Having problems with your 2001 Volkswagen Golf ?

Settings was looking to know the settings for the front camber on a volkswagon 99 bora-golf

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Just one question,, 99 A3 or A4 chassis? An A4 chassis is not adjustable per say. The only adjustement to the camber is to shift the subframe unit left or right to make the 2 sides more equal possible. By shifting the unit after slacking the 4 bolts holding it to the chassis one side will become more negative and the other more positive as the 2 move together. There is a little adjustement in the ball joints but usually will make more problems to the caster when touched. By shifted the unit forwards and back you'll play with the caster a little too but not recommended. If it's still not in specs after doing this by alot you might consider something is bent.
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Settings was looking to know the settings for the front camber on a volkswagon 99 bora-golf

Just one question,, 99 A3 or A4 chassis? An A4 chassis is not adjustable per say. The only adjustement to the camber is to shift the subframe unit left or right to make the 2 sides more equal possible. By shifting the unit after slacking the 4 bol ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1995 chevy k2500 5.7 4x4 with 13" drums on it. After setting over night the rear brakes will lock up for the first few times I apply the brakes in the morning and then be fine after that. I pulled the drums and everything looks fine. Good shoe's and drum left. No grooves or lips. I don't know if the shoes were put on correctly or not before I bought the truck. Should the short shoe be toward the front or not? Help!

The "SHORT SHOE" is the Secondary shoe and shoule be in the BACK PRIMARY" Shoe is the one useed By Brake System to STOP Vehicle as it is SELF ANCORED. For More ILLISTRATED INFO Email me at rejakwilson @ aol. com ... 1995 Chevrolet C/K 2500

Co adjustment I would like to know where or how one sets the co level on a golf 1.4i 2005 model. I have looked but cannot find the adjustment screw. Please help!

Sorry but you can,t...its controlled by the engine control unit via a signal from the oxygen sensor.....have to ask why would you want to ?? ... 2005 Volkswagen Golf

Freon leaking out from something right in the front of the car not the radiator, but some coiled like apparatus that was puncture by a bar they came unscrewed from the front of the car. I know its not the compressor but i don't know the name of this object. long and silver with what looks like air conditioning coils and is in front of the vehicle.

Your condenser core is punctured you need to replace it and then check for any other leaks and then have it recharged by a tech licensed by the epa ... 1994 Toyota Camry

My 2005 gmc serria has had brake problems from the day i took off the show room floor,to date it has had seven sets of front brakes,four sets of rotors and three sets of new calipers each time 6 to be exact the dealer says there is nothing wrong with the brake system and they install new front brakes. the truck has never been used for towing I am affraid if I were to tow a trailor it most likley wouldn't stop the rear brakes look like new each time the dealer pulled the wheels to check them. t

Sounds like a problem with the master Cylinder?and NOTHING else?also check the type of fluid used in the Master cylinder ... GMC Sierra 1500

I have the same exact front blower not blowing issue on a dodge caravan 2005. also is there a reset switch for the electrical brain(system) if so, where would i find it???re the blower, the rear one works the front switch does not turn on front blower. i looked at the fuses & relay but dont know how to tell if they are bad. how would i check them? i am female & can do most car issues myself i just dont know where to start or if i need to fork out $$ to have some mechanic treat me like an idiot b

There is no single reset switch for the electical system. \015\012There may be a indivdual circuit breaker resetable fuse for your blower system.\015\012If you can tell if a fuse is bad try swaping fuses with similar amp rating with othe ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Having problems with A/C.When I set the control to A/C and vent to blow out the front vents it will only come out the defrost vents and floor.Not out the front vents even though I set it to come out the front vents only.Wanted to know if this could be a problem with the control or would it be a problem in the box under the dash.Really not wanting to have to tear out the dash.Anyone delt with this problem before. Thanks

I'm convinced that your problem is in the box under the dash. But, check first time if the A/C control unit works good. Anyway when you will repair the A/C system first time you will remove the A/C control unit. Then you need to check first the fr ... GMC Envoy XL

I have replaced the timing belt on my 1999 mazda protege 1.6 . My Hayes repair manual was vague about the timing. I asked a tech on this site for help and was told ''look at the camshaft gears and the back gear has an ''I'' on it and the front one has an ''E'' on it. when those are facing straight up look at the closest point in between the cam gears and you will see two sets of notches and the top set at the closest points of the two cam gears will face each other the left cam at 3 o;clock and

The information the previous tech gave you was correct, however if your marks were not aligned (slightly pointing down) on removal then you have to either reinstall in the same position, or adjust the crank position after you align the cams. Y ... 1999 Mazda Protege

My jeep is leaking and im not sure where its coming from all i know is its in the front of the engine and on the right hand side when your looking from the front of the hood. do you know what it might be leaking from?

You might try adding a bright color food coloring to your water and it may help you find where the leak is coming from. It could be the water pump or a freeze plug that maybe leaking. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Was looking at buying an 1985 Dodge Power Ram 350 Royal SE what front axle would this truck have i'm wanting a dana 60 for a project just need to know the owner doesn't know and have to travel a ways if i want to look at it thanks for the help

It should. but to be sure, try calling a dodge dealer with the vin, hopefully they can confirm. ... 1985 Dodge Ram 3500

Diagram of Mazda B Series Truck I need to know what a piece on the front end of my 2007 Mazda 2300 B series truck is called Its in between front bumper and the grill it looks to be either fiber glass or metal I need to know whats its called so that I can buy the replacement piece thanks Jeremy

Diferencial problem ... 2007 Mazda B Series 2WD Truck

I have a 1991 190e Mercedes benz, and i have replaced, the fan clutch mounting bracket, the fan pully, and the alternalter, and the surpentine belt, and now i have an annoying squeek comming from what looks to be a compressor, if you are looking at the motor from the front, it is on the lower left hand side? if you know what this part is? or better if you can send me a diagram of the engine compartment that would be great, as i would like to replace the defective part but i need to know what to

I do not have a diagram,but if you will look at the part,maybe ac compressor,the center of the clutch will turn by hand,might take a little effort to turn it,you should be able to reach down and turn the center of this clutch on the ac compressor.Als ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

Installed grille guard setting off front parking assist. Tried to disable on computer settings but lasts for only one key cycle. Cannot find fuse listing for front parking assist in manual - need to know which fuse to remove Or other solution

... Lincoln Navigator

Need to know how to remove the bearings on the front spindles on a 4 WD 1985 dodge truck 250 3500lb front axles. they look like they should just slide out since i removed the gasket but they do not. I replaced the U joints and thought I should go ahead and replace bearings and oil seals(done with oil seals). I have tried prying them out but they are in there pretty good, didnt know if someone had a trick i could use or is there a special tool one needs. Thanks Billy

... 1985 Dodge Pickup 4WD

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL that is leaking a brownish colored fluid. It appears to be thinner and more watery than engine oil. It is a very slow leak that looks like it is pooling in the lower plastic fender and then dripping down from the very front center of the vehicle. There also looks like there is a small radiator that I can see through the lower front grille that has an oily appearance on the passenger side but appears dry on the driver side. My problem is that I don't know where the

Your coolant is that color. Pressure test the cooling system and look closely for leaks. ... 2003 GMC Envoy Xl

My Dad is restoring his 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor and it is looking great. I found and ordered him the complete set of decals but we don't know where they go. We know the hood and fender ones but we need to know where the others go. Anyone know?

... Cars & Trucks

Need torque setting for front hub nut on a mark 3 golf vr6

195 ft-lbs I verified this in the Volkswagen repair manual aka the vdubbers bible ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

When turning on my heater I discovered only the defrost is working. No air is coming out on any other settings and when turning the setting all the way right(defrost mode) It seems to be on the setting but the knob doesn't look as if its all the was over. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it I'd appreciate your help. My email is [email protected]

Look under the left side of vehicle (RHD vehicles)right side of vehicle (LHD) in centre of car for heater cable going to heater case control levers on side of case can see it better if glove box removed. make sure cable is clipped in its retainer cli ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

I am piecing together the front end of a 2000 yukon denali i just purchased. I have finished the drivers side wheel bearing and have purchased ball joints. I know the tie rods will need to be done. I am looking for a diagram that shows me all these parts and their location and what they do. I know nothing about cars but would like to learn about my truck. Anywhere I can find a free diagram for the steering and suspension components so i know what I'm talking about when taking the truck to the

... GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 1992 Dodge Dynasty. It has 204,000 miles on it. Guess because the odometer stopped working. But my real problem is I have a very bad shaking problem seemily coming from the right front tire. The tire pressure is fine. When I got home today I went to look at it and I smelled burning plastic and the was what looked like smoke coming from the tire. My dad and I looked and nothing was rubbing together. I don't know what the problem is can anyone help?

Jack that side up & try to turn the wheel with it in neutral,be sure to set the e-brake. Could be the caliper hanging up due to a bad brake hose or frozen slides. ... 1992 Dodge Dynasty

How to change spark plugs on a 1989 buick regal? I have never changed them when i bought the car i changed the front three and dont know how to get to the back three. The dog bones look like they have to come off but dont know how safe it is and dont know how to do it please HELP!

If you can get an elbow for your socket extension, it would be way eaisier. I do know of some people who take off the bones. It's not as hard as it looks. ... 1989 Buick Regal

1988 GMC Suburban ignition switch is broke, looking to wire it as a toggle switch and push button ingition set up in stead of replaceing the colume where its broke, some one attemped to steal it and tore the cast alum part by the turn signal apart with a screw driver, now the black gear deal is slipping as the teeth on it or rounding off. what i need to know is the basic wire color and purpose, you know red wire is what and the other wires are what, i know i want to run the *** wired on the togg

... Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 2000 ford E350 van with front and rear air. the front blower motor runs at low speed, The front blower still runs on low even when the knob is set on medium or high. I do not know where the electronical control modules are located. hope you can help

It's either the blower motor switch or blower motor resister.\015\012\015\012Resistor ?Heater Blower Motor Switch \015\012Removal \015\012\015\012Remove the battery (10655) ; refer to Section 414-01 . \015\012Remove the battery tray. \015\012Remove t ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

I don't really have a problem, I just want info on it. I have a 1998 Honda Accord V6 coupe. I have bought a complete set of coilovers (by: Tanabe, it is the Pro S-OC), camber kit (front and rear) by: Ingalls, front upper strut bar (by: Nuespeed)and a front underbody brace (by: cusco)...My question is will this give more of an understeer. I understand that most cars now days are made to understeer for safty reasons. I did research on the suject and most of the reviews said the biggest improvm

Yes as regards the understeer. For safety reasons they are made to give an understeer.The parts are one of the greatest and you sure will have a positive effcts as regards your model of car.Good luck. I love your taste. ... Honda Accord

2003 Protege 5 overheating on long runs (> 20 min). Overheated today while driving at interstate speeds for > 15 min. Lost the coolant. Refilled with coolant. Return drive maintained normal engine temp if heater set to full heat. When set to cool interior air, engine temps slowly increase. Recovers when interior temp set to hot. Right fan (from front bumper looking into the engine) functions. Left fan does not operate. Bob

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat on my 03. The radiator was defective (corroded) on the lip where the cap seals. This allowed coolant to be spat out. The thermostat was also sticking closed after new radiator and this caused overheating ... 2003 Mazda Protege
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