Having problems with your 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe ?

Water leak the same smell is on my truck. i have changed the thermostat and the water pump, but there is still a small leak coming from under the moter im guessing its a gasket, but have no idea how to remove and replace.

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Answers :

Check if there's a leak on freeze plug. have you mechanic perform a pressure check.
And you are sure it is Anti Freeze that is leaking or is it water condensation dripping down from your air conditioning? And yes it could be coming from the backside of the engine on top from the intake manifold or up towards the top of the firewall near the two hoses going into your Heater core.
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Water leak the same smell is on my truck. i have changed the thermostat and the water pump, but there is still a small leak coming from under the moter im guessing its a gasket, but have no idea how to remove and replace.

Check if there's a leak on freeze plug. have you mechanic perform a pressure check. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

I purchased a OE Dorman intake to replace the original because the water jacket leaks at the thermostat. I removed the old intake and found the rubber gaskets inbedded on the engine side and the new intake has the rubber gaskets inbedded on it. The rubber gasket pattern and size is a little different on the new intake so. Should I clean up the surface and remove the old gaskets from the engine side and replace the intake or should I clean up the surface of the engine side and keep the old gasket

Remove the old gaskets. Read the instructions on the new intake.note #2 . Clean mounting surface.http://www.dormanproducts.com/documents4rb/ ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

Replaced defective water pump. coolant leak between water pump and timing cover. removed water pump and replaced gasket, adding sealer. coolant leak still between water pump and timing cover. i was told that timing cover may be warped

U got me there if u changed water pump and gasket making sure to snug the bolts u should be ok,as far as ur timming cover i dond see that just happening you know dosent make much sense waking up in the morning and overmight ur timming cover bent unlk ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo with about 240K on the engine.The water pump was leaking. I drained the coolant by removing the lower radiator hose. I replaced the old water pump (for the first time) with a Hepu pump, removed old gasket material from block area, cleaned the thermostat housing of calcified corrosion, reconnected all coolant hoses, etc, and filled the reservoir with anti freeze. I started the car to check for leaks. No leaks from hoses. But during the idle process of about ten plu

Did you bleed the cooling system after you reinstalled? Chances are high that there are trapped air pockets in the system. Those systems will thump you big time for not bleeding them (sometimes repeatedly) after a water pump change. It's possible, th ... 1994 Volvo 940

Overheating problems does my 1996 chev cavalier 2.4 call for a thermostat...doesnt have one so i replaced it and it leaks..it overheats and i just keep adding coolant and it doesnt seem to get better i cant find any leaks except for the thermastat n gasket that i replaced..i cant figure it out...i do loose water but i dont know from where. i can hear it boiling throught out moter when it does overheat HELP ME PLEASE THANK YOU DAWN

Yes it needs a thermostat. What size engine? ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi I need help with my 2004 Freelander TD4: suddenly blue/white smoke coming out the back of the car ( the car did not over heated the heat gauge was at normal position) notes that there was oil leaking everywhere and that there was oil in the coolant water tank as well, suspect head gasket blown Removed the head, no indication of a blown head gasket, send the head in for testing. Pressure test 100%, so put new head gasket and head bolts, replace oil filter and oil. Start the car and after a

Cracked block. once it heats up the crack gets bigger and the oil gets thinner which makes more oil burn. run car without the oil cap on and see if lots of air/ oil comes out if so thats blow by and you need a new engine. ... Cars & Trucks

1998 Dodge Neon still overheats after replacing head gasket & removing thermostat,fans are working water pump seems to be working. i let idle with radiator cap off & it kept bubbling out water in spurts,hoses are good,no leaks anywhere,new radiator also, what could be the cause of overheating???

What was the torque? recheck the torque, 25 ft then 50ft.then 1/4 turn.And did you send the cylinder head out to a machine shop, for straightening and machining,You have a aluminum cylinder head they warp. ... Cars & Trucks

Pontiac sunfire, coolant leak front of car. head gasket and water pump replaced a month ago. it is my daughters car and i can only go by her description of problem since she is 200 miles away. she says it is leaging coolant from front of engine i.e. front of the car, so since those engines are sideways, i guess that would be the left side of the engine. any idea what could be leaking.

I dont have a solution but i am having the same problem and taking my car in next wednesday to get looked at and i can let you know what my problem is to see if that can help you. ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a friend who has a 1992 Toyota celica Gt. It is leakinf alot of oil on back side of engine. She had a friend who said it was the oil pan and they replaced the gasket. I saw oil leaking from the car so I looked and I can't tell that the gasket was replaced, but there seems to be alot of oil leaking farther up the backside of the engine. I think it could be the oil pump gasket. My ? is there is so much oil I am guessing on the leaks locaton, but how hard is it to replace the gasket? and can

Check the oil sending unit ... 1992 Toyota Celica

I have Replaced my Transmission Pan Gasket Bought from the Autopart store, including Filter, O-ring replaced from Filter as well, I put a little Silicone so the Gasket wouldnt move, made sure the old Gasket was removed and pan was cleaned to be smooth for installing the pan back in the tranny, however I noticed it was still leaking after a few hours. replaced the gasket again with more Silicone and made sure it wrapped around the pan. It didnt leak, drove it to work next day and came home, next

Front and rear seals, tailpiece gasket, pump gasket, transmission lines, and dipstick tube. also if you over filled it, it will blow out the top air vent. ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Radiater is split open and is leaking ,i have noticed the water pump is leaking from a gasket, no water in oil, i know i have to replace water pump gasket and radiater but car should still start even thoe there is problems with radiater and water pump gasket. please reply asap


Overheating first thing noticed was the over heating. cheaked for coolent leval and noticed it was low. added antifreeze, but keeped losing coolant. found leak in radiator/cracked radiator. changed and still losing cooolant.no water in oil, no water on ground. found water leak on rear of engine. leaking intake manifold gasket. changed gasket, did tune up, replaced thermostat, still over heating. changed water pump, still over heating, help please

It could be your head gasket. ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

I have a 97 expedition that is spraying water out of the air platonium(spelling maybe wrong) and I was told it was because the gasket needed to be replaced. I have already removed the throttle body and ages other things but I'm not sure if I need to remove the fuel lines. Also when I replace the intake gasket is there upper an lower if so where are they and do I replace both? Someone please help lol what are the steps to replacing the air place. Gasket.

Ok, is your intake plenum plastic? if it is they are prone to crack from inside. It is a common problem with these and it would need replacement. ... Cars & Trucks

I just replaced the thermostat, now water is leaking out purfusely. I'm guessing either a hose behind the block or the intake gasket. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!only vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you use any gasket lubrication when you replaced the thermostat? ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Our durango started leaking... took to shop and they said replace water pump. I replaced water pump with new gasket and sealant... but now coolant SPRAYS from somewhere near the engine block. I re-did the pump's gasket... but problem remains. I can't find a crack on the block, and the coolant isn't getting into the oil. I am perplexed. Anyone know what might be leaking?

Possibly intake manifold gasket or thermostat gasket. ... 2000 Dodge Durango

I have a 2001 Alero 3.4L V6; I have replaced the intake gasket the engine itself and countless other repairs but recently the car has been leaking coolant and it has also been overheating. I just replaced the water pump after a mechanic told me there was a leak coming from the back of the water pump. Upon replacing the water pump the car was still overheating. We then bled the car through the upper valve and it seemed like antifreeze was getting to the engine block. Well now it is overheating ag

The first thing i would do is put the coolant system under pressure with\015\012Cooling System And Pressure Cap Tester. if there are any ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

1992 ford explorer. Hit a deer. Messed up front end. Need to replace gasket behind timing chain cover to fix water leak. Already replaced water pump. still have the leak. Can timing chain cover be replaced with engine in the car??? Also, since hitting the deer, engine backfires and runs like ****! COuld this be the cranks sensor? How do I replace that? Thanks!!! Joe

Sounds like the engin took a real wack???? \015\012i hope you eat that deer!! its cost you dear to fix it?\015\012you could do the gasket in place but its a right old job,,,when mine started leaking i just tiped in a big bottle of rad wel ... 1992 Ford Explorer

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox that is leaking coolant. I have taken it to the shop and told that I need a new water pump. I had the water pump change and it was still leaking. So, I went back and I was told that I had a blown head gasket. Ok, so I had the head gaskets replaced and the engine is still leaking. I have been to several mechanics and no one can seem to indentify the problem. The weirdest part of all is that not that much coolant leaks on the ground, but the resouvir is empty. What'

When the head gaskets were done did they check for cracks in the heads? ... Cars & Trucks

I have large flow of water leaking out of my October 1993 mazda mpv. I've replaced a gasket at the thermostat housing that had broken the top half off the gasket. The leak stopped for a day. I drained the water, filled with water and coolant, now its running out again. Being as they are a tight engine and I am not mechanically minded, I was wondering where , or how to locate the heater hoses. The water doesn't empty totally, however just streams when around the back of the engine. I'd p

Well you will have to find the leak. You could luck out and it be a hose. But you have freeze plugs in the side of the engine also. 3 of them per side. If the plug/s are leaking , knock them out with a hammer and chisel/ screwdriver. If they fall int ... Mazda MPV


Check ur model and statt from here\015\012\015\012http://www.autzone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm\015\012\015\012plz rate ... Buick Regal

Is it necessary to remove the thermostat housing in order to replace a water pump bypass hose? Mechanic advises that my 2000 Mountaineer's small by-pass hose is leaking. In order to replace it, either the water pump or thermostat must be removed. I am not replacing upper or lower radiator hoses.

In the upper radiator hose to the engine side of an elbow with 2 screws in there is the thermostat and water pump need to remove the fan belt clucht with the fan off the bottom hose that goes from the radiator to the pump to remove the screws remove ... 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

My 1998 Caddy has a head gasket or cracked block problem. It was sold to me without being revealt, and SOLD AS IS. I have treated it with sealers like BLUE DEVIL and PERMANENT Head Gasket Block Repair. In both cases it has stopped the cooling water from dripping out the rear muffler as well as the exhaust pipes. I have replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat "now permanently removed" and bypassed the heater core, as well I replaced the radiator cap. There is no coolant circulation thro

The engine may be/is toasted, and adding a "mechanic in a can" made things worse. If you can prove the car lot knew about the problem, find a lawyer. ... Cadillac DeVille

93 toyota camry XLEV6,I have recently replaced head gasket, radiator, thermastate, water pump, timing belt, oil. Car was leaking, so i had the gasket replaced, and now it is not leaking, but it seems to shake and miss after the engine warms up, and won't pick up speed. I also had an updated AC put in 5 months ago. What could cause the mild to rough shaking.

A misfire. See if you have compression, spark, and fuel. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

2003 saturn vue 3.0 engine, replaced timing belt, tensioner, plugs, water pump. drove car for 4 days, noticed water leaking wnder car, took to dealership pulled front cover off, telling me that water is leaking behind pump, but they do not know where it is coming from, unless it is a head gasket. car did not leak prior to this. waht is the problem?

You could have a leaking water pump gasket. Did you put sealant on it when you replaced it? were ALL surfaces totally clean? ... 2003 Saturn VUE

Ok. guys. i am losing coolant. it is not showing up in the oil and i have no external leaks. i did replace the head gasket and all associated gaskets about two months ago. also have changed the upper and lower radiator hoses, the thermostat, the water pump, the engine coolant temprature sending unit, the serpintine belt, the tensioner pulley , and also the instrument cluster. my question is: is this leak most likley caused by the intake maniflod gasket leaking? i do have bubbles coming up in my

If the coolant is leaking at the head gasket or the intake manifold gasket slowly, then new gaskets will have to be installed. The bubbles coming up is a bad sign that the seal of the coolant system is bad or it's overheating the coolant to the point ... 1997 Buick Century
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