Having problems with your 2002 Honda Accord ?

I just recently had my clutch replaced and now my radio wont work. It is saying that I need a code. I dont have my manuel. Where do I go for the code

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Answers :

Well you can get a used manual on ebay for a few bucks. for your anti-theft code problem the easiest and fastest way is to go to a local honda dealer. i think they render that service for free.
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I just recently had my clutch replaced and now my radio wont work. It is saying that I need a code. I dont have my manuel. Where do I go for the code

Well you can get a used manual on ebay for a few bucks. for your anti-theft code problem the easiest and fastest way is to go to a local honda dealer. i think they render that service for free. ... 2002 Honda Accord

I've been working on a 2004 Kia Rio and it still dosent wanna act right. The motor has been rebuilt a few years ago along with the transmission, and ever since the trans build I keep having Codes come up and the car wont accelerate properly and wont go over 30 mph, and also idels very high. I myself dont own this car but I have done work to it, It is owned by my brother in-law and im gonna describe this the best i can. I only have the recent codes which have been coming up each time, but the fir

You have a or some loose wires my friend. check carefully all the grounds one may be loose from the previous repair work look on trans grab the big ground cable from battery and see if it s loose at the bolt check area of intake manifold for loose gr ... 2004 Kia Rio

2001 Lincoln LS: CD Changer wont eject CD's. Keeps saying CD ERROR when I press eject then select any of the 6 CDs. Also, it says slots full when I press load and press any of the 6 CDs. I just bought the car last week so I'm not sure if there actually is any CDs in the changer. I pulled out the fuse and waited 40 mins and that didnt work and I also disconnected the battery for 30 mins and that didnt work either. I need to take out the CD Changer from the dash but dont know how. Can anyone help

Use small pocket knife. Insert about 1 inch at middle of cd entry. Slide from middle to the right and cd will eject. ... 2001 Lincoln LS

My cruise control wont work i need to find the fuse they say it is on the right of the panel but i dont see where it says cruise control

Get a fuse tester from Snap On to test each fuse without removing all of them and inspecting visually. ... Cars & Trucks

My 2000 Galant recently went thru body work. My repair man entered the wrong code three times now my radio keep saying off. It will not ask me for my code again. what do I need to do.

Try disconnecting the battery, and touch the positive terminal end to the negative battery post to clear everything. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

No bus The odometer in my 2001 3500 diesel says no bus and none of my gauges are working. The fuel gauge will come on for just a second every once in a while but only for a second. Auto Zone ran the codes and got two responses i dont understand. the first was P1698, definition was no CCD message from TCM. The second was P1689, definition was no comm between ECM and IPM. Please help i need an explaination i can understand. I have mechaniced for years but have never done any computer work or elect

... 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Laramie

I recently bought a factory cd player for my 2004 chevy silverado off of ebay i hooked it up and it worked fine untill i cranked the truck and then it said locked. i need a code or a bypass code or something so i dont have to go through the dealership

The dealership should'nt charge you anything. You own the code. Mine is in the manual for the car in my Audi. You may want to check your owners manual? Good Luck. ... 2004 Saturn VUE

Radio Code My boyfriend recently removed my stereo from my Chevy Aveo and replaced it with another. Well, I am about to sell my car and when we put it back in, it wouldn't work. I know that I need a code, but I do not know where to find it. Can anyone help? my radio works but i lost the code. i need to replace the battery, so i need the proceedure to display my current code before i disconect the battery. Any answers?

Sometimes the proceedure is in your ownwers manuel(sometimes the code is on the back of the radio. ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

NO SPARK! i was driving on the freeway and all of the sudden my car just dies i still have power, like the lights work and my car will crank but wont fully start. my father says it might fuel pump. but today i had a spark plug tester and it said theres no spark, so know i dont know what to do. please help me i really need my car fixed. thanks for your time and input.

The crank and or the cam sensor has failed. If you have no way of pulling codes or checking for signals from the sensors, start with the crank sensor, its more common. ... 1997 Chrysler LHS

I need a 2005 ram 1500 cluster wiring diagram, my clust is baelry working gauges wont read but dont say no bus, and a couple lights are always on. Thanks

... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

2003 Navigator: Took it to get my battery cables re-done and truck now does not go up ( air suspension on all wheel completely down) parts of aftermarket stereo system dont work (back up cam, satellite radio) and it keeps saying anti skid is off and doors are ajar.called tech that worked on my truck says it may need a new alternator? need help dont want to take it back to same electrical shop

Sounds like they could have missed a wire whenever they repaired the positive battery connection definitely take it to someone else ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2004 expedition, i have a code on the display, it shows prndl error no back up aid, i took to ford and said thay fixed thay replaced the fuel pump it ran long enough to get me home, and now it is not working again, i think it maybe something to do with the transmission, i just dont know can someone help me on this My 2003 Lincoln Navigator wont start. I turn the key and hear a whirring coming from the passenger side near the glove box and get a message on the dash saying 'PRNDL ERROR'.

... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

After dead battery and recharging the stereo says it needs a code and will not work without one. think it is part of the anti-theft system. I no longer have the owners manuel kit

You need to go to the dealer with your id and registration to the vehicle and show them that it is your vehicle and they will give you the code to the radio. Do not let them charge you money. It is free. ... 2005 Honda Element

89 dodge raider the brake lights dont work and also the turn signels dont work but the runing lights and head lights work. i know the brake light and turn signels are wired into the hazzerds so if you dont have the hazzerd swicth they brakes wont work. what i need to know is the wiring diagram for the hazzerd swicth tellin me where the 11 wires from the swicth back run to

... 1989 Dodge Raider

My car battery dies for @ two hours i jumped it and then the radio wont work and is flashing code. i read manuel and did what it instructed for entering code provided with car and it still wont work what should i do next? 2003 acura tl?? I BUY AN ACURA CL 2002 BUT ONCE I JUMPED CAUSE THE BATERY DIE THE RADIO SHOWS AN ERR

Try the code again. Turn car key on. Turn radio on. Enter the 6 digit code, using the numbers on the preset channel button. It might take more than one time, if you entered the code wrong the first time. I entered it wrong the first time, took ... 1996 Acura Integra GS-R

Alright, i dont know exactly what hapens when the car is trying to be started but the person says it will turn over, but not start? and i dont know if its firiing or if it has spark or fuel pressur. but he says it wont start in the cold wich it is in minneaots right now. so he cannot drive it or in the fall on a damp morning it wont start. i havent looked at it yet but i am looking or opinions on what to check first or what you think it may be because as a mechanic i have not worked on the Reatt

Hook up a timing light; crank over the engine; check when the problem occurs... if the light goes on = good spark\015\012light off= bad ignition \015\012to check fuel use a pressure gauge 40/60psi=good \015\012below 40psi check/re ... 1988 Buick Reatta

1998 dodge dakota 5.9. my speedo only works mainly when its raining or at high speeds and the vss is new, the rear o2 sensor has a short to power, the reverse lights wont shut off, the tail lights dont work and the dash lights dont work (they went out at the same time, the truck shut down on a turn and they didnt work when we turned it back on) the breaks headlights and turnsignals all work fine. Dodge says the wiring harness is no longer made and i cant find a salvage yard in the US that has it

... 1998 Dodge Dakota

My 2000 BMW 328i was off the road for 3 years stored in an out-door garage. Recently asked a mechanic to look at it , he said it needed several parts, which I bought. However, he now says it needs an instrument cluster. Don't understand why, since the car was in working order when it was placed in storage! Also found that some of the windows don't work, and there is no horn or ac working. The driver's seat wasn't working and had him check the fuses after which it worked. He currently has the ins

I cant make any assumptions about the repairs your mechanic is attempting\015\012to your vehicle.It does sound a bit odd and the price of the instrument cluster does seem costly.We service BMW's at my shop and your issues sounds ou ... 1999 BMW 328 Series

Radio code i just bought a 98 honda accord Ex and that stereo says code, i dont have the code, so i was wondering if anyone has a code that might work for my radio. the dealer dont open for two days so is kind of boring driving my car. thanks

You can find the code for your specific radio in one of two places. It will be printed in the glove box on a sticker or it will be on one of the arms of the trunk (either on a sticker or stamped in). I would think yours would be in the trunk but ch ... 1998 Honda Accord

Hi. I bought a 2003 focus ZTS w/2.3 engine. It was not running when I bought it. The previous owner said it needed an alternator and the dash cluster was not working, needles wouldnt even move. I changed the alternator and ignition switch, checked all fuses, and still the battery wont charge and gauges still dont work. it runs fine, just that battery drains and cluster lights dont light up (battery light and engine light dont come on) and needles dont move on startup. Please help me.

There is an inline fusible link from battery to the alternator, large like as inan 80 amp fuse..... the problem mostlikely not that its blown but that is corroded...i believe the 03 its along the front of the engine.... trace the large cable up from ... 2003 Ford Focus

My 2008 Honda Civic hybrid's battery was recently drained on accident, and now the radio wont work at all, and there is a message that says

... Honda Civic

I have a 97 camaro and my front turn signals dont work and before they stopped working the bulbs kept blowing out and now my rears wont work either. The dash arrows wont even come on now or flash. I heard a.few sugestions like relay,flasher,and drl mod but iam insure because I have power and ground to the light sockets so I need help

Try a new fuse ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

2001 Dodge Dakota 4wd Auto w/4.7 Need to reset 4wd unit so 4wd will work. Service 4wd light was on. Disconnected battery for a while and cleared 4wd light but the dash selector for 2wd/4wd doesn't have light or work. I suspect it is in a default mode 2wd only. Had this problem once before and dealer took me for $200 saying it needed a computer upgrade. It worked again but there should be a way for me to reset it? No code showed on the computer before clearing it. I just replaced the heater resis

If the buttons are not lighting it likely means a bad switch. Usually if the encoder (shift) motor fails, the buttons will flash to let you know there is problem. Check for power at the switch and if it's there, you probably need a switch. ... Dodge Dakota

My car recently had work done to the body. When I got my car back, the radop didn't work... all it said was code. I put the wrong code in three times and now it says "off". I have the right code now... what do I do?

Have you tried un-hooking the battery cables for a few mins? or un-plugging the radio from the back of it.. this is the anti-theft mode and will need to be reset.. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Prius 2002 with secundary battery has code p3000 information code 123, p3006 and p03015 , note the transmission sone time dont work, need to turn off and starte and work again

... 2002 Toyota Prius
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