Having problems with your 2002 Jaguar X-Type ?

Handle besides driver seat for fuel filler cap broken cannot open filler cap to fill up .any other ways of opening

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Answers :

That handle should have been attached to a piece of cable. Locate that cable, and grab it with pliers or vise grips and give it a pull for now, until you can replace mechanism.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2002 Jaguar X-Type

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Handle besides driver seat for fuel filler cap broken cannot open filler cap to fill up .any other ways of opening

That handle should have been attached to a piece of cable. Locate that cable, and grab it with pliers or vise grips and give it a pull for now, until you can replace mechanism. ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have a ford Cmax 2004.Can the fuel filler cap be opened manually?As my central locking key opens every door except the drivers door and the fuel filler cap

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I have a 2005 1/2 VW jetta. That is when they came out with the new one. There is a module in the drivers door that operated the power windows, trunk lid and the gas cap compartment. The trunk can be opened with the key. The windows are not an issue as of now. But the gas cap compartment is an issue NOW! Is there another way to open it?

A lot of cars had a pull in the trunk or somewhere close to the filler door just for this purpose, look around or check the manual for the pull, It is usually bright yellow and marked fuel filler, check it out, hope this helps. ... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a ford laser k n. The lock is broken on the drivers side door and I can't open the door. Is there a way to remove the door skin to access broken lock , when I can't open door ? Help please , legs are gettin sore from climbing over the passenger seat.

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The gas cap door of my 2009 Nissan coupe doesnt open. Tried to do it with the mechanism from under the driver sit but is not releasing the cap. It is any way to manually open it?

Hi there elston! It sounds like the cable that operates the gas door either broke or is jammed. If you go into the trunk and remove the panel on the left side. Once you do that you will be able to access the release mechanism for the gas cap door. Fr ... 2001 Nissan Altima

On a 2004 cavalier, my rear driver side door wont open from the inside or out. i removed the door panels, compared the two to find the mechinism that opens the door is broken or jamed. i tryed everything to get it open but couldnt get at it without getting the door open to disassemble further. is there any way to get the door open manually without using the mechinism?

Unbolt the hinges at the other end of the door and unbolt the pin that the the door latch locks on. The pin nut is behind the seat back. Be careful that the door doesn't fall on the floor and get scratched up. Good Luck ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Gas Tank Leak when Filling / Check Engine Light due to Vapor Leak" I'm reading these gas tank filling issues on the 04 Avalanche, I've had them too. Now another issue; when you fill the truck and "top it off" (fill it all the way up to the top of the filler receptacle), gas leaks out of the top of the tank. You can't see where it's coming from but it leaks down the driver's side of the gas tank, coming from the top. This strated several months ago with a check engine light that couldn't be clea

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Theres two or three springs in side the drivers door lock is there a way to get a picture of where they go - we are trying to fix the door handles on both the inside and the outside- neither one will open the door-there appears to be three springs inside the doorlock and the small skinny one is broken on the bottom- we have reformed it and now need to know where it goes- i do believe that its the spring that controls the return of the part that locks and blocks the door from opening- can you hel


I am having difficulty opening the cover to the gas cap. The switch on the drivers side door won't release the external door so that I can remove the gas cap and fill my tank. HELP

The cable release for the gas door may have broken, try reading the Owner's Manual for a alternative way to release the door or call your local Volkswagen Dealer and ask to speak to someone in the Body Shop or a Service Technician to give you a solut ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a pontiac sunfire(1999). All of a sudden the coolant leaked out and the car over-heated. When I looked at it a hose which is attached up by the coolant cap was not attached to anything (not sure if that is the way it is suppose to be). The hose to the engine and the rad are secure. I opened the cap and nearly all the coolant is gone. Should I buy more coolant and fill it up? Why would this do this?

Try removing the plastic cover that sits between the radiator and the nose section of the car to check your radiator it may have a crack in it on the top. Atleast thats the problem I had with my 97 sunfire ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Broken Gasket? My car died yesterday and when I opened the hood to inspect and pulled out the engine oil dipstick I found that the oil level was half way up the stick and was the color of coffee with cream in it. I don't think this color is normal and the extremely high level of the oil is definitely not good. Did a gasket break and mix water or coolant in with the engine oil? And is this an expensive fix? When I take off the engine oil cap and I look under the cap, I can see that the oil is co

If the car stopped running the main cause of the mix is a blown head gasket or cracked engine block ! In the case of the car dieing There is a strong possibility that the lower engine bearings are damaged causing low oil pressure and or knocking ... 1998 Acura RL

2003 honda accord gas cap wont open

Follow the link>>http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/LongTerm/articleId=98548Hope it helps you. ... 2003 Honda Accord

Drivers electric window switch broken . The window is open can i close it any other way it is a 1999 ml 430 t reg cheers

No, that is the master switch that control all the other doors and locks. try putting the key in the drivers dr and hold it back in the lock possition for about ten seconds and if the window dose not close then you need to replace the master switch. ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

I have a 99 bonneville. About a week ago i was putting gas in when i knew it was almost empty, and the pump kept shutting off. I did this for a few days, putting in just enough to not run out. Then it went to the point where i could only put in enough to fill the filler neck before it came out. Then yesterday i opened the gas cap and gas came spraying out. there was only about 2 gallons in the tank. I seen a video that said the breather hose could be plugged so i took it off today and it was ful

Sounds like the vent for the tank may be defective. The vent is on top of the gas tank between the tank and the floor of the trunk.Or there is a blockage in the fill pipe for the tank below the connector hose.You may have to have someone r ... Cars & Trucks

I have a power window on driver's side that has been laboring to close for awile. Today the window would not go up all the way with a crunching noise. I could push it down with manual assistance. Upon removal of door panel a cable with a barrel end cap was loose on latch end of window track. I found the cable to motor had frayed and broken. Can I just replace cable or the whole assembly with motor and cables need to be replaced?

Hi!!\012\012That assembly is call the window regulator or elevator. An you can get a replacement without the motor, they run about $100 and is sold at most autoparts stores.\012\012Good Luck!! Don't forget to rate this post! ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have recently purchased a 1995 Toyota 4 Runner. The sunroof doesn't work, possibly the cable is broken, so the lady who sold it to me said if I accidentally push the button to open the sunroof, which I did, I could take it to a dealer to use an L-shaped screw driver to get it closed. My local dealer doesn't have the tool and regular screwdriver isn't doing the tirck. How much would it cost to fix the cable? Where can I go to get the window closed all the way so I can at least wash my vehicle?


Recently I described for your expertise the problem of my 98 Ford Escort that was broken into, that had the ignition switch dismantled. We were able to trace some wires, start the car, release the steering lock with the key and got it home. However, the battery went down a week later, and the alarm came on. With a new battery, I've tried a number of suggested ways to start, but the alarm keeps blocking, though the power doors, etc work. Some say: "Lock the driver door with the key, then open!" S

You did a pretty good job of tracing wires, and getting your car home! You are to be commended!What you did was bypass the alarm system temporarily. It's a feature built in so that a mechanic canwork on the car, and move it. If a thief st ... 1998 Ford Escort

The interior door handle on the driver's side of my 2000 Tundra does not open the door. The exterior door handle works fine. I would assume the cable has broken on the door latch portion. What is the easiest way to replace the cable. I have power windows and locks. Thanks! Len Hirschi

Remove the screws that fasten the interior door panel to the door.  Visually inspect the handle assembly. there will be two cables that connect the handle and lock button to the door lock assembly.  I would bet that the L-shaped end of the ... 2000 Toyota Tundra

Broken door Same problem. I have a 2000 Suzuki Esteem GL. A year ago the driver's door handle broke. Heard a sound and then it was loose. Could not open it from outside. Had to open front passenger door, open the driver's door from inside and then go out again to enter from the driver's door. FRUSTRATING. My mechanic had to take the door apart to fix it. Just a week ago, my front passenger door died on me. Can't open it from outside nor inside. The door won't open. This is such a stupid pr

Unfortunately, door handles are subjected to very large forces, especially when someone who is used to a much harder door to open uses one that only needs a fraction of that force to open. The handle goes straight to its stops and all the rest of the ... 2000 Suzuki Esteem

I have a 2002 C240 4 door Mercedes. My remote key will not lock the doors. The only way to lock the car is to hit the manual while leaving the drivers door open and the drivers side passenger's door open. Then I have to manually lock the drivers door from the driver's passenger door and then close the driver's passenger door. This locks all 4 doors. I can open the door just fine with the remote key.

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Shortly after filling my tank with gas, the check engine light went on. I thought it was probably the gas cap, so I pulled over to tighten the cap. The cap wouldn't budge! There was a gentleman nearby, and he couldn't budge the cap either. I drove the car home and put it in the garage, still not able to open the gas cap. The next morning, I was able to open the cap, so I removed it and resealed it. This was 2 days ago and the check engine light is still on. Do I need a new gas cap?

Hi,\015\012\015\012You definitively need a new gas cap. Cap apart you may have a vacuum leak or other vacuum related problems.\015\012\015\012You can try resetting the engine light by disconnecting battery cable for two minutes, however ... BMW 330

My 2003 Toyota Tacoma extended cab has a gas tank filling problem. I can only squeeze the gas nozzle with the tip as high on the filler tube as possible to put in about 1/4 gallon of gas per squeeze of the gas nozzle, then it shuts off because the gas fills the tube. There is a gurggling sound of gas between the times I squeeze the nozzle. Sometimes, if I put the gas nozzle all the way in the gas tank filler tube and squeeze the nozzle all the way it will put more gas in at a time than the 1/

Many vehicles have a rubber hose between the filler tube on the body and the gas tank. Check that it's not collapsed or that something maybe got in there and squeezed it partially shut. The rubber tube may need replaced. Ple ... Toyota Tacoma

I bought the car in November and it has about 35.000 miles on it. The car runs great but the rear driver side door does not open with the remote key chain or by pushing the button on the front panel door. The only way to open it is by manually opening it from the inside or roll down the window and open it that way. What can cause this and is this a common problem.

You can check the adjustment set screw on the latch assembly has come loose . open door and look at door latch area for small holes you will find hex head screw just tighten it and it should work ... Pontiac G6

2004 Pontiac Montana, when I open my drivers door the radio doesn't always shut off any more, I opened the passenger door & it shuts off, I think it's a door pin switch but I don't see a door pin, can you tell me where the drivers door pin switch is & the part # or is there a way to disconnect the radio so it shuts off with the key & not until the door opens?? Thanks

You don't find much with the door jamb switches any longer. Its all done inside the door with the switches being on the door latch.\012the radio should still be able to be turned off manualy ;) ... 2004 Pontiac Montana

The drivers side door panel clips broke off and now i cant open my drivers side door without the panel coming half way off, i need a way to put it back i have history in automotive engineering but i want to find a right way of going about this

A ford dealer will carry the proper fasteners for this concern. They are small plastic fasteners and are relatively inexpensive. Take one with you if you have it. ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX
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