Having problems with your 2002 Ford Focus ?

2002 ford focus, car quit running while driving, and wont start, but the battery still has a full charge and the dash lights still light up

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Most of times when fuel pump worns out that what happens,get fuel pressure checked ,
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When I turn ignition key to start 2001 Camry, the engine does not try to start, but alarm is activated with horn blowing off and on, dash and outside lights blinking off and on. Thinking battery needed charging, I tried to jump start the battery with another vehicle, but engine would still not even try to start. The alarm remote still works and I can stop the alarming horn and lights by hitting the unlock button. The remote can lock and unlock the power door locks fine. I charged the battery

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2002 ford focus, car quit running while driving, and wont start, but the battery still has a full charge and the dash lights still light up

Most of times when fuel pump worns out that what happens,get fuel pressure checked , ... 2002 Ford Focus

I was putting gas into my 2004 Toyota Tundra and afterwards the truck would not start. I could turn the key to accessories and the dash would light up but when I tried to start the engine it would not even turn over. I tried to jump it and the engine made no effort to start. I pushed it away from the pump and then it started fine and the volt meter showed the battery at full charge. It has started fine ever since. Was this the result of the gas cap being removed while the engine was still r


I was prevented from starting my 2008 Ford Escape with one of my keys but it starts just fine with my other key that no longer has a charged battery in it. Any idea why this is happening. Can I reset the key that has a battery charge to work or does something have to be reset in the car's electronics system? When I try to start the vehicle with the key that has a charge still, I get a red lock icon light up in the bottom left corner of dash window. Thanks for any light that you can shed on this

Try turning the key on for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on,leave it for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on for ten more minutes,then off,a total of 30 minutes,then try and start,this relearns the fob. ... 2008 Ford Escape

My 7.3 L diesel ford f-250 shows the battery light (check charge system) on in the dash. I tried to drive it and the voltage gauge started dropping into the 10-11 v range. I replaced the alternator with a re-manufactured one and then charged the batteries and started the truck. Now the red battery light is still on but when I rev the motor to around 3200 RPM it dims to ALMOST off but comes back on bright when I let off the pedal. The alternator is showing on my hand held volt meter with

You must have an older vehicle,but I am pretty sure the 7.3 was put out after the voltage regulator was put in the alternator.What you are describing is a voltage regulator on the the firewall.If this is so,replace the voltage regulator on the firewa ... Ford F-250

Won't start nor turn over., epc , engine light and battery symbols shows in dash. replaced window regulator, no codes and battery full charge. door locks, radio, headlights & dash work but win

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1993 Toyota Previa won't start... I took the battery to O'rielys and it was 75% charged so they charged it up full for me, I replaced the leads and cleaned off all corrosion on the battery. When I try to start the car you can still hear the gas pump "whirr" All the lights come on fine and my headlights look normal. When I try to start the car it just makes a click and thats it. It used to click click click but since I have cleaned up the battery it just makes a single click. I got it jumped

Check the other end of the battery cable going to the solenoid. It's possible that's corroded and is preventing sufficient power from the battery to engage the starter. If it's fine, you may be looking at replacing the starter. A bad starter will ... 1993 Toyota Previa

Dash board lights on grand voyager flashing when engine on. car would not start so charged bat over night. Then bought a new bat. have changed battery and still happening. Did altinator test lights dipped a bit i think! did this test several times lights stopped flashing. turned engine off and on but lights still flashing. little orange lights for air con back wiper and back washer. also noticed that when now put heating on different controlls can hear a clicking noise coming from dash. never di

The controls always click when you change the setting as it is electronic, don't panic, but you should ask your ex as he is well up in voyager' s and the back seat not folding down properly!!!!! ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

1987 F150 302 ci. EFI, Automatic, Was running good. Next morning NOTHING! Wouldn't start or crank over? Just clicking and buzzing, Headlights OKAY. Tried jump starting... NO GOOD. Took battery in... Was told battery low/dead cell, won't hold full charge? Bought reconditioned battery...Installed it. Still NOTHING? This time head lights took seconds to turn on? First low, dim then build up to full bright, but on? Told bad Starter Selinoid. So I decided to take out Starter Motor just to check. Took

Try over riding the starter relay on the fender ,it has one there right?. dont go to a mechanic yet. the engine aint seized. if it doesnt have this relay then i would get the alternator tested. if you want to test it yourself it can be costly for the ... 1987 Ford F 150

Hi i have a 03 saturn vue 4 cyl 2.2 also cvt transmision and it wont start on the dash board the lights are on check engine,reduce power,battery light and oil light is on i check all the fuses and the battery if it was full of charge and it was also the fuel pump is working dont now what else to check and need help if any one have an answer

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Hi have a wierd problem with 05 transit. Battery fully charged and holding high amps. click the key to start and all dash lights go out and will not turn over as if had flat battery. Put on new starter motor and still the same. It will occationaly will start and runs fine but more often than not fails to start Any ideas please.

Check your battery cables. Mostly for a loose or dirty connection. Also check cables for corrosion. ... 2001 Ford Focus

2001 Camaro Z28 5.7L V8 wont start. Battery is showing full charge, Have not had any starter noise or problems, Ran fine. When I turn the key, most of the dash lights go out, but some stay on, dome light stays on and radio stays on. It just does one click and wont even turn over as the dashlights go out. When I let off the key, the dash lights come back on.

... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

Car not driven 5 months, tried to start but battery was dead. Tried booster bag to battery, cranked very, very slow...removed battery and fully charged. Tried to start, got full lights on dash and headlights, but, would not crank at all. Seems like starter is in lockout or disabled. How to reset?


2003 Taurus with 84K miles. The dash lights do not come on when the headlights are on, only the turn signal arrows, which stay on. Hubby thought it meant low battery, so got a new one yesterday, they checked to make sure it was charging, and it is. Yet the dash lights still don't come on with the headlights on, only the arrows. Car starts right up, no other electrical problems, headlights nice and bright.

I would say your interior light's are turned all the way down you should have a rheostat right beside your head light switch try turning the dial, while your head lights are on and see if your dashlights get fixed ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Can the PCM be at fault for a 2004 dodge durango not starting? I attempted to start my vehicle after it had been operating fine all day and it will not crank, the gauges and all dash lights flash, the horn relay is faint and buzzing as if it were triggering the antitheft mode. I replaced the starter and still the same (just clicking, not energizing the solenoid. The battery is fully charged but while attempting to crank the engine, the dome lights fade from very dim to not illuminating. All fuse

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Sensonic gearbox Sensonic - I have no clutch 5 gears My SAAB Will not turn over - battery fully charged / ignition on with key,all the right lights etc light up - turn key to start nothing - dash still all litup. With ignition on -I can supply external power to starter and the the engine turns over and starts. Now with engine running no gears can be sellected. Please help Regards John

Hi had same problem last Friday you can put a fuse in (30 amp) for gearbox and it will start when you turn key but you will not be able to select a gear I'm 100% sure it's the sensonic activator box you can pick one up for about £150-200 second ... 1996 Saab 900

My van will not start when you turn the key over there is no dash lights no door bell no sounds what so ever just light there is no battery what so ever however the battery has a full charge

Check the battery cables for corrosion and clean them. ... 2000 Ford Windstar

'03 F250 6.0L w/70,000 - was slow cranking, pumped gas and would eventually start; had batteries tested and said one was barely low. (I'm still waiting for new ones.) Then sit a day and lights flash, but no start, had to charge. Then sit for day and lights flash but no start. Charged all night and still no start. Lights flash, clicks when turn key, glow plug noise, but no start. And oil pressure WAS coming up when it WAS starting. Tried 5min intervals of 50amp 3 times and lights came on a bit mo

Low fuel pressure! amd maybe water in the filters ... 2005 Ford F 350 Super Duty

I have a problem with a 2008 Dodge Charger, my battery went bad and I had to jump it off to take it and get a new battery put in but now my new battery won't start my car not even when the new battery is jumped off either. When u try and start the car it reads the key and the dash lights come on sometimes when you try and start it but won't start but when you try a second or third time to start it the dash lights won't come on at all and still won't start. What should I do?

When you jump started the vehicle, it started as normal and you drove to a shop to have a new battery installed.?? Correct??1. Who removed the old battery and installed the new one?2. Did the car start normally immediately after th ... Cars & Trucks

Car wont start, acts like battery is dead. battery shows full charge. full lights, buzzers, etc. put it on charger-didnt start...cleaned cable connections-didnt start...tried to jump with truck-didnt start...tried to bypass solenoid-didnt start. sometimes solenoid clicks- sometimes it doesnt. started yesterday, got me to town then wouldnt start to get me home. A guy tried to jump it with a charged battery, acted about the same as today then it just started with "one more try". today nothing.

Check the battery +12v power connection to the starter is in good order,\015\012Check the ground connection between the battery negative and the engine/starter motor is robust and intact.\015\012If no problem with above, replace the start ... 1993 Ford Tempo

Hi I have a Megelli 250R and recently the battery died. So I charged the old battery as it was brand new. When I put the battery back in. The dash and all the electronics have stopped working. The engine sounds like it still wants to start and the lights come on brighter than ever. CAN'T WORK THIS OUT

... Cars & Trucks

Won't start I bought a 93 mercury villager than has been sitting for 6 months. I boosted it and it started fine. I charged the battery and it is still good. I started it up to move it and it went about 6 feet and stalled out. Now when I turn the key absolutely nothing happens. only the dash trouble lights come on. all other electrical works.

Have you checked the distributer ... 1993 Mercury Villager

My daugther has a Saturn sl2 v6, she went to give her grandpa a jumstart using cables but grandpa decided to start up his car before i turned the ignition on her saturn. Grandpas car started right up but after cables were removed and she went to start up the saturn the key won't even turn, steering is locked, cant move gears. The dash lights up the remote to lock/unlock still works. I tested the battery and is showing fully charged (only 6 mons old). My options are limited...i need to move the c


I noticed my truck didnt want to start like it had a weak battery. I drove it anyway and first my abs light came on, then I started losing all my accessories like radio power windows, etc. I got towed home after truck quit running. I charged the batteries up last night, truck runs but still no gauges, glow plug light doesnt work, radio doesnt work, and I still have not changed the alternator. I took it to auto zone and had it checked they said it was not charging my batteries, but if I do change

All of you accessories can't run from the battery. The alternator has to produce 13-14 volts to you battery to keep the battery charged fully so all the accessories will work. Soon as a power source is powered on it will drain the battery quickly if ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

My check gauges light, brake light & ABS light comes on shortly after driving it & then the battery voltage goes down & the truck dies. Ive had alternator tested twice & its good, ive replaced the battery,& terminals & ive got good connection. I charged up my battery today & usually it will start (just cant drive to far before the battery is dead) but today it wont even start & my battery is reading full charge. It was acting as if it wasnt getting any gas. Could these two things be related? &

Check the wires coming off the altenator. They vibrate and break while engine is running. The insulation will still be intact, so gently pull each wire to see if one stretches. If it does, strip and splice the wire. Don't pull the wires out of the co ... 1999 Dodge Durango
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