Having problems with your 2002 Buick Rendezvous ?

What fuse is the fan blower moter 2005 rendevous

\015 Where would the fuse be to check on the blower moter\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

It is probably the blower motor resistor located on the passenger side
under the dashboard that is bad not the fuse.
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What fuse is the fan blower moter 2005 rendevous

It is probably the blower motor resistor located on the passenger side under the dashboard that is bad not the fuse. ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

My Rendevous air Cond was working fine, although if fan blower was moved to settings 4,5 or 6 the fan stopped. The last time it got accidentally turned to 6 and went off, I turned the blower to off, then turned it back to 3. The blower come on but the air cond clutch will not engage. Is there a fuse I can check? While exploring this used car looking for an owner's manual I found the fuse panel but no chart, and I found a hidden access for the air flow filter, with no filter in it.

Hello! In the under-hood fuse block, check the A/C clu fuse (10A)...If compressor clutch will not pull and all fuses are OK the system is low/empty of refrigerant...The reason you've lost the higher blower motor speeds is caused by a defective ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

2000 ford focus keeps blowing fuse #54 for brakes, door open light is on unless you push brakes, blower moter fan only blows on 4, when fuse blows cannot take out of park unless we use the manual release beside the gear shifter. Could this all be related to a wiring problem. could the fan moter have burnt or shorted out the other wires?

The blower motors problem is the resistor has gone bad. Sorry I don't know exactly where yours is, But I think it is under the hood , passenger side ,against the firewall, next to the blower. It will have three or four big wires going to it. On the b ... 2000 Ford Focus

Have a 1997 Buick LeSabre Limited with automatic climate control. The blower has stopped running. We checked the fuses (all OK). We did find a slight current however to the blower motor (about 2 volts at any setting and 0 when the engine is turned off) although there is no evidence that the fan is turning. I have read all of the postings in this site that may relate to this and wonder if it is a blower control module problem because, when it is that unit, the report is always of the fan

Hi, if all the fuses checked are o.k, there is a slight of about 2 volts to the blower when put on any settings and 0 volt when engine is turned off, then it is obvious that you have a faulty blower control module that fails to transmit the required ... 1993 GMC Sierra

2002 chevy astro blower moter stopped working.The 12 fuse keeps blowing replaced once fan worked the fuse went out again.



Yes they are also very hard to remove the bottom half is not so bad you have to remove the lower plastic cover to the airbox once you have done this test for power to the motor and if you cant do this ,take a hammer put the fan switch o ... 1992 Acura Legend

When i turn my A/C button on the blower doesnt even work when i plug the blower fan up it blows the fuse to the blower fan when the blower fan is unplugged the fuse doesnt blow the word "fuse" also flashes in the dash what can i do to fix this problem

... 2000 Plymouth Neon

2004 Buick Rendezvous - Heater/AC fan switch shorting out. I had issues with the switch working on only 2 speeds. I then replaced the resistor block. I then got all speeds except 2. The AC Light came on with #2 but blower not working. Also, the AC and other 'directional' switch didn't work either only worked for a 10-30 seconds. I then pulled the dash and found the switch burnt on a couple of pins. I replaced the switch and control head BUT now the fuse keeps blowing the moment of going from 0 t

... Buick Rendezvous

Dont have manual for 03 buick rendevous need to now what fuse controls blower fan.

... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

1998 GMC Sierra. Blower motor works sometimes. No particular circumstances, just when it wants to. Checked all fuses, relays, even replaced the resistor, nothing. Followed the wire harness and found the two pigtails that others have mentioned. Took the wires off, black and purple, and turned ignition on. Getting around 11 volts on all sittings except for the highest setting, it reads 0 volts. The compressor turns on at the console, all the switches on the console work, just not the fan.

Could it be the blower motor it self? sometimes they have a "bad spot" when it is not working, can you hit it and make it run? pretty common on these trucks. the switch is also common. they often melt at the connector on the back making a bad connect ... 1998 GMC Sierra

No power on the wires to the front heater blower fan , i have replaced fuse's inside and outside, installed a new blower fan ,will work if i run a hot wire from fuse box to fan, Rear blower works fine.

Ok the is a sensor that leads to the fan this should be the problem to your fan not working. lol i remember one guy used a light switch wired to the fan sticking out of his dash. the problem is an easy fix :)\015\012 ... 1989 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 2007 Kia Sedona and the fuse keeps blowing that controls the blower fan speeds and interior lights. After the fuse blows the blower fan for heat and cool always stays on high speed. If you try changing speeds it stays on high speed. I changed the fuse a few times and it only last a week and the fuse blows again. Any thoughts? Thanks!

... Cars & Trucks

I have an 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora and my fan for the heat and a/c will not turn on. My brother checked both fuses in the front under the drivers seat and the big fuse under the back seat and they are all good and he has removed the glove box to try and get to the blower fan but not sure how to tell if it is working or not. So I am not sure of the next step. Should I replace blower fan or take to a garage and they will sock it to me and the car is really not worth much to put alot of money into

First check the blower motor resistor for burnt or melted wires or connector.It should be down at bottom of heater box towards center right.It will have two sets of wires going to it and i think maybe only two screws that hold it in place usally this ... 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

Car is shut off, switch is verified as off, key out of ignition. Fan for blower (heater / air conditioner) stays on. Also, When car is on, fan blower adjustment for speed does nothing. Back to car off, even removing fuses in the car, AND fuses and relays under the hood, would not shut off the fan

Check blower motor regulator for moisture and corrosion on connectors ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Air conditioner/heater blower fan on 1997 Buick Riviera not working. Regardless of whether it's on ''Auto'', Vent, Recirc, or Front Defrost button setting, even though I can see the fan level meter going up or down as I adjust the fan settings, the blower does not function. Checked the HVAC Blower and HVAC Blower Motor fuses and they appear to be OK. What now?

It will be hard to diagnose with out having my hands on it but try this.\015\012\015\012this vehicle is known for blower motor resistor failure.\015\012\015\012under the dash on the passenger side next to the blower motor ther ... 1997 Buick Riviera

Where is the fuse to the heater fan blower located in my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. Owners manual has 3 different fans. Is it the HVAC fuse or one of the 3 fans? The heater fan quit and want to check the fuses before taking to dealership?

Hi, should be listed as heater blower motor not fans ,the fans is the ones in front of radiator. most common problems are the blower motor resistor, which is in passenger side compartment near fire wall.This is were your blower motor is also. You can ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Blower motor Where is the fuse located for the blower motor(fan)? Turn on fan and only hear a click. Not sure if there is a fuse involved or the motor is shot.

The fuse should be located in the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. the relay will be located in the junction box under the hood. if you have a owners manual it will show which fuse is what and amprage. if these are good it could be a ba ... 1991 Eagle Talon

95 escort wagon, 118K miles - my heater fan stopped working the other day. checked the fuse box / diagram in the manual, it says that the blower fan takes a 30a fuse in position 15 (fuse box inside car); but in the fuse box itself, there is a 20a fuse in that position. before i even try to replace the fuse -- is there something fishy here? called the dealership and they didn't know...(!)

The dealership knows, but they won't tell you so you take it to them and they make the money doing the job!! \012\012First of all, check that fuse. It may be blown. If so, replace it with a 30 amp fuse if that is what the owners ma ... 1995 Ford Escort

1999 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4 ltr v6 Problem is in the Heater/AC Fan Blower. Blew fuses. Took out the fan Blower and found frozen water at the base of the motor and didn't allow the fan to turn. Removed the ice, unfortunately had to replace the blower resistor, put it back together and works great. My daughter just called and said it wasn't working again. Is this a leak in the window? That's what I've been reading. If so, take it too a auto glass place to re seed? Why is this common for Ale

There is a technical Service Bulletin that covers the exact thing you are describing. I would post a copy of the bulletin here, but it is copyrighted material, so I'll just give you the details....\012\012Open the hood and remove the wip ... Oldsmobile Alero

2004 Ford Freestar Front Blower Motor Relay Location? Not in underhood or interior fuse boxes. Both front blower motor fuses are OK (inside and underhood fuse boxes). No power to fan control switch. Switch and Blower Motor are OK

I have the same Question .....WHERE is the front blower relay located? Not the resistor or the speed controller.....but the front blower relay! ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Fan blower started running full speed, even after car turned off. And A/C does not work. Removing fuse (30A A/C?) stops the blower. Blower now runs normally, with fan speed switch able to adjust blower speed, but of course A/C doesn't work now.


1997 Dodge GrandCaravan 3.3L v6 (auto) We weren't getting any air out of the heaters. Had the blower motor replaced, now we get air, however the air is not as hot as it should be on high. The fan speeds don't increase once you set it past halfway, instead it just gets really loud with a buzzing and a rattling. Fuses are good. Rear fans worked before we had the front blower motor replaced, now the rear blower doesn't work. they recommended I check the thermostat, I was thinking maybe the

I think u are on the right track with the resistor....because if i am thinking right both blowers run threw the resistor ...hope it helps ... Dodge Grand Caravan

The fan motor switch in my 1990 dodge dakota does not work. I have checked the blower motor out and the fuses out. and the resistor out. they all are fine. I am not getting any juice to the fuse box for the 30amp fuse that works my blower motor. what am I missing

Fuses in the under hood dist box, that replaced fuseable links ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Blower motor stoped found bad conection at the resister modual removed plug and soldiered wires to the resister tested no power to moter removed soldier wires and tested no power with key on or off found fuse panal but no description of fuses found all look good but cant pinpoint blower fuse? shouldnt i have 12v at these wires to the resister? advise needed please...

Just had my 02 grand limited done. Sorry to say we had to pull the dash. My issue was passenger side could not adjust the temp at all. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 91 Blazer that keeps blowing fuses for the heater blower motor. When I replace the fuse and turn the fan on it will work for about 4 or 5 minutes and then blow a fuse. does this sound like I need to replace the blower motor? If so how do i get it out and replaced?

Hello. Yes it sounds like the motor is shot. These are difficult to replace. I recommend going to an autobody shop to have the motor replaced. See what the price is on a rebuilt motor at an auto parts store and then see what the auto body shop w ... Chevrolet Blazer
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