Having problems with your 2002 GMC Yukon Denali ?

Idles rough upon start , goes dead when letting up on gas.

\015 Key switch was left on, the battery went dead. After charging battery the truck now idles rough when started. If you don't touch gas it idles rough and goes dead after letting up on accelerator. When driving truck it goes dead if you let off the gas. We have removed the negative battery terminal in an attempt to reset system, no change.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

If the bat went dead and was disconnected it can take 25 to 50 miles of driving for computer to reset sensors and controls. Sounds like MAF Sensor maybe reading different than when it was first driven. Did you drastically change climates or altitudes, New readings from when it originally was put into service. Slight changes in temp, alt and other variables gradually reset, if driving does not improve within 50 miles it will need diagnostics.
Based on my own experience, I would guess your fuel pump is dying, which these older Denali's are notorious for. I just had to replace mine, and it's not easy or cheap. Also check the air filter...if it's really dirty/clogged it can effect idle, power, etc.
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Idles rough upon start , goes dead when letting up on gas.

If the bat went dead and was disconnected it can take 25 to 50 miles of driving for computer to reset sensors and controls. Sounds like MAF Sensor maybe reading different than when it was first driven. Did you drastically change climates or altitud ... 2002 GMC Yukon Denali

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Stumbling Idle vehicle sat outdoors for 4 days in 15-20 degree weather. Started fine but at first stop idle became very rough. No OBD II codes set, and rough idle stopped after light changed and accellerated. Did not recur until two days later after car sat for full day in 30 degree garage. Upon start rough idle, then gave accelleration and it was gone. Still no OBD II codes. Water in gas? Bad fuel? Deposits? Car is in excellent shape and has 105000 miles and has always been serviced by factory

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I have a 1988 ford bronco it is ideling low when u give it gas and let off trucks idle goes all the way down and shuts off start it back up does same thing it kinda runs rough to

I am assuming it is a carburated engine. Sounds like the accelerator pump is not pushing the extra fuel when required as the accelerator is depressed. Time to rebuild the carb. The kit will contain a new accelerator pump. Look for a tag on top of the ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

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Too many possibilities\015\012\015\012Won't turn over is one problem -battery,cables,grounds,\015\012starter,solenoid,etc\015\012\015\012Idles rough-- vacuum leaks,spark plugs never replaced,\015\012egr valve etc ... 2005 Mazda RX-8

1999 4.3 vortec map sensor removal & install, does it just pop out? not sure if its the problem,starts and idles fine, push on the gas and it starts to rev than cuts out, bogs down, let go of the gas and goes right back to a good idle.

Could be several different problems things causing this,Disconnect map sensor and try pushing on gas if map is bad problem will be gone or different,you could also have TPS sensor,Distributor problem,or fuel volume problem,Are there any codes set? ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

After engine warms it idles rough and dies, no check engine lights, no codes , it will restart, if we give it a little gas it smooths out, but as soon as we let off the gas it goes right back to rough idle and dies

It could be u needd new spark plugs and the sparks or the timings offf change sparkplugs and plugs and ur gasfilter tat sud do it . ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

After the engine is hot, it is very hard to start, almost like the battery is dead. When it is cold, no problems and lately, it has started to give off a slight vibration at about 45mph that lasts for only seconds, goes away when you step on the gas, and then comes back when i let off the gas, but still comes and goes. any ideas?

Well it sound like timing isuse could be timing chain or you could have injector leak after you trun eng off and causing hydraulicking in till you push fuel out of cylinder hope this leads you some where but if you have timing light you can point it ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Idle problems hello, i have been having problems with the idling of my jeep, whenever i start my vechile, it idles very high around 1200 rpms or so, then after a few seconds it idles down as it gets warmer, which is normal.....the problem is whenever i put it in gear from park to reverse it doesn't idle down and when it goes into drive it doesn't idle down....which results in whenever you let off the break with it in drive it goes as if you're giving it gas....even if you're sitt

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I have a 2001 Saab 9-5, idiles very rough when I first start it, and there like no brakes either unless I let it idle for about 2 min. Then the rough idle goes away,and also have brakes. What is causing my rough idle?

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A major problem with those trucks is the idle air controll valve that goes bad have you checked it ? and does your truck waste any oil ? the fix for this problem is to remove the intake manifold there is a plate on the bottom of it that the gaket goe ... 1998 Dodge Ram

1992 ford tempo gl ,when i first try and start it just turns over and don't start, if i poir gas directly into the air port into the fuel injectors, it starts, if i let it run it stays running, then i can start it again regularly, but my choke stays open then it drops hard, while all along untill my idle goes down the engine light goes out, but not until it's idieling low... confused ? allready changed fuel filter, and i have condensation, out of the tail pipe when first starting... help...

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Oil presure when I first start up the acr, the oil presure is about 40 but soon goes all the way down to the red and the red light goes turns on. It does that on idle. When I give it gas, it goes to just pass the red area and the light goes off. Go to stop or let off the gas and it goes back to red and light comes on.

I suspect that because your car is 13 years old it has high mileage. That would cause this because things are starting to wear out. You could try going to a heavier oil like a 15W-40 or 20W-50. The heavier oil will build pressure and will lubricate b ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

1994 F150 5.0- new mass air flow sensor, new throttle position sensor. It will start when it is cold,revs at 600-700rpm and check engine light is on.When truck warms up, check engine light goes out and now idles at 1300-1500 rpm with no power at all. It also consumed 1/4 tank of fuel for 38 kms. Also when warm, it will not start at all. I believe it is running super rich as per fuel consumption,high idle when warm, and if it does start ( hardly ever) it lets out a cloud of unburnt gas fumes that

What codes do you have?\015\012You have a check light on,you have to \015\012diagnose and repair that issue first ... Ford F-150

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Oil My be leaking on crank sensor Located at the bottm and gasket Come from rhe top . ... 1991 Honda Accord

I shut my car off at 430 in the morn ran fine but let the gas get real low tried to start it at 100 in the afternoon nothing then it started up after i put in gas but check e light has been on and idles real rough stinky gas out the muffler its at the dealer now they say bad coiler i dont think so always fires up just runs crappy now

If the gas got really low to the point of almost running out it could have sucked some dirt off of the bottom of the tank an clogged the fuel filter,or could have caused a cavitation in the pump do damage to it, I think I would start there if you ha ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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