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My 99 cabrio bogs down at 2000 rpm - like it stalling. i can either up shift or down shift to get it going, but at 2000 rpms it bogs down again. could it be the catalytic converter?

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My 99 cabrio bogs down at 2000 rpm - like it stalling. i can either up shift or down shift to get it going, but at 2000 rpms it bogs down again. could it be the catalytic converter?

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I own a 03 jeep wrangler TJ 4.0. At high rpms or under load (going up hills it looses power) if driving in 5th gear at 60 mph and is down shifted to 3rd gear it slows down extreamly, the engine will not go past 3200 rpms. Not moving if rpms can only go to 4200, past that it boggs down, as if it were getting starved from fuel or air. I have recently installed a high flow exhaust system that removed the two catalytic converters that were just past the headers, and i have been told it could possibl

U only did part of the job most people change the air intake first put in a cool box or k&n type which causes some of same problems as opening the exhaust-- ur letting to much air out no back pressure and not enough air going in causing an imba ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler

Hi, I have a 2001 nissan sentra 2.0 with 218,000 miles on it. my problem is it doesnt want to accelerate. I can make it go nice and slow with a little gas, but if I step on it the engine bogs down. Also after its a little warm, shifting from 1st to 2nd makes the rpms go up and down from 1.5 rpm to 2 until it jumps to 3 and shifts. Car idles fine but wont rev past 1.75 rpms. Btw this all started after I adjusted my alternator to stop it from shrieking on start up. I have changed tps, upstream o2

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2001 toyota sienna, 6cyl 3l, must accelerate very slowly from stop or van seems to bog down badly, may take 2 miles to get to 55 mph, going up bridges it bogs down very badly, diagnostics indicated catalytic converter clogged. it has 3 converters, 3-way converter system. can the converters be removed and solve the problem? must they be changed because of sensors? how do i troubleshoot if really converter problem or sensor problem?

Brake loose connection between cat and exhaust manifold , it will allow exhaust gas to go out before cat , and see if it's restore the power on the engine.\012If it does then your cat is clogged.\012If not it's also might be Throttle Posi ... 2001 Toyota Sienna

I have a 1999 ford f250 v-10 superduty and when i drive between 0 and 2000 rpms it has a stutter and a miss and has no power and takes about a minute to get up to 30 mph. Even when it is above 2000 rpms if you punch it to the floor it will and almost dies. You cannot even go up a 2% grade incline unless you are going about 30 mph,if you are at a stand still and try to go it will bog out and not let you move. We changed the mass airflow sensor,fuel filter,fuel pump and fuel regulator. HELP PLEASE

Replace the throttle position sensor. ... 2005 Ford F 250 Super Duty

2002 ford f250 superduty started shifting weird, seems like torque converter isn't working properly. There is hesitation when going into gears and when I'm driving and apply the brake or let off the gas the rpms don't go down like they should. It has 71000 miles on it and transmission has not been serviced, would getting it serviced solve the shiffting problems or is the torque converter bad?

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My 92 suburban wont go over 2000 rpms most of the time while driving. It can rev up while in park fine. When I'm driving I lose power up hill extremely. I also can gas it and lose more power then I had before I gased it. Somebody told me my catalytic converter but I figured It wouldnt rev up in park if it was the catalytic converter. I've had the check engine light come on acouple of times before when I've went uphill but when I killed it and cranked it again the check engine light was gone. Som

The very first thing you should do is have your fuel pressure checked. sounds like fuel filter or fuel pump. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

1995 Cougar, 4.3L V-8. Has about 1/3 tank of gas, new battery, new fuel pump, new regulator, fuel filter, fuel injectors were checked and all ok, all plug wires were checked and are hot and spark...Car idles ok-atleast once it starts...it doesn't start when it's cold out, when giving gas...will not go past 1500-2000RPMS. 2 of the 3 catalytic converters were cleaned out, the other catalytic converter you can see through so it's ok...and it runs the same with the exhaust off-so not a plugged muff

Your car has a chevrolet 4.3 lt in it instead of a ford 4.6 thats the problem lol ... 1995 Mercury Cougar

Transmission is not operating correctly when cold. The RPM's are above normal operating levels prior to shifting. After the vehicle travels a couple of miles, all is fine. Normal operational RPM's are around 2000 at 70 MPH. Now it is 2500 RPM's. Had the catalytic converter changed out about 6 months as well as the solenoids for shifting. I put an OASIS computer on it but could not find anything out the ordinary. I'm thinking the converter may be going out again.

The PCM is allowing torque converter slippage until the transmission reaches normal operating temperature because cold transmission fluid is a drag on the engine and causes it to burn more fuel. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

My 1991 300 zx non-turbo automatic transmission is stuck in third gear. one day i started the car and when putting it in drive it is really slow on take off. it has 0 acceleration. i dropped it in first and nothing changed. reverse works fine. when on the highway going 60 the rpms are at 4000 the over drive on or off makes no difference. i got it up to 120 mph at 7000 rpms and it would not shift. letting off the gas the rpms fall as if it were a manuel transmission. any suggestions?

... 1991 Nissan 300ZX

I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus 2.5 L V6 automatic. I was driving and suddenly it just stopped shifting past what I think is 3rd gear. I can go from 0 to 35 with the RPMs at 3000 but after 35 it wont shift anymore. At one point the car wold no longer accelerate which was at about 50 MPH but as soon as I slowed down to about 40 it kicked into gear. This is the first time this has happened but prior to this there were a few occasions when it had a little trouble switching into 2nd I think it was.

An engine that hesitates, stumbles or misfires when accelerating or when\015\012 it is under load is an engine that is either sucking too much air, not \015\012getting enough fuel or misfiring. If the Check EngineLight comes on,\015\012 you may ... Chrysler Cirrus

We have a 1986 Dodge Lancer that runs fine when I first start it. As soon as it warms up, the motor bogs down. We have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, catalytic converter and put tranny fluid in it (although the transmission shifts fine). We were told that the modulator on the transmission may need to be replaced, but, as I stated, the tranny shifts just fine, not too rough and not too soft and the gears do not slip at all. It almost seems as though it is not getting enough air flow through

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2004 altima 2.5 At times the engine will act as if it cannot accelerate. If you try a fast acceleration, the engine will bog. recently, while going about 20mph and trying to accelerate, bogs down. The car acted this way for 10 miles. I got out, waited 1hour, strted it up and ran fine, even if I tried a hard acceleration. Took it to a mechanic, it had two catalytic codes. He sais the converter is overheating and needs replacement. 120K miles

This is the symptoms for the cats being stopped up,if this is so,the vacuum reading will be low,and upon acceleration,the vacuum will stay the same or drop.Drive the car long enough,they will slow the vehicle down again. ... 2003 Nissan Altima

My car does not pick up speed when I accelerate and the RPMs go high when I accelerate and go up hills. My catalytic converter was recently removed because it was bad. My car is a 2002 Dodge Neon and has a standard transmission. Can anyone help me??

Is the clutch slipping? Have that confirmed., and if so, you will need a clutch job. About $150 for the parts (clutch disc, pressure plate, and clutch release bearing). Labor cost at shops will be high. Try to find someone you trust (a friend or ... Cars & Trucks

Hi i have a 91 gmc sierra, just put a rebuilt 350 TBI in it and its mated to a 700r4 tranny. ive replaced the fuel filter, injectors, rebuilt the fuel pressure regulator in it and cleaned the **** out the the throttle body. especially when in overdrive it has a bog when rolling into the throttle, but today i was just in drive and it constantly bogged when shifting from first to second....what the hell is going on? torque converter? servo? im baffled and need to drive 12 hours next week please he

First you need to check your fuel pressure with engine running you should have 9-13 psi if you don't replace fuel pump. ... Chevrolet C1500

Lexus ls 400 1992. I bought the car knowing they replaced the catalytic converter with a smaller one, No biggie car worked fine. only issue was if you drove over 70 the car would **** a little, now 5 months later, sometimes when im driving it semms like it wont go into third gear. it lets me go 40 mph with normal idle then when i got 50 -60 it idles like crazy and it wont shift, then i stop turn the car back on its perfect any idea? also when I step on the break the reverse light on the dash tur

Have transmission checked ... 1992 Lexus Sc 400

I recently started noticing that when I shift gears, the RPMs go really high (even when I am going very slowly). This problem is especially noticable when I go from a stand still to 15mph in first gear. The RPMs quickly "reve" over 30. As I accelerate, the RPMs reve even higher and then suddenly go back to normal as I gain speed. I notice this same problem as I shift from first gear to second and second gear to third. Any ideas why this is happening? Any ideas what might be the cause

I take it that its an manual transmisson. Your clutch is worn out, causing rpm to flare up. But must be sent to a automotive shop to have them properly diag it. Recommend getting a better quality clutch disc or else you'll have to pay for the job t ... Volkswagen Jetta

Car: 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsberg 1.8T; 54k miles I recently started noticing that when I shift gears, the RPMs go really high (even when I am going very slowly). This problem is especially noticable when I go from a stand still to 15mph in first gear. The RPMs quickly "reve" over 30. As I accelerate, the RPMs reve even higher and then suddenly go back to normal as I gain speed. I notice this same problem as I shift from first gear to second and second gear to third. Any ideas why

Check the oil level first ,sounds like low oil level in gearbox ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 97 pontiac grand prix gtp and the transmission makes a whinning noise in third gear. when i am going like thirty five if i let off the gas the rpms go down but when i go to accelerate the rpms go up to like 2000 or 2500 before it starts pulling and i can rev it between 1000 and 2000 rpms and it doesn;t pull at all but when the car shifts into 4th it stops whinning and it pulls fine accept when i get up to like 80 sometimes it wants to shift down into third when i barely push on the acce

... Pontiac Grand Prix

Transmition shudder my 95 f150 has the 470RW (or something close to that) tranny, in 3rd and forth gear at low Rpms when it should down shift it will start shuddering, i talked to a couple people and they said that my troque converter is most likely going out but i have been driving the truck like this for 2 years and my grandpa drove it like that for 5 and it hasnt went out yet, i did just check the tranny fluid and it was blacker than my oil but would that have that effect on the tranny?

Your lucky it lasted this long they are right if your oil is black you have burnt and possible warped clutches ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

2005 Chrysler town and country van has lose power. When driving it goes from 0-70 in about 15 seconds, it appears not to have much power when trying to get up to speed. If you press down on gas to try to get up to 40mph very quick, the RPM go up, but you must let off the gas for it to change gears. However, it eventually does change gears. The check engine light is on and the code reads p0404 and p0420. I replaced the EGR valve, still same problem. I disconnected the catalytic converter an

Change plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Get a cold air intake or at least a k&n air filter.\015\012Clean the throttle positions sensor. Check for any vacuum leaks. After every sensor that you replace you have to reset the computer or the code wil ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Name is rich i have a 97 jeep cherokee 136,000 on it when driveing it just shuts down it used to do it once in awhile then every 23 miles now i can go less than 10 and it just shuts down its a 4.0 i've hAD PUT ON 3 DIAGNOSTIC 3 PLACES NOW THIS IS WHAT I DID SO FAR SPARK PLUGS-CATALYTIC CONVERTER-MUFFLER-AUTO SHUT DOWN RELAY-IAC-MAP-THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR-SMP OXYGEN SENSOR-R&r CRANK SENSOR-MANIFOLD AIR TEMPERATURE (MAT)SENSOR- NOW WHEN IT DIES BOGS CHUGS SHUTS DOWN NOW IF I LET IT SIT FOR A

... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

No power the car seems to bog down and jerks a little going up hills , idle drops between 200 - 500 rpm and sometime stalls at a stop ? smells hot when shut off ? maybe catalytic converter any other ideas ? Thanks !

Hi change the basics first plugs leads cap rotors etc sounds more like a missfire than fuel yates210456 ... 1990 Toyota Camry

94 Buick lesabre started hesitating and died and to keep it running you have to keep your foot on the gas pedal but it won't go anywhere unless you have it about to the floor and shift but if you unplug the mass air flow sensor it will run but with a rough idle I have replaced the mass air flow sensor and oxygen sensor the car will drive with the mass air flow sensor unplugged. I have taken the upstream o2 sensor out and it doesn't change anything I'm not sure if its that catalytic converter

Hello! The Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) is the likely guilty part...You can test it with a voltmeter...It is held in place by two screws and located on the top of the throttle body...It's connector has three wires...Black,,,Dark Blue...And ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

2001 F-350--I recently rebuilt my E40D tranny. My torque converter looked good,nothing brown. Shifting is smoother. BUT my engine is at a higher rev in over drive.Usually I am at 2000 Rpms at 70 mph. Now its at 2300 rpm at 70 mph. I also cant go any faster than 70 mph.

Did you bleed the tranny after putting in new fluid and filter? To do this, Keep foot on brake, and you must go through each gear, Like R,D,D3,D2,D1. and repeat 3 times with foot on brake, Leave in each gear for about 4 seconds. This will bleed it. I ... Ford F-350
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