Having problems with your 2002 Hyundai Accent ?

2002 hyundai accent my brake and battery light are illumanaited on my dash and wont turn off and I dont even have my e brake pulled and my batter is brand new

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

A bad alternator will cause both brake and battery warning lamps to come on. check the charging system.
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2002 hyundai accent my brake and battery light are illumanaited on my dash and wont turn off and I dont even have my e brake pulled and my batter is brand new and the altornator is brand new as well Please help

... 2002 Hyundai Accent

2002 hyundai accent my brake and battery light are illumanaited on my dash and wont turn off and I dont even have my e brake pulled and my batter is brand new

A bad alternator will cause both brake and battery warning lamps to come on. check the charging system. ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

I replaced my battery in my 2002 nissan maxima now it wont start, wont even turn over, just a click sound. The day before new batter cleaned the ternimals on old battery and jumped it and it started fine. next morning went to start and nothing.Thats when i decided to buy a new battery.when i turn the key all lights come on and goes off except the Service Engine Brake, and Battery lights.

Wiggle the bsattery terminals while someone else is trying to start car and see if that works. if not have some try to tsrat car as you bang on the starter which is directly to the left of the air box and down. you can use a tire iron or a hammer wit ... Nissan Maxima

The front brakes are tightening up slowly on a 93 dakota. all the brakes are brand new. what can i do to fix this? its not like they lock up all at once and you dont even have to hit the brakes for it to start. my grandfather told me to bleed them for him and that helped for a little bit but later that day it happened again....any ideas?

Sounds like the brake master cylinder check valve is faulty u may have to get reconditioned ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I drove my truck two miles and then when I went to start it again it wouldnt turn over or make a sound. we roll started it to get it back home but now it wont even start when trying to jump it, despite me installing a brand new battery. the wires are exposed under the steering wheel (no plastic covering) so I dont know if I could have somehow bumped a specific wire that connects to the starter or something.

Try jumping the solenoid. (Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5821173-doesnt_car_start_gasoline_engines . ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

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Could be the ignition switch or the connection wiring. could be the starter or solenoid. if you wanna check your starter, have someone turn the key to try and start it as your underneath and tap/hit the starter with a hammer or a block of wood. of th ... 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

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Bleed in this order for non-ABS: Left Rear, Left Front Top, Right Front Top, Right Rear, Inner Right Bottom, Outer Right Bottom, Outer Left Bottom, Inner Left Bottom. \015\012\015\012Bleed in this order for ABS: Left Rear, Right Rear, Le ... 1990 Volvo 240

1979 lincoln continental (town car williamsburg edition) free online service manuals. know where i can find one? Brand new battery and the little black box thing right next to my batter is making a odd noise like shocking or somthing and altenator light is on, car wont even turn over, unable to jump start it.

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I have a 73 plymouth satellite and my issue is the brake lights not working they only light up when i turn my headlights on at night and when i press the brake they dont flash up as in the "secondary flash" when i hit the brakes..i checked the brake switch and bought a new one and the turn signal switch is brand new, my turn signals work.on the brake light switch connections i discovered a white wire that leads to connector and a red or pink feeds into the hazard flasher switch that might be bl

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Brake pedal goes all the way to the floor, will slow the car a little, but wont fully brake. master cylinder is fine, calipers and pads are new, brake lines look okay, it's holding brake fluid fine, lines have been bled multiple times, and we can't find a leak anywhere. Any ideas why my brakes still wont work? I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out! Thanks!

Must be something you have overlooked. clamp off the front brake hoses and rear hose. if you dont have the propper clamps use g clamps or locking pliars. try the pedal then. if it still goes to the floor its either air in the lines or the master cyli ... Lexus SC 400

Got a good one. my 91 coupe original 5.0 car. motor is new. it ran for two days then went to fire on third day and now will crank and crank but wont fire. got 42psi on fuel pressure 148psi compression on all 8 cylinders and timing is dead nuts. spark is great but the car just wont fire. ive tried new tfi modules, new distributors, new computers, new ignition coil. i even pulled the computer harness out to check for any bad wires and they all look good. it seems all 8 injectors are firing at th

The fuel injectors are fired by computer producing a ground signal to them. so its unlikely they are fireing at once.possible power supplie problem but that would cause no injector pulse.beings how the engine was just replaced i would go over every w ... 1991 Ford Mustang

My brake lights wont work,i checked all the fuses,bought new bulbs,and bought a brake switch,and still nothing.my regular lights come on,just my brake lights dont work.dont no if this is part of the problem but my horn dont work,and it is stuck in park also.all this started happening after my check engine light came on.

Just had a similar problem. Brake (stop) lights and horn didn't work. Couldn't find mention of stop lights in fuse chart. Found horn fuse to be slot 21 in the engine fuse block (not the fuse block in car interior). Replaced 15A fuse and all now ok. ... 2005 Mazda 3

I have a 91 f-150 and the it has problems with solenoids .its a brand new solenoid jus put on last week and a brand new one was on it jus before this one and it went bad to kept draining the battery. the new one i have on now once in a while wont let my starter stop spinning even with the key out of the ignition it continuously trys to turn over i have to unhook the positve on the battery and tap on the solenoid to get it all to work right.

I suspect you have a bad ignition switch that's not releasing current to solenoid taking your solenoids out. Solenoid has to be activated by switch to work, if it stays on that tells me current is still being fed to solenoid. Double check your wiring ... 1991 Ford F150

So my accent is down , brand new starter,brand new battery...there is flow to the starter from battery, the ignition switch it good..and my car still wont even crank...at all just a click that u hear for the fuel pump nothing else?? im lost

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BMW 325i 2003 ignition problems,(i put the key in ignition dashboard llights up but when i turn it, It doesnt even give a sound that its cranking after tiersome time it may start. And if feels like if it even gets one crank it fires right up w/o any dificulties. The key works fine, battery level good, brand new starter, fuses been checked. I realy dont know what to do but go to dealership but i dont feel like spending a few thouthand dollars for 15 min of work per item that they charge a full ho

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1989 s10 blazer wont go into 4wd. I know i have some vacuum issues so i attempted to manually lock in the hubs by pulling the wire going into the actuator and placing vice grips on it. Even with the wire in the "engaged" position, the front wheels dont move. Also, it shifts into 4wd when i pull the shifter, its just that the front wheels dont engage. Any suggestions??

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My 1991 Pont grandprix wont turn over. It has never been a problep untill i put in a new battery a few days ago. I have checked all the connections and everything is tight. I have good headlights and all the electrical is working fine. When I turn the key I dont even get t starter click. the lights dont get dim or even flicker. Is there a fuse or relay somewhere that could be bad?

... Pontiac Grand Prix

Brake lights will not illuminate when brake is pressed. However, the signals work along with evening lamps as well. They do illuminate with the light switch on, but wont get brighter when I hit the brake. I checked the wires from the fuse box through to the tail lights, nothing seems to be cut. Fuse is still good. I tested the fuse with a test light, and there is current. The brake switches spring in and out fine as the brake moves back and forth. They dont seem to get stuck. I replaced 2 of

I would test the brake light switch. maybe its bad ... 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 99 grandam se has a brand new fuel pump and now it acts stupid. it will cut off going down the road. the trac off light may or may not come on before it spazzes out and stutters and dies on me while driving. the fuel guage is half a tank or more off. the brake light is on even though the e brake is off and the brake pads are fine.

O k,even if the battery voltage is good enough to start the car,the charging system may not be producing enough voltage to keep the car running.Have the alternator out put checked.It should be charging,13.65,to 14.25 volts at the battery,with the eng ... Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1996 nissan 200sx, The brake lights stay on even when car is off and not pressing brake padel. I pull the plug from the car to the brake switch and it cuts off. I got a new one and plug it in, but the lights just come back on. Any ideas??

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I have a 2002 hyundia santa fe v-6 about 2 months ago i took it to a shop because i was leeaking brake fluid so i bought a new master cyclinder for the brakes well it wasnot the master cyclinder it was the 2 o rings on the brake lines underneath the mater cylinder wear the meatal lines hook onto it i dont know were to get the 2 o rings or even what they are called i bought to regular o rings the same size but they still leaked were can i buy the 2 i need and what are they caled please help thank

Rubber o rings around the brake lines are unusual as the pressure generated when you apply the brakes would push the fluid past them. Best bet is to see a different brake mechanic or see a dealer to see if the o rings are available as a spare part ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

I replaced the brakes(loaded) on all 4 tires and besides the fact that the brakes are brand new and still squeel the ABS and Traction control warning lights are on. I am in the process of checking and cleaning all the whell sensors and making sure that nothing came loose when I did my brakes. The rear sensors were simple took them off cleaned them and screwed them back on. the front however are clip in sensors and I dont know how to get them off. I have removed the retaining ring but am scared t

Assuming that the lights were not on prior to the brake work and that you did not leave the key in the ignition during your brake work then I would have to say that you disconnected or damaged a sensorif you do not have a scanner of your ... 2001 Lincoln LS

I have a 1992 for explorer sport and cant get the front passenger seatbelt to come out. its stuck all the way in. ive tried to pull it out and it wont come it wont even budge a little. ive looked at the thing where it winds up the belt but it is complety covered. is it possible to take it apart to see why it wont come out. i cant afford to buy a new one. ive tried putting a little hot water in it that didnt work. do you know of any tricks to get this seatbelt to come out?

The plastic cover should be able to be removed. There is a ratchet mechanism for the seat belt, after removing the cover, you maybe able to free it up to get the belt loose, some WD-40 may help. ... 1992 Ford Explorer

I changed the brakes on my 99 dodge caravan for about the fifth time since we bought it brand new ive never had any problems until now the pedal is very spongy goes to the floor very little braking no leaks anywhere even bleed the brakes no help there either .....need help

It sounds like you need new calipers. Check all the calipers. You won't necessarily have a leak; and/or you may need to replace the master cylinder (under hood, attached to break boost).\015\012\015\012Please let me know if you need further ass ... Dodge Caravan

Truck was running rough, threw a code 44. new o2 sensor, cleaned throttle body, new plugs and wires. checked fuel filter. found and repaired a major vacumn leak. it still ran rough and now threw a new code 34. i replaced the maf sensor and now it wont even stay running long enough to shift out of park. if i can get it on the road i can smell the fuel its dumping into the throttle body and it wants to doe as i press gas pedal. it also wants to die as i press the brake pedal. its like it doesnt se

Glad you got it fixed. Chasing a problem can be very frustrating. ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500
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