Having problems with your 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab ?

Headlights do not turn on at the light switch.

\015 I have a 2002 F250, my headlights do not work in the normal switched on mode. Running lights run fine, and when I switch to only parking light, running lights are on, however when I switch clockwise to the "on" position, the headlights go dark. Additionally, the hi-beams do not work also, but will flash when I pull back on the turn signal. This is normal, to just flash the hi-beams. Any suggestions where to start looking?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Manual headlamps
\015\012Visual Inspection Chart
\015\012\015\012\015\012Mechanical \015\012\015\012Electrical \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012
  • Headlamp switch \015\012
  • Multifunction switch
  • Central junction box (CJB) fuse: \015\012
    • 7 (30A) \015\012
    • 30 (15A) \015\012
    • 46 (10A) \015\012
    • 47 (10A)
  • Circuitry \015\012
  • Headlamp bulbs \015\012
  • Daytime running lamp (DRL) relay No.1
\015\012\015\012\015\012Visual Inspection Chart \015\012\015\012\015\012Mechanical \015\012\015\012Electrical \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012
  • Headlamp switch
  • Central junction box (CJB) fuses: \015\012
    • 19 (5A) \015\012
    • 56 (30A)
  • Circuitry \015\012
  • Headlamp bulb \015\012
  • Daytime running lamps (DRL) full relay No.1 (if equipped) \015\012
  • Vehicle security module \015\012
  • Photocell

\015\012If autolamp system, Vehicle security module has a headlamp rela inside of it. under left side of dash.
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Hello, I have a 2002 Kia Rio 4 dr. When you turn on the light switch for the lights to come on..the switch is supposed to turn on the headlights, taillights and light on the dashboard. Now the swtich will only turn on the headlights. The taillights or light on the dashboard won't turn on anymore. So this is more of a problem at night or when it is dark because nobody can see my taillights at night and I can't even see my speed because of no light to the dash. I am not sure what is wrong.

Check for power at the left and right tail lamp fuses in the fueblock. If there is no power check the TNS fuse. If there is power there than you can try swapping the TNS relay with another relay in the fuseblock that is the same. If there is still no ... Kia Rio

Jeep88 Turn on park lights and only the Front left comes on. The rear park lights never came on.when you turn the park lights on the right front turn signal also goes on. Changed headlight switch, nothing changed. Fuses are good and stay good. The brake lights work but when you put the brake on, the front right turn signal goes on. After I changed the headlight switch now the turn signals don't work. HELP???!!!

Try making sure all the grounds are good ... 1988 Jeep Comanche

As I drive my 1994 chevy cavalier at night my headlights will turn off without turning them off. So I turn my headlight switch off then back on and the headlights will come back on. But 5 or 10 minutes later they will turn themselves off again.the switch will still be in the on position but the headlights will be off. If I try to put the brights on the headlights turn off. Then I have to turn the headlight switch off then on and the lights come back on.

That happened to me too you have to switch out the the hole blinker head light switch. i got one at a junk yard for $22 my lights havent asted up since ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

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Daytime running lights work but go out when I turn headlights on. Ruled out headlight switch, bulbs, fuses, relay, ground, and DRL module. 98 silverado 1500 has no high beams. headlights work with parking lights but not when headlight switch is turned on. Switch was the first thing I replaced.

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You might just have two bad low beam headlights, I have seen it before. Only other problem would be the switch that turns on the headlights is bad. Best way is to Test power going into the headlight when the low beams are turned on to rule out the sw ... 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1998 chevy prizm when headlight switch s on head lamps dont work and if turnsignal is turned on car will die parking lights work and turn signals will flash normal and car wiil run if the headlights switch is off ar just park lights is on turn signal blinks normal speed also but car dies and blinker flashed very fast. also car dies when emegency flasher is on no matter if lights are on or not

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98 S10 blazer LS 2WD 4.3 My headlights always work at night(thanks to the sensor in the dash)so I never use the headlamp switch, well awhile ago I noticed the dash lights don't come on when the headlamps are switched from DRL to headlights via the sensor. so I started manually turning the headlights on. Now nothing but headlamps come on but no running lights or dash lights, at the same time, brake and turn signals work. although when I hit a hard bump they sometimes come on (dash and running) th

Did you replace the DRL Relay in the fuse panel located on the drivers side dash? There is also one out in the fuse block under the hood. ... Chevrolet Blazer

2000 Astro van. When the light sensor turns the running lights up to full lights at dusk the headlights come up but the taillights (and most of the dashlights including the clock) turn off completely. The brake lights and turn signals still work. Turning the lights on by the switch does not override the problem. When started after dark everthing works the way it should until you shift out of park and then off go the lights. It must be a bad switch connected to the light sensor but I have no idea

It can be faulty Ambient light sensor or there is a short in the wiring's causing this.It needs proper diagram and troubleshooting to locate the fault.The exact wire with color codes needs to be traced.\015\012Press the "Dome Override" button 3 ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

Electrical 1991 Dakota LE 4x4 with 318 engine 325000 mi when you have had the headlights on, turn them off and then back on, the instrument panel gauges peg out and the notification lights and buzzer all come on. You can return them to a usable situation by turning off the dash lights. I have replaced the light switch and it has made no difference. I have completely disconnected the light switch, turned on the flashers and the same thing happens. I also disconnected the wiring to the switches on

Check instrument cluster resister or regulator could be a shorted bulb too ... 1991 Dodge Dakota

I have a 99 Oldsmobile intrigue I had the heater core replaced when I got the car back the head lights would not turn on however the brights work the turn signals don't work but the hazard lights work I have checked the head lights and they are ok, all the lights work except the headlights and the turn signals the fuses are good the ground from the headlight is good I changed the multi function switch and that didn't fix it. is there a headlight relay on this car? Where are all the grounds at is

In order for the heater core to be changed out, I'm pretty sure the dash has to come out, and there are many many wires that he could have hit or pinched that would cause this. It's hard and time consuming to trace down the wire that could be the cul ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 73 plymouth satellite and my issue is the brake lights not working they only light up when i turn my headlights on at night and when i press the brake they dont flash up as in the "secondary flash" when i hit the brakes..i checked the brake switch and bought a new one and the turn signal switch is brand new, my turn signals work.on the brake light switch connections i discovered a white wire that leads to connector and a red or pink feeds into the hazard flasher switch that might be bl

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My 2002 Mercury Sable Panel lights are out in the speedo/guage cluster area, but the turn signal indicator lights are both on when the light switch is turned on. The panel dimmer dims the indicator lights, but has no effect on the panel lights. All other lights that illuminate with the light switch operate normally as well. This car has the auto on/off type headlight switch. Others have had this problem as well, any solution?

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Came out from store, turned on headlight switch pulled out my dodge truck to leave and noticed in glass window ahead of me i had no headlights. i pull the bright light handle toward me but it wouldn't stay on. i had to hold the bright light arm to keep it on so i have lights to drive until i got home. checked fuses and in the rubber boot near firewall where we fixed something before but wasn't that. thinking it is the switch or in the turn signal or steering column?? any suggestions.. someone st

I had the same problem with the same symptoms - including the high beams working when you held the dimmer handle toward you. Turned out to be the headlight switch in the dash had overheated and fried the contacts. ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I have a 2004 Ford Ranger. In July 2010 I took it in to the dealership to get it fixed. The window washer fluid started spraying without turning it on. It would not turn off until it ran out. When I turned my headlights off the wipers turned on. I turned the headlights back on and the horn started blowing. I turned the headlights off and it stopped. The dealership replaced the multifunction switch and the headlamp switch. Also before all this the radio sound was not working. All the lights work

I am a tech at a ford dealership. it sounds like you have a short some wheres around your steering column that maybe what we call "backfeeding" to other systems. the area where the tilt is on the steering column is a good place to check. also remote ... 2004 Ford Ranger

Tailight problems i have replaced headlight switch , brakelight switch,put new socket on right side front , pulled fuse box to fint running light wire burned off, jumped this wire too the headliht switch and got the running lights to work but when brakes are on right side goes dime and hase feed back into the backup bulbs, have cleaned all grounds,and light sockets etc... when i have the running lights working this way the headlight switch starts overheating at the reostat dimmer where it turnes

... 1983 Dodge Cargo

Headlight warning my 1st battery died because i forgot to switch my headlights off on a semi-dark rainy day. the display light on my car has a white background so it's hard to see if you've switched the light off unless you double check. i was curious why this 99 mirage had no warning/alarm whatsoever if these things happen. i now double check my lights before going out of the car but a few days ago, i heard a warning sound the moment i switched the engine off with the headlights still turned o

... 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage

Headlights go off after a few minutes of driving.New switch installed.The hi-beam switch will hold the brights on if I hold the switch back.Brake lights work. After I stop and turn off motor, wait a few minutes ,turn on light swith and they will work. Then when I start motor and turn lights on, they go off afew minutes later.

Brake light are on a different circuit with the dash panel and parking lights. There often is a resetable temperature breaker in the light switch. This protects against high current. Are the bulbs standard? Was the car ever hit in the front? Can you ... 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

00 Jetta 2.0 Car has daytime running lights but when switch is turned to on position car has no low or high beams. I can pull the turn signal lever and high beams come on but go off when released. I checked the voltage going to the headlight switch and it has power and the test light lights up with the switch is flipped. I was wondering if it is possibly a bad switch, dimmer switch, or relay

Check the headlight relay. ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

If my dash lights, running lights and tail lights aren't working, and my headlights are dim and only getting 1 watt of power. The combo switch (headlights, running lights, turn signals) is working, the relay is clicking, but the running light wires are not getting power coming out out of the relay. Also the radio sometimes doesn't work and either turning the ignition on and off or just turning the key while the car was running would make it come back on. Is there any possibly way it could be

Sounds like you have a short or perhaps a bad ground wire. Can you check the current at the relay socket? That would tell you if the short is after the relay or before it. ... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

Dashboard lights when i turn on the headlights none of the dash lights come on.The radio light goes out.There is also a dimmer switch for the instument cluster that is illiminated so iam asumeing it has power.the headlights switch seems to be working, everything has power , parking lights,headlights,high beem ,lowbeem. everything works but the cluster and the lights on the floor shift colum

Check the wiring cable and the internal signal cable ... 1996 Nissan Sentra
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