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What relay do I replace for headlights on a 1998 vw passat?

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What relay do I replace for headlights on a 1998 vw passat?

... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

Headlight come on , replace dimmer bulb but light comes on and goes back out. could it be relay or switch itself. The light and fog light work on driver side but not passenger side. IThis problem occur when I turn on the headlights. I replaced the right dimmer switch. Took out te fuse and relay and replaced them back in. Don't know if you can test relay or not. AS I said the driver side is working.

It sounds as though there is a loose connection on the passenger side. Check socket and switch bulbs from driver and passenger side. hope this helps tim ... 2001 Hyundai XG300

1991 Volvo 940SE Turbo headlights shut off, sometimes come back on after a while. Hi-beams work fine. My headlights work fine, then suddenly they'll both go out, and I have to switch to hi-beams. After a while (never the same timeframe), I can switch back and they'll be working. I'm looking for where the headlight relay is to replace that, then go from there. Any ideas on this problem- if replacing relay will correct it, and if so, where that relay is located? Many thanks in advance!!!

I have a 940se 1991 and it has the same problem. Its the relay. It is located behind the pass kick panel on left side if sitting in car. Its a big black relay and has an a and e printed on the outside. Its very expensive to replace new 100 to 150 dol ... 1994 Volvo 940

Insturment cluster 2009 international durastar 300hp max force stopped working (temp, oil, speedo,tech, fuses and relay ok in fuse box emc fuses engine fuses off battery ok) . is there a relay i dont know or find?the headlight and panel light board has been replaced but did not fix the cluster has nothing nor do headlights clearance must be tripped with the windsheild wiper switch (if u know these trucks u will know wjhat i,m saying) help does the cluster need replacing

... 2007 Fiat X1/9

Diagram of where headlamp relay is found on an 88 ford ranger. my headlights won't come on. all other lights work inside and out. i have replaced my headlight switch, but that didn't work. i have replaced fuses as well, and that was not the problem either. so, i was told there is a headlamp relay in the high beam switch on the steering wheel column, but it is not in the manual that i could find so far. anyone have anything for me?

Your ranger'nt have a relay,you need to check the grounds to each light or you simply need two lights,or a dimmer switch.Check for power with a test light and if you hahe power replace the light,if you don't replace the dimmer switch. ... 1988 Ford Ranger

Headlights blinking 95 concorde - recently replaced powertrain control module. Now when any door is opened, the headlights start flashing. Initial trace found that the headlamp delay relay was clicking. Remove relay and lights stop flashing. However, removing relay also kills instrument panel lamps. Currently have entire dash broken down and open. Have checked the body control module, headlight switch and connectors, headlamp dimmer switch, all door switches. No problems or defects (i.e. shorts

... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

I have a new headlight relay for my 1997 volvo 960 and I have located the relay panel, however, there is no relay to be replaced. Where is the headlight relay supposed to be located?

The headlamp relay is located under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. If it is the original relay, it will say "headlamp relay" on the side of it. ... 1997 Volvo 960

2003 Crown Vic tail lights go off suddenly, at times 7 minutes after they are turned on. Can hear a clicking under the dash on drivers side. I tried replacing headlight switch, no change. I suspect a relay in LCM gets hot. I have already replaced a relay on the LCM board the past year to solve the more common problem of the head lights shutting off. I would do the same for the taillight relay if I was sure which it was. Anyone have any other items to check or insight which relay is for the tai

... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. The turn signals/parking lights work, but the headlights DO NOT. I replaced the headlights and fuses but no luck. I cannot find an actual diagram of where the headlight relay is to replace it, so I need help. I am not an electrician, so tracing the wire will be a moot point. The wires look grounded and nothing seems out of the ordinary. As an FYI, the rear lights and brake lights all work, it is only the headlights that are not.

... Cars & Trucks

1997 Isuzu Rodeo low beam problem. I have high beams but no low beams. Where can I find the relay for my headlights under the hood? What does a relay look like? If the relay is fine and I have to buy another switch I do not want to pay 300 bucks on a new headlight/turnsignal/windshield wiper/cruise control switch when only one of those things is the problem. Is there any way I can take the headlight switch off and replace only that? Thanks Andrew

Rodeo has an opening where the blinker switch go into the steering column and gets full of dust and ect. Take a can of computer keyboard cleaner and stick the spray tub down into the column and spray while working the blinker switch up and down and o ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

After driving for approx. 30 min. the headlights turnoff. After turning the headlight switch off then on lights come back on. But, after another few minutes they shut off again. I, believe the relay for the headlights is the problem but, don't know which relay to replace.

Under hood relay box connected to battery description diagram inside good luck. ... 2000 Plymouth Neon

Loyale Lights On my girl friend's car. Left headlight is dim, and the running lights don't work. I think there's a relay that is acting up. Any ideas? And where do they put the relays on this car. I have replaced the dim headlight bulb, and the new one is also dim. The ground return for that headlight reads 1.8 ohms. Should I just cut the ground wire and attach it to a ground? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated by both me and her. John

Before you start 'modifying' the wiring, firstly make sure that the alternator is emitting enough charge.There is a good chance that the carbon brushes inside, have worn out.Hope that does it:) ... 1991 Subaru Loyale

!995 Buick Century Wagon electrical problem I lost anti-locks,brake lights,headlights,hazzard lights,horn and radio resets itself everytime turn the key on. I have backup lights and turn signals thats it. Blew two 5amp fuses replaced still nothing,replaced headlight switch still nothing.Checked everywire in the car can't find nothing wrong. Also tested alternator fine.Took off battery cables to see if she reset herself nothing going to replace relays next any more ideas let me know. Got me fixed

I have the exact same problem. Did you find out what was wrong? Please let me know. ... 1995 Buick Century

I have a problem with my ford probe 2.5 1994. The passenger side headlight keeps blowing it will be fine for a few days, then I lose main beam and dipped beam is an orangey duller light. It also suddenly cut out one day and have replaced fuel pump although nothing wrong with old one after all that. When pump is wired up bypassing relays it works fine. I have replaced the 2 relays but it still wont work and sinse I bypassed the relays, the airbag light keeps flashing!!! Does anyone have a wiring

Hello! I believe the vehicle has a defective inertia switch...This is the root cause that requires bypassing the fuel pump relay...Can you tell me exactly how the fuel pump relay is bypassed? I need to see if it is related to the headlight, and flash ... Ford Probe

When I turn on my headlights, the high beam icon lights on my dash and I have no headlights. They only come on when I pull the lever forward that normally activates the high beams. I have to hold it forward to keep my headlights on. I'm told this is a high beam relay switch problem, that the part is relatively inexpensive, and that I can replace it fairly easily. Can you tell me where it's located and how to replace it?

It should be located within your fusebox either undcer the hood or located inside the car. consult your owners manual for the location. ... 2003 Mazda MPV

My headlights will not turn on nor flip up. My brights will turn on and flip up, but not the normal headlights. I have replaced the Headlight switch control arm AND the control circuit relay box. Mechanics have been tracing lines and can't find it. They say there may be a short somewhere in the harness. How do I replace the harness?

\012The observation with your vehicle implies mechanical malfunctions likely caused by insufficient, clogged, or burnout lubrication fluids. Since the component parts experiencing malfunction are observable at significant v ... 1992 Toyota Celica

Driver's side headlight will not work. Daytime runlight control was buzzing (like a stuck relay) so it has been removed, will be replaced. Even without the daytime control the headlight will still not work. Bulbs have been replaced on both side of vehicle. Any ideas?

... Nissan Altima

Headlight relay how to remove cover to replace headlight relay

... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1991 Prelude with a headlight problem. It keeps cycling up and down when the light switch is turned on. Sometimes it works corectly and sometimes it will work and the check engine light will come on. It started with the driver side headlight stuck in the up position. The relay was full of dead ants. I cleaned and replaced the relay and sympton changed to the cycling up and down. It is intermittant. Any suggetions would be greatly appreciated.

... Honda Prelude

Jeep headlights - turned on, 8-12 minutes later they turn off on their own. Constant on/off, on/off. High beams work when control arm is held back. Grounds good and solid, headlight switch replaced (no change), all connections solid, underhood fuse in distribution buss is good and tight. Relay is noted above. Where? My schematic doesn't show any relay other than the distribution center under the hood. Thank you.

Theres a short and when the circuit breaker gets hot is goes off, then back on again. when they start blinking, go along the complete lighting harness and gently wiggle wires, if they stop blinking, you may be near the short. ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Just had the engine replaced in my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. Now, the headlights are screwed up. Either the brights work and the dims don't, OR the dims and dashlights work and the brights don't. Have replaced headlight bulbs and relay switch. Blinkers and brake lights work. What else do I try?

Have you considered going back to the place that replaced your motor. They surely are responsible for not making things worse. You just asked for a different motor and not all the electrical issues. Don't throw parts at it. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

2002 headlight relay location? With lights in the auto position and the vehicle shut off and locked, the lights began flashing intermittently on and off. I'm assuming that this is a bad auto headlight relay, but am having difficulty finding it's location. I already have a replacement.

... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Does the 1986 chevy monte carlo have a relay for the headlights. My headlights, horn, and interior lights all went out replaced all fuses under the dash. Wanted to check the relays before I took in to an electrical repair shop

... 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 1996 chevy k 1500 pick up my day time running lights which are dim headlights quit working I checked the fuse ok replaced the relay under the dash and replaced all 4 headlights they still don't work I like them working help

You probably have a bad DRL diode.It is located under the dash on the right side of the steering column.The wire colors to the diode are orange and a yellow. It is black and has cooling fins on it.The DRL module is on the left side of the steering wh ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1996 Mazda 626 has headlight and turn signal problems. I have tried replacing relays, lights, fuses and connectors but no luck. The right headlight has a problem. It causes the relay to buzz and the lights to flicker. I can unplug the buld and everything works fine.

... 1998 Mazda 626
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