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Driving on the highway, the check engine light

\015 2001 Golf Automatic. Driving on the highway, the check engine light came on, the car was running fine, not overheating or anything. Then the next day while driving around town, it went off again, and hasn't come back on. Can I ignore this?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Considering this is an emissions light and does not indicate an over-heat or oil pressure condition, it's probably OK. You may however want to take it to an auto parts store such as Advance Auto Parts where they can plug a scanner into the car's computer and check fault codes. It's usually free of charge and you'll be able to see what the source of the problem was. It could be a number of things, even including a loose gas cap.
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You can take it to auto zone or advanced auto parts house and they will check the codes for you for free.then you can look up the code on internet and see whats going on hope this helps ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

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May even be as simple as a bad seal on gas cap. Stop in to one of the bigger autoparts stores such as Autozone, Pep Boys etc, and they will scan it for free to point you in the right direction. If code(s) doesn't give obvious fix, get back to us with ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

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2000 saab 95 wagon,2.3t. oil pressure light came on. checked and filled oil, about 2 quarts. light did not go out. driving on highway, car shut down when check engine light came on. now car will only run for a few seconds at a time, check engine light comes on and vehicle shuts down.

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I have ISUZU AXIOM 2002 4X4, on a dashboard 2 lights are ON, Engine Check and CHECK TRANS blinking every 2 seconds. checked on tech 2 device it gives a DTC NUMBER P 1870. Car itself operates very well, shifts gears etc. when i deleted this error by tech2 device lights went off and didn't appear when i was driving only in city. As soon as i go on highway about 2 hours of driving and first A/T OIL TEMP light goes ON, after i stop car and give a rest, the light goes OFF but then, after highw

Hyjakker , your engine was misfiring, this OP poster is not an engine question at all, .... so....OPno person on earth can answer that. (can this fix it)P1870with all trans DTCsome are real, trans bad.o ... 2002 Isuzu Axiom

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These were notorious back in 88 for stalling out. Replace the ECM ... 1988 Chevrolet Beretta

While driving down the highway the engine stopped. was unable to immediately restart, but after approx 1-2 minutes restarted. check engine light came on. drove less than 1 mile and same occurred. no hesitation or choking, spluttering, just like you turned off a switch. next day no problems but check engine light stayed on.

You fuel filter may have go to the end of it's life and will need to be replaced. Start with the simple and replace the fuel filter, the filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles or once a year to ensure your fuel system is running 100%. the Aveo ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

1989 Camry V-6 1. Starts up and drives just fine... However, after 20 minutes or so, and particularly when on the highway, the Check Engine light will come on. Oil light does not come on during this time, and temp gauge is normal. Car has approx 180k miles. What are possible causes? 2. After extensive driving, but only when at low idle and/or shifting into reverse, oil pressure light will come on. This does not occur while engine is under continuous throttle, bur rather only occas

1. You would need to find the fault code that is stored when the check engine light comes on. This code will tell you what part is being effected and help to determine the problem. Saying that, if the engine is running fine and you notice no performa ... 1989 Toyota Camry

I have a 1998 24 cavalier, 2.4 twin cam engine. I have the est off and check engine light on. it chuggs whenever I come to a stop sign or a red light but drives good on the highway. I unplugged the tsp senso and drives good with the lights still on but it some times kicks down hard at the 3rd gear can anyone help me?

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Was driving my Ford F150 down highway, check engine light came on, several mintues later, the truck died. I pulled off to the side of the road. Still have lights, radio, etc, but when turn key, nothing happens. Replaced fuse 34, vehicle starts but engine check light still on and it smells as though something is burning (wire or something).

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Motor misses On highway driving when you tryto pick up speed by acceleration motor starts to miss big time and the check engine light blinks.After when you get to the speed that you need to stay with the traffic and ease of on the gas. The check engine light stays on but no more blinking.Until you accelerate again and then again it starts to blink.And after then back to steady on and on blinking. Sure like to know.

Find your nearest autozone or auto parts store most will put there scanner on your car for free .they will retreve the code and will than have an idea what part or parts your car needs if this was helpful please leave me good feedback. ... 2004 Ford Freestar

The problem i'm having with my concorde is when i'm driving(usually when i'm on the highway)my check engine light will flash on and off,my car starts to hesitate,then the speed will slowly decrease and it will cut off.i usually have to sit anywhere from 30-45 min. before it will start again.the check engine light only comes on when it does that then it's off when i start the car again.i have noticed when i'm doing street limit speeds it doesn't happen,it seems like as long as i don't have to giv

You obviously have connection somewhere in your OBDII system that has a intermittent open, short, or short to ground. OBDII is the system that monitor's all emission's "sensors" throughout the car. This is caused by the above wiring snafu or a sensor ... 1999 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 2003 Lexus ES 300 and when I do any highway driving at about 70mph for more than an hour, the transmission fluid overheats and the check engine light comes on. When it cools down, the check engine light goes off and it is fine until I run it again doing 70mph for about an hour. Transmission does not seem to slip at all when this happens. What could it be that is causing this?

Have restricted cooler lines going to radiator check for bend kink cooler lines and check for leaking cooler lines.make sure transmission has correct fluid level too much fluid causes transmission overheat and have engine coolant temperature checked ... Lexus ES 300

Our suzuki reno shifted very roughly and loudly into reverse when we attempted to go somewhere and the check engine light came on. then when shifting into drive on the highway the car would not shift gears, remained in a low gear with the check engine light still on. What do we need to do to fix this?

... 2006 Suzuki Reno

Check engine light comes on along with reduced engine power. When excelerating the engine does not engage and whines as if it is increasing in speed but is not. When driving on highway this seems to eventually even out and the engine speed "catches up" and the reduced engine light goes off. Transmission seems to shift fine.

Have the codes check and repost. this is an intermittant and is probably some thing simple. Autoparts stores check the codes for free. just don't buy anything untill you repost. they people at the stores will sell you the part when they really don't ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My car started to sputter and not work well when it rained and now it jumps outta drive to nuetral while going down the highway didn't have problem like this until after i had new radio installed and dog pushed car in reverse gear while pulling outta drive now my reverse light comes on all the time when i hit brake lights and had transmission replaced in car bc i was told it was my transmission but still having same problems afterwards and was told it was my computer the check engine light has b

First, take out the radio and unplug the plug from the back of radio. Sometimes, the radio is grounded through a wire that goes hot at certain times. It should always be a ground at any key position. Try test-driving the car with the radio out, n ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I was driving on the highway , all the sudden the engine light came on, I checked every thing, The engine seems to be allright,, Could you please tell me how I could reset the engine light... Description of my vehicle; 2008 C class 280 mercedes benz....

The standard way is to disconnect the positive cable to the battery for 5 mins. If that does not work take it to any franchised auto parts store (Auto zone, Advanced auto , Pep boys) and they can reset it for you for free. ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My 4x4 Light and 4Lo light are on in my 2004 Kia Sorento. Mechanic says it is not engaged. Drives like it is in 2 WD but the RPMs are high when driving on the highway and then the check engine light comes on. Ran it for codes and nothing pops up for any problems. Can some one help me with this problem?

... 2004 Kia Sorento

Engine light came on last night. Checked all fluids. all okay. Light went off while driving down the highway and has stayed off. Road conditions when the light came on were icy and wet. Highway conditions dry

This may or may not be a problem. The error code will be held in the copmputer, so the next step is to pull the error code(s)... However, if the light stays off, perhaps something hiccuped, and you need not investigate.... ... 2005 Chrysler Pacifica

Engine stalls when driving on highway or in town . Disconnected battery terminals to reset computer . turn the key three times and read the engine check light flashes a two digit code 12 - 11 - 55 I know that code 12 means that the battery has been disconnected more than 50 time and code 55 means end of engine code transmission but... have not been able to under stand " no signal detected from the distributor then it states check the wire or connection between the PCM and distributor .... what i

Pulse count modulator, there is a half circle of steel in the distributor, when the steel half circle passes a hall effect sensor ( pcm ) it tells the engine to fire on cylender number one. and the other half of the steel circle exits the hall effect ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

While driving down the highway, my 2004 Chevy Tahoe displayed a reduce engine power message. The accellerator pedal at that point had no effect on the engine even though it was still running. My manual told me to check the gas cap by lossening it then retightening it. It corrected the problem for about 30 miles, then the solid engine light came back on with the same message. After going through the gas cap procedure again several times, the light and message warning went out. I made it home but

You should take to shop to have any codes pulled from vehicle autozone will do it for free. let me know please and give feed back. ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

My 2005 kia amanti has check engine light on which generates a P0441 code. The engine has been silently dying while driving and at times will lurch forward when driving 70mph on highway and also while driving slow speeds in town.

Sounds like the Fuel Evap Purge Valve is stuck. When open, this valve channels gas vapors from your tank into your intake when you crank the engine. If it gets stuck open, then it could lead to additional air in your intake which upsets your fuel/a ... 2005 Kia Sorento

Im driving a mitsubishi eterna v6 twin turbo. lately experience a prob wher my engine check light turn on after a constant drive on highway than the engine shutdown. im using GReddy e-manage as a piggy bag ecu for my car. everytime this prob occurs i dis connect the e-manage n connect it back the prob solved but than another continous drive it happens again. pls do advise wat to do. thanks

Get a proper diagnostics done as it seems like one of the engine sensors needs to be replaced. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

Driving on the highway, the check engine light

Considering this is an emissions light and does not indicate an over-heat or oil pressure condition, it's probably OK. You may however want to take it to an auto parts store such as Advance Auto Parts where they can plug a scanner into the car's comp ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf
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