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Hi, my Honda Civic 2002 car have just get the"Check Engine" light on. I've already checked the oil and water and this two are in normal levels. I will thank you for the information about this problem. Grettings.

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Answers :

A sensor has sent a fault signal to the control computer which has turned on the light. You need to have someone connect a diagnostic analyzer to the car to get an error code which leads you to the problem. Cannot be done visually. You can have this done at autozone or advance for free, a local repair shop for about 50 bucks, or at a dealer for about 100 bucks. the sophistication of the analyzer and human interpreter rises with the cost.
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Hi, my Honda Civic 2002 car have just get the"Check Engine" light on. I've already checked the oil and water and this two are in normal levels. I will thank you for the information about this problem. Grettings.

A sensor has sent a fault signal to the control computer which has turned on the light. You need to have someone connect a diagnostic analyzer to the car to get an error code which leads you to the problem. Cannot be done visually. You can have this ... 2002 Honda Civic

Losing water Ok I am losing water form my radiator and resivor tank. The obvious places i have checked (i.e. water pump, thermostat housing, hoses and no obvious leaks and there is no water in the oil (thank God). I am noticing the more than usual ammounts water comming from the exhaust. The vehicle is a 1998 Chevy Silvarado 1500 with a 5.7 (350) with about 148,000 miles. It does not run hot when the water is at normal levels. and tough i dont really drive it alot of miles per week about 150 or

Probably is a leak in the head gasket between the water jacket and the cylinder or possibly a cracked head. Either way, it's not cheap even if you are fixing it yourself. Rick ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

Computer saying oil press, stop motor , also the temperature guage is not going up to its normal 90degrees, and the emmissions are smokey, i havent noticed a difference in fuel consumption so i am guessing it is burning oil, i have checked oil and water levels and both are ok. can you help (thanks) VW GOLF 1.8 GTI TURBO MK4

Hi. well that light means that you have a low oil pressure probably because you have been using the regular conventional oil instead using syntetic oil thats what causes clogs inside the engine because this type of car uses syntetic oil so if i was ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I did the first long life service for the Audi A4 saloon (2008)and after this there is not indication electronically for the oil level.The car computer says that is currently no information on the oil level check. Is this right? They told me that after two days will be ok but I dont thing so. I am looking forward to your answer. Thanks in advance Dim

... 2004 Audi A4

Overheats once or twice a day .,if engine left to idle temperature gauge returns to normal within one or two minutes radiator water pump temperature switch thermostat have all been checked plus oil change any ideas?

Have you check the radiator fan? The're 2 of them but 1 work with the AC. ... 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Condensation in filler neck tube on 04 tahoe.... Ok so i had my tahoe for a while and it has 130k miles on it. I was checking the fluids because i losses water so i filled it and i was checking the oil and its good no water mix in oil BUT i happened to look in the filler neck for the oil and there was water condensation and yellowish sludge in the lower half... Any ideas. Of what mat be the problem thanks

Normal for the most partCondensation when cold &the yellow is most likely dyesin the oil additive packageMake sure the PCV System works &no vacuum leaksI did not say change the valve,neverneeds to be ch ... Cars & Trucks

Just bought car 94 deville 4.6 northstar 58k miles ..high temp engine coolant ...engine hot ...then engine shuts down ...new water pump & thermostat,sensors was replaced by previous owner..i checked the oil..no water..but checked the coolant some kind of oil not sure if it is tranny oil? looks kind of pink but maybe its similar color of coolant ..but definately milky..any ideas ? thanks for the help

I would say possible head gasket seeping into radiator... ... Cadillac DeVille

Thanks thomas, what happens is that everyday before riding my xtrail, i check my radiator and find it has no water in it so i fill it up with just about 300ml water. Is this normal? Or do i really have to have my water pump checked? My temp is ok everytime i drove, itsalways at almost half the temp gauge. please advise what to do thanks

Sounds like a leak or blowout to me..what kind or vehicle is this exactly, a water cooled motorcycle? ... Cars & Trucks

OVER-HEATING!! I have a 2000 Honda CR-V with 150,000 miles that is running hot. I have checked the radiator. Added coolant to the radiator and radiator reserve tank. No leaks! I started the car and let it run until the radiator fan kicked on a couple of times. The temperature gauge remained normal. I then ran my car at about 1,100 rpm for about a minute and the gauge jumped and the car started running hot. I checked the oil to make sure there was no water mixed in, no water in the oil. I also ch

Yes, a bad rad. cap can cause overheating. \015\012Regarding the thermostat, there is a easy test you can do. With the engine cold,(and off) remove the rad. cap and set it aside. Make sure the coolant level is ok. Start the car and let it warm ... 2000 Honda CR-V

97 marquis, owner stated car shut while driving, oil light came on he added oil, car the cranked, drove home, next day while driving car shut off again, same problem, adds oil(but doesn't check dipstick, car diesels a little, some smoke, then runs fine, car shuts off again will not start back up. check timing chains they are ok, went to drain oil and clear water came out then normal looking oil came out. any help? ( maybe oil pump and blown head gaskets)

Yes that is a sure sign of a blown head gasket! water and anti-freexe is heavier than oil and settles to bottom and will not mix with oil and will be the first out of the holel!.hopefully this help you. good luck man ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

Small block chevy 327 - water in oil. Car hadn't run in 15 years, started it, found oil discolored and foamy. Changed oil, added coolant, restarted. Hard to start didnt want to crank over, smoked blue, moderate amount, Ran 5 minutes max, oil/water sprayed from seal on timing gear cover - checked oil - twice normal amount in pan, all plugs black soot,wet(water).. I suspect head, manifold gaskets. If not gaskets - I need some diagnostic tips to help me find crack. Stock GM aluminum high rise, 10.5

Take out all the spark plugs and put a radiator pressre tester on the radiator and pressurize the system, then inspect each spark plug hole for coolant. you will find out what cylinder or head will need service. How did this car run before sitting? B ... Chevrolet Camaro

Hello 1976 dodge 360 cab/motor motorhome. taking off on road trip i noticed i had no oil pressure. Stoping, i put in two quarts, three all together, looked under motor, nothing out of normal, took off, still know pressure. After a mile, i had oil pressure. Drove 20 miles, climbing altamont pass. Almost to the top, crusing at 60 65, i noticed a slight decrease in power. checked oil gauge, 0. all of a sudden back to normal rpms and oil pressure. At bottom of pass my partner driving behind me, info

Hello! The most probable cause of fire was a clogged PCV valve...Crankcase gas, being under pressure, will find a way out via a weak seal or gasket in the engine...This creates an oil leak...Ignition for the fire was probably spark in that the PCV an ... Dodge Pickup

Engine sounded noisy & scratchy when i drove to school oil light on. Got back to car after 10 mins everything came on (radio etc) but when i went to turn it over everything just cut out like dead battery (battery only few months old) checked battery connections, look ok, checked oil, half full, checked water, ok, any ideas, Thanks.

After the vehicle cooled completely and all the oil drained down it showed half full? that would mean it was anywhere from 2 to 2.5 quarts low? unless you mean that it showed halfway up the full / safe area on the dipstick. the oil lig ... Toyota Previa

Oil pressure I own a 97' wrangler w/ 197,000 plus miles. Recently I had the front brakes, rotor and caliper replaced. This will sound odd but, now the engine heats slightly above normal and when that happens the check gauges light and buzzer goes off and the oil pressure gauge bounces up and down while the vehicle is at stop. The oil pressure gauge remains constant till it reaches that slightly elevated temp. While driving the temp fluctuates from normal to a little warm. Two months ago I replac

I was having the same issue with oil pressure and i only had 55K on mine, i have since changed the cat and the exhaust manifold and the problem went away? might be a coiencedance but it makes since thinking like an exhaust brake would work ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Thank you for the prior information. My 2004 CTS currently has 68,857 miles. When I heard the ticking and the message originally came on we checked the dip stick which only showed that the oil level was low about 1/2 qrt low but the information system in the car said 32% oil life, I have no clue what the heck that meant. All is very confusing, what the heck does 32% oil life mean.

Vehicle maintenance intervals of three months or 3,000 miles no longer \015\012apply to vehicles equipped with this system.Instead of an actual \015\012oil-condition sensor, the Oil Life System relies on a computer-based \015\012software algorithm th ... Cadillac CTS

Ticking sound This morning while the car was cold, started it up. Then went to the store and all of a sudden hearing a ticking sound. Sounds like engine has no oil. But I did check and there is oil 3/4 full, I check the transmission oil, that's fine, brake fluid and thats fine, even the water in the the plastic container is normal position. The ticking sounds like a tap, tap, tap or tick tick tick. It happens when the engine is hot or running. When being parked it's quiet. Any suggestion(s). I h

Hi try getting a service done make sure they use genuine toyota oil and filters\015\012\015\012cheers\015\012mark ... 2000 Toyota Celica

Water is saturating my passenger side floorboard in my 2002 Tahoe. I've had a mechanic look at it and he check the normal compressor drain valve and blew it out, although my floorboard continues to get wet. I checked the drain valve again today while the compressor was on and it was blowing air out of it so I don't think it is clogged. I pulled up the carpet and couldn't tell where the water was coming from...Any ideas? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

It may be a heater core. i say "may" only because im not sure if yours is located there. but this is something i have run into. look under the hood passenger side fire wall. look for two water lines going into the firewall. this will tell you where y ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hi ,I have a Renault Megane 2006 1.6 Dynamique The Garage im Using are replacing the water jacket as there is Oil in the Water bottle. The Car has run fine and the Temp gauge is Normal , i have checked the dip stick and the oil filler cap and all is as it should be....... what else could the problem be.Please let me know ASAPThanks

... Cars & Trucks

2001 Chrysler Town & Country LXi. 88k miles Transmission Problem: History Properly working transmission had oil change by evacuating from oil pan, 4 quarts refilled Dextron4. 1k mile trip (NY to VA Beach). Two weeks later, in normal traffic, an abrupt noise and bang. Check Engine light comes on. Car limps home slipping whenever stopping for a traffic light. Managing the throttle allows operator to make it home. When starting next morning, transmission seems to engage normally. With brake depr

There is most likely a broken pump gear,or a drum that has broken,the will need to be gone into,removed and took apart to find witch of these is the problem,a overhaul at a transmission shop is your best option to get a good warranty,and then look at ... Chrysler Town & Country

Alkadljadjladaljd i have a gmc sonoma 2000 and i was checking the a/c and the motor was running for 25 minutes and the heat level got over a half and i know that it isnt normal i didnt checked the water or oil but the oil level in the front you see that it is half so what you think it is?????

Check the coolant level,then,if that is o k,make sure the fan clutch is turning real good when this happens.See that plenty of air flow is pulling threw the condenser,and radiator.If it is not,replace the fan clutch. ... 2000 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

I have a 1992 prodege just had a cracked head replaced and now two day's later it's blowing out grayish white smoke, checked the oil dip stick said it was full then when I run it for about 4 minutes and then shut it off checked the oil again it read nothing on the dipp stick Im confused on whats going on and my machanic is gone for a week what do I do and is it safe to drive it please hekp. Thank you

From what i read , that is a lot of oil burning , possible causes are :cylinder head not machinedcylinder head not torqued properlyvalve guide seals missing or severly wornpiston rings broken or severley wornhead gasket ... 1999 Saab 9-5

I have a vauxhall corsa 1.2 twinport , witch is getting a creamy oil and water mix under the oil cap, it's had two chemical head gasket check and both have said its not gone, now the water is getting to the sump, could it still be the head??

Do you only drive it for short distances ( under 20 miles)?Do you live in an area that gets cold temperatures? Those two combined create a lot of condensation. It might be "normal" for this time of year with short drives. ... Cars & Trucks

2010 dodge ram 1500 oil light came on, checked oil it was low. Oil level ok in dipstick now. Now intermittently the oil light will flicker for a quick second and set off the chime? The actual oil pressure gauge does not move from its normal running position. Any suggestions? Thanks

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9 v6 it has been sitting for about 10 weeks now when I start it up the oil pressure is normal, but after about 5 min,s it drop,s to low & the check gauge light comes on. It has around a 100 miles on the oil change before I let it sit. someone told me to change the oil pressure sending unit, but I can,t find it on the motor. does this truck even have one? or do I need a new oil pump? any help would be great thanks Tireman.

If it has high miles over 100,000 miles it just might be oil pump. But first I would chenge oil sending unit , and yes it hea one,Back of engine, just to the passenger side of the ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Oil gauge goes to zero when stopped or idle. No leaking, engine working good. Put oil in two days ago and again yesterday. Due for oil change in a couple of weeks. Light on dash board "check gauges" comes on. When driving gauge works normal. 8 cyclinder engine

Possible that the OIL filter is clogged and is reducing the pressure due to this when the engine is idling or in low RPM. So before you run the engine further and make it more damaging , it is worth to have the engine oil / ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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