Having problems with your 2002 Ford Escape ?

What kind of battery can I use for my 2002 model Ford Escape? My car is a 4X4, 2.6 engin size

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You sate you have the 2.6 liter engine. Is it four or six cylinders? The number of cylinders is also used to determine the correct battery amps. The following information is for the four cylinder engine...You can use any battery with at least 590 cold cranking amps, 620 cold cranking amps, or 720 cold cranking amps. The following is for the six cylinder engine...You can use any battery with at least 590 cold cranking amps, 620 cold cranking amps or 720 cold cranking amps. The auto parts store can help you decide the best battery for your vehicle.
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What kind of battery can I use for my 2002 model Ford Escape? My car is a 4X4, 2.6 engin size

You sate you have the 2.6 liter engine. Is it four or six cylinders? The number of cylinders is also used to determine the correct battery amps. The following information is for the four cylinder engine...You can use any battery with at least 590 col ... 2002 Ford Escape

I have a electrical problem with 2002 Ford Focus Se. My problem is that it seems like my battery wont hold a charge. I test the voltage at the battery with car running and its only 12.2 volts steady. But when I test the alternator and use the engine block as the ground for my multimeter it has 13.5-14.5 volts. Also using the positive battery terminal and the engine block as ground test 13.5-14.5volts. But when using the negative battery terminal/post I only get 12.2volts and it starts to drop wi

Check a conection cable between chassis and engine.Open and clean terminals.Put them back and check voltage. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Dear Sirs, I'm now living in VietNam, my friend is living in US. He already sent to me the Motorcraft GL979 alternator 2 weeks ago(The part number: 8L8T-10300-AA), but my car is 2004 Ford Escape 3.0V6, I know the Motorcraft GL979 is applied for 2007-2008 Ford Escape. I must to adjust the 2004 Ford Escape bracket and when I start the engine on, I got the big problem: 1) There are no electric current from the alternator to the battery, I checked it only 12V. 2) The Engine is OFF. Then I turn

Hi, Quang : Refer to your point 3) , the ECU or ECM for 2008 and 2004 Escape are different. My suggestion is to buy one correct regulator with WAI number F603. ( ... 2004 Ford Escape

Cant start my Ford Focus engine. When attempted to start engine, the system is not supplying current to the plugs. We cross checked all parameters, sensor, coil, etc, are all in good condition as they were exchanged with another car the same model and purchased at the same time. Ford Focus Chassis No. WFOFXXWPDF4Y65324 Every other system in the car is working well except that the Key would not start the engine. I understand the engine is code-locked because the second key was used. Please

I removed my ecu had it checked the replaced it now my 2.olt zetec wont start the fuel pump dosnt kick in can you help ... 2005 Ford Focus

I own a 2003 Ford Escape 3.0 L engine 6 cylinder. about a month ago I had a battery problem and replaced my battery. Once I did this, I then started to have a "battery not charging" light on my dashboard that started to come on and stay on for about 3 to 5 minutes. This only happened after the car had sat and the engine was cold. Once the engine warmed up, the light went out and stayed out... First my mechanic said maybe I got a bad battery, so I went and exchanged my battery for ano

... 2003 Ford Escape

I have a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. The car shut down and said "stop safely now". I was able to restart it and drive home. Then it happened again, noticed this would happen after driving 45min or so. The 2nd time it happened it also said "engine temp overheating". We could not smell, see or hear anything one usually would with overheating. Took it to Ford service. $703 for Auxiliary Motor to help keep the HV battery cool, $30 for a new HV Filter, they recommended a new engine battery to at the co

... 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.25, 2008 reg and the battery has died. I hooked it up to another battery and all life returned...ie lights door locking work, radio et but everytime i tried to start the car there is no life the immobiliser light keeps flashing and the message reads, engine system fault and all engine temp to high...any ideas as i don't want to hav to pay a fortune to get my car to the garage as it wont start at all and get it fixed as i don't use it that much due to owning a focus c

Does the vehicle click while turning the key ? probably not enough life left in the other battery to turn over the vehicle. ... Ford F

Battery is DEAD on 2003 Ford Escape. Door key (using an actual key) unlock is also motorized, which needs battery juice. I can't get into this car! I thought about putting jumper cables on the sta

Break open a Slim Jim! ... 2003 Ford Escape

I have Fiat palio 2002 model petrol engine, recently I have kept the car idle for a week and when used again the car did not show any problem.But after a day I got a staring trouble and the battery was completely drained.I have replaced the battery and I am able to switch on the car but during driving the car got switched off and I was not able to start again.After 15 minutes the car got started and again after a 1KM travel it switched off again.Some once can help me to identify what is the

... Fiat 124

I have a ford focus 1.4 2002 I was driving one day parked up and left the music on while I ran in my house for 2mins. When I came back the car would not start just one click. I used jump leads and the car still would not start so someone pushed the the car down the road while the gear was in 2nd and with a lil gas the car started, however when I turn off the engine it won't start again. I took to going online and read it might be my battery so went to halfords bought a brand new battery and I go

If the car is push-start. Then, engine is all good. And it must be starter motor or the battery. Since you have replaced the battery, it must be starter motor OR the loose cabling. One tip is - if you can arrange any running starter motor (from a Fri ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Y reg 2.0 litre Ford Mondeo Ghia X and I have a problem with the battery. If I don't use the car for one or two days, the battery goes flat and will not start the engine. The AA has replaced the battery for a new one - also they cannot detect any current leakage from the battery. I've checked that all the courtesy lights have gone off when the car is in the garage. It may be relevant to note that on a couple of occasions, but not consistently, the driver's side rear door hasn't

1. Check out if the tailgate switch will turns OFF the tailgate interior lamp after closing the tailgate. Replace switch if necessary. \015\0122. Let the car unlocked inside the garage with all doors closed, and see if the problem sti ... Ford Granada

I have a 1977 Ford f150 4x4 . I put in the 460 big block it originally had the 400 in it. The problem I have is the starter will not turn the engine over when its warm. It makes the same sound as a low battery would. I let it sit for about an hour and it will start like nothing. I have replaced, battery, battery cables, (both negative and positive) solenoid, and starter. Its starting to get annoying and I could use some help. It has done this with every engine I put in so far and I've had thre

... Cars & Trucks

Engine stops hi , i have a ford fiesta 1.4si 1998 model. and my problem is when i have to stop (slow down the speed) for example to a street light or to take a turn the rpm falls down from 1000 and the car switch off with the two indicators (battery and oil) light red, and i turn the key again to switch on the engine. The strange think is while the car ''goes'' to stop and i put the second gear it sudenly stat again. what's going on!!!?? i took it to 3 difrent car-enginears and no-one seems to k

It sounds like the potentiometer is faulty. ... 1998 Ford Escort

I own a ford Puma. Alarm is going off every time I open the door or close it. Need to either help this or is there a way to completly dusable the alarm and jus run the car without it. Also is there a quick way to correct the boot opening latch? I can open it from inside but not outside with the key. Year : 1997 Make : Ford Model: puma Engine: 1.7 Already Tried: Unhooked battery to try and reset it. Unplugged fuse to try and stop it. Sounds like alarm is nearer to the rear of the car.

There is a module behine the carpet where ya right foot goes. the top plug is the alarm system. just use ya key to lock and unlock the car ... 2000 Ford Focus

My 95 Taurus Sho 3.2L, stalls every day. All lights comes on when it stalls. The coolant reservoir is full but, the light in the panel shows LOW COOLANT. Ford Dealer can't find the problem. They used the scanner for Codes and no results. I changed the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the car still stalls, and the light stills shows low coolant. Ford Dealer Changed the ignition Model, but no result. In the morning with cold engine, the car will stall for sure and I have to wait 20 minutos to start

This most likely one of two things. Either you have a bad crank sensor or you have a water pump that is trickling coolant down on your crack sensor. I have experienced both of these scenarios with my 92 SHO. Good luck. BTW, the low coolant sensor is ... 1996 Ford Taurus

2001 Ford Escape, Cleaned the battery posts and reconnected. Car wont start after reconnection. Checked cables for disconnects, terminals for tightness, etc... everything is fine there. Car started about 20 - 30 minutes prior and had been started and driven a few times today. All accessory's in work but car just ticks when I try to start it. I noticed that the alarm wont set however and the engine gives off a small hum when the key is in the start/run position.

It sounds like th ebattery has failed with high internal resistance. Get a voltmeter (or multimeter in dc volts mode) and measure across the battery while trying to crank. It should remain near 12 volts, possibly drop to 11 or so while cranking if lo ... Cars & Trucks

Ford s max with an optional extra of an electric automatic handbrake. the smptons are, handbrake stuck on with the red and amber handbrake warning lights flashing. Question, is there an override button/switch/lever and if so where? ta Optional Information: Year: 2007 Make: Ford Model: S-Max Engine: 1.8 Already Tried: battery reset looked for release valves, found 12v at handbrake switch muli-plug, thought i should have 5v ecu voltage, but no. This is'nt my car so tried all the obvious stuff th

If you look in the boot where there may be a spare wheel there can sometimes be a leaver thich will overide the automatic system ... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan

I have installed a used engine in my 2002 PT Cruiser non-turbo. The engine was running properly before it was removed from the wreck, same year and model. Now it will not start. Through the codes in the car, I have isolated the situation down to the crankshaft position sensor. The ASD is not getting a reference signal from the CKP sensor (code 0320). I reset the codes by disconnecting the negative side of the battery, and the code repeated. I changed the sensor with the one from the seiz

Most chrysler products you have to re sync the cam and crank sensors using a scan tool such as Snap-on's modis. you may have to also have the cars computer specs re programmed for the replacement motor adn that can only be done at a dealership. ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 2005 Ford Escape has shut off twice now when I come to a stoplight. I can restart the engine, but it dies again when I give it gas. I have to put the car in neutral and give it gas, then put it in drive to get going again. I've been putting the car in neutral whenever I come to a light and that seems to solve the problem. But this is a dangerous problem to have and I'd like to know what's causing it. Just replaced the battery and that didn't fix it.

If you have no codes stored then its most likely the idle air control valve that is faulty,, but not being able to see all the strored data in the PCM its only a guess. ... 2002 Ford Escape

Flashing icon of lock when car is off. I just bought a used 2006 ford escape and when I turned the engine off and removed key I get a flashing red light that looks like a lock. it is located in the lower left of the instrument panel. Didn't get an owners manual with the car

It is normal. that is your anti theft system flashing ... 2006 Ford Escape

Battery is DEAD on 2003 Ford Escape! Door key (using an actual key) unlock is also motorized, which needs battery juice. I can't get into this car! I thought about putting jumper cables on the sta

... 2003 Ford Escape

2001 ford focus zetec td di 1753cc . Battery and alternator has been changed all connections checked for security but battery losing charge and car will not start. Ok if i use car every day but if i leave for even one day battery not up to starting car. Ford main dealer says it could be computer fault,but their not sure. Reluctant to spend more money on such an old car. Your advice?

There is something that is not turning off. It possibly could be the computer. The way that I find problems like this is to remove and reinstall the fuses one at a time. DC voltage will arc when something is drawing a load. When you put the fuses bac ... 2003 Ford Focus

Cant afford mannual but need a list of codes for my 1989 s10 blazer 4x4 4.3v6.have just installed new rearend and car was down for almost 5 weeks.Now it is hard starting and ruff idle. cleared codes twice by diconnecting battery but still check engine light still on .Sims like fuel related.sure could use a listof codes for it .any help would be appreciated.

I need to know where to find all the fuses in my 89 S10 blazer, The headlight won't work, but if I run a live wire from the battery to the lights they work. any ideas on the problem ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I recently replaced an Engine in a 2003 Ford Escape. Everything went together well, but when i go to start the truck it will not stay "started". I turn the key and it trys to start but it dies as soon as i release the key. The battery terminals are tight and i used a diagnostic tool and it said all systems passed. Please Help

Take the cats off and try... they are probably clogged. seen it on alot of escapes ... 2003 Ford Escape

Hello, my son 2001 f150 supercrew 4x4 will not start, I think it is the starter selonoid. Does this make and model have starter seloniod separate from the starter. I remember a ford that had the selonoid on top of the starter. All the lights and bells come on so battery must be good. There is a click sound except the engine will not crank. Any help?? FS

If it is not the ignition fuse, that is what I would think it was. There might also be a bad connection to the starter as well. Make sure the wires are correct and everything is grounded. If all that checks out, try the starter selonoid. If you have ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew
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