Having problems with your 2002 GMC Yukon XL ?

ABS light and pump

\015 I noticed the ABS light came on when I started the car. Drive 20 minutes to destination, turned off motor and can hear the pump running. continues to run. I removed the "fuse" from the electrical box to temporiarily stop the pump.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

After you took the fuse out and it stopped did you put the fuse back in and see if it continued to run?
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Honda accord 96 model ABS light on. Used to make that horrible noise from the pump. Sometimes the ABS would com on other times not../sometimes I would go for 5 days without the ABS light coming on. Fulshed the brake system with new Dot4 oil. Now the pump comes on lasts for 40 seconds or so then the ABS light comes on and stays on until the motor is switched off. What a heap of junk!!!

... Land Rover Discovery

I have a 94 Acura Integra. The battery light goes on as well as the ABS light. The ABS light will turn on/off followed by the system pressure pump noise. Weird thing is my battery light will go off when I turn the lights on? The ABS stays on, and yes, the battery is 100% and alternator belt 100%, new battery connectors and the alternator is putting out 14.3 with or without any of these lights on/of or alternating combinations.

Here's a thought...I had my ABS light staying on and all I did was add brake fluid...maybe this can be helpful to you? ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

Hi,I have got Peugeot 607 2.2 petrol 2004 that has ABS ESP light on.Put it on diagnostic comp that showed ABS pump faulty. I took out the ABS pump and sent it for repair but the specialists sent it back as there was no fault(ABS pump working normally).I have checked wheel sensors and fuses-all OK.Any suggestions what it might be? Thanks for answers

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My truck brakes we're vibrating and the pedal going to the floor. The mechanica told me the rotors we're bad in front, but the ABS pump was causing the vibration problem. He told me the ABS pump was expensive to replace so he suggested I just unplug it. Brakes are fine now, but I have the ABS light on. I am looking at trading the truck in the near future and I know this will hurt me on the trade in value. How difficult is it to replace the ABS pump and should I put used in?

Chances are that you will have a faulty wheel speed sensor, or wiring to the sensor, not a faulty control unit. Connect the unit again and have the fault codes read with a suitable scan toread the fault code. This will confirm what is actually requir ... GMC Sierra 1500

Hello we have a 2000 mercedes clk430 and when you are driving and attempting to stop it feels like the brakes are pumping themselves (the brake petal) and then sometimes the abs and check engine light comes on and the car goes into fault mode and you have to pull over and restart the car to reset it and the check engine light will stay on but the abs light will go off of it and it will drive right until the abs light goes off again. We changed all four brakes and brake discs because we figured t

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK

Hi, On my 98 volvo s40, The ABS dashboard light will not go off. I have been told it could be the ABS pump. I have obtained a used replacement, When i fit the replacement, will i need to go to a Volvo garage to get the light switched off or will it go out if the pump is OK. Thanks..

You will definitely have to take it and have the light reset. Or you could try to take the Negative battery cable off for about 15 minutes, sometimes this will reset the computer. ... 2000 Volvo S40

1996 Corvette Auto, 5.7 liter, ABS Light service is on, I have brakes, ABS fuse is good, Brake hydraulic fuse is good all wheel sensor wires appear to be attached and OK. Can you tell me where the ABS relay switch is located, I can by-pass the relay wiring and activate ABS pump motor and it is functioning. I have power to a relay located somewhere but not coming out to ABS pump

An easy way is to scan the abs computer for codes, these codes will tell you exacatly what part of the system is not working. ... 1996 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 94 chevy cavalier z24 with a 3.1L engine. The ABS light comes on and sometimes the e-brake light stays on as well. I can clear the lights if I just shut off the ignition and turn it back on again. But the lights periodically come back on. I tried pulling codes by jumping power to ground on the dlc. I get a flash code 12 wich apparently means nothing as it pumps that code out at the beggining and end of the flash code cycle. So Do i need a separate scan tool to get the abs code or shou

... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Growling noise usually when braking, abs light, trac off light, check engine light all come on. I've replaced the left hub and sensor, is the abs pump or the wiring?

Have you had a scanner on it to get the check engine lite code? Growling sounds like the abs wants to engage which makes sense why the abs lite comes on too. Are all tires the same size? . ... 2002 Buick Century

The abs, brake, and tc lights stay on and brakes are spongey until pumped. this happened suddenly while i was driving. there was a warning beep just before the abs light came on and after I had shut it off and cranked it up the next morning, all three lights stayed on along with the spongey brakes.

... 1999 Land Rover Range Rover

I have a 94 GMC Safari, it won't shift out of 1st gear, the ABS light is stuck on, and the speedo doesn't work. At first the ABS light would come on and off, when the light was on the trans would't shift, when it was off it shifted fine. Now it's stuck on and won't shift. The computer was flashing a vehicle speed sensor code. I changed the vehicle speed sensor and the van still has the problem. There was a trans flush and a front pump seal and rear tail shaft seal, and trans filter changed.

... 1994 GMC Safari

Abs kicking in at low speeds no light on 3codes stored and cleared c1145,c1155 , c1178 . have checked rear relucter discs on c.v joints o/s and n/s intact / removed sensors for better look, ok corroded but no splits/ o/s frt wheelbearing replaced recently fitted correctly for pick up sensor. assuming mechanical fault in abs hydraulic pump poss reason why abs light not on ? any help greatly appreciated 53 plate 2.5 x-type manual transmission awd.

C1145 RH Front Speed sensor cct poss faulty sensor.\015\012C1155 LH Front Speed sensor cct poss faulty sensor.\015\012C1178 Unknown\015\012\015\012Sorry can't be any more help than this ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

ABS and Brake light come on about 10 seconds after I start the car, and put it in drive. I hear the ABS system pump itself ( a self-test?) and then the lights come on and stay on. This has happened recently, normally the self test does not turn the lights on until now. 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera SL wagon 3.1L

Hi, the first thing to do is to check for leaks in the hydraulic system. Check your brake fluid reservoir to see if it's low. If it is, look at the wheels but also all along under the car for a leak. If you find a leak, I can advise you on how to ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

2002 KIA Optima LX rear brakes done last year did fronts drums were good. Slowly over 2 months before fronts changed brake pedal is kicking back, now it kicks back at evenslower stops. Thinking its ABS sys pump, before money can I bleed each brake? can I disconnect electricplug from pump to stop the kicking and still have brakes, Know the abs light will come on but just want it drivable. Where can I get a used or new pump and how much?

Make sure rotors were machined and are not out of spec. bleeding the brakes to start. make sure you do it in the correct bleeding sequence.most are RR, LR, RF, LF. check with manufacturer to be sure for your application. also check the brake lining ... 2002 Kia Optima


ABS--BAS\015\012\015\012\015\012Most likely cause is the 'stop lamp switch'\015\012\015\012\015\012It is a electric switch located on the brake pedal inside the car, about half way up on the brake pedal.\015\012\015\012\015\01 ... Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Bentz Actros Semi Tractor

Abs light on track light hill decent an leaking water by water pump dont no if water pump or because lights are on not over heating is it still driveable

Your water pump is going out get it replaced. check the fuse for the abs ... Cars & Trucks

ABS light stays on sounds like a abs pump is staying on. Is there a pump for the abs system?

\015\012There is no seperate pump. The following lines will give you more details\015\012\015\012Braking force and the tendency of the wheels to lock up are affected by a combination of factors such as the friction coefficient ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

ABS light is on. Spongy pedal. ABS pump makes

If the abs pump is making noise you either have an air pocket in it or a bad pump, so this is what you need to do have the car pluged in to a modis and have them run a bleeder program, this will make the pump bleed the air from the system, the proble ... 1994 Honda Accord

Hyundai matrix 2004. abs light on the dashboard. Diagnosed to be front offside sensor. Sensor cleaned, road tested, apparently ok . Collected the car and within a mile the warning light returned. Is it likely to be a sensor or a pump failure. I don't want to replace the pump unnecessarily in view of the cost..

... Hyundai Matrix

ABS light stays on Trac light blinks. All wheel sensors check OK, swapped a different ABS Pump and ABS/TC unit and didn't solve problem. No codes set. fuses check OK.

... 1999 Toyota Camry Solara

My abs light comes on after driving for a few minutes and stays on. After that if I pump the brakes it sometimes slips and stalls and studders (like it would if I were to suddenly hit the brakes hard). Took it to Just Brakes and they said that my abs pump is going bad. Does that sound accurate? I have a 91 buick park ave

That could be right, it could also be the sensor. something like your brakes i would listen to the dealer and have replaced. however, i know that on bmw's they have a tendancy to come on for what seems to be no reason and they havent figured it out y ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Asr pumps makes noise and locks up the rear brakes wont alow u to go. if u rev up engine pump makes noise. asr light is on and abs light gose on and off, no codes stored in comp

Each wheel has a speed sensor that generates signals to the ABS and ASR controllers. ASR also has it's own controller and uses a yaw sensor to provide other input. Both system are connected in a way as ASR uses the ABS system to provide braking ... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

ABS light. I have a 1999 4WD limited V6 Tacoma. The abs light is on all the time and I don't feel the system operating anymore. The break pads and rear bands are new, the pump is working well, the fluid distribution valve over the rear differential is new and no leakage. The rear wheels does not stop at all. Very low fluid pressure at rear cylinders when bleeding. [email protected] Thanks.

Issue with your master line... Check for Rusty and Pinch Line along the Frame at the Back Check Rubber Line Joint for leaking Oil ..Check Level Gauge into Brake Container for bad connection ... 1998 Toyota Tacoma

2003 Altima with the ABS light coming on occasionally. Checked the pads and rotors and all is moving freely with even wear on both sides. Have now drained the brake fluid and replaced with Dot 3. Bench bled the master and subsequently bled each caliper from rear to front. Pedal pumps hard and holds. When the engine is started, the brake pressure drops and there are no brakes - only slight stopping when the pedal is pumped. Would this mean there is air in the ABS unit, and if so, can it be bled?

Possible dirty/defective wheel sensors (typical), or faulty ABS actuator. ... Nissan Altima

Abs brake light on, brake light too, hard pedal, new pads and good rotors, no pressure to rear calipers? Fluid level went low, somewhere, than came back, overflowing after filling. No body can find parts for this 90 lincoln mark vii LSC. Can anybody help? used? let me know... abs pump, master cyl., accummulator, switches, sensors, etc..., etc...

Actually you may not need to replace any parts. from what you are explaining on the vehicle you have a air lock in your brake lines. try and bleed the brakes again starting from the rear passenger than the drivers passenger than the passengers front ... 1990 Lincoln Mark VII
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