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When in 2-wheel drive, transfer case making noise 2002 Blazer automatic

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When in 2-wheel drive, transfer case making noise 2002 Blazer automatic

... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

When out of 4 wheel drive the left and right rear end makes a shattering sound. while the verhicle is not running i can rotate the wheels left and right on the rear i don't feel any resistance or hear any noises. do you think it could be the transfer case. while on drive the jeep wont go forward it just makes a zinging noise. once on 2 wheel drive it will then go forward.

Its possible that the problem could be in the transfeer case. you didnt state which 4x4 unit is in the jeep.... there were 3 types, one was all wheel drive full time with a low gear selector, the 2nd was a part time 4x4 manual shift with a low range ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

GMC '91 Jimmy, Transfer case. When in two wheel drive I hear a slight grinding noise and rattling noise. When in 4 wheel no noise. 330,000 miles, could something be worn? What keeps the transfer case gear from slipping into 4 wheel drive? I know that I have to back up to change from 4 wheel to 2 wheel. Transfer case lever shifted all the way forward to 2 wheel drive. What ever keeps the transfer case in 2 wheel drive could be worn? Thanks.

Yeah your right about waer but you might be blaming the wrong part. With the truck up on jack stands ( all wheels off the ground) have a helper drive the truck at the speeds that make the most noise you'll find it in the front axel or fround U join ... 1991 GMC S-15 Jimmy

2002 ford explorer 4 wheel drive. When driving forward above 4 to 5 miles per hour the transfer case area makes a loud grinding noise. Could this be the transfer case bad or just the shift motor. No noise in reverse.

... Cars & Trucks

My wife tried to shift our 2004 Avalanche into 4 wheel drive...it made a lot of noise and then the noise stopped. We went on a short trip and the truck started to make a noise in the transfer case . We had not tried to shift or change the 4 wheel drive selector at all.The noise was not very loud. We had it towed home. I have moved the truck around and still no noise...afraid to go anywhere with it. It has a dead short which kills the battery overnight now.I have been told the problem is the Enco

... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

2005 chevy blazer transfer case clicking noise in 4 wheel drive

... Chevrolet Chevy

2ND POST - Just wanted another opinion....I have a 2002 Cadillac Escalade and the front wheels makes an external LOUD clunking noise ONLY when turning left or right. Especially when I make sharp turns (i.e drive-up restaurants, turning in parking spaces...) It's so loud that people can hear standing outside at least 50 to 100 feet away or if parked in their cars. The dealer is telling me that it's the "transfer case", but I don't feel comfortable with his answer because the transfer case would

It could be your CV shafts that drive your front wheels. They have knuckles in them that are covered by rubber boots. Whenever you turn the wheels they articulate to allow the wheel to move inside the wheel well. The CV shafts attach to the front ... Cadillac Escalade

I have a 1999 GMC Suburban. I have automatic four wheel drive but when I shift into four wheel high it makes clunking sound. I have not tried four wheel low. I wondered why I can still use auto four wheel drive but can't use four high. I would surmise that it's the solenoid on the transfer case but the clunking sound has me befuddled. Is this the four wheel just trying to engage but the bad solenoid can't complete the circuit? If it is the solenoid how hard is it to replace and what does the par

The auto 4 wheel does the same as part time in jeeps, it engages only when the vehicle loses traction. when auto 4 wheel is on the truck isn't fully in 4 wheel drive. my 02 sierra makes the clunk noise too but it does engage. try checking your fluids ... GMC Suburban

I have a '91 Jimmy and when I am in 2 wheel drive I hear a rattling and slight grinding noise. I believe its from the transfer case. I used to hear this noise after coming out of 4 wheel drive, but then it went away. Now the noise is back, but isn't there if I am in 4 wheel drive. Is there a gear that's rubbing inside the case when I am in 2 wheel drive? Could the gear be slipping into 4 wheel drive? Whats keeping it from slipping into 4 wheel drive? Will adjusting the 2-4 wheel drive lever fix

... GMC Jimmy

My 4by4 1993 chevy suburban is making a grinding noise only while driving in 2 wheel drive.When engaged and driving along in 4 wheel drive there is no noise.Mechanic says to replace the transfer case because its trying to engage into 4wheel on its own.Is this correct?

... 1993 GMC Suburban

02 chevrolet silverado with duramax when in four wheel drive it makes loud banging noise every half mile or less cant pin point were noise is but sounds like transfer case ares no problem in two wheel

... Chevrolet Silverado

96 chevy blazer has a ticking noise coming from transfer case in 2 wheel drive and is gone when switched to high and low 4 wheel drive

... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

When by blazer is in 2 wheel drive it makes a noise like something is grinding, but in 4 wheel drive it does not do that.

... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Stuck in all wheel drive? i am having issues with the front wheels feeling like they are in 4 wheel drive when parking (tight corners) and backing up. I am also getting really bad fuel economy (like im in 4 wheel drive) and it feels just like my 95 Blazer did when it was in 4x4 while driving. I did a little research & I found a few other people post to forums with the same issue, but no one posted results. Is it the transfer case controler, or the transfer case its self. Could it be the (encoder

Check the fluid in the differential case. Also when the filter in the the differential case becomes dirty/clogged it will cause tis problem. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with a 4.6 engine with the auto 4 wheel drive electric push button system (4x4 auto / 4x4 high / 4x4 low). When running in 4x4 auto (normal running mode), making hard turns the front wheels clunk badly. I lifted vehicle clear of ground. Under low load (800-1000 rpm) just the rear wheels spin when in drive. When rpm is brought up to 1000-1200 transfer case will engage front wheels so I assume the transfer case is transfering power to the front wheels properly. With al

Your issue sounds like normal operation of a light truck 4X4 system. The front differential is geared to pull the truck. The differential will be an open differential on the front. The popping your most likely feeling is a combination of the stearing ... 2002 Ford Explorer

2003 duramax lb cc 4 wheel drive. I have had the transfer case replaced 7 month ago. I was driving it today and the computer says service fwd. Not making any noise. Just wondering what could be the problem? Fluid is fine deferential fluid is fine.

... 2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD


... Cadillac Escalade

I have a 97 chey astro all wheel drive. when pulling out from a stop, if you give it too much gas - it makes a clanging noise from what appears to be the transfer case. if you make a hard right or left turn out of a parking space it does it also. and if you hold the brake slightly and give it gas, it really does a clanging . what could the problem be?

Sounds like a front axle joint problem,,, had a mechanic look into that ... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

I can't get into 4 wheel drive checked actuator , vacuum lines, makes noise but won't make change in transfer case

Should be two actuators one on front diff and other on transfer case. ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2002 mercury mountaineer had a grinding noise when i backed up and turned the wheel to the right, I took it to the ford dealer and they said my transfer case, tie rod on one side and my brakes and bearings were bad. $3000.00 later the car drives worse than it did and the shop can't find anything wrong with it now it makes the grinding noise on a regular basis. Anyone know what it might be since Ford can't figure it out?

... 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

Well where the real drive shaft meets the front axel which I think is the 4 wheel drive chain case. It was making a noise, that sounded like I was dragging a can behind the truck. It started to get worse yesturday. so I went under the truck to see if I could see any thing this time since it got louder. Well I noticed that there is abig hole in the side of 4 wheel drive chain case. ( i believe that it is the 4 wheel drive chain case ) My question to u see that really the 4 wheel, and can the

The transfer case is what you are describing,,and to convert it to 2wd is possible,but very expensive as you would have to change the transmission itself to a 2wd,and then obtain a rear 2wd driveshaft.It would be more cost effective to rebuild,or rep ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

My Dodge Ram has no forward power to the rear wheels. The transfer case makes a low pitch grinding noise at the very rear of the case. I can unlock the front wheels manually. There is no problem with getting power to the front wheels. The truck will spin the rear wheels in reverse. I have had the transfer case apart and there are no signs of wear or breakage. the trick has 150k miles and the inside of the transfer case looks new. Any ideas befor I replace it?

This problem is the trasfer case, of that i am 100% sure, what do i base this on?, 45 years of automotive repair work, i have seen this problem with fords and other models as well, they all use the same cases, spicer and dana. i suggest u buy a rebui ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

2002 2500 silverado - 4-wheel drive makes clicking noise some times, mainly when cornering. Now the nose went away, and no 4 wheel drive anymore. 4-wheel drive light is on, but no 4 wheel drive. Vehicle on jack stands, start engine, put into drive, then enguage 4-wheel drive. Light flashes and clicking sound comes from transmission. Is the transfer [art pf the transmission out, or just a actuator? Is there a way of enguaging the 4-wheel drive manually?

Well typically is there is a noise when making a turn its caused by a bad cv-joint but if your having problems with the 4 wheel drive i would look at the linkage to the transfer case and make sure there is not to much play or bent or broke rods and s ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

1999 jeep grand cherokee limeted awd transfer case problem front end not pulling and after about 10 min running starts to make nose like a bad bearing. Transfer case oil is clean bearings chain clutches all look good can not see any problem. to make front end not pull in hi all wheel drive. It works fine in low lock all wheels pull.

... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transfer case Can you tell me why my truck makes a squeaking noise. When I put the 4 wheel drive in nutural it stops

Cant really "solve this" without hearing or seeing it but did you check the "U" joints? They may be worn or frozen. ... 1999 GMC Sierra
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