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Ac light blinking

\015 Flashes code 32. Works for a short time then compressor cuts out, turn switch off and back on and it works again for awhile.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 1974 ford f100. when i turn on my right blinker, my left front and rear side marker lights as well as both license plate lights blink, all the right lights blink as well. when i turn on my left blinker only my dash, front and rear lights blink (not the sidemarker lights). then when i turn on my hazards all the lights blink like they should, until i step on the brake. then they stop blinking. it seems as if the right blinker is somehow tied into the hazard lights, but i cannot find where

I just want to sugest checking your ignition switch to see if it is sticking to far in the on postion and not bouncing back like it should when you start it. I have had the problem on several ford pickups i have owned. In all the cases it messed the ... Ford F-100

2004 Lexus LS430- AFS light is blinking all time, headlights goes up when started and aimed correctly now. Couple of months ago, I took the positive terminal off the battery to reset the AFS light but did not work. However, it helped in a way that the lights used to aim very low and the blinking AFS light was on. Now AFS light is on all time but the level of light is OK. Please guide me the next step I can do to correct the blinking light off.

You need a scan tool to clear the fault code before the light will go out, but a health check should be performed to see if any other problems exist. ... 2004 Lexus LS 430

Signal lights won't blink on, replaced flasher and bulbs and fuse with no change in condition. Turn on hazard lights and only front right signal light blinks. Rear emergency lights and left front don not blink. Right arrow on console only blinks with hazard switch on. Not sure what else can cause this. Your help is greatly appreciated!

... Mitsubishi Montero

After oil change, check engine light came on and cruise control light is blinking I have the same problem. My car runs great, but the check engine light is on and the cruise control light is blinking. I tried to turn on the cruise to see if the light would stay on rather than blink, but this function is not working. My car is a 2006 Impreza with barely over 40K miles.

Dealer only software neede to reset this problem.sorry i couldnt be any more help but try reading the software whens it encrypted ?? ... 2006 Subaru Impreza

1996 olds cutlass supreme. All of my blinker lights light up but will not blink, hazards blink. All other lights, brake and head lights work. I have 3 fuse boxes and cannot find which one is the one that makes them blink. Is it under the dash or where is it. Or am I way off base. Please help.

... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Overdrive indicator light flashes after five minutes drive. Nothing strange about the gear and the engine except that the overdrive blinking is annoying. The only way not to see the blinking overdrive indicator is to turn it "off" so that the light is constantly lighting (light always on and not blinking).

... 1997 Toyota RAV4

98 four runner 3.4/v6 --check engine light blinks after a short (2-4min) drive @ 70mph-slow down and the light will go out--I don't feel any difference in the engine when the light is blinking (such as missing, popping, etc--I have changed plugs, wires and one time we got a code for a misfire on 2 and 5, so I changed the coil pack on # 5 cyl which also fires #2--but the light still blinks after that--??

... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

I was driving down the road and my 4WD HI light started blinking today on my 1997 Chevy 1500. If I put it in 4 LO the 4 HI light quits blinking and the 4 LO light comes on Press the 2WD button and the 4HI light starts blinking again.

Check switch connections,fluid level and actuator at transfer case if good have truck scanned for possible trouble code possibleas sensor or component going bad , some auto stores such as auto zone /advanced auto do it for free if theres a trouble co ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a '97 GMC full size pickup 4x4 and the front right blinks really fast and the right rear won't blink and the right rear brake light won't work either. I have tried two new bulbs and this didn't work either the light lights up but won't blink and brake light won't work either on the right side, I won't you can help me. All wires seem to be tight.

If you look at the fuse box you will find a yellow or a silver round canistor plugged into the front of the fuse panel this is a flasher and they (2) control your flashing usually the second flasher is plugged in the back of the fuse box almost exact ... 2003 Ford Expedition

Grand Prix 2003 first no running lights tail lights or cluster lights. All fuses were good. Changed out the small box under the steering column. Not the chime box. After doing that I had running lights tail lights (cluster lights - on all the time) security light on only blinks when the doors are open and fuse 37 blows all the time now. Which before if was fine. When the fuse blows the security light blinks like it is supposed to. What should I check next???

... Cars & Trucks

My brake lights dont work and my hazard lights in back.. brake light in window works.. hazard lights in front work blinking fast. when put turn signal on go back to normal blink. turn signals work and running lights work in back.. replaced brake switch twice and all bulbs are good... only brake lights and hazard lights in back out

... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

1999 Silverado 5.3 I changed all my light bulbs they are all new front and back. But im having a big problem all lights in front work perfect including signal lights, the problem its in tha back that the driver rear "left" brake like light wont turn on or sinal light wont blink when I put the left directional, but when I put the directional to go right both signal lights in the back blink at the same time.. Does any body knows whats wrong with it?

The lamps got mixed up. For a Chevy 1500, the left tail/stop lamp has dual filaments with LT BLU and BRN wires connected to the socket. The left rear turn lamp has a single filament with a LT BLU wire connected to the socket. One other possibility is ... Cars & Trucks

I just bought a 2005 ford escape. I got it home and when I withdrew the car key the antitheft indicator light came on, blinking. It has stayed on even when the doors are not locked. It turns off,as the manual says, when the car key is turned to accessory or the motor is running. Is this normal or should the blinking light go out after a while. It is rather disconcerting to have a blinking light on the dash when the car is parked.

That is what it does ... it is telling those who might be interested in stealing your car that the alarm is active ... I guess you could have it removed ... but why would you do that? If I were going to steal a car ... I'd be interested in targeting ... 2005 Ford Escape

When i put on the hazards my frt lights blink but my tail lights dont blink but whats crazy is my top light blinks i checked all the bulbs there good

... 2005 GMC Yukon SLT

1997 Le Sabre Climate control light blinks...the temp. outside and the interior temp. light blinks when calibrating temp....the manual said that something could be wrong if lights blinks

... 1997 Buick LeSabre

My 97 expedition starts and runs good I'm driving down the road, Then the overdrive light starts blinking on the end of the shifter, So when I come to a stop then start to go again it shifts real hard. Well then I get through the gears I turn the key off then on the light quits blinking and shifts smooth. Then after about 15 to 20 minutes later after I've driven awhile stopping and going the light starts blinking again and then shifts hard again, Until I shut off then on again. What could it be?

... 1997 Ford Expedition

I was getting a po755 code shift solenoid b malfunction for a while, after a couple of months it started showing signs like it would shift into overdrive and the o/d light started blinking, so i replaced the solenoid pack and it seemed fine the code didnt come back, i got my overdrive back and the light stopped blinking but a few days ago i went through a car wash where you put it in neutral and let it pull it through and in the middle of it my o/d light started blinking again but stopped shortl

This code can be caused by worn out transmission fluid, I recommened you have the fluid and filter changed and clear code ... Ford Expedition

Have a 2003 Saturn LW2 wagon- 1st problem lights inside and outside of car started blinking on & off- then just opening car door lights blinked on & off- now blinking stop-but car will crank over- but not run for more than a minute or two- had friend put a tool to check codes- no codes showing- check gas pressure and battery - are okay-once showed the engine light with wrench & a symbol with a lock showing over it.

... 2003 Saturn Lw 4dr Wagon

Speed sensor got a 1996 honda accord that the speedometer does not work, and when I hit a decent speed the light on where it says D4 is starts blinking and the car chokes like looses power and I have to stop turn off the car and back on so the blinking light stops blinking cuz if I leave it for too long the check engine light goes on and the car starts not responding as it should respond front or reverse......would that be the speed sensor problem since the speedometer does not work and computer

The speed sensor is on the transmission, any repair shop that does HONDA work should be familiar with it. ... 1996 Honda Accord

A couple of days ago my door lock would not work, then my a/c stopped blowing cold air. The light was blinking. The next day the light wasn't blinking and it was working again, and then stopped. Then it stopped blowing all together. Then it started blowing again, but not cold air. The light is still not blinking. We took it somewhere and they did a diagnostic test and it showed no fault codes.

Sounds like there might be a bad ground or wire connector.If you are not good at chasing wiring I would take it to some one who is . Good luck ... 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

2001 kia sportage, check engine light blinks and it starts to sputter. Light quits blinking and now it runs fine, although the lcheck engine light stayed on(not blinking). Question being,..continue driving it?

You can drive the car, but you need to get the computer scanned for trouble codes as soon as possible. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

I have a 2007 Shelby GT500, when I use the turn signals only 2 bulbs blink on each side, the 2 outer most. The inner lights seem to only work as running lights, they do not light as brake lights either. Is this correct? I want to add sequential turn signals and cannot figure out how they'd work since the inner most lights are not blinking.

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I have a 2002 Ford Escape.. Engine light was on.. Code showing 1 3 5 misfiring. Had plugs replaced this morning. The guy drove it and said the light came on and it could a core pack. Told me to drive it. Drove it all day.. No problems. Stoped at a light turned my heat on and took off the light came on. Never blinked but stayed on.. Drove home. The car sat for a few minutes then my brother drove it and about two houses down the light started blinking and he pulled over. Turned it off. A few mins

... 2002 Ford Escape

It started with pulling 4 wheel drive lever to engage 4 wheel drive.It would take couple of seconds to engage.Finally engage light would appear showing engage.The light would blink a few times before engaging.Then one day needed to use 4 wheel drive and pulled lever light blinked a few times a would not engage and light would go in and out. Then no light or engagement.Any help that you could offer so that I would not have to carry it to an over priced shop would be very helpful.And before I jus

Check the linkage under the vehicle that goes from your shift lever to a rod that then goes to the transmission lever. Sometimes a coupling will come loose. Simple return it to its' original position and re-tighten. Let me know if this h ... 1995 GMC Suburban
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