Having problems with your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

The power window on my 2001 grand cherokee has broken.How can I open the panel to try to replace the regulator?

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\015\012try this.
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The power window on my 2001 grand cherokee has broken.How can I open the panel to try to replace the regulator?

Http://vimeo.com/4763460\015\012\015\012try this. ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I am attempting to replace my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan driver's side power window motor and regulator. I have removed the door panel and watershield. I understand how to remove the regulator and motor assembly but do not know how to remove the window glass. I understand it is being held by a front and rear 'lift plates' that grip the glass and are loosened and tightened with a screw. How do I lower the glass window so I can loosen the lift plates and extract the window and regulator?

To lower the glass,remove the motor from the regulator,it should almost fall down. ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

I broke the glass rear or hatchback window on my 99 Mitsubishi Montero Sport truck. Even after the glass shattered the panel still opened and closed for the few days before I took the truck to the glass-man. Then, suddenly, as he started to replace the glass, now the panel won't open. Turning the key does nothing. The glass man said sometimes even a tiny shard of glass can fall down inside and keep the panel from opening. I have tried poking around the lock from the inside with a coat hangar, bu

If your unable to open the rear door you should just be able to remove the inner door liner from inside the truck, climb over the back seats. Once the inner door panel is removed (remove all hardware, handles and such) the panel should pull off. To d ... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero

Power windows i have a 2000 buick century. ive replaced 3 of the 4 regulators drivers door reg twice. also replaced the master switch 3 times. now the drivers window doesnt work again. for awhile the window would roll down left the door open started the car and rolled down the window. then my wife caled me and stated the window went down when she started the car and wont go up. the motor is really hot. tried applying power diect and nothing. help!!!!why!!!!

See the diagram and troubleshooting. and fix it. God bless youtest wires, connector, fuse, loose , dirty, bad contact, corrosion, faulty motor, switchs open or dirty or faulty ... 2000 Buick Century

All windows won't , rear defogger won't work,and can,t open the lid to the trunk even with the key. when i try the switch to roll down the windows i hear a clicking sound coming from the fuse panel. has a relay gone bad? tryed replacing a relay but still nothing. is it a relay if so how do i find the right one

... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is now overheating. 1st the upper panel was messing up and saying the lift gate was open and doors were open when they weren't. Then the windows stop working. The motor sounds like its trying to work for the windows but it won't. Then the AC stopped getting cold and my father told us to switch out the relay switch. That worked and the AC is cold again. Now our Jeep is overheating and it smells like its overheating. I kept it in idle this morning and turned off the

It is the window motor on it way out. i have been getting alot of window motor's this month. u will need to take the door panel off ,and depending on the motor.it may be rivet in,so u will have to drill the rivets out,and replace them with screws. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Trying to replace right door window regulator......have totally disconnected except for wire assembly immediately below the lock assembly at far edge of the door.....can not figure out how to disconnect wires from assembly so i can finish removing window regulator panel..

You should be able to lift up one portion like a hinge which will release then you will be able to pull it up. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

How to replace a 1997 Grand Marquis window regulator. I took off the inside panel and was surprised to find the window regulator in blind spot within the door. Where do I go from here

If it's the same as my 94 I think the answer your looking for is drill out the rivets (replace them with bolts). First remove the glass (also riveted in). The regulator ( without motor attached) comes out of the glass opening in the top of the door. ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2000 ford mustang, my power windows on both the driver and passenger side were only working if i would open the driver side door the whole way, now none of them will work. i tried replacing the breaker under the hood for the power windows with a fuse and that didnt solve the problem. i tried putting a jumper wire in the breaker under the driver side fuse panel and that didnt help. So i checked the plug going to the power steering with a test light and both of the wires are showing a gro

Hi, it sounds to me like the connector to the switch is loose or the wires are broken in the joint at the door hinge. When you open the door, it's either tugging less on the switch or it's letting a broken wire make contact. First pull up the switc ... 2000 Ford Mustang

We have a 1997 Mercury villager, there is a heater in the second seat section on the drivers side under the window it has quit working after opening the panel we found a couple of things that could be wrong, however we are not sure which to try replacing first, any tips? Also going to try and change the thermostat ourselves, there are two hoses which is the correct one?

Go to our site and read the files before doing any work.\012\012The rear blower wil work after you solder the circuit board in the front control head. We have pictures and directions. If you can't do it, I fix them for 25 plus your old ... 1997 Mercury Villager

Door panel None of the switches on the door panel work i.e. locks, windows, mirror, seat settings and dome light stays on. i have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Happened last night, meant to be driving up the coast on saturday. Was extremely hot yesterday, not sure of the heat has affected the door electrics... will try to see if any jeep dealers are open Friday 2nd Jan Please let me know, if there is any solution.

Try to replace the wire from the driver door into the car. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Pontiac Grand Prix 2002 - driver window- regulator sees to work, but once i removed the panel- a screw dropped out. I don't believe the whole unit needs to be replaced, i just can't see where this screw goes. It looks like it has a washer connected to the screw. any help would be useful

... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a '92 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl., my passenger side pwr. window motor will go up but not down with the switch. When I use a jumper from the battery it will work great but not with the switch on the wiring system. I've replaced the motor 3 times, tried several diff. switches, replace the wiring system from the kick panel through the door, replaced ''door brain'' on the kick panel and tried several relay replacements. I'm at my wits end. I won't to know if anyone has any ideas, all the other w

Have you tried replacing the master switch in the drivers door? Toyota switches can be dismantled ( carefully ) and the usual problem is dirty contacts. When you dismantle the switches use a small flat blade screwdriver and do the job in ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

I was trying to fix the drive window regulator (window and driver rear view the only electrical parts) and tried to start the truck to go get the parts needed to fix the window. When I turn the key all of the instrument panel arms go all the way up and there is only a clicking sound that is loud. After I pull the key out some of the electrical equipment keeps turning on and off for a few seconds maybe a minute. I didn't mess with anything but the driver door panel.

Are you sure the security isnt activated. The only thing you can do is get it back together and disarm the security. \015\012\015\012The disconnected wires in the door could be on the security circuit.. \015\012\015\012Hope ... 2003 Ford Expedition

1998 Dodge Grand Caravan Power Window - Driver window won't go down. History: I have replaced the mechanism a year or so ago (cable guides wore out). This time the mechanism was bad again (Cable frayed and jammed in regulator). Upon replacing mechanism again, the regulator goes up, but not down. There is seemingly no power to the motor for "down". (However, now all of the other windows work - including the rear right vent that hasn't moved for years.) I partially disassembled the switch module d

... Dodge Grand Caravan

Trying to take apart the door panel for a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am. I can NOT find a diagram anywhere to show me where the hidden screws and clips are, does such a thing exist anywhere on the net or could someone describe how to disassemble the panel and get to things like the window roller (manual crank window)? I also tried looking around in a Heynes book but did not find anything useful, those mostly stay to electrical/mechanical aspects. I'm asking how the molding for the door panel comes ap

Ok hidden screws, in the door handle and latch. see in the middleof the latch is a cip, raise it up to expose a screw. In the arm rest, see the plug type fittings remove them.to show u the screws. Under the electronic window switch, Pry up the switch ... 1989 Pontiac Grand Am

Replacing Driver's Side Rear Window Regulator In 2000 Grand Prix

It should slide it at an angle. i just replaced mine today. dont forget to unbolt the glass arm guide. it should be easy remove and replace. if all else fails go to autozone or the library and they should have some pics. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

1996 Ford Aerostar Van front windows will not roll up or down. When you try to roll EITHER window UP, you can hear the motor trying to work and the interior lights dim as you are doing it, but the windows will not roll up. When you try to roll EITHER window DOWN, you cannot hear the motor working and the interior lights do not dim. We have removed both door panels and lubed . We also have replaced the breaker.

Its unusual for both doors to fail at the same time, but not impossible.Since you say the lights dim and you can hear noise in the doors we will assume the motors have voltage and ground. You would need to remove the motors from the regulato ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Passenger side window (2000 VW Beetle GLS - automatic) will not roll up. Window motor appears to work, (not fuse related) but window is not engaged. Was able to remove plastic interior panel - but metal panel which sandwiches the glass pane between the door (interior housing) has 3 flattened metal 'plugs' - cannot remove the panel to get to the glass. These plug/screws are not stripped, but rather like nail heads. I believe I can replace the window regulator, if that's what's wrong. But I can't

That black metal housing is riveted in place, you might have to drill them out and replace with bolts or something of that nature to hold it inplace. make sur eyou are getting power to the window motor to crank up and not just down, is the motor bolt ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I tried to replace the door panel on driver's side. I was able to take out every other part EXCEPT for the window handler (our window is manually controlled). Any tips on how to remove that piece so I can finish with the panel replacement? Thank you

First, you need to slip the flat side of the handle removal tool just behind where the handle meets the door panel so th ... Jeep Wrangler

Rear vent window on 2003 Honda Odyssey will not open. replaced before under warranty. bad again. would like to simply repair and replace myself,and am seeking diagram for back, directions. don't think it is door switch as it clicks, tries to open window partially when pressed. Any thoughts?

It can't be closed manually. Honda used garbage motors in these things. My 2003 odyssey had both motors replaced under warranty and they are both shot again. It is a very easy fix but the motors are about $80 each on Ebay. You could get away with pry ... Honda Odyssey

The passenger window on my 2001 Honda Odyssey will not go down. I've removed the door panel and cannot disconnect the window from the regulator. How do I disconnect the window from the regulator assembly so I can replace the regulator?

... 2004 Honda Odyssey

Left window regulator for power window trying to replace the track or window regulator. is the track connected to the regulator?

The regulator is the piece that lifts and lowers the window. The tracks are seperate ... 1990 Pontiac Sunbird

One day I rolled down my front passenger window in my 2005 Altima, when I pressed the up button half of the window went inward (one side went up but the other did not so it looked like i had a triangle window, it would go down, not up). I took the door panel apart to see if the automatic power window motor worked, indeed it did but the one side of the regulator was not. When I order the new power window regulator will I be able to use to the same motor or will I have to replace it?

Should be able to use the same motor, looks like the regulator will cost you a $100.57 from the dealership .Some vehicles you have to replace everything when a regulator goes out and then the costs mount. ... 2005 Nissan Altima

Grand Am Power Window Replacement

Are you able to loosen any other bolts that could cause the window to come down more? You could also try manually turning the gears to lower the window... ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE
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