slipping over the compressor pulley was what the smoke was, open the hood and turn on the AC, watch the compressor pulley, it should start dr ... Jeep Liberty

I have a 97 jeep wrangler, its a 2.5 liter 4cyl 5 speed. It has a starting issue now and again, it won't turn over lights and all electrical turns on but it just wont turn. When fuses are checked the start fuse is blown. I replaced the starter thinking that this may help the situation but unfortunately it hasn't, my jeep still seems to be burning up the start fuse. Could there possibly be something such as a short? that causes this to keep happening? please help i'm tired of pushing my jeep and

First thing you should do is check the starter draw. A simple way of doing that is to put a volt meter on the battery and crank the engine over. Volts should not drop below 9.5 while cranking.Since you replaced the starter, though some can be defecti ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee and had a aftermarket alarm installed on it this past weekend, now i keep popping a fuse under the hood, but I DO NOT have the owners manuel for this vehicle!! I don't know what the fuse is to to try and correct the problem. does anyone have a diagram for the fuse box under the hood?!?!?

I have the book in my hand, but inside the lid of the fusebox itself is a diagram of which fuse is which.\015\012Where can I email a copy of page 215 of the book?\015\012 ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cigarette lighter and door mirror adjustment won't work - reason to believe a blown fuse. Checked the fuses under the hood, and they all read 0 ohms. Where could other fuses be, or could there be a different problem?

Check under the dash to the left of the steering column. (You may have to remove a plastic cover.) Using a test light (grounded) with a sharp point touch the metal contacts on each side of the fuse. Both sides should light the test light on a live ... 1997 Toyota Camry

95 jeep yj 4 cyl. hard to start when cold. wont start until i hear the clicking noise conming from relay fuse box. once the clicking goes through its few seconds the jeep starts right up. The problem is in the morning when its cold it is hard to get that clicking noise to happen. after driving and warm there is no problenm starting

Mine did the same thing. Replaced the computer and works like brand new. Hope this helps. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

Engine hunting 1.8 rover 25 techtronic gearbox, automatic. the engine has started to "hunt" when cold, and has blown fuse often when starting cold. runs fine when warm, but warning light for "powerdrive" lights when fuse blows ! could this be a simple problem ( low transmission oil) or some underlying serious fault ? it's a 2001 car, 120,000 miles, last full service unknown but has run fine for 5 years

What a lovely car -if it was a manual ,i have a diesel manual one and its a flier ,as for this iam not sure so try reading the codes but if this is a gearbox related fault car then its the scrapyard as this car has no value in the UK but if stuck fo ... Cars & Trucks

A/c compressor clutch will not engage, full charge of freon and i can hear the relay clicking calling for the compressor to kick on. Could it be a fuse in the fuse block under the hood or could it be that the clutch is frozen up. Just hoping the compressor is not bad, maybe just maybe.

I hope as well that the compressor is not bad just for reasons you'r most likely aware of, the COST. The main thing you might want to do is check to see if power is running to the compressor directly with a multimeter. If there is power then most lik ... GMC Sierra 1500

96 jeep grand Cherokee limited 4.0 inline 6 I need the fuse panel diagram for the box under the hood I keep blowing a small 20 fuse preventing my jeep from starting

... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Side markers lights are not workin on limo Lincoln Town Car 120, there are no information in the manuals, stronger fuse was replaced and now any lights are working, fuse boxes under hood and second by the driver seat are checked and are fine, Does anybody know what could be the source? Many thanks everyone who could help me.

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 Jeep Liberty had to have the wiring harness replaced back in 2005 due to some serious electrical issues...I am now having these same issues again, the radio fuse blew and when I replace it the brake lights stay on all the time until the fuse is removed. Also, power locks are "iffy" sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I could go on and on with the problems in this Jeep...does anyone have any suggestions??

I can't help with your Jeep but I have had a rash of similarly unrelated problems due to a bad or missing ground connection.\015\012When this happens (due to corrosion or repair by 'experts') currents flow wherever they must to complete an electrical ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Have 2004 Jeep Cherokee..on recent trip heater blower stopped workin, no a/c light, no turn signals, and no engine cooling fan. so we replaced the fuse and everthing came back on. as soon as we shifted into reverse, everything died again. replaced fuse and started jeep from neutral position to drive, and everything continued to work fine. only when vehicle hit reverse did everything go out again. do you think this could be the wires going to the neutral switch or selector switch on the transmiss

Replace the switch on the transmission. that controls all functions upon starting and the reverse lights too ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 Cavalier 10 amp under hood fuse for the a/c keeps blowing. The a/c compressor, in-line diode and orfice tube have been replaced with new and system is up to proper charge. Both power and ground wiring to compressor appear to be good but. With the car sitting at idle the compressor appears to run with no problems, however when driving and as engine RPM increases, the under hood fuse continues to blow after a period of time. Any idea what could cause this?

You have to find your short somewhere in the wiring it causing it to get hot ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine miss I was wondering if anyone could help us out. We started having hesitation problems. We changed the fuel filter and air filter. Then our jeep wouldn't start. We thought it was the fuel pump but when you turned the key you could hear the fuel pump working. It is like the jeep is having engine failure. It will idle like a charm. We checked all the fuses. We are not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions would help!! Thanks

We had the same problem a few months ago...we took it in and all the codes pointed to spark plugs and fuel injectors..when we finally decided to take it to the mechanic, it had excessive deposits on the injectors..the hit it 2 times with some chemica ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

30 amp square fuse fuse under hood on 2004 jeep wrangler labeled ADS shorted. What does it control jeep will not crank

... Jeep Wrangler

The headlights for my 2008 Chevy Silverado Diesel won't Shut off. Even with the key off they just stay on until my battery dies. I have to pull the fuse for the DRL to turn them off. I tried swapping out the headlight control knob mechanism with one that I know works and it still does it. I'm thinking it could be a relay for the DRL but I don't know where its located since its not in the fuse block under the hood. Do you know where it could be or what I can try next?

... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 jeep grand cherakee limited while driving it all of a sudden looses power and engine stops went in fuse box under the hood and found fuse that controls the fuel pump and dash idicater lights was burnt engine wood turn over but wood not start replaced fuse and car started instantly drove for a while fuse would blow again until this afternoon fuse blew replaced it tryed to start car it keeps blowing the fuse every time you try to start car

Sounds like a dead ground to the fuel pump.This could be dangerous if the bare wire is in the fuel tank. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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