Having problems with your 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ?

Loud noise coming from back passenger side wheel when backing up

\015 When I back up my 2002 trailblazer a loud whirring sound comes from the back passenger side wheel. Not sure if a bearing is out or not. Do not hear the noise when in drive. Just backing up in reverse.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds more like a brake wear sensor. The inner pads wear faster than the outer, so if you are checking pad wear, be sure to look at the inner pad. If you just had brake work done, one of the anti rattle clips on a pad may be contacting the brake rotor.
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Loud noise coming from back passenger side wheel when backing up

Sounds more like a brake wear sensor. The inner pads wear faster than the outer, so if you are checking pad wear, be sure to look at the inner pad. If you just had brake work done, one of the anti rattle clips on a pad may be contacting the brake rot ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Grinding noise before and after CV axle replacement on passanger side of a 1996 honda accord LX, 4 Door, 4 cylinder. So, the problems are: 1.) grinding noise when driving, sometimes goes away but comes back sooner or later. 2.) after CV axle replacement on passenger side, grinding noise persists. As the car is on jacks, the brakes hang up on the passenger side, even though the drivers side wheel is idling normally, the passenger wheel is stopping or not moving. could this be a brake problem

... 1996 Honda Accord

I own a 2003 lincoln navigator. I have a problem sometimes where I go to start my truck and all I hear is a buzzing noise coming from my fuse box on the passenger side of the truck by the passengers feet. When I hear the buzzing noise the truck will not start. I walk around to the passengers side door and open it and turn my key and I observe the fuse box and a loud buzzing noise continues to come out. When i start pulling out some of the fuses and put them back in the truck will start up. I hav

Its the relay in the fuse box by the passenger side floor board. Remove the kick plate and its either white relay on the top (one is mounted horizontal on the right or rear position and vertical on the front or left. Its $6 bucks at Auto zone. You ca ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

I have 01 Dodge Stratus 4 cylinder, when i accelerate my front end has a very loud rumbling/vibrating noise and when you turn the wheel it is squeaking very loud and bad. When i turn my wheel to my drivers side the rumbling noise stops almost completely and the squeaking gets somewhat quieter,but when turnin my wheel to the passenger side it sounds Like my front passenger side tire is about to fall off and the squeaking gets louder when turning the wheel to the passenger side. What could this b

It is probably your wheel bearings. Although, it is possible that your CV Axle could be damaged. ... Cars & Trucks

This 2001 chrysler concord has a loud vibration, almost like something is rubbing but nothing is. It only makes the noise while driving and if you **** the steering wheel to the left alittle bit while driving it let's some tension off and the noise goes away somewhat.I changed the passenger side axle and it helped alittle bit for a couple days now its back to the same.I'm woundering if its the driverside axle and its just transfering the noise to the other side or if its the differential carrie

Sounds like wheel bearing but i would need to drive the vehicle before passing any comment ,ask a local mechanic to have a drive for me and post comment ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

When making a left-hand turn, a loud grating noising comes from the passenger side front wheel assembly. The frequency of the noise increases with speed, and the intensity of the noise increases with the sharpness of the turn. I have the wheel off, and can find no obvious damage.

Probably the CV Joint (constant velocity joint).\015\012\015\012Is the "boot" that covers the CVJ damaged? The grease inside may have been "washed out" in rain puddles. Note if there is a coating of grease on the inner side of the wheel/ ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Just had the front axles replaced on my 2001 passat 1.8L after about a day or so I noticed that there was a loud whirring noise coming from the passenger side front end wheel. Now I hear a loud squealing noise, and randomly while driving the brakes sound like they are rubbing and grinding, checked the brake pads but all is well. Any suggestions as to what this might be?

Check bearings. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 ford ranger xlt w/67k miles in good shape. The last few months I have been hearing a loud grinding noise from the front driver side tire. It comes and goes I have had it to a mechanic 2-3 time he has checked ball joints tire rods and brakes. When I hear the noise it sound as if the wheel is going to come off. I have not taken it back to ford yet. I've been jacked about there service.

Have you checked the wheel bearings ... Cars & Trucks

My ford ranger males a loud ticking noise once its started. And if its idling, the ticking comes fron the passenger side. I also have a hissing sound coming from my driver side back tire area. Tire is fine. The truck has a new alternator, battery, belt and belt tensor.

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2002 eldorado makes a loud noise when I'm driving. If I'm parked and pressing the gas I don't hear it but as soon as I begin to drive and I get around 15 mph I hear it coming from the passenger side. I don't know if it's coming from the wheel on that side or under the hood.

If the noise doesn't change when you turn left or right while you are moving than The first thing I would look at is the tire. Check for uneven wear or cupping. The tread should be worn evenly and smoothly all the way around the tire. Something you c ... 2002 Cadillac Eldorado

When my cars goes forward at a slow rate there's a loud cowbell noise coming from my front passenger side wheel. when i go faster the sound gets faster and softer when i go slower it gets louder and slower. i went in reverse and the noise goes away. Please help im stumped on this one

Check the passanger side brake pad, first, Did you change your brake pad before and how log ago?\015\012\015\012The disk pad is too low and touch the rotator and cause the noise.\015\012 ... Volkswagen Cabriolet

CV shaft was replaced on front passenger side of my 03 Kia Sedona, and oil light has been coming on after car runs for a few minutes. I've added oil however light will come back on and engine will make a loud ticking noise.

Are you actually low on oil? if not the wire to the oil sensor prob got knocked off ... 2003 Kia Sedona

2002 Subaru Forester-I have a loud noise coming from the driver side rear and passenger side front. It sounds like a broken part rattling in the wheel. It starts as soon as the car starts to go forward.

You should have the drive axles checked. Also Wheel bearings. Are there any vibrations or pulling? ... 2002 Subaru Forester

I just changed a Timing Belt on my 95 Eagle Talon Esi 2.0 DOHC Non-Turbo, I know the timing is correct, as I started the engine before i put everything else back together. Since I got everything put back together when I start the car in idle there's a very loud vibrating noise coming from the front passenger side. What do I need to check and fix?

Sounds like your Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioner, or could be the Idle Pullys. There's a kit available that includes all needed parts for around $150.00 depending on your location. ... Eagle Talon

My 2003 GMC Envoy 6 Cyl. was making a clacking sound when driving over pot holes and rough roadways. I had the stabilizer links changed and replaced the struts and shocks (KYB struts and shocks were installed). I have the truck back and the noise sounds worse! Initially I was hearing it on the right rear passenger side. Now I hear it on both sides. Plus I hear it slightly coming from the front wheels. The mechanic is going to check the car again but he made the symptoms worse not better. Can you

You need to replace traing arm an check ball joints ... 2003 GMC Envoy

I have a 2005 passat with 22k mi,..i have a ticking noise coming from the passenger side,upper side of motor,..as i take of the oil cap when motor running,noise gets louder and car struggles but keeps running as i put the cap back on noise goes away for a few seconds and comes back,..please,help

Catyalytic converter ... 2005 Volkswagen Passat

I've got a 2004 ford expedition and when i turn the rear a/c on i get a loud clunking noise coming from the rear passenger side in the back. i assume it is a motor....but i can't figure out h

... 2004 Ford Expedition

Very loud sqeal upon driving and movement upon turning the wheels, noise only coming from passenger front side of a 2004 stratus

Sounds like the power steering pump bearings might be u/s does this happen when you are stationary as well?? ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Loud scraping/grinding noise coming from right side sounds like rear passenger wheel, hear it louder when i brake or slow down

... 2005 Ford Five Hundred

So when i start accelerating i start to hear a grinding noise then when i slow back down and come to a stop there is a loud noise and what feels like hitting a dip in the road and jumps back in to place where it should be.. the sound is mostly coming from the front left wheel and i just changed the wheel bearing and it wasn't the problem.. I'm no mechanic but from friends i've talked to it must be in the front axle possibly... any suggestions?

... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

1999 Ford windstar, loud humming noise coming from rear passenger side?

... Ford Cars & Trucks

There is a rubbing sound coming from the drivers side tire, and when the gas is pushed hard, a loud thump comes from the drivers side. The explorer is all-wheel drive. Underneath, the entire driver's side suspension is wet from fluid, especially near the front differential. In addition to this, the ball joints in the suspension are worn. There is no liquid on the passenger side front and i felt no problems coming from that side. What could this be?

The thump is from the worn ball joints. You will need to determine the type of fluid by getting some on your finger and smelling it to determine what it is. It could be power steering fluid (reddish brown) could be gear oil (greenish), brake fluid (c ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

Brake clicking Ihave a 1997 honda civic Ex and latley my brakes have been making a clicking noise. One of the noises is coming from the left front side of the car and it only happens when the wheel rotates to a certain point now this happenes without applying the brakes but its a low clicking noise. And my other problem is a loud noise similar clicking nouse coming from the right front brakes. It only happens when im coming to a slow stop and i have the brakes only half applied.

Hiya may i suggest you inspect the front brakes pads and discs for wear and discs for damage /scoures considering age of vehicle? when was last service inspection on brakes etc? if you do not feel competant to check brakes ? quite unde ... 1997 Honda Civic

Changed front left hub assembly on a Mercury Mountaineer 97 and now there is a loud noise when we drive forward but no noise when you back up. The noise was not there till the hub assem was changed also there is no noise when you turn the wheel to the right I think... One way or the other, there is no noise. When you drive faster the noise goes faster like something is not on right and hitting as you go.There seems to be nothing wrong with the axle. Brake light comes on.It is a loud noise like i

When i hit a curb with my 97 cavileier and bent the center hub its made a noise something like the one you are describing i changed it to a new one and there was still a slight noise i took it back of and took a closer look and the new hub had a slig ... 2003 Ford Focus

Hi I have an Audi a4 1.9 quattro 2002 and recently I've been hearing a whiring noise coming from front drivers side. When I hit 30 it starts but goes away slightly when accelerating and then comes back when eased of gas and slight vibration can be felt in accelerator pedal. I've jacked the car up an done the wheel bearing test by holding the top an bottom of the wheel but no movement? The tyre does seem to be worn on the inside at a funny angle, wud this be the route to the noise or is it someth

Check the tire for a bubble on the tread side, check balljoint,tyrod end,cv and check that the nuts are fasnt ... Cars & Trucks
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