Having problems with your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

PO725 Engine speed sensor circuit malfunction

\015 COde PO725 Engine Speed Sensor circuit malfunction. Tach jumps and cover blew off.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Trouble Code: P0725

A/T Engine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Possible Causes:

Check for trouble codes related to the CKP Sensor

CKP Sensor signal circuit open, shorted to ground or to power

CKP Sensor is damaged or has failed (open or shorted)

Intermittent wiring or connector problems

PCM has failed
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PO725 Engine speed sensor circuit malfunction

Trouble Code: P0725A/T Engine Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionPossible Causes:Check for trouble codes related to the CKP Sensor CKP Sensor signal circuit open, shorted to ground or to power ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Alright i have a 1996 VW golf gl 2.0 5 speed manual and recently it's been puttering at low rpms. My check engine lights been on pretty much since I bought the car I check it when it first came on but it went off after like a week so I figured just a loose wire or something. But now I got the obd codes since it's consistently on. 1. Manf. Control veh speed idle speed control auxiliary inputs. 2. Sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2 3. Sensor ckt no activity bank 1 sensor

... Volkswagen Golf

My 2005 Nissan Xterra will not engage the Reverse gear, neither will it shift to higher level gears no matter how you push the accelerator pedal. I took it to the repair shop and the scan it and the following results: P0720 : output speed sensor malfunction P0725: engine speed input circuit malfunction P1754: coast clutch solenoid circuit P1759: automatic transaxle (FR/B Solenoid FNCTN) P1769: HLR/C Solenoid FNCTN P1764: DC Solenoid FNCTN P1757: FR/B Solenoid/Circuit In addition to the check eng

I have the same problem 2005 xterra 4x2 giving pretty much all the code you posted but i did and tried everything possible to fix it myself with a little success but still ( Engine Light ) comes on with the last code P1757 front breake soleniod i did ... 2005 Nissan Xterra

I have a 2005 bmw 325i that is not starting. I have gottten it started a couple of times and it runs a little jerky. Checked trouble codes and got; po335 crankshaft position sensor a circuit malfunction po700 trans control system malfunction po727 engine speed sensor circuit no signal also have warning lights for brake, SES, DSC, and an exclamation point next to the D (drive)

Then the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor is out of order. You can try to clean this sensor after removing from the cylinder block and see if the engine starts! Clean also the sensor socket & plug cable using a special contact cleaner spray and c ... BMW 325

Hi mileage 98 subaru legacy, had hesitation, check engine light (codes finally determined 3 weeks ago, P0183, P0301, P0325) w/3 codes relating to cylinder 1 misfire, fuel temp sensor A circuit high input, and knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction(bank 1 or single sensor), yesterday heading 2 work, right when I got on the interstate it reduce speed drastically, stalled, restarted and nursed it off the exit with little to no acceration to the peddle. Tried for 20 minutes to get ack 2 normal, wanted

Go have your catalatic converter checked, it may be plugged causing your car to suffocate when you accelerate ... 1998 Subaru Legacy

2000 dodge stratus keeps stalling it fires right back up sometimes, other times it takes some cranking. There are three codes it's showing P0725 engine speed sensor circuit, P0108 manifold absolute pressure sensor voltage too high, and P0700 transmission malfunction present. I also pulled the first spark plug out and when the engine runs it misses and sometimes stops all together for 1-2 seconds. I'm broke and can't afford to run through 4 possible solutions.

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Check engin light came on my 1997 Honda civic lx. Had it checked at Autozone free Code "P0500" Circuit Malfunction Problem cause: 1)Open or short curcuit condiction. 2)Poor electrical connection. 3) Faulty vehicle speed sensor. What is the most likely cause? Where is the speed sensor located? How difficult to replace? Cost? [email protected] nga.mil

The speed sensor would be located on the side of the\015\012transmission.Pretty easy to replace,dependant on it's \015\012location. As far as price,I have no idea. good luck. ... 1997 Honda Civic

My 2002 2.5 L Nissan Altima Service Engine light came on. I have a Acton diagnostic tool and it gave me the following trouble codes P0725 Eng Speed Sensor ckt Malfunction and P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor a circuit malfunction. Is there a manula where I can find these? I am pretty handy working on cars. Is this something I can fix or do I have to take it to the shop?

... 2002 Nissan Altima

Pliz help after taking my car for engine wash they used water to wash the engine and engine Codes came up . 16502 P0118 Engine coolant temperature circuit-G62:high . 16497 P0113 Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit-G42:high. 16486 P0102 Mass air flow circuit -G7 0:low input. 16622 P0238 Turbo super charger boost sensor (A) circuit : high. 16955 P0571 Brake switch sporadic (A) circuit : malfunction. 18000 P1592 Altitude sensor /boost pressure sensor :implausible ratio. 16706 Engine RPM sens

Not Good: The Expensive main computer brain sustained a short from either the heat of the solutions or leakage allowing fluids to enter the components. If after a drying period this still occurs; then the computer brain needs replacing. ... 2005 Volkswagen Touran 1.6

Engine Light I have a 2000 RX 300 and the engine light just came on - the oil was recently changed; I checked the gas cap like manual said, could there be other major problems has anyone had this problem? This is Beckster777 with rx300 engine light on (emmissionwiz) O'rilleys gave these codes: P1135 A/F sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 1 P1130 a/f sensor circuit range performance malfunction bank 1 sensor 1 P0171 system too lean bank 1

Check the wiring to sensor 1 bank sensor 1 for possible damage from the exhaust, also make sure the connector to the O2 sensor (they called it a air/fuel sensor, incorrect) is in good condition and not contaminated with oil or water intr ... 2000 Lexus RX 300

My 2002 dodge durango is idling rough and the check engine light came on with four codes and I'm not sure what to replace first. The codes are: 1) P0725 Engine speed sensor 2) P0740 Transmission control circuit malfunction 3) P0320 Ignition distributor 4) P1391 Ignition system or misfire Please give me advice if possible.

Hello. The issues you are having can be eliminated by adjusting the timing. This is a fairly technical undertaking so if you are not mechanically inclined you may want to call the service dept. of a dodge dealership. Here is the skinny on what to ... 2000 Dodge Durango

Got check engine light , vsc trac, and vsc off sensors. pepboys gave me scanned codes: po500 vehicle speed sensor and code po705 transmission range sensor/switch circuit malfunction. problems are: speedometer/odometer, in-reverse camera do not work and have trans. slipping in reverse. your feedback please.

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What does P1775 (Mfr Controlled Transmission), P0335 (CKP Sensor A Circuit Malfunction) and P0727 (Engine Speed Sens Circuit No Signal) on a 96 Range Rover mean

... 2004 Land Rover FreeLander

Engine speed sensor circuit malfunction - 2005 Nissan Altima

... 2005 Nissan Altima

I have a Mercedes s500 2000 with approx. 110k miles. The check engine light came on and the code reader said P0170 (fuel trim malfunction Bank 1) & P0173 (fuel trim malfunction Bank 2). I replaced the MAF with a new OEM Bosch, changed the air filters and reset the codes. The following codes came on within 20 miles of driving and the engine idles rough: P0100 (MAF circuit Malfunction), P0170 (fuel trim malfunction Bank 1), P0173 (fuel trim malfunction Bank 2), P0130 (Oxygen sensor circuit m

Hi!!\015\012\015\012What all this codes have in common is that every single one of them can be caused by a vacuum leak, so carefully check for cracked, loose or disconnected vacuum hoses, wir ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Ck engine light on and runs a little rough at idle in gear. OEM P1150 aaAir/Fuel ratio sensor circuit range/performance aaMalfunction (bank 2 sensor 1) Probable cause aa1-Fuel pump,injector or press regulator fault aa2-Vacuum leak aa3-Faulty AF sensor heater circuit aa4-Failed AF sensor OEM P1155 aaAir/fuel ratio sensor heater circuit malfunction aa(bank 2 sensor 1) Probable cause aa1-Open or short circuit

... Lexus RX 300

We have a 2001 sebring 3.0l v6. It lost power after an accereration, no noises or anything. Now it will not come out of park if the engine is running. We ran a diagnostic on the computer and got the following codes P0403 (exhaust gas recirculation control unit), P0765 (Shift solenoid d malfunction), P0760 (shift solenoid c malfunction), P0340 (camshaft position sensor A circuit) and P0335 (camshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction). Can anyone help?

The P0403 error code is the EGR system that consists of a valve and solenoid controlled by the engine computer. Replace the EGR valve. The P0765 and P0760 error codes are transmission related. Replace the transmission shift solenoid. \01 ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Cannot strat the engine. New battery, BOSCH diagnostics : Engine calculator to check. Default : 0201 Speed sensor no signal / sensor of ref. for circuit?. I need an electrical chart for the computer.

Hi..Disassemble and clean the carb, particularly the jets. I suspect the charge light being on is a result of your destroyed battery, which needs to be replaced. Sta-bil over the winter and a smart trickle charger will prevent the problems you ... 1992 Audi 80

My check engine light keeps coming on on my 2004 kia optima lx, 4 cylinder dohc, a little over 92000 miles on it. I had the codes checked and got this result: Code P0320 definition: ignition/distributor engine speed input circuit. Possible causes are: 1:open or short circuit condintion, 2: poor electical connection, 3: faulty ignition failure sensor (IG sensor). Is there a way to determine specifically what to fix (other than checking everything)?

Check with the place that checked the codes for you. Maybe they can test the IG sensor for you. That might help. Otherwise check all the connections relating to the sensor. ... 2004 Kia Optima

My check engine light came up an it was torque converter circuit malfunction so I change the sensor that is bolt close to the engine an the check engine light neva came back on but my car still shift hard whn goin in 2ND gear it do not slip cant it be my forward sensor aw down shifting sensor if not can U tell me which 1 please thanks really need ur help I have A 99 honda accord V6

Checked the oil level with the engine running and in reverse?? ... Cars & Trucks

I have two questions 2001 ford Crown Vic LS, Codes read: (p0720 output speed sensor circuit), & (p1131 lack of heated oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 switch indicates lean)........Keep in mined that I just swapped engines, from a 2001 police interceptor, to this Crown Vic LS "it's my first time, I am manically inclined but just never did a job this intensive, the LS engine blew so I had a totaled interceptor with good engine,... so hints the swap.... Can You Help with any answers on the code

The PCM is programed for the LS engine parameters and now that you have changed engines the signal from the new engine are out of parameters> Either see if you can get the PCM reprogrammed at a dealership or purchase a new PCM and program the chi ... 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

1995 Pontiac TransAm w/5.7 l v-8. Overheats at slow speeds because the elec. fan does not start until the engine temp reaches 220 or more. Could I install a toggle switch w/ a diode in the coolant temp sensor circuit to bypass the sensor and manually turn on the fan at a lower temp. during low speed driving? Or is there a sensor available that would replace the current sensor in the water pump w/ a lower (185 deg.) to replace the existing sensor? I think the manual switch would work but a more

I think 220 is the proper temperature for the fan to turn. 220 is too hot and that's why it is turning on but should never have to ideally. What your car likely needs is new coolant and a new thermostat. I recommend a 185* thermostat. ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

Codes P0320 Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

The engine light is on and the code is P1035. Some of the potential problems listed is left or right 02 sensor, check fuse, check wiring. I have replaced the upper 02 sensor by the front manifold and the engine lite still continues to come on. The parts store system refer the banks as left or right. So I dont know if I changed the correct 02 sensor. A recent OBDII test states that the 02 sensor heater circuit as potential problem, a malfunction in one or more of the emissions control component

... 1996 Lexus ES 300

Knock sensor 1 circuit. camshaft posision sensor circuit range of performance.ignition distrubator engine speed input circuit range of performange. electronic spark timing signal not switching after enable. egr valve pintle posision circuit

... 1995 Buick Regal
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