Having problems with your 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo ?

I have a 02 Ford Windstar with a 3.8L the trouble shooting isn't working and I bought a brand new battery. When turning the key nothing comes on. What might be the cause for this to happen?

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I have a 02 Ford Windstar with a 3.8L the trouble shooting isn't working and I bought a brand new battery. When turning the key nothing comes on. What might be the cause for this to happen?

... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

I have a 02 ford windstar. 3.8L does not start or do anything, Has a brand new Battery about a month ago Checked all fuses and they all have power. When you turn the key to start nothing happens, no interior light, its like its dead nothing happens. What might be the cause for this to happen?

A few things I can think of are the starting circuit of the ignition switch, the neutral saftey switch, the starter solenoid, a fusible link, and a bad connection. ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

My 95 prelude won't start! We checked the battery so that's not it. The starter is good and I just bought a new altinator cause my old one tested bad but I installed that one and I still have the same problem. I turn the key and all the lights inside come on but nothing else. The key won't turn any further. It doesn't click or anything. I'm not the best with electrical problems but I think that might be it. Anyone have any suggestions or maybe know what the problem is??

Have you looked at the main fuse and starter relay. Hondas have a known problem with the starter relay solenoid (located under the dash board) Getting the whole unit out can be a problem but if you use a pen knife you can remove the base along with ... Cars & Trucks

In cold weather especially here's the issue. Also happens year round but not as bad. I turn key and nothing happens. No sounds. Nothing. I sit and wait after turning key while dash lights radio turn on fan headlights everything I can. I wait like this for a minute or longer. Then turn key fully and it will eventually start up perfectly. Sometimes I must do this several times. Battery is brand new. When I took it in that was what I was told was the prob. They checked alternator and starter and sa


My car won't start, I turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, no crank, no noise whatsoever. The lights work, the radio works, the fan comes on, the only thing I noticed was when I check the battery gauge it says 10.9 V could that be the problem? I just replaced it with a brand new battery and it still won't work. Any ideas what it could be?

Did you try to start it in neutral? A new battery, fully charged should be 12.7 volts, but the battery gauge on the dash isnt really accurate., make sure the battery connections are clean and tight. If all is ok and it wont start in neutral, try this ... 2001 Buick Park Avenue

Clk 320 1999 insert key all dash lights come on as normal, turn key nothing no click from starter, brand new battery fully charged, the selector will not come out of park, changed the fuses in the nea

Could be something with the automatic combined the stift shift ... Cars & Trucks

Put new battery in a month ago, now when i turn key on nothing happens, no dash indicator lights come and nothing happens when key is turned on

Well you don't have no power from the battery. If it is new, make sure that is charged. Make sure all both terminals are cleaned and on tight. If the ends are loose, they will need put back on. You may need new ones. Check all wires to the charging s ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Got a preowned 2004 318i executive series E46 facelifted two months ago, comes with 2 sets of ignition key with remote on fob. Suddenly, 1 key that can operate the keyless entry will not start the engine. Its just silent but with all the lights, horn, radio working, nothing happens when I switch it to turn on the engine. I thought its a computer problem or a battery problem (comes with newly replaced battery, AC Delco brand. I tried using the other set of key and voila, the car started. But when

It shouldn't be a key problem as when the key in the past was starting the car an still in the ignition of coarse that charges the battery's at all times. Take it to BMW and get them to run a diagnostic test of the computer and electronics. Thats my ... 2006 BMW 3 Series

When I turn the key nothing happens. The starter doesn't even try to draw power from the battery. However, if I by-pass the starter relay it will turn over the motor but will not provide spark or fuel to motor. All fuses are good, wiring is good, brand new battery, new cam position sensor, and new crank position sensor....Any ideas?

Hi! It sounds like a bad solenoid, or that you're not getting the 12 volts to the solenoid to engage the heavy amperage needed to turn thr starter motor. When you say you bypass it,do you mean you are just crossing the large post of the solenoid ... 2000 Ford Focus

Have a 2004 tahoe z71. engine wont turn over. igition lights come one but when turn key to acctualy start engine nothing happens tryed cleaning and tighting battery cables but didnt help.. checked fuzes and they are fine. tryed tapping on starter while turning key over and still nothing. any tips or trick in what the problem might be?

The only thing i can think of is test the small wire to the starter if the wire has power then its the starter if it dont the the ingtion switch ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

1964 gto new battery turn key no lights on dash (normally battery light comes on) turn key to start nothing happens. Fuse somewhere?

Hello! Yes there are fuses...There is a Black/Pink wire that runs from the ignition switch to the fuse box...Also the Neutral Safety/Back up switch passes battery to the starter motor AND is also fused...See print below...Have to be under 150KB in si ... Pontiac Cars & Trucks

Starter problems replaced starter with new one.had new one bench checked aok!!! brand new battery,brand new altinator,when you turn key nothing happens all connections appear good.everything else works. can you help

You say nothing happens sort of need more specifics, does it attenpt to rotate the engine? does the starter click? are all of the wires in the correct spots on the starter? \015\012Is there powerat the starter?\015\012have you checked you ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

The battery is new. 93 4runner. Turn Key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing. No clock, no lights, on horn, nothing, as if the battery were disconnected. Jiggle wire to starter, tap on the fuses / relay's etc. Turn the key, nothing, play with the clutch by-pass switch, still nothing. Slam the door. Come back an hour later, turn the key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing ... about 5 times now.

I had the exact same problem a few days ago. Disconnect an clean both terminals on battery and reconnect them. It will probably work. ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

No power I pulled the motor out of my truck to put a new crankshaft in it and then when i was finished i put the motor back in and hooked everything back up. now when i went to turn the key to turn the motor over, nothing happened except the battery light comes on. i can even pull the headlight switch and the headlights don't even work. its like there is no power. th dome light works though, but it shuts off when you turn the key to the "on" position. i can't figure out anything else to try.

You have probably missed re-connecting part of the electrical wiring- probably missed a ground connection..\015\012Check you have re-connected:-\015\012the main power supply via the fusible link (or in line maxifuse),\015\012the bat ... 1991 Ford F150

My 1988 dodge ramcharger has a brand new battery and a rebuilt alternator. When you turn the key nothing happens! No lights or anything happens. I tightened the the cables and still nothing. It will start if you jump it. I let it run for a while after jumping it and then killed it. It started once I tried again after that. The next morning I tried again and it didnt start. What else should I look for?

The rebuilt alternator has a diode gone and its draining the battery ,fit a new one or take it back,last question this my back is hurting from sitting at computer ,best of british with it anyway ... Dodge Ramcharger

I have a 2002 Honda Odessey that is having starting problems. Everything electrical comes on like normal but when I turn the key nothing happens. Clicks 1 time but won't start. Sometimes if you turn the key as soon as you put it in it starts with no issues but if you let everything cycle is when it usually does it. I've had the battery and starter checked and they are ok. Alternator is new as well.

Check the ignition key switch located at the back of the key lock mechanism. The electrical contacts in the switch may already be worn out. ... 2002 Honda Odyssey

Sunroof left open during rain. No Power to anything. 7 days later , interior and exterior lights, a/c blower working but radio, windows and ignition still not working. Turn the key and nothing happens except for a buzzing from the master cylinder and all suspension lights on the dash come on when key is turned. New battery installed 5 days ago.

What you have on your hands is a flud condition. Its going to take a very skilled diagnostician to figure that problem out, your vehicle probably has about 15 modules inside the vehicle that got wet, airbags, HVAC, suspension control, etc. where are ... 2000 Land Rover Range Rover

Ok guys I need some help with my 95 3.4L Camaro, I did some recent work in the dash because the guy I bought this car trashed it and put in a cheap radio but did a poor job installing it. No Connectors just electrical tape kind of job if you know what I mean. I now have a power issue... I have a brand new battery and voltage and amps are good, when I turn the key to on dash lights for the display come on but nothing else, turn key to crank and every thing shuts off. I think it is a short or I lo

You have either a bad connection at a major point, like the engine ground or the positive cable on the engine side, or you have dirty/loose/corroded battery terminals. One thing that can really be a hair puller is a cable, especially the ground cabl ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

When starting car sounds like battery was dying then did not start got a jump and started drive home turn off car and nothing no start. Got a new battery still new start got new altenator still no start lights and sound work. when turn key nothing no clicking now. when key off a clicking sound happens after key is off

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Starting issue The car has a brand new battery, and brand new key battery. The car does not respond to the key's remote functions lately, and about 95% of the time will not turn over when I turn the ignition key. Other times it will rapidly start up fine. What are possible causes please?

Lock cylender or ignition switch ... 2000 Lexus LS 400

1994 jeep grand. Turn the key and nothing happens. I then turned the key on and got under the car and manually started it by jumping the solenoid leads with a screw driver. now it starts no problem with the key. its happened before could it be a faulty solenoid? I have checked connections, have new battery,new battery terminal clamps.

... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

In my 2001 Chevrolet S-10 truck the gauges on the dash are ticking(moving) when the truck is off and the key is not in the ignition. Then the battery is dead the next morning.(Just bought a brand new battery and it happened again). Any idea why the gauges are ticking or what might be causing the power drain on the battery???

... Chevrolet Blazer

I went out a few days ago and my Ford escort would not even turn over. I tried jumping it and had no luck. I tried switching over to a new battery and still no luck starting. When I turn the ignition key the interior light come on but when I actually try to start the car, the interior lights go off and the car does not even try to turn over, just nothing happens. I am at wits end can you please help?

High im haveing simalar problems with mine except i turn the key and get nothing no lights no radio nothing batter is new and altenartor is good so seys pepboys.im going to check all the wireing to make sure i have a good ground to the block or frame ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

I ahave a 1992 deville, bought it not running, had engine rebuilt by friend, ran for a couple months and forgot to start and runit for about a month. Now nothing happens when key i turned, I charged the battery on slow charge charger and still nothing, battery is new but absolutly nothing happens when key is turned, no noises or clicking sounds. Any suggestions Please????? Thanks Ron

The most expensive battery money can buy will die out in 3 days when tempertures are below freezing if the battery is not used in any running vehicle\015\012\015\012your battery is dead forever I must tell you if this is your case\0 ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

Car won't start when I turn the ignition key. I put in a new battery thinking that might be the problem but that didn't work. When i intitially turn the key one click some of the lights come on in the display like the battery light oil, and seat belt. When the key is turned to start the engine the digital clock seems to lose power and the numbers fade out. The engine doesn't even turn over. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be helpful. Thanks!

Seems like you have a bad ground connection..Check that the wires are all tight and clean from the battery to the engine, and from the engine to the body of the car.Good luck ... 2001 Kia Sephia
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