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My cavalier 2002 is making a rubbing noise (left side tire) when i am driving and turning it to the left

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My cavalier 2002 is making a rubbing noise (left side tire) when i am driving and turning it to the left

... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2000 Blazer and when I drive down the road I get a kind of grinding noise from the front end. It makes this noise when I drive straight, but if I turn the wheel ever so slightly to the left the noise goes away. It sounds almost like a rubbing of the tires, but I see no evidence of that going on. It seems to be on the left side mostly, although it could be on the right, I just don't sit there.

It might be the hub bearing assembly on the driver side. If you can have someone drive for you so you can check out the other wheel. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

2004 pontiac grand prix gt. humming noise while driving. Louder at 25 mph or higher. Changed front passenger side hub bearings due to when turning slightly left humming quiets. I stol have humming. Replaced driver side front cv joint/axle, humming still there. Checked front driver tire to see if play in tire - no play. Bushing on sway arm or stabilizer bar is bad. Could that make the humming noise? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I change both wheel hub bearings when one goesDoesn't matter what stabilizer does--- the bushings needto be done-- so you sayMaybe you replaced the wrong drive axlePut the front tires on the back to see what happens ... Cars & Trucks

1999 Chevy Cavalier Trying to get this ready for my kid to go back to college. Recently replaced both front tires, brakes, drivers wheel bearing and exhaust leak. The car makes a lot of road noise while driving. I do not believe it is exhaust, if cruising say at 55 put it in neutral the noise remains the same. Engine RPM doe not effect the noise. While cruising a long right hand turn will quiet the tone to almost normal left hand turns remains the same. Both front struts probally need replacing

I have the same thing going on with my 2002 cavalier. I replaced wheel bearings with no luck. My tires also wore uneven toe. Going to try alignment. I'm sure it's the same problem as you describe and it's really annoying. Right hand turns remains the ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

There is a noise coming from the right-front wheel area during a left turn. It almost sounds like a tire-rub on the inner wheel-well cover, but it also makes this same noise when stationary while turning the wheel to the left. Is it possible for a power-steering pump to make a groaning sound when the steering wheel is turned in this direction, but not when making a right turn? This noise becomes increasingly loud during cold weather, but diminishes slightly after the car comes up to running t

I had this same problem and the dealer could not reproduce the noise when I would take it in to get looked at. (during the day when the temperature was warm) So I decided to leave it over night and they test drove it in the morning when the temperatu ... 2001 Nissan Altima

I have a 2002 Toy Camry and today while driving I went to make a left turn. I heard a deep "thud" sound that came the front right-side wheel area and a strange grinding noise that followed also on front right side only . Upon completing the left turn the grinding noise got louder. When I apply the break the grinding gets worse but while driving straight no noise.gringing

Check for failed wheel bearings or loose wheel on studs. Check suspension ball joints and steering joints the problem is serious so have the front inspected by a competent mechanic ... Cars & Trucks

I have an 02 impala Service traction control light comes on right away and when your driving down the road it makes a loud roaring sound when you turn to the left and goes away when you turn to the right. Tires are not rubbing and just replaced wheel bearing and cv shaft noise is still there and seems to be getting worse. any ideas????

4T65E, Internal transmission failure, axle shaft is close but it is the differentail section of the transmission ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

When i turn sharp while reversing (out of the drive way) the front end makes a very loud noise, sort of like a rubbing or something grabbing. Also when in 4 HI or 4 Low i can bearly ever turn without the truck making loud noises and the front tire on the inside of the turn sort of dragging. 2000 Explorer, new wheel bearings and Cv drive axel assemblys.. any help is appreciated, thanks

If you are turing sharp, your tires may be rubbing. a way to check is turn your tires all the way to one side and look under on both sides and then turn them the other way and do the same thing. while you are looking under the vehicle look for any ... 2000 Ford Explorer

I have a '93 Honda Accord with 230,000 miles. Recently it's been intermittently making a loud squealing noise when turning left or right at low speeds (like the squeaky sound you might hear when rubbing hard while cleaning glass). Doesn't happen all the time and doesn't happen when turning the wheel while standing still. It doesn't occur until after the engine has warmed up. Sometimes I can drive for blocks and make frequent turns with no noise, sometimes I drive the same route and it squeals at

Change the power steering fluid in the steering system. This will take a couple of times but will solve your problem. ... 1993 Honda Accord

On my 2002 Silverado Extended cab 1500, while driving over 30 mph, makes a loud sound like tire will fall off. Brakes look good, rotor looks, changed tire, still made noise, thought it was the left side and changed left side tire. If hit brakes it quits, almost is a thumping noise. What could it be?

Could be a drive shaft u joint ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My left front tire makes a rubbing or grinding noise when I drive. When I turn the wheel either way it also rumbles and bangs. What is causing this?

You could have a bad wheel bearing or a bad CV joint. Inspect your CV joint by turning the wheel all the way to the left and inspect the rubber boot for any signs of damage and see if there is any play by grabbing the CV joint and try to move it. \01 ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I have a 1997 88 Oldsmobile. Just recently it has started making a squealing noise that seems to be coming from the front tires. The noise only happens when I am going straight or turning left, the noise stops whenever I turn right. It's not particularly loud unless I turn left hard or am breaking. I am wondering if it may be out of alignment, as I drive over rough rail road tracks almost every day. Has anyone else had this problem?

Wheel bearing ... Oldsmobile 88

2001 pontiac sunfire. rubbing sound on the left drivers side. It starts when I get to 20 mph and greater. It increases with speed. I have changed the wheel hub, axle, rotors, break pads, and rotated the tires. It rubs when I go straight and turn to the left. It is worse when I turn left. It makes no sound when I turn right. Thanks Mark

... Pontiac Sunfire

The tires on my 2000 Gmc Jimmy have gotten very choppy in that they pretty much have the sawtooth-wear-pattern (not side-wall to side-wall but in the rolling direction of the tire) predominantly on the outside edges of every tire. The tires make an outlandishly annoying noise and vibration throughout the normal speed range, 0-70mph, while being a lot noisier when turning (maybe more noise/vibration when turning one particular way, but to me it's so annoying and loud that I have no patience/desi

First of all, the biggest problem I see is taking a vehicle to a dealership that no longer has a factory warranty! Can you say PRICE RAPED? Dealerships never do what you ask of them because of turn over. The more cars they get done in a day the more ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

1997 mercury mountaineer: There is a loud crunching noise coming from behind the drivers side front tire only when making right turns or going straight. the faster the speed the louder the noise. left turns make no noise. sounds like metal crunching and clanking on metal and you can feel the noise rumble in the car under your feet and in the steering wheel. I am not very mechanically inclined, but I am not mechanically stupid either, so any answer needs to be thorough please...

Check the axles and the axle that go from the tran to the front wheel drive box,had the same problem, removed the axle from the trans to the front gear box an noise stoped. ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

On April 29, 2011, a clacking sound started coming from the area of my right front passenger side tire. The noise from the right front passenger sided starts the clacking noise every time I make a right or left turn and when I take off from stop. This noise continues until my speedometer gets between 25 mph and 30 mph when it makes a light clicking sound for a few seconds and then stop. The clacking or clicking sounds goes completely away when I am traveling @ 35 mph and above. 2 guys who work

It sounds like your noise is comming from your right axle.More than likely its the inner CV joint;because,I'm guessing it is making noise while going straight and not just in turns, and when the joint is under high load like from a stop. ... 2000 Ford Focus

This 2001 chrysler concord has a loud vibration, almost like something is rubbing but nothing is. It only makes the noise while driving and if you **** the steering wheel to the left alittle bit while driving it let's some tension off and the noise goes away somewhat.I changed the passenger side axle and it helped alittle bit for a couple days now its back to the same.I'm woundering if its the driverside axle and its just transfering the noise to the other side or if its the differential carrie

Sounds like wheel bearing but i would need to drive the vehicle before passing any comment ,ask a local mechanic to have a drive for me and post comment ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

There is a whooshing sound when I turn left in my 2005 Corolla. Almost like liquid is shifting from one side to another. It almost sounds like a it's sucking air. Barely makes this noise on gentler turns. It does not make any noise when I turn off my ac, so I know it has something to do with that. No strange sounds when driving straight or stopping. Please help me!

... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Steering Binding I recently noticed after driving my wife?s 2004 Saturn Vue that the steering wheel does not return back to center normally (sticks or holds the position you are turning) when making a left hand turn, turning to the right it is normal and free. I removed the left front tire and disconnected the left outer tie rod to see if the ball joint or strut plate were binding, they moved freely. I did observe a clicking noise coming from the left front, I suspect a CV joint, however the boo

Hello Goldwinger. Yes it could be an axle, It could also be the strut tower The strut bearing is on top of your strut and could be a problem I have seen it before and also the Axle do that, I don't think it would be the steering rack becaus ... 2004 Saturn VUE

IMy 97 4x4 gmc jimmy makes a clicking sound underneath when I drive at slow to moderate speeds. The sound isn't consistant but kind of sporatic. I checked the right rear wheel hub and when I had both rear tires off the lug nut studs would move back and forth almost a 1/4 in. But when I put the left tire back on , tightened the lugs and lowered the left side the lug studs on the right side seemed to move less ( approximately an 1/8 of an inch.) Any suggestions as to what this clicking noise could

... Cars & Trucks

My 1997 ford taurus wagon makes a rubbing sound when I turn right. It sounds like the tire is rubbing against the wheel well but their is nothing close to hitting the tire. When I turn left the noise goes away.

Probably lower ball joint,may need to replace lower control arm,have it checked.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012TI ... Ford Taurus

It began when I made left hand turns, there would be a vibration in the truck, like the tire was rubbing in the wheel well. Two days later I made a left hand turn and a noise of metal on metal grinding started, while i was driving. Now it is a loud grinding noise whenever the truck is moving forward. What could this be and about how much do you think it would be to fix?

Sounds like a wheel bearing, and or a bad brake pad. Decide which wheel you think it is and pull that wheel to look at at the brake shoes or pads. feel for roughness when you turn the wheel by hand. ... 1993 Ford Tempo

Just replaced calipers and pads on 2002 1500 Silverado LS/HD. Rear brakes make "rubbing" noise when driving; the noise immediately stops when I apply the brake. What's the rub? I've applied lube in all the right places. Could the "re-manufactured" calipers be not so good? I took the tires off, turned the lug nuts to try to determine the source of the noise. No luck. I removed the metal shim in the middle of the caliper, still noise. I'm suspecting a bad caliper re-build but have no idea

If your pads are new, it could be the one making the noise! in time it will go off, pads is still fitting itself to the worn part of the metal plate/shim! ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

2002 honda odyssey,the right front wheel makes a noise when i drive around(u turn)to the left side only,then the steering wheel is not straight, but while i driving 45-50 mph moves one side to other and the steering wheel moves a litlle to the middle, then in 55-65 it moves again side to side and the steering wheels gets almost right in the middle

This sounds like a wheel bearing close to complete disintegration.\015\012\015\012I advise you get the front end free of the ground so you can check for it by grasping the wheel and attempting to rock it from side to side.\015\012\015\012It isn't har ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer 4x4 making a loud grinding noise almost like metal grinding and sometimes can hear a noise almost like its rubbing the tire coming from the rear of the SUV it's audible on the inside and the outside of the vehicle there's no fluid leak or Shutter when driving just a lot of very loud noise, it pulls at times when trying to make a U turn it jerked the wheel enough to startle me any idea of what this could be I know I need new pads and rotors could this be the issue?

... Cars & Trucks
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