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Hi, we have a 2002 Fiesta 1.4 tdci diesel with 88k on the clock. It has become difficult to start on cold mornings and cuts out if we lifts off before it warms up. It is very sluggish in acceleration and will not drive at more than 70 mph. It has been checked on several different diagnostic systems yet does not return any fault codes (only checked when warm engine). When trying to start from cold it emits a cloud of grey/ white smoke while turning over and makes a lumpy, banging noise before eve

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Hi, we have a 2002 Fiesta 1.4 tdci diesel with 88k on the clock. It has become difficult to start on cold mornings and cuts out if we lifts off before it warms up. It is very sluggish in acceleration and will not drive at more than 70 mph. It has been checked on several different diagnostic systems yet does not return any fault codes (only checked when warm engine). When trying to start from cold it emits a cloud of grey/ white smoke while turning over and makes a lumpy, banging noise before eve

... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Engine Dear Sir, I have problem with my 1995 Mercedes Benz C220 engine, during cold start, when I try to floor the accelerator engine choke as if there is lack of fuel, sometime cause a back fire. After warming it about 5 minutes the engine runs well. I check the timing with a timing light it's OK. What seems to be the problem? Do I have to warm it up before I run the car?

Dear FixYa Team, I have the injectors clean up and replace fuel filter, but still it did not work. I think it's the intake valve is sticky, when I remove the injectors there were carbon inside the intake. Whenever I pump the accelerator intak ... 1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Occasionally, cold starting, the engine does not crank. It is almost like a dead battery, but yet the battery checks OK. There is no clicking from the solenoid. After 2 or 3 more tries, the engine turns over and starts. Naturally, when warm, it would not do it in front of a mechanic, who looks at you like you are making it up. The truck has 125K miles and it still runs strong. Do you think the starter is just worn out?

Assuming you have check all the high-amperage connections from the battery to the motor post (and checked the ground for the motor and the battery), you might be able to assume that the motor coils could have a "dirty open", but most likely the brush ... 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

1997 Honda Accord SE not getting spark Have replaced distrib., rotor, cap and rotor, wires, ignition swith checked ignition fuse located in fuse box on pasenger side under the hood. Starter turns engine over but there is no spark. If I try long enough sometimes the car will start and then after warming it up will start fine until I let it sit for several hours and then it won't start. When it's cold it doesn't seem to be getting spark.

Are u sure it,s spark and not the fuel pump relay?...when u have no spark..it never starts period .... ... 1997 Honda Accord

Car does not want to start when warm. Starts right up when cold. I have to put my foot on the floor and then it will barely try and fire several times then it will finally start very rough. I think have to feather it until it comes on up and then cleans out. The check engine light goes on and off. It is getting crappy gas mileage 28-30 and should do better. I have already put a new ignition control module in it. Not sure where to go.

These are known for burning valves which sounds like what you are describing, you should be getting close to 50 mpg ... 1993 Ford Festiva

My fans always running on my VW Jetta GL 1995 2.0. It doesn't mater if I start up cold engine after car has been staying the all night or if I am starting it already warmed up again. I tryed to check sensors by unpluging them one after after another nothing happened they were still running anyway. I found only one way to stop them just to unplug power connector.

You have a stuck fan relay that needs replacement.  It's in your fuse box. ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1995 Toyota Camry with a 2.2 Liter 4 cyl. Recently it has begun not wanting to start when the engine is warm. It turns over and sounds normal, it just won't fire. When it is cold it starts perfectly. Once it is running, it runs perfectly. At first I thought it was the fuel pump woking intermittently but have ruled that out. Not sure what I should check next or what other info might be helpful to someone trying to help me.

The ignition coil needs to be changed ... 1995 Toyota Camry

1994 F150 5.0- new mass air flow sensor, new throttle position sensor. It will start when it is cold,revs at 600-700rpm and check engine light is on.When truck warms up, check engine light goes out and now idles at 1300-1500 rpm with no power at all. It also consumed 1/4 tank of fuel for 38 kms. Also when warm, it will not start at all. I believe it is running super rich as per fuel consumption,high idle when warm, and if it does start ( hardly ever) it lets out a cloud of unburnt gas fumes that

What codes do you have?\015\012You have a check light on,you have to \015\012diagnose and repair that issue first ... Ford F-150

Hi installed remote start remote , engine starts every time no problems, but when engine is cold starts and run for 3 seconds then switches off... the only way i can remote starts is by warming the engine first ,,alarm has 3 type of engine start ,voltage noise temperature, tried all but with the same problem when engine is cold .anyone out there have a clue . thanks . Alarm type EAGLE Master E8.

It should have to be on temp but it bad ... 2001 Toyota Celica

When my 93 mazda b2600 is cold it will try to start for a second or two with the engine bouncing around. It will do this four or five times. If I leave it in the start position for a minute then try to start it, it starts right up. It will run a little rough for a few little bit then it smooths out and is fine. This doesn't happen when it is warm or warm outside. Engine rebuilt, new injectors and full tune up. New fuel pump and filter. any ideas

... 1992 Mazda B-Series

I have a 1999 saturn. when the engines cold i can start it and drive for a little while. as it heats up to normal, it will start to sputter when i accelerate. the check engine light is on. the sputtering gets worse as i go. at red lights it will try to sputter but i will put it in park and rev the engine and it seems normal. but as soon as its green and i put it in drive, the sputtering starts again. when i park and she gets cold it starts all over again


Have a 05 colorado hard start in cold start then die engine light say tractioncontrol power lost the dies starts then dies then stay running afer 5 or more tries then it warms up and it runs fine fue

... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

What does the check engine light mean for a 2003 rsx? i just started it up in cold weather, and it stalled. i waited a moment, and restarted, and then it worked. but now, the yellowish engine emissions light turned on and isn't going off. i already tried the gas cap/turn 3 times thing, and im waiting to see if that will do anything. aside from it being so cold that it takes two tries to start the car, i really can't think of anything that would go wrong with this car. even though it's 2003, i on

Sometimes people confuse check engine light with service engine now. The latter is just that - a service reminder. If you change your own oil, for example, you can reset the service engine light yourself:1. Turn the engine off. Leave the key in ... 2003 Acura RSX

My IS300 2002 Lexus is not running correctly. Only on a cold start it will not accelerate and moves slow when trying to accelerate. It takes a few mintutes to warm up and then it runs fine. I took it to Advace Auto and ran the check engine light and the numbers that came up were: PO161, PO500, PO420 and PO420. It only has 84,000 miles. Can someone help me?

... 2002 Lexus IS 300

1991 mazda 626 dx (non-turbo) 2.2 liter. Bough a remanufactured air mass sensor, NEW pcv valve, NEW fuel filter, and NEW cold air intake filter. When the engine starts at cold, the check engine light comes ON, it runs fine for 15 minutes, and when the engine warms up the check engine light goes OFF. Now when this happens, i can't floor the accelorator with out the engine sounding like its about to bottom out, and then i'll get the response. And when i come to a stop the engine idle is between 14

... 1991 Mazda 626

I started my GS and let the engine warm up for a few minutes. As it was idling the engine quit running. I tried to restart it but the battery was dead. Since the battery was 5 years old I replaced it with a new battery. I checked the voltage of the battery and it was slightly above 13 volts. I started the engine and checked the voltage at high idle and it was down to 12.20 volts. I checked the alt. belt and it was in good shape and the tension was correct. I then removed the alt. and inspected t

Did you check if alt was putting out power? might be voltage regulator ... Cars & Trucks

I've a problem with the warm start off a Fiat coupe '95. It has only 46.000 Km. 2000 16V. Non turbo. I have an intermittent problem with the car stalling and then not starting for about an hour. It then starts and drives perfectly! It seems When the engine is cold it starts ok but when the engine is warm it starts but then becomes groggy and runs badley until it stalls. I try to accelerate but it loses power. The red light from the injectors stays a little bit longer on then usual I don't know i

... 2007 Fiat Pininfarina

1992 previa is hard to start only when cold. It tries to start and will eventually start after repeated efforts for 5 minutes. After starting, it will run very rough for about 30-45 seconds then smooths out and starts OK during the day any time the engine is warm. I replaced plugs, dist cap, rotor, spark plug wires, cold start injector valve, cold start injector switch, fuel filter. Still have problem. How to fix.

Try to change the coolant temp sensor. ... 1992 Toyota Previa

Won't idle when cold. Engine starts and runs fine and after making a few blocks coming to a stop at a light, it no longer idles. You can turn off the engine for 20 to 30 minutes and start it up and this time it will run fine. I can go several days before it happens all over again. It only seems to happen when the engine is cold. I tried letting it warm up but no success. 1997 Land Rover Discovery XD V8

... 1997 Land Rover Discovery

My wife has a Hyundai Getz diesel (1.5 CRTD GSI) which starts fine from completely cold. It also starts fine after it's warmed up completely. The problem is when you try to start the engine when it has not warmed up enough. Revs won't go higher than about 1500 and you press the accelarator thick black smoke comes out of the exhaust. If you try to drive off while the car is in this state it won't move much faster than about 5 mph while it's giving out black sooty smoke out of the exhaust

Hi,\012\012I've the same probem, it's been 'fixed' twice in the cars life but re-occurs.\012\012I believe the throttle body gets 'gunked-up' possibly due to a faulty solenoid or sensor.\012\012I don't have a full solution but will p ... Hyundai Motor S

Stalls when hot,turn but won't start until it's cold. it started that the engine would miss once in a while around 50mph. then it would not start at some occasion would shake the wires and it would start soemetimes. Timing belt,plugs.wiring ,all ignition components(cap.dist even the stutor)change. last thing i tried was to unplug the o2 censor no different when it got hot engine died,black smoke in the back and smells gas (too rich) no check engine light on,

Change air temp switch. ... 1990 Dodge Shadow

My 2006 subaru STi starts great, unless the engine is warm. Then often will not start for quite some time. Shop has replaced fuel pump and battery with the problem still there. If you crank too long, you will get a check engine light. However the code shows a flood condition. If you try to start the engine and it doesn't, if you quit then, no light, but no start either!

I have the same car and i had the exact same fault and it was the crank angle sensor,get it checked for resistance i think it should be 1000 ohms and mine was 3000,once replaced it has never happened again.Even my friend who dynos them was surprised ... 2006 Subaru Impreza

My 2002 Honda Civic EX just had a timing belt replaced after 104,000 miles. The car ran fine for a few days then the engine quit. After that It started, died after 3 second and backfired. I have tried to reset the ECU, recharge the battery and tried to restart it many times and got same results everytime ( i.e. started and ran smoothly for 3 seconds and died) During that running time all warming lights went out (Brake, battery, oil, check engine, Maint, SRS) the warnibg lights came back on after

It is very poss the new timing belt jumped time from not being properly tensioned, the symptoms you have all indicate an out of time engine, check the camshaft alignment, make sure it is correct, having this go ... 2002 Honda Civic

I have a chaser 98 gx 100 , now a days I faced a problem that is my car can't start in oil after trying sometimes its start , after driving sometimes engine check chack light is on and engine suddenly stop ,And cold not start any more.... Is it is related on engine trouble code no 15 .. What is the solution,,

... Cars & Trucks

2003 LeSabre Engine stalls immediately after starting when engine is warm. Starts on 2nd try. Check engine light is not on. Runs fine after 2nd start.

... 2003 Buick LeSabre
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