Having problems with your 2001 Toyota Highlander ?

Had a dead battery. Took battery off of car to get it charged and when put it back on the vsc and check engine indicator lights came on.

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Have you taken it for a drive,it should reset itself
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Had a dead battery. Took battery off of car to get it charged and when put it back on the vsc and check engine indicator lights came on.

Have you taken it for a drive,it should reset itself ... 2001 Toyota Highlander

Bought a 1997 mercury sable today, guy said it needed a starter, charged dead battery and replaced starter. It fired right up, was driving it home it died, oil light, battery light, and check engine light came on. Checked oil and it is full. So checked the battery it was sitting at 12.25 volts, so I went and bought a new battery, hooked it up and it started right up but oil light, check engine light and battery light came back on and before I could shut it off it died. Went out to Check battery

Try checking the altenator. If the starter and battery were gimpy, the altenator may have a blown regulator too!. It sounds like there is a short in the system causing this problem. Most likely the altenator or component in the charging loop. WF ... 1997 Mercury Sable

I have a toyota RAV4 2008. My battery ran down on 5/12/11 and i replaced it. On friday 5/20 the light came on my dash....faulty indicator light, 4wd and VSC (no check engin, ABS or code) On 5/21 I removed and replace the battery terminals and on 5/23 the solid lights came back on again. This happened in west africa with very hot weather. 1. what can i do to correct this 2. can i continue to drive this can like this without problem to the car 3. if there is a part to replace can you advice me

No parts to be replaced iit is just the car`s control computer got confused why ? because it uses a little amount of battery voltage to save some required informations for maintenance and whatever when you removed your battery the memory volati ... Toyota RAV4

2007 toyota Tundra vsc light is blinking & the check engine light came on the truck is vsry sluggish and will not accelerate properly , I cheeked the fuses , disconnected the battery then reconnected it , the lights went out for about 4 minutes then came back on . I then took it to took local parts store , they did a diagnostic and the code was p2440

Unfortunately they only way to make this problem go away is to do T-SB-0329-08 as described. There are huge problems with the air pump systems on the Tundra. The VSC light comes on by default. This is probably affecting the 4WD. The warranty is 3/36 ... Toyota Tundra

I was driving my 2000 Honda Civic to work and all was well with it. However, as I started it up to drive home, the dreaded Check Engine light came on. I bought a new O2 sensor, and installed it, but the check engine light stayed on. I took the battery off, let it stay off for a minute, and then put it back on. I restarted the car, the light went away, I drove for an hour, and the light stayed off. However, I turned my car on this morning, and lo-and-behold the light came back on. In additio

Start by waiting overnight (until the engine is stone cold), then remove\015\012 the radiator cap and top off the radiator. Fill the reservoir to at least \015\012the\015\012minimum line. Run the car until it's at Normal Operating Temperature, ... 2000 Honda Civic

My 1998 Lexus LS 400 is in top shape. Recently on a cold start the check engine and VSC Off lights came on and check VSC system message. Intermittently at idle, the idle bogs down as if the engine will cut off, but it does not. Even during the intemittant idle issue, car runs great once I accellerate. I went thru the stps in the owners manual to reset the VSC system as I had recently replaced the battery (disconnected terminals) The check engine ligth and Check VSC resolved, but came back once I

... 1998 Lexus LS 400

We left my PT Cruiser ( yr 2000 touring 2L) standing for over 3 months over the winter, and the battery went flat. We charged up the battery & topped up the oil then started using it again. On the 2nd outing after approx 36 miles the engine management light came on. We checked under the bonnet to find we hadn't put the oil filler cap back on! We have put this back on but the engine management light is still on. I am assuming that the light came on because the oil filler cap was not replaced beca

The oil cap will not set a check engine lite. Just disconnect your battery for a minute and reconnect it that will clear the code. Do this with the negative battery cable. If the lite comes back on there is a problem that the computer is seeing and y ... 2004 Chrysler Concorde

A few days ago I started the Cruiser and had 4 indicators stay lit. They were the CHECK ENGINE...SLIP INDICATOR..VSC TRAC..VSC OFF. Didnt noticed any change in driving and 4-wheel drive is still working. I removed the negative cable from the battery and the same indicator lights have NOT come back. Everything is back to normal as far as warning lights go. Should I take it in to the service center and have it checked. Or should I wait to take it in, if it does it again?

Generally when a landcruiser doesthat it is because the alternator is on the way out -----get checked out by an auto electrician ... 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

My 2005 ford explorer xlt check charging system light keeps coming on. I just recently within 60 days ago replaced the alt AND the battery. Thought that solved the problem then about 2 weeks later it came on again along with service engine soon.. Had throttle body cleaned out and system reset. Check engine light came back on today but car ran fine but when turned heat on, battery gauge went down.

... Cars & Trucks

Hi. i have a 2001 ford escape. i have just had completly serviced. i got it home and a couple of days later the check engine light came on. so i took it back and he couldnt find anything wrong. however he said je was gonna charge me $100 to reset the light. i heard that if you disconnect the battery it will reset data. how long do i leave it off for and do i do it while the car is running or off?? cheers

\012HelloWhen the service engine\012soon light (Also called the check engine light or engine management\012light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that Powertrain\012Control Module (computer) has detected a failure somewher ... 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8S and the engine light came on and indicated a misfire #2 cylinder (Auto Zone check). I took it to the dealership I purchased it from new. They insisted on replacing my spark plugs with NGK ones ($11.00 each), drove my car, and said the engine light was off and car was fixed. I asked them to do a diagnostic test but never got an electronic printout. Two weeks later the engine light came on again and the same problem coded at Auto Zone. Took the car back for them

Yes, I have a solution - an immediate recall or, failing that, a class-action suit. I leased a 2005 1.8L Sentra new from the dealership. It came with a 5-year/100,000K "bumper to bumper warranty." Today - April 2010 - it has just under 66,000Kms. on ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE with a V6 3.4 liter engine. I had my check engine light come on and went to Auto Zone to get a code which related to a emission vapor leak. So I took car to my mechanic and he performed a smoke test which indicated the vent solinoid was bad. Had him replace it, hooked up scan tool to turn check engine light out then a week later came back on indicating same code. So my mechanic suggested to replace gas cap and purge valve because thats all it can be. Did that an

With the new ecm you have to relearn the security system. It is a 10 min relearn process. Try to start the engine and let the key in the run position for 10 min and observe the security light. It should flash for 10 min and go out. Turn the key off a ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

After unhooking and then hooking back up my battery, my check engine and VSC lights came on. Also now can't open my trunk or fuel filler door from inside car.

... 2006 Toyota Avalon Touring

Two-fold problem: (1) Check engine light would come on when I was low on fuel. After refueling, it would go away. Eventually it came on and stayed on so I took it to the shop. They said it needed an emission vapor canister. However, after that day the check engine light didn't come on for months so I didn't get the canister. Eventually check engine came back on, I took the car in and got the new vapor canister ($350). Three weeks later the check engine light was back on when I was low on

... Chrysler 300M

2005 GMC Canyon - service engine light came on - then the battery light came on - took it to the dealer. The battery was replaced and the service engine light went out. The truck still had low rpms at stop lights like it was going to stall out. The battery light came back on and and the rpms are still low. Took it back to the dealer. Problem has not been resolved. GM dealer has to do more testing. Any ideas?

Sounds as if your alternator is not charging the battery. The battery is the main source of your engine "spark". the alternator is across the leads to supply charging to bring your battery up to the 13.2 volts that is available. Of course the alterna ... 2005 GMC Canyon

2001 sentra (81k) started up short 7% grade hill - half way lost power and started to idle rough and check engine light started flashing. Proceeded about 2mi to destination. A couple of hrs later I checked all fluids etc. The following day took to my mechanic and was told I needed 1 new ignition coil and plugs were fouled too. Picked up after repairs put less than 20mi on it and check engine light came on (and stays on). Back to machanic, they checked code and said now is indicating ineffic

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Every time there is an emisions problem your check engine light comes on and stores a code in the memory in which, using a OBDII scanner, it can be retreived later and proper repair should be made. If the code that i ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

The Check engine Light Comes On After Installing A Throttle body spacer and A K+n Filter, (Which We Had On Our ) '04 Suburban 5,3 Liter 295 Hp Vortec. the codes Are ''0171, 0174''. We Had It Installed By A Real Inspection Mech. I Saw Them 1st disconnecteed the neg battery term, and then Disconnect the Air Sensors. Now It Didn't Come right on Right Away, But A Few Hors Later, Took It Back, And Those Were The Codes, And He erased Them? And It The Chek Engine Light Came Back On??? Thanks For Any Ad

Both a po171 and a po174 are lean codes.Not to say that this is for sure your problem but i have seen several times with the K&N systems where to much oil has been put on the filter and it contaminates the mass air flow sensor.something to try or ... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

When stopped at red light, the volt gauge goes into neg range, as soon as I hit the gas it goes into pos, I replaced alltinator and battery, what elese could cause this problem ? it seem to do it more when the air is on, under a heavy load, I thought I received a bad alltinator, i took the car back, he checked it out and it's fine, then he checked my brand new die hard, and it took a long time to charge on the test unit and the numbers came back, out of 630 cca there are only 374 cca availab

Two things I'd look at there. It's possible that the belt tensioner isn't providing enough tension and is permitting some slippage under a load. Also, if engine rpm is very low, often the charge rate will drop. Generally if you don't spend a lot of t ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

My 1999 subaru impreza outback automatic transmission oil light came on...took it back to dealer...he reset it...2 days later, it came back on and the check engine light came on...when the AT light comes on the car would stay/default @3rd gear. If I placed car @park, stopped/restarted the engine, the AT light would go off, & shifting was normal. Car under warranty, so had transmission rebuilt. 1 day after having car back on road(I drive about 130+ miles/day) the AT light is back on. So is check

... 2003 Subaru Outback

2007 tundra the vsc light keeps blinking , the check engine light is on , truck is sluggish will not accelerate properly , i disconnected the battery waited 5 min reconnected it . Checked the fuses under the hood they were ok . The lights went off after I started the truck, but came back on....

The reson the light goes off when you disconnect the battery is your doing a hard reset on the computer that will clear all the codes in the system. then once the system goes through its checks the light will come back since the problem is still ther ... Toyota Tundra

My 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager's Service Engine light came on. Then after a week it wouldn't start. We took of the battery cables over night then put them back on. Now it works fine and the light has not come back on. We did get the light checked and it said it was the TCM. It has shut off on us like this many times and we have taken it in when it would start again and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Could it be the TCM that is causing it to shut off?

... 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Had OBD2 codes P0441 & P0446 on my 1999 Toyota Corolla. Replaced the VSV CHARCOAL EVAPORATORE, disconnected the battery, check engine light went out. came back on this am, took the car to advanced auto & rechecked. The P0441 & P0446 codes were gone, but had a P0125 code showing. Reset & the lights out now. The guy at advanced says that lots of times other sensors will get tripped and it should stay out now that we reset, but not real sure what a P0125 code means or how to fix if light comes back

According to my 2002 Toyota Tundra manual (and it may be different for your car) P0125 is as follows:Insufficient Coolant Temperaturefor Closed Loop Fuel ControlThis would seem unrelated to your original problem. ... 1999 Toyota Corolla

I have had a Check Engine Light on my dash for a good 3 weeks. I noticed the Van running really ruff. I took the van to autozone and got the codes ran. The code of P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) came back originally so I changed the plugs and it fixed the problem. About 1 week later I got a check Engine light again. I then again got the codes ran and this time it came back P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire). I then changed the plugs again, a day later the light came back so I changed the wires. Then a day a

I agree with phillyboy. Don't buy a compression gauge though. Pay a garage to check your compression. $40 or so.There are three rings on a piston, a compression ring, an oil ring and another compression ring. If your rings have failed on cylinder 4, ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

The check engine light came on in my 1995 Nissan XE 4 cyl pickup and I took it to the shop. They said it was the O2 sensor & Wanted 385.00 to replace it. I went to autozone and got one for 20.00. Also replaced the plugs and plug wires. Disconnected the battery cables to reset light but it came back on. 1. What would be the next step now that the O2 sensor has been replaced? 2. Where is the computer located to see what codes come up now? 3. What are the codes for the 1995 pickup?

I would recommend you have Autozone lookup the code on your vehicle, and then report back here with the code. Here is a list of the Generic Codes: http://www.obd-codes. ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

2006 Freestar cut out once going down the high way. 45 miles later we stopped for a rest. When we started back up, it took several times before it stayed running, but ran very rough, and would stall if allowed to stay at idle very long. When we got back on the road, it seemed like it was going ok (no indicator lights, engine, fuel, battery... were lit) after about 5 miles we came to a traffic light, and it stalled and would not restart. It will crank over, there is fuel at the injector ba

... 2006 Ford Freestar
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