Having problems with your 2001 Volkswagen Beetle ?

Passenger side window will not go up

\015 2001 VW Beetle - passenger side window will not go up - how do we get the door panel off?\015
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Answers :

It's a toughy, but I can explain. The door handle (the part you pull to close, not the latch pull to open) has a cover, it's the fine line you see, take a screw driver and pry that off (it can be very difficult) there are 2 philips screws under it. After that, take off the 3 torx screws on the bottom of the panel.. then, pull the bottom with a quick firmness, and it should pop, then pull until it's loose and lift upwards to lift it off the door, then un-hook all the connections (they are color coded or they only plug in one hole, so don't worry about where they went until you go back together. Getting off the window regulator is much more fun. Unbolt all the 10mm bolts surrounding the panel, then pop the clips holding on the door latch (you won't need to reattach this, it's not needed, it's on the right near where the latch pull goes into the panel). Then you'll see big black circle plugs, pop those plugs and line up the window bolts till you can see them through the hole, unscrew them a little because they squeeze a clamp that holds the window, they don't go through, then slide up the window and secure it, and then work the panel out. ..

For a quick diagnosis, if you can pick up or move the window anything more than 1/2 an inch w/o using the button, than your regulator is broken and will need a new one.. also don't get a "repair kit" because i've had major problems with those, one scratches a window badly, and they are terribly hard to work and install.
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Reads like it is a problem for an auto electrician or someone with access to the vehicles wiring diagram - presumably at some point two circuits are crossing. More likely if it is a modern car, it maybe a bit of computerised hardware that needs a fix ... 1997 Honda Civic

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