Having problems with your 2002 Ford Escape ?

How do you replace the ground cable on a 2002 ford escape?

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Answers :

You can buy them at autozone just figure out your cable lengh unbolt the old one from battery teminal and follow it to were it is bolted and repalace

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How do you replace the ground cable on a 2002 ford escape?

You can buy them at autozone just figure out your cable lengh unbolt the old one from battery teminal and follow it to were it is bolted and repalace if this helps please leave thumb up ... 2002 Ford Escape

2001 Ford F250 w/7.8L V8 Diesel. It has dual batteries but single alternator. The charge indicator (battery) light stays on all the time. I have replaced both batteries. Replaced the positive and both negative cables and ensured they were getting proper ground. The alternator and the 2 small wire harness were replaced at the Ford dealership. I had the alternator and batteries tested at Advanced Auto and Auto Zone and all tested OK at both locations. It drains the batteries if I run the vehicle a

... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

My 1999 Ford F250 Light Duty Truck has a corroded cable that goes to the starter. I replaced the ground cable that goes from the battery to the starter and it still will not turn over. I left the original wiring there and think that there may be a wire that splits off the main cable that is not on the off the shelf wire I purchased. I am hoiping to see a wiring diagram for the starter and ground wires.

The ground cable is just that. as long as it connects from the battery to the engine and another cable from the engine to body or the battery to the body, thats OK.. Now the 2 positive cables goes from battery to the starter solenoid on the fender an ... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab

I have a 2001 Ford Escape V6 4WD. The shifter cable needs to be replaced. I called Auto Zone and they have 3 different parts available. Performance Shifter Cable, Stroke Shifter Cable, and Adjustable Single Shifter Cable. Which do I need? Here's a link to my exact problem. http://www.escape-central.com/1forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20977&highlight=shift+cable

Pull the one off yours ... 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 2010 Ford escape with 17000 km on it. I am having problems with intermittent starting problems. The first time it would not restart after stopping at a mall for 30 minutes. had to have it boosted. Took to dealer and they said battery. Replaced it and the same thing happened the next day. This time they said PCM. Replaced that and it happened a third time. This time they said they found some ground wires that weren't tight enough. The next day it did the same thing, but started after 5

Security System Needs To Be Reprogramed !! ... Ford Escape

1985 Ford Bronco.....alternator will not charge the battery. Replaced battery, alternator, voltage regulator, starter relay, and have completely cleaned all wiring associated with the battery & alternator. Cleaned all ground connections down to bare metal and re-installed in vehicle. Still will not send charge to battery. Vehicle starts, remove positive battery cable from battery, vehicle quits. Ran continuity tests on all the cables, everything checks out o.k.. Alternator has 5 posts on the bac


Voltage drop I have a 1994 thunderbird and have replaced the battery 2 times and the altenater twice. The troubles I'm having is when the RMPs get to 2000 the voltage on drop to 0 if I hold the throtle at that rmp. After charging the battery so it will start and letting it idle which it will do just fine so the alternate can charge the battery it wont take but 15 20 minutes later I will go out to start it again and it will be completely dead again. I have replace the ground and positive cables t

Had some help here ,everything is pointing to the altenator .Sorry to say after you have changed it twice but i think you have been unlucky and replaced the unit with one with the same fault ---was it a new one or scrapyard ?? start engine and then h ... 1994 Ford Thunderbird

Electrical problem Recenly bought a 1977 ford F150, 400, C6. Towed boat to lake on bumpy road. When I started truck to pull away from boat launch the started hung and the truck would not turn off by the key and the battery ground wire got very hot and melted the solder that held it to the battery terminal. I was able to stop the fire by separating the negative cable were the solder melted. The next day I returned, replaced the started the solenoid to be safe and the negative batterey cable. It r

There is a short on the car electric circuits, or inside the ignition block. If I was in your shoes I would start by replacing the ignition block. This can probably fix it. If it doesn't, you should check the ignition circuit backward to find the sh ... 1981 Ford F 100

I have a 2001 ford escape 2.0 L 4 Cyl with 5 speed Manual Transmission. Recently had the clutch replaced with in a week the speedometer would be eratic but not all the time then after about a month on occassion would just stop working read zero kilometers then suddenly start working again after driving several kilometers and a couple weeks later just stopped completely sits at zero kilometers an hour all the time. Suspect there is a speed sensor as there is no actual speedometer cable BUT Ford P

Definitely not an expert here, but exactly the same symptoms after a clutch replacement. I found one of the wires going to the connector on the harness side of the Vehicle Speed Sensor pulled in two. Can only surmise that during the clutch installa ... 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 2001 Ford escape my cable keeps coming off the pin causing the lever to come off. Do I have to buy a whole shift cable to replace the wore out gromment?

... Ford Escape

Poor Mileage I just bought a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid from a dealer. One owner car serviced thru same Ford dealer, 41k miles. Only glitch in Carfax report was check and later replacement of battery cable. Driving it carefully/softly for two days, I am getting maximum 24 miles to the gallon!! Realizing FWD may give me fewer mpg, I am still shocked. I am feeling very vulnerable right now as a female driver. Any advice guys would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you kindly.

Hello;\015\012 I would take the vehicle back to the dealer for a check. In city driving is seldom good but see what mileage you get on the open road. Stop and go kills mileage but my Pontiac G6 gets 26 in town and 39 on the freeway. ... 2006 Ford Escape

I have an 84 ford ltd crown victoria, charging ssytem wont charge my battery 4 some reason. ive already replaced the alternator twice, voltage regulator and the battery. cleaned the grounds, made sure all the cables werent corroded and still no charging goin on. all fusible links checked out 2 b good. so wat else could b wrong.

Dead cell in Battery? Take positive cable off battery while running and then it should stay running that mean the alternator is working. So you want to check battery out for dead cell in battery if that is the case it will not take a charge. ... 1984 Ford Crown Victoria

How to install mega raizin purple (voltage stabilizer) with 5 ground cable on ford escape?

... Ford Escape

My 1998 ford mustang 3.8 had a failure of the ground wire at the battery. I installed a new end and tried to start the engine. The engine cranks but would not start. I parked it in this spot overnight so I assumed it would start when I fixed the cable. I listened for the fuel pump but got no response(pump was replaced 1 year ago). I checked the fuel rail schrader valve and there was no pressure. I reset the emergency shutoff and pulled the fuse and checked, it was ok. There was power at the fuse

You sure the ground wires all reconnected? Check for power at the inertia switch. If it has power,the pump may be bad. Power to the Inertia switch comes through the FP relay, from the fuse. The relay is in a box called the CCRM (constant control rel ... 1998 Ford Mustang

1985 ford crown vick, starter will not engage. the solenoid on the fender clicks on and off really fast like an air hammer. i have tried to jump around it and the starter still will not turn over. i had the starter checked at the parts store it turned over just fine. i have replaced the solenoid on the fender and the negative ground cable. but it just will not turn over the starter. i have it hooked up to a battery charger with up to 200 amps, but does not matter.

The positive cable is dirty at the battery or starter or the starters shot ... 1985 Ford Crown Victoria

2002 Ford Escape has blinking 0?d light and sets off p1744. i changed the solenoid assembly and fluid and it seemed to work. The cat got clogged and blew out the egr. I replaced cat and egr and the p1744 came back.

... 2002 Ford Escape

How to replace throttle cable on 2001 ford escap 3.0l

... 2001 Ford Escape

94 escort i have a 94 ford escort that was running, went out to start it one day and nothing, not even the click you get from a dead battery, no lights, nothing. had battery checked and it was no good. replaced battery and still nothing. checked the ground and it seems to be fine, question is, is there an in-line fuse or main fuse for the positive cable, or some other type of connection i should be looking for? anything at this point would be great.

There are some main fuses in the black box that bolts on to the live of the battery hope this helps ... 1994 Ford Escort

How do I replace 2001 ford escape shifter cable

Autozone.com sign up its free then click on repair manuals you will find\012 all of your info there....good luck ... 2001 Ford Escape

Replace a battery cable - 2001 Ford Escape

What is your question and why would a fairly new veh need a new cable? ... 2001 Ford Escape

My 1985 Fords F-150 will not start. The dash won't light up when I turn the key on. I have replaced the battery, ground cable, and the starter solenoid. I can jump the solenoid, and the motor turns over, but no ignition when the key is turned toi the on position. Any clues??????

Starter switch is bad if theres nothing when you turn the key, or the neutral safety switch is bad. ... 1985 Ford F150

How to replace negative ground cable on a 2002 ford focus

... 2002 Ford Explorer

2005 ford escape....replaced dead battery and cd won't work. Can you help please? The radio works....but I can hear the cds shuffling in the back ground. They won't play and I can't eject them either. Can you help me please?

Using the owners manual the security code and programing # should be listed try reprograming the unit ... 2005 Ford Escape

How to repalce the ground cable on a 2004 ford escape

... 2002 Ford Escape

The ground cable of my 99 ford f250 LD 5.4 V8 from the battery to the starter was corroded off at the starter. I discoonected the old ground cable at the battery and starter and installed an off the shelf ground cable from the starter to the batter and fastened the small wire that is attached to the cable to the body of the truck where the old wire was. Istill will not turn over but it did when I held the corroded wire to the starter. That is why I want a diagram so I can see if the original wir

The cable coming off the starter is the postive (+) cable not the ground cable. thats why its not truning over cause you have now power going to the starter. run the cable from the stater to the (+) side of the battary and i bet it will start up ... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab
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