Having problems with your 2001 Volvo S40 ?

Check engine light is always on, when cold start the engine runs very rough and has to be warmed up fully before there is no danger of it stalling when in gear. From idle to 1500 rpm the engine runs very rough, after 1500 rpm it is much smoother, spark plugs are darker than they should be, have new coils, plugs, plug leads, airflow meter, temp sensor, throttle position sensor, none of this made any difference, compression is good and fuel pressure is good, any ideas??

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Answers :

\012I think you should go to ur nearest Volvo service shop and have them check ur ECU for proper and accurate scanning of problem in the sensors and switches.\012
\012Hope that helps u out!
It could be the catayltic converter, the exhuast is not pushin as much.my car does the same my mechanic says hes almost sure its the CAT, if anything let your mechanic look at it for proper diagnostics, get the scanner and scan the computer and get the code, then google the code to see what could be causing it. auto zone scans it for free
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Check engine light is always on, when cold start the engine runs very rough and has to be warmed up fully before there is no danger of it stalling when in gear. From idle to 1500 rpm the engine runs very rough, after 1500 rpm it is much smoother, spark plugs are darker than they should be, have new coils, plugs, plug leads, airflow meter, temp sensor, throttle position sensor, none of this made any difference, compression is good and fuel pressure is good, any ideas??

Hi,\012\012I think you should go to ur nearest Volvo service shop and have them check ur ECU for proper and accurate scanning of problem in the sensors and switches.\012\012Hope that helps u out! ... 2001 Volvo S40

I own a 03 chevy 5.3 liter z71 runs good but loses all throttle response. check engine light comes on and says loss of engine power. i pull over put it in park it has a rough idle. i can push on brake and gas pedal nothing happens i push on gas pedal alone and have a little reponse in rpm. i have changed out my air intake sensor, throttle body, plugs and wires, throttle sensor, and exhaust sensors. None have fixed my problem. Is there something else i can do to fix my problem

... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

1994 ranger 2wd, 4.0 engine if maf sensor is unplugged it runs good, when it is plugged in has no power, runs rough and wants to die, has new sensor, inj are good, new plugs

Check the map sensor. ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

94 camry. 2.2 fed emissions. Rough idle. runs great any rpm off idle. have checked timing. vacuum leaks, plugs, spark, removed throttle body and iac and cleaned. removed egr. plugged intake. all with no change. if unplug the map sensor it runs almost perfect. no codes except those created by me unplugging map. swappe map with same part number from known good running car. still same rough idle.

Before we both knock ourselves out with fuel injector testing. Hook up a Digital voltmeter (DVM) to upstream O2 sensor and lets see how she is burning. Remember positive lead of DVM to signal wire and negative lead to ground. Anything above 550 mV i ... 1994 Toyota Camry

99 grand cherokee 4.7 v-8 engine missfires at rpm's under 2000 ran compression check [good] coolant system check [good] obd only one code p0500 vehicle speed sensor changed plugs,checked spark at coils [good] plugs carbon up after or 15 minutes black inside throttle body drained fuel, added clean fuel , gas dryer, and injector cleaner suspect high pressure in fuel rail, but have'nt tested yet try to relieve fuel pressure by disabling fuel pump after disabling pump, engine runs much b

It is most likely the fuel pressure regulator,it will have a vacuum line going to it,make sure it is getting vacuum,and the hose going to it is in good shape.Ether the regulator is bad,or the return line going from the fuel rail,to the fuel tank is r ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1996 GMC K1500 with a 5.7L V-8. When I crank the engine, it will rev up normal then drop below 500rpm's amd idle rough until I unplug the mass airflow sensor, it rev's back up and when rpm's drop again it runs fine. If I leave the MAF sensor unplugged it runs rough while cruising down the road so after it idles back down I plug it back. I changed the MAF sensor and the same thing happens, and diagnostic tests show all sorts of different codes. Could you please help?

Check and clean or replace idle air control motor ... GMC Sierra 1500

2002 saab 9.5 2.3 lt turbo the check engine light came on and the car was running rough so plugged in my scanner and got a p106 code map sensor code repaced the map sensor the mass air flow sensor checked for vacum leaks there is none took off the throttle body cleaned it cleaned out the air box replaced dirty air filter and the code will pop up pending right away since weve done the work we have the car is running and idleing really good but the p106 code will not go away any idea

Will your scan tool erase the code. maybe check the( ITA )intake air temperature sensor ... 2002 Saab 9-5

Dear Sir, I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 6 cylinder 4.0 liter. I recently tried cleaning my throttle body with carb cleaner while the vehicle was running. After spraying a half can of cleaner in the throttle body the engine stated idling vey rough and keeps missing when the engine is under load. I have changed spark plugs and problem has gotten worse. I ran the codes and they indicated that a sensor on the throttle body was bad and number two cylinder was miss firing. The vehicle runs good a

Do a compression check on the engine, and replace the bad sensor, i take the throttle body off to clean it and some sensors are touchy about cleaner, i fear maybe something got on the egr valve pintle ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee

I own a 90 honda accord 4cyl.w/fuel injection. My problem is that sometimes the engine will idle very rough and under acceleration will bog,stumble until i'm to the floor with the pedal and at top rpm it run's good. This is driving me nut's. The engine has 115k on it,has fresh plug's,wire's,cap,rotor,gas and air filter's. This problem come's and go's with no difference to the weather. For month's it will run beautiful,then all of a sudden will start to have symptom's. Any suggestion's?

Try to check out the Idle Air Control Valve, it could be dirty or defective and the vacuum lines if they are not leaking. If that does not solve it have the Fast Idle Thermo Valve checked. ... Honda Accord

Just had remanufactured engine installed in my 04 lincoln Aviator - due to a broken timing chain by Pro-Teck auto in lakeville, MN. Egine light went on. Told by Pro tech auto that I needed to replace my #7 and #8 cylinder spark plug coils - so I had them replaced. Engine light came on again. Now I am getting codes for cam and crank sensor and #8 cylinder. Car runs good when cold. runs a little rough when warmed up and under load? Doug Brown

Hey Doug. I would change the cam sensor and see it that takes your light on. The misfire may errase with a new cam sensor. I would hold off on the crank, until I changed the cam sensor. If it still runs rough, then maybe try the crank sensor. It is p ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 1986 civic AWD wagon 1500. the car had not been started for 2 year. when I got it running it only would run roughly at 1000 rpm at full throttle. I checked the spark which seemed intermitent so replaced the igniter, coil, cap rotor and plugs. the compression was good. after running the engine a few times it ran less and less until it would only fire but not run, I checked the compression again now it had some zero compression in some cylinders, the exhoust valve stems were rusted so I

Do you know for sure that the compression issues were with the heads? It could be the rings.Also, did you run it at all with the gas that had been in it before replacing it?Did you change the oil?Please comment bac ... 1986 Honda Civic

1992 Lumina Backfire - I have a 1992 Lumina Euro, 77K miles, 3.1 V-6. Under moderate to hard acceleration the engine will backfire and you can smell gas. The spark control module, coils, wires, plugs, ECM, crank sensor, Idle speed motor, throttle position sensor, map sensor, EGR valve, injectors, intake gasket, fuel are all new. The car starts up and idles ok, a tiny bit rough, and runs / drives ok unless you accelerate then starts to backfire around the 3000 rpm range, if you back off th

I know you mentioned the EGR valve has been replaced, but you may have a bad 'new' part. I know the car is electronic, but has anyone checked its ignition timing (timing belt been looked at, I know it only has 77k on it). Is the fuel pressure regulat ... Chevrolet Lumina APV

3.8 engine runs perfect then acts like its has 2 dead plugs until you get over 2000 rpm then it evens out again. have replaced wires. plugd. distributor cap, wires, maf sensor with no change, Also fuel filter, Will also run rough when bringing down to idle, Sometimes runs better with very light throttle.No white smoke and uses no oil,

Clean and check the ground wires in the engine compartment. Replace them if they are bad. Make sure the alternator, engine, transmission, and distributor grounds all have good contact. ... 1991 Ford Thunderbird

Hey guys .i have a 1990 chevy c2500. a while back it started running kinda rough when at low rpms... then it began blowing the ecm fuse after running for about 10 minutes, and the check engine light would come on. i know this was probably not the right thing to do but i put a just put a higher amp fuse in and let it be. ran good for about 6 months. about two weeks ago i gave a tune up, fuel filter air filter plugs wires, and also replace an o2 sensor that was bad. last week started running real

First check and see if you have spark at the sparkplug if you do then you need to check your fuel pressure.It sounds like to me that your fuel pump has went out to lunch.When you turn your ignition on try and listen for the fuel you should here it fo ... 1990 Chevrolet C2500

Has fire fuel on new plugs will run about 3 days not very good. black smokes. Idel rough stumbles when you give it throtle seems better at 1500 rpm. When it wont start as soon as you turn the key off it will fire a plug and every so often engine off key on it will just fire the plugs about 6 times real quick. Shows o2 not enough switches multiple random missfire just recently showed system too rich. Showed one time o2 heater malfunction. It seems as if there is something shorting out causeing th

HiYou certainly done your home work on this fault so I sure you know what your talking about. I would be tempted to say this is an EGR fault or maybe combined with MAF sensor, can you give me the exact model and engine size and the year o ... Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1999 GMC Subburban 350/V8 engine surges and backfires from the air intake, trouble codes P0102 MAF low circut, P0131 HO2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 low Circut. I have replace the Maf sensor, O2 sensors, Cap, Rotor, plugs, and wires but engine still stalls when press on gas, everytime i replace the O2 sensor or plugs the engine runs good for about 10mins then it starts to backfire and run bad.. will not go over 900RPM

You will need to check the voltage to them sensors to see if you have 5v and 12v to confirm them codes. you may have a broken wire in the harness or a faulty computer, test them and let me know what you get and i will help you on the next step. ... GMC Suburban

I have a 95 mustang v6 that I got as a project. It had blown was gasket and ran rough at idle with lack of power. I redid heads and gaskets etc it runs great and has good power but still idles rough at around 500 rpm, step on gas it smooths right out. I changed plugs wires and coil, and seafoamed it. It sometimes idles smooth but its short lived. When in traffic idling engine lite will blink then when moving it goes out and shows no codes. Any ideas?

Idling is too slow at 500 rpm.......think about at least 650 rpm to charge the battery and keep up inertia for better take-off power.\015\012 Find out how to increase rpm,whether it's a screw-stop adjustment or a timing problem. don-ohio (:^) ... Cars & Trucks

Have a 1999 ford ranger with 220,000 miles its been a good truck but now I it is running rough and has no high end. the code is p0303 witch indicates cyl 3 misfire. the interesting thing is that in neutral or drive it wont go above 3000 rpm, at full throttle, just cuts out but leave the tranny in low 2nd or let it downshift and the engine screams. what sensor could be sending false info that is bypassed in these conditions? that must be my faulty sensor right?

How is your plugs and wires? may be the timming is alittle off too. ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2003 kia sedona started running rough with transmmission issues as well, then check engine light came on, checked it, my obd flagged maf or vaf, replaced it and now it will start but will not stay running, it will start if i pull the fuel relay fuse start it then put the fuse back in, but when you step on the throttle it will not go above 1500 rpm and boggs down then dies, checked the oxy sensors, seem good, cleaned but still doing the same thing

It sounds like an emission problem egr or catalytic convertor ... 2003 Kia Sedona

Car idles rough and stalls when giving gas, I replaced plugs, wires throttle position sonsor, and mass air floe sensor I have a 99 Pontiac grand am, just replaced the fuel pump and the car runs good but when after I come to an idle at lights etc and as soon as I give it gas it starts to die and sometimes does die. Check engine light is and it does restart immediately. I have a suspicion that it is some kind of sensor..any ideas?

Have you ever changed the fuel filter? If it's not that, and it's not a vacuum leak, it is probably your idle air control valve. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

1990 4Runner, 3.0 L engine, won't hold idle, wants to stall, no power. Replaced Mass air flow valve sensor, replaced fuel pump, distributor cap and rotor, plugs. It has good fuel flow but only runs well above 1500 rpm and when warm. It surges when cold. What other components could I change. 250,000 miles on engine.

Have you looked at your idle air control valve \015\012What is it? This is an electrically driven valve that allows additional\015\012control over the throttle at idle\015\012\015\012Where is it ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner


Hmm did you check your mass air flow sensor and your throttle body position sensor ???also have a look at your engine mounts ....pop hood,, have someone start the vehicle,, look at the engine for movement.. put in drive and se ... Chevrolet 1500

98 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 liter engine cuts out and misses. It happens when the engine is up to operating temperature and under load. At idle - after engine is warm - it runs rough sometimes, but when it is put into gear, it surges and runs rough. When it is cold it runs perfect...Replaced head gaskets - heads with new valves - lower and upper intake manafold and gaskets - fuel pump - fuel filter - A/C Delco spark plugs and wires - installed a billet Accel distributer - crank sensor - cam sensor - cat.

Have you checked for vaccume leaks?\015\012You've got lots of parts in there, Has the problem been the reason you have replaced all of those, or did it come up while doing some of the repairs? ... 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

1998 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 -- After running for 30 minutes, the car starts and runs rough. Driving up to temperature it runs fine. After sitting for 15 minutes or so, when starting it runs rough and will shut off, but after revving the engine it will smooth out. Have changed the cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor and recently replaced the spark plugs. It stills runs rough. Had it checked at Autozone and says there is a misfire or O2 sensor.

You need to replace the o2 sensor. did they specify which bank? it should have said bank 1 or bank2 is your check engine light it should be. the crankshaft sensor most likely was'nt bad or else the motor would'nt start. running rough may have been ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

My 2005 Ram 1500 4.7 started running bad the other day after the engine light came on a few hours earlier. I have replaced the cam sensor and the throttle position sensor. It ran 200+ miles fine and then started again this afternoon. It dies or runs rough. It idles fine and at low RPM's seems ok. Picking up the idle a little while in park, it runs fine until around 1700 RPM's + and then the engine constantly bounces around as if I were giving it the gas and letting off back and forth. Then at id

All engines have a rev limiter in them to keep from revving the engine too high,they all cut out about 1900 to 2000rpms. ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500
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