Having problems with your 2002 Chrysler Voyager ?

Van wont start, radio and lights are working, just clicking noise, does it need a new battery , has original battery since 2002

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Answers :

If the original battery is still in the vehicle I'd say that is a 99% chance you need to replace it.
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Van wont start, radio and lights are working, just clicking noise, does it need a new battery , has original battery since 2002

If the original battery is still in the vehicle I'd say that is a 99% chance you need to replace it. ... 2002 Chrysler Voyager

The low battery icon started coming on after I was at the car wash and my 1yr turned on all the lights and the radio was on. needless to say I needed a Jump to get home. Then the low battery indicator started coming on at anythime that the car had set for a feew hours, but if I drove again with in 1 hour the light would not come on. I purchased a new battery (Autocraft Titanim) assuming the battery was bad since the light continued to pop on and off. However, after having the new battery install

Hi,Initially and based on your description, it is doubtful if the problem is "shortage or fuse related". To my understanding, your concern is that the "low battery indicator" comes on and off. This indicator although says battery i ... Saturn Vue

Car makes stuttering noise when starting engine not even turning over. Nothing was left on inside the car no doors open to drain the battery. When key is turned back to original position radio runs and lights work fine. Engine oil in the tank is fine. Car has 84000 miles on it with original battery. Time for a new battery?

... 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD

What can cause an ford escape to drain a battery. I have replaced the battery with two new ones and still have the same problem. This was one that had a recall on it and while the had it they checked the radio since it would play at times and would not play at times. They said I needed to replace the radio, but have not so far. After this was when I started having problems.

... 2008 Ford Escape

I have a 1998 v-6 honda accord car and my radio is original but i had a problem with my car and i had to buy a new battery when i put it back my radio is not working i need the code so that i can please put it back i would appreciate the help

I already sent you some help on this awhile, back. I also wanted to sent you this Honda customer service 1-800-999-1009 will walk you through the stepsto get your serial nuimber for your code and turn it back on. They will ask you a set of question ... 1998 Honda Accord

I have a a 2002 2.7 Intrepid. The car will start up perfectly 4 or five times, then there will be nothing, no click, no noise at all. Would not start last night, then thiis morning started without a problem. I took in for service, they told me I needed a new battery. They installed battery, I drove out of the parking lot and card proceeded to stall after 30 years. Could the starter brushes be the problem since it is intermittent. It is amazing how I can start it five times in one day and then ge

I can't understand why they couldn't determine if it was your starter as, there is a remote jumper for the starter which allows to engage the starter without a key and activating any of the relays to the starter.I can't see the other off ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

2005 Chev Equinox battery keeps dying because the radio clock keeps turning on and off when the car is not running. I have installed a new battery and I pulled the fuse for the radio and the battery is still staying charged now. Is this a easy fix or do I need a new radio in the vehicle?

... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Instrument panel lights will not work after new battery was installed. Previously, When door was opened one could hear static noise and flickering of instrument panel lights. Battery was checked and was no good. New battery was installed, however the radio lights, the speedometer needle and the gas gauge needle will not indicate any readings. Dome lights, radio and headlights work, though. Thanks for any help.

Hi 1987 Honda Civic lihgts on instrument panel. New Battery. and replaced blower unit but lights on panel not working. I am yet to install stereo unit which was taken out by previous owner - very roughly ! Wondering if not having stereo will effec ... Chevrolet Impala

Hello, i got a messege on control panel that key card battery needs changing, this i did with new batterys ever since its been a nightmare very hit and miss as to it working at all, im worried me and the kids will get locked out its a nightmare, also when i brought the car there was a spare new key with it ive treid this one and it does,nt work at all so im wondering if its possible that the new card needs to be programmed? also will the key card be covered by the warrenty do you think?

I had a Renault Scenic 2005 with same problem, basically I got the correct battery and it fixed the problem, there is no way you will get locked in or out as the key will still work, the second key will not work unless it is programmed by Renault, an ... Renault R5

I have recently added a Bluetooth ULF module to my car, every thing works except sound. I purchased the system from bimmernav.com, they supplied the old to new harness to connect from the original harness to the new, a new BMW Professional BM54 radio and BMW Bluetooth ULF module. The car is a 1997 BMW 540i Vin no WBADE 62030 BW71103 Originally it was equiped with: TV,Radio and tape deck. has since been fitted with: GPS navigation system and CD player. At this stage when all the above are connect

Hello Richard, when the ulf module was installed, was the jumper plug installed in the blue 26 pin connector in the left rear corner near the GPS unit. I think that if this plug is missing, you will not get any sound for the interface. This plug is r ... 1997 BMW 5 Series

My 2005 chrysler pacifica drivers seat doesn't recline but the actual seat moves from front to back. when i press the button you hear a clicking noise coming from the right side when sitting down can this mean i need a new seat motor? also my radio stopped working the air conditioner works just the radio....do i just need a new fuse?

... Chrysler Pacifica

Wednesday I needed a jump. After I got it started and disconnected cables, it idled down, lights dimmed and radio stopped playing. Tested battery, it was good. Cleaned posts and 4runner started right up. No problem with lihgts or radio. Drove around town but after a while at red lights idle would slow and battery light wpould come on. Had to keep foot on gas at stops. Been doing that everyday but have not needed to jump start since Wednesday. Alternator or something else?

It sounds like the Alternator is beginning to fail while under load. HOWEVER before jumping to that conclusion: what shape is the Belt in?? I would hate for you to replace the Alternator and find out the Belt was loose, worn, or stretched. A Belt c ... 1989 Toyota 4Runner

The battery will not hold a charge. Took it to Service center two years ago for a new battery but said the battery was now fully charged and I did not need a new one. BUT since that time the car would not start because of dead battery four more times. And had to give it a jump. The dealer at the service center said that the batterys are so small in the Accents that it will not take much to have them go dead. This being true in the cold weather. Could I up grade to a regular size battery ?

You can upgrade your battery,i suggest that you do so. the more cold cranking amps on your battery the better.if theres an advance auto parts store near you they will have what you need and also install it for free. autozone does the same thing also. ... Hyundai Accent

My battery wont hold a charge more than 6 hours ? Thought radio was darwling off the battery so i pulled my radio fuse . looks like the electrolyetes are low the little eye on the battery is clear ...will i need a new battery or do they do something else to service the battery ?

No, the battery is shot, Just get a new one, you should be all set. The electrolytes have to be good in all cells, one bad cell is dead battery, the battery must maintain 13+ volts at all times. Clean the terminals good when changing the battery, you ... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Dead batery my battery was dead jump started it got the charging system checked they said everything was good just needed a new battery so i got a new battery car sat for 2 days car battery very low would not start jump started car again drove around to charge battery parked overnight next morning car hesitated but then started up and i have not had a problem since. could you tell me please what would cause that.

Dear lilgothicYou may have just simply had an issue with the alternator. Sometimes these can become stuck or not put out enough power to re-charge the battery, and this is why your battery was going flat. However a bad earth, open circuit ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander Limited with original Panasonic Battery. Purchased vehicle new in Dec. 2005. Know the battery can't last much longer and need to know what is best replacement battery for the buck. Original battery is a Panasonic 80D26L-MF....I don't know anything about cold cranking amps, etc. Any help is appreciated......

My 2004 v6 2wd highlander has the same battery, and I am just now replacing it. What is that 7 years? I found via google that it has 550 CCA. I think it would have lasted longer if not for kids leaving lights on every few weeks and an unusually cold ... 2006 Toyota Highlander

I have a 2002 Toyota Echo...first it started out with the radio cutting in and out when I hit a bump in the road..then after a while the radio just wouldn't come on anymore...every now and then when I turn my signals or windshield wipers on my radio will come on. Now I'm having problems with my car keeping a charge. It's a brand new battery and drains overnight. I have had the battery checked, and a diagnostic test and everything reads ok..I need help!!

There was a short circuit on your wiring.the wire on your radio contact the same with wipers and signal light connection. ... 2002 Toyota ECHO

The battery light on my car came on. I assumed it needed a charge or I needed a new battery. My car stopped, however, when jumped it would not stay on. I was advised by my brother that it is most likely not the battery. the car was making a loud noise prior to it stopping. It seemed to be coming from one of the belts?

There seems to be a no charge state in this case. i recommend checking the charging system. use the procedure below to isolate this issue.Wear protective eye wear and clothing and remove all jewelry when checking your battery and charging ... 2008 Dodge Avenger

I need a wiring diagram/wire colors for a bose radio system in a 2005 gmc sierra. The front(door) speakers both sound like they're blown. I was told by a radio retailer/installer that the problem was the amp, but the new bose amp from GM poses the same problem. Need to test this out myself, but I'm having difficulty finding info for harnesses at the radio AND at the amp. When I fade to the rear speakers, I am still hearing noise in the front somewhat. This is leading me to believe that the p

... 2005 GMC Sierra

Headlights are draining my battery. i replaced the alternator because i noticed a severe drain, my cars radio cut out and my engine almost quit. after installing the new alt. everything seemed fine until the weather dictated the need 4 headlights. the car ran fine untill the battery got very low under 11v. at home i performed some diagnostics disconnected all amp wires, turned radio off and headlights. checked the voltage the alt was doing its job battery charging and read 14.5v at idle. reconn

Sounds like you have a shorted wire somewhere. ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

Car made a ticking noise every once in a while, the engine has 120xxx miles on it runs really good but would make this noise every so often. went to start it one day and it wouldnt start. tried to jump the car and the battery wouldnt take a charge for a long time. when the battery finally did take a charge it made an aweful noise when i tried to start car. was wondering if it is the timing chain and if so do i need to repair heads because i have heard there is 0 tolerance on the heads and they m

The probable clicking may be a failed starter, remove and inspect, or have tested at pepboys,autozone or similar store. There is and inspection hole in the top of the engine in the front timing belt cover, verify that it is not broken, most times w ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Battery drainage radio acting up, pulled fuses; also took out the direction/temp feature airbag fuse out. need to disconnect battery if the car is not in use. this is what hear when i buy a new battery if i don't use the car every other day. and i also hear that these batt's will start a car even if it is not in use for 2 years? this truck will kill a brand new anything in less than a day. this is a very nice vehicle

... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero, new battery and new alternator. Car loses charge while driving, can actually see the battery gauge going from 16 to 12 in ten minuets then gets to 8 and radio goes off and lights dim till it gets to 0 and dies...if I get a jump for 5 min. it will drive another 5-10 minuets before it does the same thing. If I charge it with a charger for 3 hours it will run for 20 minuets before starting to lose battery power and get's down to 12 by the time I get home, then it s

You need to check the charging system. Take a volt OHM meter and go to the positive and then the negative posts. It will tell you how many volts it is putting out. If it is not charging at least 13.9 volts, then you bought a faulty alternator. If ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

Hello. i just got my truck back from the auto shop, had to get a new bumber, light and basicaly front end. Had a fendeer bender. originally, i had day lights, but with the new light, only the original day light will come on, and the new light stays off. then, i noticed the car take a while for me to turn it on, i would have to crank it about 3 or 4 times, cant remember if it made a humming noise. when it did turn on, i also noticed the radio buttons i had just set right before i turned the truck

Sounds like being electrical problem all the way after it was out of the shop!\015\012They must have missed some wires and connections to the front end , depends to where the body shop messed with it (the electricals and wires) ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

2003 VW Jetta TDI - 75000 Interior light does not activate when entering or exiting the car. Had to jump start the other day as not enuf power to turn over engine - glow plug indicator working ok - am having VW install new battery (replacing original battery) VW charging $165 which seems fair - they are telling me I need a new "door actuary (sp?) lock" and want $425. They say without it battery may be compromised. Is this true? What is this actuary lock? Is $425 a reasonable price? KSL Prince

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012Never heard of this. Part # please and a brief description please?/\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
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