Having problems with your 2002 Hyundai Accent ?

My 2001 accent has a reving problem. It takes to long to rev even out of gear, so when it is in gear the acceleration feel terrible and of course feels like there is a loss of power. Any help

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Answers :

Check first the spark plugs if they are firing or if the high tension wires connected to them are loose.
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My 2001 accent has a reving problem. It takes to long to rev even out of gear, so when it is in gear the acceleration feel terrible and of course feels like there is a loss of power. Any help

Check first the spark plugs if they are firing or if the high tension wires connected to them are loose. ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

2004 Yamaha r6 kinda sputters at idle does not run smooth and first gear feels real choppy. Second not much better kinda like its running on three cylinders. Up around 10,000rpm some times has good power sometimes feels like it doesn't want to go anymore. Doesn't die just looses power. Even at low end feels like has lots more power then most the time. I herd it could be a loose connection to the coil or something.. What should I check?? Thanks for the help...

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03 Nissan Almera 2.2 dci SXE (136 bhp) - Power cut under hard acceleration (any gear) or under load (uphill on M/way 5/6th gear giving it a little throttle to accelerate or mantain speed). If I back off the pedal then back on the power is back. It just feels like it has run out of fuel for a split second or the turbo has cut out. The last time it happened I did not back off and on the pedal to see what would happen,,, the power loss stayed until I had backed off and back on the accelerator pedal

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I am experiencing power loss from my 2.0tdi 140 A4. seems like massive turbo lag. Started with juddering at low revs in 1st & 2nd gear, then complete loss of power. Starts ok & idles but no pulling power at all. Turbo sounds ok. Please help

These vehicles are known for ignition coil failure. typical symptoms include: Misfire, power loss, vibrating engine, poor fuel consumption. If the vehicle's engine vibrates, it be misfiring. Is your chk engine light on??? ... 2006 Audi A4

I have a 94 jeep grand cherokee, v8 5.2, Im having issues with what i think is the tranny. From time to time when i reverse then switch into gear it acts like its in neurtral and then pops into gear and also if i come to a stop while driving it will then do the same thing and eventually kick back into gear. I added some LucasOil to the tranny to help thicken the fluid and it seemed to help but then i was driving and my rpm would start reving up and down but i didnt have any loss in power. Anyone

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Lacks power on freeway...would that be a clogged filter if everything else works not allowing the transmission to go into final gear...need to be serviced slip in sometimes to gear feels like loss of power checked engine all good

Think the gearbox needs a overhaul but as this vehicle is a 1986 then its not worth repairing as the market value is a max of 500 euros and thats only with a years roadworthy inspection certificate and it works ok, in this condition like yours its a ... 1986 Jaguar XJ6

My 1999 bravada is making a rattling noise from the center of the undercarriage. also smells like burnt, rubber or gears maybe. upon take off there is a noise like slipping gears, only there is no loss of power or signs of hard shifting. any help would be appreciated. thank you

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I have a VW Golf 1.6 FSI 05 Reg, some times it drives like a dream and sometimes it feels like is struggling with loss of power, also, I lose power when the blower is switched on....help!!

Could be numerous of thing and the list can go on, especially at times it run like a dream than other time it run horrible. Go to auto zone and have them plug it to computer for free and see if will throw a code, this way it will narrow ... 2004 Volkswagen Golf

I have an 01 grand prix and it having troubel accelratting, it feels like it has no power. If in N it will rev up to 4,000, but put it in gear , any gear, hold break and push gas it will not rev past 2,000 it also will not go over 65mph no matter what. When taking off from a stop if i try to push the car revs up to choke out when i let off it jerks a and statrs going a bit better. I thought it might be coil packs so i replaced all three and it did not help

Did you have the computer checked? Had similar problem with my 01 Grand Am. Computer was bad. Part cost $700 If you want to start small, change plugs, making sure they are gapped correctly, then wires. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

It runs good , but after an hour or so, looses power like is not getting gas and it doesn't go to next gear, I can only reach 25mph when this happens. I replaced the valve body of the transmition( dealer recomended), but disk' t fix the problem, I raplaced the IPDM with no changes in power loss, Can some one help? Thanks

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Unfortunately Nissan has not been able to find the exact cause of this problem. If you take the vehicle to the dealer, they change parts that they GUESS is the problem, people had spent thousands of dollars and still have t ... 2004 Nissan Armada

Lose power My car loses power when driving, it feels like there is not enough fuel getting to the engine. shifting gears helps but it is getting worse. What is wrong with my car?

You may just need a good tune up and a new fuel filter. worse case senerio is you will need a new fuel pump. ... 2001 Subaru Forester

1998 GTI, 4cyl. First gear power loss at 3000 rpm. Second gear power loss at 2800 rpm. Third gear power loss at 1800 rpm. When I lift off the gas,rpm's drop and the engine regains power. Check engine light is on. This problem started when I relocated the battery to the trunk of the car. HELP PLEASE?

The same problem just happened to me too. i just replaced my starter, and when i started my car up, it ran really rough for a while but when it started running smoother, I took it for a ride and the engine started cutting out at the same rpm's as you ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

Lost of turbo power sluggish in take of someone told me its the egr stucked in the open position. also transmition makes a roaring sound when i am stopping and taking off. it also same not to want to stop at its like the transmittion is stucked in gear at a red light or a stop sign i have to put it in neutral manualy, someone told me its the torque converter or 1,2 &3 soliniods, i feel its all a wiring problem thats why i need the schematics to help me out. but what do you suggest. i have a 2000

I recently experienced this same issue in my service department. It turns out that the culprit was the turbo wastegate valve. Get in touch with www.bankspower.com, and they will ... Ford F-350

2001 Chevrolet venture I have a loss of power when I accelerate, ive had problems before with starting but I know this isnt the starter and does not feel like the tranny any help would be awsome

Are there any codes? does it feel like it is not getting gas. how is the temp gauge, how many miles on it. has it had a tune up lately.. Does it run good all the time. this is my link ... Cars & Trucks

Looking to buy 92 sc400... seller says was all power, then extreme loss of HP. I previously owned 95 sc400 and know what it should feel like. (extremely responsive) It will barely go, yet does not smoke at all. There is a heavy fuel odor. Almost has to be a sensor etc. telling computer wrong air/gas mixture or of that nature. No engine lights are on. Hard to sifer by sound as there is a manifold leak. Any help???

The catalytic converter might be clogged ... Lexus SC 400

I have a 1993 Taurus sho manual trans and at about 4000 rpm it loses power and feels like something is slipping. Can anyone help?it seems to do it in 1st 2nd and even 3rd gears when I try to get on it.

... 1993 Ford Taurus

I have a 2001 Audi A4 5-Speed Quattro. I think I have a clutch problem, but as an amateur to vehicle repairs, and a greenhorn to foreign cars, I need help figuring it out. The big symptom is that when I try to accelerate my tach flies but there is no extra power to the wheels. It used to shift smooth like a down comforter, and now feels jumpy when changing gears even with the most precise interchange of clutch and accelerator. I have to flutter the gas and ease it up to speed; most attempts

Hey ya buddy, sorry to hear of your sad experience, but from your description of the symptoms, you need a new clutch disc. The parts for this are usually a fraction of the labor, due to having to remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch ... 2001 Audi A4

I am helping my daughter with her 2005 Altima 2.5 They were driving it on the highway and the check engine light came on, started missing, loss of power. It was smoking white (not like a burning type of smoke but a vapor type). When at idle in gear engine shakes badly. When they got home (drove for 1 hour that way)I pulled codes, I have a scanner. It came back with bank 1 02 sensor 2. And engine lean code. We changed out the downstream 02 sensor. I cleared the codes and they drove the car to se

First thing you can do to eliminate a possible cause is trade the coil packs between 1&4, and 2&3. Check again and if 1&4 are now dead, then you replace the bad coil pack. You stated that the plugs were wet, but didn't say fro ... 2005 Nissan Altima

2001 2.0 ford escort loss of engine power when in gear, engine seems to shake like if mounts were needed but all mounts have been replaced....can someone help please.?

Check to see if the exhaust pressure is good out of the tail pipe. If it is weak, the problem could be the catalytic converter. ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

F350 truck - loss of power feels like not all cylinders are on the go and **** load of black smoke blowing out of exhaust. HELP PLEASE

Suspect a bad turbo, alot of black smoke comes out exhaust,suggest you check for oil loss on dip stick, also check for bad oil cooler. but most likely a bad turbo,when the turbo goes bad the turbo door shuts and the engine sucks oil up,and the engin ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

My 1999 F250 superduty is hesitating and my stick vibrates hard while accelerating in 3rd 4th and 5th gears. its mostly between 1000 and 2000 rpm it feels like a loss of power but when i stay at a constant speed it stops

Umm more info would be very helpful is this a gas or deisel truck ? almost sound like a intermitent misfire creating a vibration throught the trans ? when was your last tune up ? maybe your clutch is slipping ? more info would be awesome :) ... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab

I have a 1997 Bravada. It rolls over but won't start. My husband has replaced the coil, pick up in distributor, module, crank sensor, distributor cap and rotor, and spark plugs. Also, some of the electrical components work when they feel like such as the power seats, door locks,and rear wiper. The dome light had to be taken out because it won't shut off and when you place the car in gear the back window pops open-I know I have listed several problems but any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Wow! Sounds like multiple problems but the back window popping open is probably the Body Control Module. Could be loosing ground at the body straps or positive from the battery cable connections during cranking? ... 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada

Ford focus 2002 1.6 zetec has had new timing belt fitted but now it idling a bit rough it has died a few times when stopping at lights etc and the idle is dropping below 800rpm and feels like it going to die it doesn't matter if it in neutral or in gear with clutch down it still the same also when parked and rev up to anywhere between 2 and 3000rpm the rev counter will drop and so does the power please help the idle control valv e seems ok along with everything else i had new clutch put in but n

Take it back to the mechanic and have the timing adjusted. ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 1994 st204 2.2Ltr Toyota celica, it has recently had a alternator replacement, seems to have worked fine until a brake and battery light came on, and occasionally feel like a massive loss in power, and just about a week ago the battery had exploded, a replacement battery was brought and w days later, battery is now flat.... Is this an alternater problem??? Please help....

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I have a suzuki grand vitara 2003 model i got in to drive it up my drive way yesterday morning and it had no power in first to get up there and now when i take of in first gear it feels like i have a flat tyre on the right hand side ,HELP PLEASE

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