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2002 buick rendezvous. Can't get the key to go in the ignition. The steering wheel is locked. The car shift lever is in park position. The red flashing alarm system light was on when the vehicle was unlocked and front doors open. We disconnected the battery thinking that disarming this system would cause the key cylinder to receive the key, but this did not happen. The key is being prevented from being inserted into the key cylinder by what appears to be a designed security feature.

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2002 buick rendezvous. Can't get the key to go in the ignition. The steering wheel is locked. The car shift lever is in park position. The red flashing alarm system light was on when the vehicle was unlocked and front doors open. We disconnected the battery thinking that disarming this system would cause the key cylinder to receive the key, but this did not happen. The key is being prevented from being inserted into the key cylinder by what appears to be a designed security feature.

... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. Just put in a new battery, worked great. All of a sudden car wont start. before it stopped working the car would take a few cranks to start or might not start at all for a period of time. for this reason i think it is the starter myself. the theft system light stays lit. my dad who also drives the car thinks the light wasnt always lit. for that reason he thinks its the theft system acting up. ive read other posts saying to put the key in the on position for

Is it always cranking(the motor turning over) or when you turn the key to the start positon it does absolutly nothing? ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I didnt have a warning of anything going wrong. got out of van shut off engine left power key on so radio would play for older child. twenty five min later it wouldnt start. I got a new battery, had alternator replaced cause the old one tested bad, replaced cerpintine belt cause it was loose and had many cracks, there is more power but van wont turn over. what do you think?

Sounds like it might be the starter. Places like Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts test those for free. I would start there (no pun intended). If that's not it it could be something in the ignition itself, but it sounds like it's the starter. ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

I need a repair manual for an alfa romeo 164 L 1991. i think the alternator went out of my car but i dont know for sure. and i need to find a key or somthing for the alarm system becasue it went off and it shows a key to shut it off but the people i bought the car from never gave me one. and the i need to know if disconnecting the alarm on the car would affect the battery and it holding charge

HiYou can get technical manuals for Alfa Romeo 164s here: http://www.dr164.com/manuals.htmlThe alarm manual and wiring diagrams are all there.Best wishesDuncanwww.dr164.com ... 1991 Alfa Romeo 164

Turn key no power. Battery is charged. If I turn the key multiple times then the dash will eventually light up but sgoes away. When I parked it, the starter appeared to be out. WHen I was driving it, it would be fine then act like it was only running on a few cylinders. I was think the ignition switch has gone bad. Not the cyclinder.

You may be right! ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 93 ranger is not holding a charge i replaced the battery the alternator the plug that goes into the alternator but still just drains the battery my ignition where the key goes is loose but i wouldnt think that would impact the charging system do u have any ideas ???

If the ignition switch is effected by the loose\015\012key cylinder ,it may play a role\015\012\015\012You need to check out the switch\015\012and look at a wiring diagram to see\015\012what role the ign sw plays, with g ... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Starting problem 2001 Ford F250 5.4L Gas. Starting cycle will not complete. Will finish with what I think is the ABS system buzzzz. Tried to jump solenoid would not jump. Had OLD battery tested, after a all night trickle charge...only 550 CCA should be @750. replaced it cause it needed it. Removed starter had it tested...it is good. All fuses are good. What is up???

Hi! Have you checked the fuel pump? If the fuel pump is not working there wont be any fuel supply to your engine. Have this checked and replace immediately to get your car to normal running condition. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

My pass key fault light keeps flashing on and off. Tried to crank it and it wont start. So I took it to the Chevy dealer and they told me it would be $685 to fix it cause something is wrong with my Anti-Theft Security Module. I think that is a little to much considering they are the ones who put a new Ignition cylinder in for me before this happen. Can somebody help me or give me some insight on this matter?

Your problem is either on your transponder or amplifer ring you need to get someone who can read your key or test your amplifer ... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 1985 pace arrow...wont start...I changed the battery with a new 1 ....no power....I replaced key ignition no power....doesn't want to start at all...I think its a electrical problem...I put new terminals on..still nothing...would the starter. Or solenoid cause this...

... Cars & Trucks

Was driving, car shut down, acted as if running out of gas, has full tank, been sitting a while now, replaced fuel pump relay, fuel filter, new battery, will crank, just not turn over,can hear the pump turn on when the key turns on but it just won't turn over do you think we need to replace the pump? can a catalytic converter cause this problem? had a guy check the system before any of this happened said that it was running lean? he had it for a day and said he fixed it, maybe he did maybe he d

Assuming no service engine light on? If so begin there. Otherwise it sounds like fuel pump could be bad, but you'll need to install a pressure gauge to verify - that's the only way to be certain. Compare pressure with spec. for your vehicle. You'll l ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

My car alarm set off when I opened the boot with the key without first disarming the alarm. Even though I shutdown the alarm with the remote, the car no longer starts. RACV technician thinks that the car electronics (i.e. alarm) might have caused the problem as there is no spark in the spark plugs when I try to start the car. The car battery is ok and there are also sufficient fuel in the tank. Any help to would be appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like the actual electronics in the alarm have failed and isn't allowing the circuit the complete thus causing it not to even get a spark. If the alarm is a built in Honda alarm you are going to need to take it to a dealer. If it is a thir ... Honda Civic

I have a 2005 KIA Sorento with a Battery problem. The Battery dies & has a dead short after a few months. The auto was purchased NEW with a GPS tracking system installed a dealer from Southwest Dealer Services using the MobileGuardian. The dealership has changed hands & they know much about it now.. Would this GPS system have a battery Backup & if bad would it cause the dead short in the car battery?

If an ammeter is connected between the negative cable and the negative terminal of the battery with the negative cable end disconnected to do so, then the amp draw should be less than .2 Amps.\015\012\015\012If the ammeter is the inductiv ... 2005 Kia Sorento

I see on here where u have answered questions about ppl trying to start their durango and just get a clocking noise. Ok so here goes....my car for a while because my battery was almost dead and then dies in my fob. Wasn't recognizing it and so the alarm system when I would try to start my car would kill it after 2 seconds because of not recognizing key...I got my key a new battery and had to have the vehicle jump started due to battery dying and it started... that was last night ..now I try to s

If you have a new battery and it keeps going dead, then either you have a bad battery or the alternator is not charging properly. Altenator not charging could be either a bad alternator, loose belt, or bad wiring coming from alternator. ... Dodge Durango

98 chevy k1500 my keys touched a hot wire inside the steering colum while starting, sparked and key got hot while pulling it out as fast as i could. Now blower ,radio,and wipers don't work. All fuses are good,not sure about the relays. I dont think one relay would go to those. Cheked wires that go into key cylinder, they appear ok but do you think if burnt on inside it would only effect those 3 items? This is a tough on for me to diagnose please help, thank you. Joel

... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Locking system malfunction: electronic key lock/unlock function causes lights to flash and activates alarm, but doors will not lock and passenger door will not unlock. Only manual key works (but will not open locked trunk). Battery light in key flashes normally, so battery in key is probably OK; if not, how is key battery changed.

Depending on the remote, there may be a small screw holding it together, or it may just snap together. If you do not see a screw in the back (usually these are on aftermarket alarms and such), remove the key rink from the remot ... Mercedes-Benz CL600

PORSCHE 944 Starting issue: ok, so i have a big question. The starter itself is good. i just had it tested and didnt believe them and crossed the ground and hot and it started to turn. so it does work. (sorry autozone). No faith. so when I turn the key in the car i hear the fuel pump activating. Am I wrong to think that it could be something else? The battery has a 97% charge. I would think that if the ignition switch is bad then the fuel pump wouldnt start would it? When i turn the key there i

Please read through once and then perhaps go back again and take a couple notes.I believe you would get more out of it as I had a couple of different options to respond about as you will see. I believe the fuse is not likely the cause because when ... Porsche 944

I have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4x4 4.0L I6. I was having problems starting the jeep it would crank but not start right away. if I would crank for 3 or 4 cycles then stop then turn key again it would fire right up. I changed out the ground cable from the battery and then the positive cables due to corrosion and when I put the ground back on the battery it sparked real bad (I think I have a short somewhere?)and it looked like the cable that goes from the hot lead from the battery to the power distrib

If you had a short that large before you started working on the batt cables, it would have burned long before it did. Check your work over and see where it's grounding. You can make a temporary link by using a new piece of wire the same as the gauge ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

My key remote would not open the door so I manually unlocked it. The security alarm started going off and I started the car up. It died three times and on the fourth crank, it just died completely. I have changed the battery to the durango as well as changed the battery to the key. As soon as I connect the terminals to the battery the alarm system goes off. When I put the key into the ignition the lights come on but when I turn the ignition nothing is happening. I had to disconnect the terminals

I hope my assistance in the chat session is useful and resolves your issue. The dealer should be able to get you a new key so that your problem is fully resolved. ... Dodge Durango

Dead batery my battery was dead jump started it got the charging system checked they said everything was good just needed a new battery so i got a new battery car sat for 2 days car battery very low would not start jump started car again drove around to charge battery parked overnight next morning car hesitated but then started up and i have not had a problem since. could you tell me please what would cause that.

Dear lilgothicYou may have just simply had an issue with the alternator. Sometimes these can become stuck or not put out enough power to re-charge the battery, and this is why your battery was going flat. However a bad earth, open circuit ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

Security system when i hook up the battery, the security system alarm will ot turn off ven when I put the key in the ignition, the car will not start because the security system prevents the ignition from turning over. I would like to just disable the security system as I have only one ignition key and it is old, can anyonesuggest how to disablethe car security system?

If your car has a chip in the key, then this is the definitive solution: http://newrockies.com/vatsbypass . It was the only thing that saved my Park Avenue. ... 1997 Oldsmobile LSS

1997 cavalier 2.2 srarted having minor electrical problems 6 mos ago ( wipers would go on /off for no reason check engine ETC on off at times sometimes start up car and no electrical ie wipers/air /blinkers awould not work would turn key off then restart and all would be fine. 2 weeks ago car would not shut off had to yank plugs to stall it and unhook battery . figured I would buy new ignition cylinder until I saw cost so I went to bone yard and got new column. installed column relearned the key

It sounds to me like you have a ground that is missing. The check engine light code may give you an area to go to. The trans is probably defaulted to 2nd gear. Go through all your connections to the computer and everything you unhook. Take a probe an ... Chevrolet Cavalier

When we tried to start our 2007 Suzuki XL-7 this morning, we heard a loud crack (like an electrical spark). Now when you turn on the key. all lights, radio, etc. work fine. Turning the key to start the engine results in a single click from under the hood but the starter does not turn. Battery connections are good and battery is fine (all other electrical systems work fine and do not drag down when trying to start the car as would happen with a weak battery or bad battery connection). Is there a

Check the start solenoid, starter side, when you turn the key... The battery side will always be hot, the starter side should be hot when you turn the key. ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I have a 1998 Town and Country LX. Recently I had a mechanic check my car because it would not start; originally I thought it would be a battery problem. When I put the key into the ignition all the light would lit up in the upper dashboard but the light for the speedometer. the gas needle and the mileage lights would not lit up. The mechanic concluded that the " alarm system " is locked. I have lost the original remote along with the riginal key many yaers ago; I had copies already made before

Same problem....Changed the ignition switch and it solved the problem. Test the system by pushing in the key hard---then keeping the key pushed in hard, turn the key to start. The van should start right up. If the van does not start up with the ab ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I think it may have something to do with the key pod. Key pod sometimes does not release locks and have to use key manually. Perhaps the low battery is causing the horn to bleep similar to a low battery smoke detector warning?

... 1998 Toyota Sienna

Charging system My "check charging sytem" message went on a week ago on my 06 fusion. Then a few days ago it didn't start unless I charged the batteries.I had the alternator and battery tested. The alternator was fine but I needed to replace the battery and so I did.Now the "check charging system" message is still there and I don't think I fixed the problem.What else could it be?Sometimes when I charged the battery it would last a few trips and then not work again.

It could still be the alternator it may have warn brushes or bad reg ... 2008 Ford Fusion
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