Having problems with your 2002 Jaguar S-Type ?

What computer controls the throttle body on a 2002 Jaguar s-type? Pcm? Ecm? Bcm? help!!

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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What computer controls the throttle body on a 2002 Jaguar s-type? Pcm? Ecm? Bcm? help!!

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I have a serious problem with my chevy silverado 2008 4wd the computer keeps shutting down the traction control and stabilitrac resulting in lost power. the check engine light comes on too. the computer diagnostic i got fromn the dealer today said the throttle body sensor was bad which was messing everything else up . he said the whole throttle body needed to be replaced. can i put an aftermarket throttle body on myself and fix the problem ??

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I am not getting fuel to the throttle body. The pressure is at 0. If I dump gas into the throttle body, it will start and then I have pressure and stay running. I did this a couple of times and after that it would start up about three different times (morning, night and morning). Now I can't get it to start at all and the pressure gauge is on 30 psi.(does want to though). Thought it was the relay, but then found out that it was the fan control one that we would mess with. Any ideas on what

Check fuel filter,listen to see if fuel pump cycles when you turn the key on,shuld run for 3 seconds,sounds like fuel pressure regulator ... 1987 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2000 dodge intrepid, it idles at 4000 rpm, i replaced the throttle postion sensor, cruise control, i took of the throttle body and cleaned it good but still idles at 4000, i scaned the computer and no codes, i am out of ideas

It has a severe vax leak so the. Computer compensates and adds fuel its like openinv the throttle ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

1997 dodge dakota v6 engine wont start replaced plugs and wires all 6 injectors the computer the crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor and throttle position sensor ad idle air control valve the engine will run while spraying fuel into the throttle body but dies when fuel is gone

Turn the key to the on position a see if you can here a buzzing sound around the fuel tank,if you don't hear a sound then. (be very careful while doing this) with the key off take a fuel line coming from the tank loose,make ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

My 96 Silverado, 5.7 TBI had a bad back fire the other morning just as I was starting it and a flume of white smoke from under the hood. Now when I start it, it will rev upto 5k then die. Changed both TPS and idle air control valve, (both the peices on throttle body) and still the same. I reset the computer by disconnecting the battery so now no codes....PLEASE HELP

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!999 Dodge 2599, 4x4, V10, rpms jump up 200 RPMS and immediately drop back 200 RPMS for no apparent reason. Gusts of wind or bumpy road sometimes seem to cause the jump. Especially bad at 45 mph or in cruise control at a slightly higher speed. Dodge dealership reflashed the computer, no change, replace the PCM, no change. Dealer now wants to replace the throttle body but unsure this will correct pb. Any suggestions? Tks

Loose wire or bad throttle body ... 1988 Dodge D-Series Pickups

I need to know if a 1990 dodge ram 150 with a 318 throttle body has a computer controlled distributer and trany

YES ECM OR PCM ... 1990 Dodge Ram

We have a 1993 Chevy C1500 with a 5.7 that is dumping fuel at idle. We've put new injectors in it, new map sensor, O2 sensor, air control sensor, temp. sensor, new computer & chip, EGR sensor, Pickup in distributer, new distributer wires, new cam, lifters, timing chain & gears, fuel pump,& top end of throttle body. We've taken it to Sands Chevrolet & Gateway Chevrolet and nobody can find the problem. New crate motor from dealership has only 85,000 miles on it and transmission.

Something is creating alot of air to pass over the 02 sensor.\015\012\015\012\015\012Low compression\015\012Big vacuum leak.\015\012Weak ignition\015\012IAC stuck a little open.\015\012TPS that is saying your ... 1993 Chevrolet C1500

Vehicle exhibits surging during low speed maneuvers (i.e. manueveing in parking spots, initial accelerations, ...). Dealership says it is due to a defective throttle body but won't cover it on extended warranty but throttle body is an exclusion. I believe the throttle position is controlled electronically (fly-by wire), but it is non-replaceable on the throttle body, ergo why a new throttle body is required. Is this truly the cause of the problem? Nobody has had their throttle body replaced

What I would try and do frist is get some throttle body sray cleaner and mass air flow sensor sray clean both out, also check air filter make sure it's clean.Hope this was very helpful. ... 2007 Ford Freestyle Limited

I have a 2003 silverado that gets a reduced engine power on the dtc when i scan it it comes up as P1125 severity 2 times i have replaced the app sencor, the throttle body the harness to the throttle body, i replaced the throttle control module and the wire going from the throttle control module to the app sencor aka gas pedal

There are a few things that could cause this, \015\012First there is a bulletin to check the grounds on the back of the \015\012cylinder heads. Next, the wiring that goes to the trottle body may \015\012be bad. We see this failure alot at the d ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Have 2009 Chevy impala LS, service traction control and engine reduced power came on six month ago, checking online I replaced the throttle body, throttle body electrical connection and the accelerator, now yesterday I got the same warning, traction control and engine power, what else could it be, a wheel bearing maybe?

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1994 Sierra stalls after it is warm...It will start right away if I shoot starter fluid down the throttle body or wait 15 minutes. I have had the pump checked and have replaced the Oil censor, feul filter and control module but I still have the problem. Actually it is now happening more frequently. MoreIt will start right away if I shoot starter fluid down the throttle body or wait 15 minutes. I have had the pump checked and have replaced the Oil censor, feul filter and control module but I stil

I had the exact same problem with a 91 GM vehicle.I replaced almost everything including the fuel pump. Months later I discovered I had purchsed and installed a faulty fuel pump,new from the factory.That was the last thing I would of guessed. the fue ... 1994 GMC Dura

1994 Sierra stalls after it is warm... It will start right away if I shoot starter fluid down the throttle body or wait 15 minutes. I have had the pump checked and have replaced the Oil censor, feul filter and control module but I still have the problem. Actually it is now happening more frequently. More It will start right away if I shoot starter fluid down the throttle body or wait 15 minutes. I have had the pump checked and have replaced the Oil censor, feul filter and control module but I st

If fuel injected could be regulator. ... 1994 GMC Dura

My 1998 vw is getting less mileage per gallon, and my check engine light is on. I scanned it and the code came up that the throttle body control module needs fixed or replaced. Oh yes and the oil light comes on and beeps then shuts off and I haven't gone 3000 miles. So would fixing the throttle body control module fix these problems?

Yes it will!! you have issues with the tps and air flow valve on the throttle body also you may have to use a code tool to reset all that once the unit is replaced to insure proper throttle response and speed controll through the ECM to the new ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta


Yes, just put on the new stuff, and start it up. The TPI switch calibrates on start up. No worries. ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Working on a 90 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 with a 5.7. When I got my hands on it the idle waved really bad after it warmed up. To the point of dying. Driving or parked it would do this. I found that the throttle body gasket had a good size piece missing. Replaced it. When I had the throttle body off it was clogged where the pcv valve comes in. Cleaned up the entire throttle body and replaced the valve. Still had the problem. Changed the map sensor. No change. Had the ignition control module

IAC either dirty or bad ... 1990 GMC C1500

2010 Mercury Milan hybrid. Off road a month for left side body work, until yesterday. Now on driving at highway speeds for a while the throttle control warning light goes on, and when gas pedal is pressed the accelerator seems to pulse on and off. Collision shop spoke with dealer, they said probably a dirty throttle body. If so, I think it may be from sitting too long. Can I just put injector cleaner in tank or similar product for throttle body, and keep going?

Injector cleaner is a waste of money and\015\012doesn't repair or resolve anything\015\012\015\012Think about 10 oz in an 18 gallon tank\015\012Won't do much\015\012\015\012It is new & under warrantee,let the deale ... 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

My 2000 Jaguar s type 4.0 displayed a "Failsafe Engine Mode" after filling the tank. The car operates fine so I took it to a local repair shop and had them pull the ODBII codes with a Matco Pro handheld diagnostic reader. All systems cheked out and we got no codes. The shop suggested a throttle body clean and general fluid change and replinish. I have heard that a throttle body clean can damage the throttle body. Should I get it cleaned or not? What else could I do to correct the problem?

It means that a fault has been detected and stored by the engine management system. The fault most likely a component within the engine electrical system e.g a camshaft sensor, crank sensor, O2 sensor etc.The only way to narrow the fault ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

1994 pontiac bonneville sei has intermittent very rough idle. sometimes it idles very high and the check engine light comes on, it pulls no codes when i shut it down it goes off. I replaced TPS and idle air control, throttle body and intake super clean, plugs new, wires new, coil packs new, ignition new. Recently I was cleaning the throttle body and the intake on the super charger. I read alldata that throttle body cleaner will damage it. I probably got some on it. could that be it? Any ideas?

Yes certain cleaners can hurt the throttle and injector areas 2+2 carb cleaner i have used for years as my dad and granddad used haven't had any problem. What i would do first is check for vacuum leaks with a can of 2+2 spray it every where on the in ... 1993 Pontiac Bonneville

Reading codes We scanned our truck with the computer and it's reading was... P2104: throttle actuator control system forced idle P2110: throttle actuator control system forced limited rpm P0122: throttle pedal sens A CKT low input P0222: throttle pedal position sens/swb CKT low input P0223: throttle pedal position sens/swb ckt high imput I don't really know how to detect what these codes mean exactly. My truck went into failsafe mode. We changed the fuel filter and it ran fine t

Check the wiring to the throttle body, check the supply voltages as well. Check fuses too, it sounds like it received a voltage spike and then lost voltage and is now forcing limited rpm. ... 2005 Ford Expedition

Have code p1125 coming up alot along with reduced engine power [limp mode]. Codes p2101; p2108; and p???? [throttle control circuit correlation]. Already changed the accelerator position sensor [on the throttle pedal] $120.00. changed the throttle body c/w throttle posion sensor [rivetted on] $380.00. And changed the throttle control module [on the firewall] $480.00 [was cracked]. And this problem will not go away. What else can I do????

This one is going to be tough without a scanner and some slueth diagnostics, but the light should go off after three consecutive trips without a fault in the circuit that is scensed.\015\012Click here for detailed diagnostics that should help o ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

How to fix cruise control unavailable jaguar x type 2002 3.0 can you help me? My 3.0 se s-type jaguar has an intermittent fault saying "cruise control not available". Jaguar main dealer could not find any errors listed on the computer readout, when the car still had jaguar warranty, and now want £85-00/ hour to try and trace the fault. Regards L. Riley

... 2004 Jaguar S Type

I have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 2wd with a 4.8 liter when im driving i get on the dtc reduced engine power atleast 5 times a day. When i scan it the code comes up as P1125 severity 2 times when read. I replaced the throttle body the pedal position sencer , throttle control module, also bought a new throttle body harness soldered it shrink tubed every thing. I splicede the wires back 18 inches back cleared all engine codes and am still getting this reduced engine power

Check your spark plugs and wires, 2 things that majorly affect power. \015\012if your plugs are old/corroded/gapped wrong, you will lose major pressure\015\012Hesitation or misfiring when accelerating. This may be due to a vacuum leak, bu ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Where is a throttle control relay located at and how do you go about testing it on a 1992 s10 blazer with a 4.3 v-6.i can not get this to throttle up and the idle is erratic. i can pull the pcv valve off the hose and it will idle. i have no codes but i do have 0 throttle control

The irradic idle of the engine is not a concern, after many years the fuel/air mixture gets to a point where the emission control has to constantly compensate by increasing and decreasing the idle speed. As far as you not having throttle control do y ... Chevrolet S 10
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