Having problems with your 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ?

It wont start turn key dash lights up nothing happens

\015 U put the key in and turn key dash lights up but nothing it acts like it dead...u leave the key in the start pos and u cant even get it out of park...some times u turn the key it well kick one time and then nothing again....\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like a dead battery to start with. Not even enough juice in the battery to energize the solenoid / brake interlock to get it out of PARK. Hope this helps
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I have a 95 impala. My pass key fault light comes on. Sometimes when I try to start the car nothing happens no nosies from the starter as if would try ton ingage. All my light on the dash turn on.in the pass few day the light has turned on didnt think nothing of it since the car been turning on when the light has been on. Now my car wont start at all. What do you think it might be.

... 1995 Chevrolet Impala

1992 4cyl mustang starter went out so i replaced it and when i went to start it the under hood cylenoid also went bad so i replaced it now the car has no power at all to the fuse box? if i tern the key nothing happens at all? no hazard lights no head lights nothing? but if i jump the cylenoid the dash and car then gets power turns over but wont start and the ignition swich is showing power all the way through? any one had this happen or know what it could be?

It can be a fow thing mybe you hock the wire up wrong ! or it could be the cylenoid is bad ! an it could be the safty switch that is in the front set floor on the pasinger side up under the panel by your feet it will be a red button . look over the p ... 1992 Ford Mustang

My 2002 V6 4wd s10 pickup wont start. Checked battery its fine. checked alternator and it passed. it will not turn over. after inserting the key and turning the dash guages and lights will blink ans spasm and continue to do so even after the key is out. then sometimes when i ty to start nothing will happen except the engine light will come on. Could this possibly be realted to spark plugs? those have not been replaced in a long time.

Check your ignition switch (located on the steering column under the dash) If this is working, you will hear an electronic switch click when you turn the key on - if you do hear it then replace your starter ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

2008 nissan sentra has occasional starting issues. this has happened 4 times since we bought the car. car runs fine, sometimes will not start when key is turned. everything is dead....no lights inside, no lights on dash, no headlamps.....all completely dead. turn the key again 3 or 4 times and nothing.... then turn key again and it starts as if nothing is wrong with it. no warning lights on dash and no other signs that anything is bad. been to dealer 4 times now(once towed) and dealer says they

Could be bad battery or Somthing going on with the main fuse box.  Another thing to check is your ground wires.  If they are loose, you can not complete the circut. ... 2008 Nissan Sentra

1998 lumina, does not start up with key ignition turning nor by hot jumping the starter solenoid. battery is good because hot jumper wire to starter gets the engine to turn over just fine but still wont start up. Turning the key igniyion only gets the dash lights to come on, but nothing else happens.

Is your security light flashing ?if so you have a problem with the anti theft system.Leave the key on for 10 minutes ,then try this should reset the anti theft system ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2009 Ford Escape that intermittently will not start. I bought it used from the dealer for my daughter to drive to school which is a couple of miles from home. This is what happens. I put the key in the ignition. When I rotate the key, the dash lights and gages all turn on and light up. I continue to turn the key to the start position and nothing happens. No clicking noise, nothing. I tried moving the turning the wheel, moving the shift lever through the gears. No start. All of the other

Believe it or not I have found that one key will start my 2009 Ford escape and the other will not-even after replacing the battery in the key. I though it was a dead battery or possibly the starter but it is the key. I haven't figured out how to get ... 2009 Ford Escape

It wont start turn key dash lights up nothing happens

Sounds like a dead battery to start with. Not even enough juice in the battery to energize the solenoid / brake interlock to get it out of PARK. Hope this helps ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Haywire gauges Turn key & engine just clicks, so I jumped it & it ran for 3 min then died so I replaced alternater & it didn't fix the problem, jumped again after several tries it started but the lights were flickering so I dashed home to have the lights & gauges going haywire.Got home turned off & wouldn't start again tried jumping over & over & nothing happens sometimes the engine clicks when turning the key sometimes it doesn't, sometimes dash lights turn on when key is on sometim

The instrument cluster in this van is really a computer display and it has malfunctioned. This is a common complaint on this van and you must remove the cluster and have it rebuilt to cure the problems. Check the WEB for repair sources. They can also ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

Car wont start. turn key, nothing happens. lights, dash radio all work. No noise at all from trying to start engine. Wait 6 or more hours and it starts like nothing's wrong. It has done this 4 tim

When this happens, move the Gear Selector lever a bit. It has a Neutral Safety switch that may be slightly out of adjustment ... 2006 Toyota Camry

Engi My yj 88 wont start. when i turn the key to the start position, nothing happens but the lights in the dash work. There is a switch that cranks the motor and if the key is on well it starts sometimes but it sounds like there are gears of some kind that dont like it and the starter finishes by making a winding sound!!!!

Looks like a cut off switch for the engine and your starter gear and or flywheel may have a couple of missing teeth .another possible problem may be the bendix gear on the starter may not be kicking out all the way ... 1988 Jeep Wrangler

Cobalt wont start. turn key over and nothing happens, no clicking of the starter no nothing. Lights on dash come on and headlights go out like under normal starting conditions but it will not crank. I have replaced the ignition switch, new battery, and even tried to cross the starter to do a force start but the starter only spun and would not kick in the soleniod. I dont know what else i can do. The dealership says they cant duplicate the problem nor does the car show any codes. It can sit fo

... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt LT

My 1993 camaro wont start turn key and all dash lights come on but nothing happens fully charged battery and wont start when push starting?

Sileniod ... 1993 Chevrolet Camaro

2001 chevy impala won't start. battery is showing 12 volts. turn key 'on' and nothing happens, no dash lights, no clicking, nothing. turn key 'off' and a rapid clicking sound starts (similar to turn signal) this may continue for 3-4 minutes, even if key is removed. when it stops, the door chime will sound until you insert key and turn 'on'. the only thing on dash that displays is the clock, but it keeps resetting itself to 12:00. What's up????

... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

In cold weather especially here's the issue. Also happens year round but not as bad. I turn key and nothing happens. No sounds. Nothing. I sit and wait after turning key while dash lights radio turn on fan headlights everything I can. I wait like this for a minute or longer. Then turn key fully and it will eventually start up perfectly. Sometimes I must do this several times. Battery is brand new. When I took it in that was what I was told was the prob. They checked alternator and starter and sa


My 97 Honda Civic runs good and up until now, no problems, but when I turn on the key to start it, nothing happens. Have new battery, fully charged, lights on dash do not go off when I turn key to start. It is a 5 speed, so I have clutch down when starting. Is there a fuse or something that may have blown? Was running great when I last drove it, always started right away, until now (there is nothing as far as engine turning over).

Bypass the clutch switch. If the car starts then replace the switch.If this will not work, then you need to troubleshoot the starter, from the fuse up to solenoid. Might be anything from a bad fuse, bad relay, bad solenoid, corroded starter cop ... 1997 Honda Civic

My 2000 ford explorer suddenly wont start... the battery was relpaced less than 6 months ago. the key turns but nothing happens, no dash lights or any starting sounds, and at the same time my hood does not pop open

Does the battery have a full charge to it? If so clean battery terminals and chck battery cable at starter make sure its getting good contact. Make sure battery ground is making good contact at engine. Can you jump the car off? If so take off pos ... 2000 Ford Explorer

My 1999 Trooper stopped running while I was going 60mph Now it wont start - nothing. All that happens when I turn the key is that the all the indicator lights on the dash board light up.

Cheque the engine oil levle is ok because if there is not enough oil the engine shuts down to protect its from seasing it does this because the injectors are operated by engine oil pressure ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

I just had my starter replaced on my 85 Jaguar XJ6 and sometimes when i go to start it, it makes that sound like when you turn the key and the car is already started and sometimes the starter wont engage at all, the dash lights come on but nothing happens. Some one help me!

Either the starter is not engaging all the way or there is a bad spot on the ring gear, remove the starter and turn the engine and check the ring gear if its good then look at the starter ... 1985 Jaguar XJ6

I have a 02 pontiac grand am. Its a v6 ram air. when I put the key in and turn to "on" all the dash lights and the headlights come on. but when I turn the key over to start it all dash lights and headlight go dim. its wont crank or nothing. but when we tried to cross wire it would just crank and not start. can you help me to figure out what's going on?

... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 freelander new battery but car wont start on key all lights come on on the dash but nothing happens wont turn over

It sounds like this could be an immobilizer problem, if the red alarm LED is permanently on when you have the ignition is on this is defiantly the problem. You will need to get the key/fob reprogrammed to ... 2003 Land Rover Freelander

1994 pontiac firebird wont start all dash lights come on and when I turn the key nothing happens the starter doesn't turn

Check the power to the selenoid(top of the starter) if you know how and can,try jumping power from the battery to the red cable on the starter,if it works you may have a bad switch(not the key one) theres a switch that gets actuated be turning the ke ... Pontiac Firebird

I need help! I have a 1996 vw Jetta! Wont start and wont crank! Dash lights come on but when I turn the key nothing happens! What should I check?

James is correct, but also check all your fuses and wiring from the battery. Under the battery you have ground wires that at times rust and don't complete the circuit. Ignition switches are a common problem that will prevent a vehicle to start. Long ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Turned key..nothing happened, dead, no dash lights interior lights or mileage, released hood button, dash instruments came on, turned key car started..while driving radio goes on and off as well as the radio lights and the dash panel blinking, park car and it's dead again. what is the problem?

Check ALL Power and Ground connections coming off the Battery to circuit anchor points. Ignition and Services fuses for a Power supply. If all proves ok, then go to the Main Ignition control Relay and check the condition of the Pins and Recepticles. ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

Ignition problem Hello, I just bought a 97 Grand Prix GT, it seems to have a problem with the ignition, I insert the key, turn it, the dash lights, the radio, everything lights up as it should, but then I turn the key farther to start the car and nothing happens, lights and everything still stay on but no ignition, this was happening sporatically, then 2 days ago it became seemingly permanent... had the battery, starter, alternator all tested and they are in working order... would changing the i

Hey, I had the same problem before, exactly the same thing. I had to replace the ignition switch wiring, not the ignition key cylinder. the wires that go from steering wheel to the bottom near the brake and gas pedals, is not hard to do, I did it mys ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

I went to start my 2002 Envoy SLT this morning and when I turned the key, the radio and dash lights came on as usual, but when I went to start it, nothing! Then all the power shut off and the key will not come out of the ignition. There is nothing when you turn the key. I figure a fuse blew, but I don't know which one. Do you have any ideas of what could have happened. Thank you!!!!

Hi this sounds more like you have a flat battery, try getting a jump start from someone and see if that does the trick, if it is the battery you will have to find out why it went flat...hope this helps ... 2002 GMC Envoy
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