Having problems with your 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab ?

I have a dodge dakota 2002 3.9 engine,have a problem the engine start and run but the panel all clock no funcion

\015 I need a solucion for my problem ,the engine start and run but the all clock no funcioning\015
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I have a dodge dakota 2002 3.9 engine,have a problem the engine start and run but the panel all clock no funcion

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98 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Auto. Just rebuilt customer's engine due to they had installed wrong (too large) injector in #6 cylinder and it blew a hole in the piston. Found the problem during rebuild and replaced with correct injector. Now after all is done and all(most) is well. Truck fires, cranks, runs great but after a few miles truck starts acting like it is not getting fuel and loses power. I can turn engine off and start back immediately and no problems. It will run again for several miles before

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Dodge Dakota doesn't start on first attempt. Seems like fuel takes a while to get up to engine. Once started it runs fine. When it sits for 10-15 minutes, I need to crank engine, wait 1 sec, then crank again to start engine.

Is the pressure in the fuel system not holding? Fuel pump may be failing or the filter may be bad. Sounds like you're pumping the fuel system back up to pressure before the truck will start. Like when a fuel-injected car runs outta gas and you have t ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota. The engine started to make a seriou loud knocking sound. Took it to a mechanic and he advised to install a new engine. The truck runs great and has been well taken care of. Not sure how this happened. Even with the knock, the engine still has power. Here is where I need some help. I decided to move forward with rebuilding the engine. I like the truck and didn't want to give it up. So not knowing what the problem is, I started to take the engine apart and have gotten

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I'm getting an intermitent code P1389 on my 2002 Dodge Dakota Manul Transmition 3.9 engine. the truck was running great when I shut it down. When I went to start it back up it would turn over but not start. I erased the code with my OBD II tester and still wouldn't start. I disconnected the Neg battery term. and tried to start 10 times. I reconnected the battery term and then started right up and run great. This has happened several times now and the reader says it's the ASD relay low voltage.

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Hi, 2002 dodge Dakota, 4.7l, got home from work and shut off. 10 minutes later, went to start and made a noise like a car makes when you try and start car when it is already started, then idle was rough, shut off and had strong smell of gas in exhaust. Thought to be timing chain had jumped, others said to change the cam and crank position sensors. Changed them and still running rough, engine vibrates bad if I can get it to start at all. Still have gas smell in exhaust. Do the timing chains jump

The chain could jump a tooth or two, but normally a chain or gear breaks. You could pull the spark plugs and check compression to find out.It sounds like one or two injectors may have failed allowing liquid gas to flow into the cylinders. ... Dodge Cars & Trucks

1988 Dodge Dakota 3.9. will start, idle for few seconds then choke down. If i maintain pedal and keep it running, will not run steady, engine revs and falls revs and falls....cuts off immediately if

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I have a 91 Dodge Dakota It will not start it first then the check engine light flashes once then 3 * then 5 * then 5 * And then it starts and then it runs about 5 minutes and eyes Then I go through the flashing light problem again and it starts again and then dies What is the problem with my truck

Duplicate question. ... Cars & Trucks

2001 dodge dakota stalls when put in reverse on first start up of the day. If put in drive it runs and drives fine and also after truck is driven and warms up it will go in reverse just fine. transmission was recently rebuilt. i took it back to shop they could not find anything wrong with trans and said it sounds like an engine problem. There are no codes for engine or trans and the engine light is not on. any ideas

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I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota, 3.9 V6 engine... When outside temp. is below 40 F and after engine is to operating temperature, engine has a surging idle in park or drive. Seems worse in drive, like dead solid miss. Sometimes in drive the idle will flare up and truck will lunge forward. In park idle surges. Happens intermittently. When first started cold, idle rises higher than noticed in previous years then drops suddenly to what I consider normal. Seems to run ok off idle but fuel mileage is poor

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The gas gauge on my 2004 Dodge Dakota (4.7 V8) will suddenly drop from full (or wherever it actually is) to EMPTY and the Check Engine light will come on at the same time. After I shut the engine off and wait a few minutes AND CRANK IT BACK UP, the gauge will work correctly and the Check Engine light will have gone off. After I drive about 5 minutes, the same thing happens. The truck always runs normally when this happens. It did not happen for 3 days and it just started doing it again today.

Hello\015\012I suspect the problem you have is related to a defective fuel level sensor inside the fuel tank, but to confirm the check engine light and the gauge are related you will need the OBD2 electronic engine control system tested for fau ... Dodge Dakota

Starts normal when cold. Run a few miles, shut off and engine will crank but not start. Can start it by pushing it a bit and jumping clutch when in gear. Has new plugs, new plug wires, new distributor, new coil. 1996 Dodge dakota, 2.5L, 5 speed, 4 cyl.

How is the crank sensor? Does it have a new fuel filter? Those two are common for no starts. Also loose or dirty negative battery cable connections and a loose ignition wire on the starter. ... Dodge Dakota

Hello, my 1991 dodge dakota 4x4 with 5.2 engine is in the shop & they can't figure out yet what is wrong. So far the plugs, tps, wires, cap, rotor & 2 reman computers were installed. They put in a new computer twice & the truck will run great for maybe about 5 miles or so and then just die and won't restart. They take the first computer that was in it along on the test drive because at least the truck will start with this computer but really runs terrible. Cannot figure out why these new comput

Hi just as a matter of interest has the distributor been checked out? as this could be a hall effect sensor fault? just shutting down with no fuel and no spark is part of the fault do you get this? i think it would be worth a look at just to see, may ... Dodge Dakota

I have a 1993 dodge dakota v8 pickup with a very strange intermittent problem .I can be driving and the engine will just shut down like turning off the ignition.I can crank it over and over and it will not start.Yet I can go back two or three hours later and it will start and may start and run fine for a week or two.I have taken it to two different shops,the ignition switch ,and coil have been replaced.Both shops say they have to catch the problem when it s happening.Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have the exact same problem and would love for it to be solved, except mine has a minor detail attached. If i pop the hood and then slam it while cranking it(not THAT hard) or almost immediately crank it after slamming hood, it will start back up u ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

02 dodge dakota with a 4.7 engine runs good when when it is first started and you can drive it forever, but after it is shut off and sits for awhile it will not start until it cools off. both the crankshaft & camshaft sensors have been replaced

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1997 dodge dakota v6 engine wont start replaced plugs and wires all 6 injectors the computer the crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor and throttle position sensor ad idle air control valve the engine will run while spraying fuel into the throttle body but dies when fuel is gone

Turn the key to the on position a see if you can here a buzzing sound around the fuel tank,if you don't hear a sound then. (be very careful while doing this) with the key off take a fuel line coming from the tank loose,make ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1988 dodge dakota truck with a 3.9 litre engine. It was running fine then started running rough and now it barly runs.it act like it is starving for fuel.I pulled up trouble code 12 and 13. Could this be the problem

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1992 dodge dakota with 318 cid engine wont start. Then starts easily, runs for a moment before it suddenly stops without even stumbling.

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I have a 1993 dodge dakota 4x4 with the v8 5.2 L engine in it. The problem is that the auto shut off fuse keeps triping when the truck is driving. Once tripped it will continue to blow fuses untill the truck cools off for a few hours then like nothing was ever wrong it will take a new fuse and start and run fine for a few miles again then do it again. However I can start it and let it idle for hours and the fuse will never blow. So far I have checked the relays, injectors and ignition coil a

... 1993 Dodge Dakota

Bosch edc 5.3 fitted to MAN D2876 lf02 engine .Truck starts normal and idle ok for a while, then starts to push out white smoke frm the exhaust and runs uneven, and within seconds starts to run evenly again.Remove the plug on top of vertical slider on injector pump and found that if i hold the slider fixed with a tool the engine keeps on running evenly and doesnt start to misfire or smokes.The edc light does come on,on the centre panel(when the smoking starts) but goes away as soon as the engine

Try blocking off the valve that connects the inlet manifold to the exhaust and see what happens ??? or just disconnect it from the inlet manifold and try that before you remove the pump to have it overhauled ,Yes we do seem a bit short of motor vehic ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Rough Idle I have a 96 Dodge Intrepid that had been sitting in a garage for two years. I got the vehicle started and drove it to a repair shop where I had the fluids, plugs, gas and oil filters changed. After all of this the vehicle started to run rough at idle after having a warm engine. At running speeds the engine runs smooth with no problems it?s just at a standstill when the vehicle starts to run rough. I have also noticed that the gas mileage is lower that I remember. Any suggestions? Than

You might try going to your local auto parts store and purchasing some intake sensor or MAP sensor cleaning spray and clean your input sensors so theyll get an accurate reading to control your engine idle better. It may also be that your idle air con ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

My 1988 dodge Dakota 3.9 3 speed automatic 2 w Dr.idles rough and sometimes dies at a stop light and won't restart unless I put the gassed peddle to the floor.when it does finally start I have to keep reving the engine and black smoke comes from the tail pipe.It will then idle and run OK for awhile.Sometimes when I come to a stop it won't idle down and It feels like I lose vacuum to my breaks because the peddle is real hard to push and doesn't want to stop.

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When I start my 1993 Dodge Dakota Sport and press the gas the engine will sometimes bog and then stall out. And sometimes it runs normally. what's wrong with it?

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1995 dodge dakota 5.2L automatic will run until engine warms up then stalls with no spark all ignition parts have been replaced will start after cooled off

Crank angle sensor located between engine and transmission.On top of bell housing, drivers side. ... Dodge Dakota

How do I disconnect the factory alarm system on a 1997 dodge dakota . My alarm system will not deactivate with my keyless entry. I can disconnect the battery cables and reconnect them and the alarm is still activated. The engine will start but it won't continue to run.

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