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Poor accelleration and vibration

\015 My engine light came on a couple days ago and now my car jerks when i step on the gas and dosent run as good as it used to and it also vibrates when im at a stop i have a 2001 toyota echo, could you please help me solve the problem because i have no job or money to get it fixed thank you\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Can be anything from bad gas to vacuum leak to internal engine malfunction need t0o have car scanned most auto stores offer this service for free such as auto zone / advanced auto check ur local area the trouble code will help in fixing ur problem good luck
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Poor accelleration and vibration

Can be anything from bad gas to vacuum leak to internal engine malfunction need t0o have car scanned most auto stores offer this service for free such as auto zone / advanced auto check ur local area the trouble code will help in fixing ur problem go ... 2001 Toyota Echo

I had the serpentine belt changed on my 2005 corolla and the following things started happening: vibrations in the steering column and possibly in the front end, general vibration somewhere when reaching speeds of 45-65, car dies often when taking off from a stop-it's a manual transmission, and very poor gas mileage. What did the repair place possibly do wrong and what should I tell them?

The belt should not cause any of these problems unless the installer knock something off kilter or a wire to a connection was disconnected by accident. Have the look at the work they performed for you and see. They should do that for you since it jus ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

The entire car has a vibration It is especally noticable at idle speeds does not matter what gear car is in even nuetral It is an automatic with 91,000 miles. Thought it was poor motor mounts but dealer says no. The vibration is so bad it has loosened the hood latch and caused parts to loosen.It is a cinco 2002

Does the engine shake or the car?? when its moving stationary ... Kia Rio5

I have a 1988 K5 Blazer 3/4 ton that shakes and vibrates during accelleration. We've rebuilt the transmission, replaced the u-joints and torque converter and the tie-rod. All new tires but it still shakes and vibrates like crazy!

... Chevrolet Blazer

Front End Vibration at High Speeds during accelleration

... 2002 Kia Sedona

Peugeot 206 vibrates on accelleration

... Peugeot 206

84 Z31 Turbo - Rough idle and poor slow accelleration

I would suggest a few things ... first and the most important... check that you have the wires in the proper order on the distributer. next have the timing checked.Robert ... 1984 Nissan 300ZX

Poor performance under accelleration

Have a godd muffler shop check your catalytic converter for clogging. just a thought! ... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

Audi A4 - Strong vibrations while accellerating and while idling

If it had points and carb i could diagnose it but with all this computer control stuff it could be anything from a faulty sensor to a dodgy fuel pump or evan a multiplug loose .i would suggest the dealer to diagnose it sorry i cant be of much help bu ... 2004 Audi A4

1998 GMC Jimmy...4x4 / transmission issues. It started a few weeks ago with poor acceleration above 2500-3000 rpm in any gear. The engine doesn't red line, but it the truck doesn't feel like it is accelerating either. In the last few days, the switch for the 4x4 has been faulty...The light, which is usually on 2WD, is off. When it is on, I am unable to select 4Hi nor 4Low...the buttons do nothing. Also, a hum/subtle vibration under my feet has started when driving between 35 and 45 mph...reg

Lets take this piece by piece.\015\012The 4x4 switch is defective.\015\012A driveline vibration regardless of engine speed is usually a shaft or cv joint. To verify a visual inspection is necessary.\015\012The poor acceleration in a ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

This is a 1974 charger,360 ,4bbl,auto-problem is engine vibration. engine is running good, butvibrates almost like a miss,noticeable even in neutral, but more noticeable as the rpms are higher.when driving, seems not as bad as you accellerate,but after about 40 mph, give or take,is very noticeable, almost like a rhythmic grinding feel to it. when driving at steady slower speed, can feel hesitation,seems sporadic. have been told it was harmonic balancer-seems reosonable. but others say its worse-

Harmonic balancers can cause heavy vibrations also motor mounts (which think it is. Chrysler was famous for it in those years) oil will leak down from the valve covers and soften the rubber and the torque from the engine will snap the mounts and shif ... Dodge Charger

My car is running a little rough when warmed up and I'm creeping along accellerating from 0 mph to 10 mph (like in a parking lot). By "rough" what I mean is there is a slight feeling of vibration I can feel through the steering wheel. My mechanic adjusted the engine timing and that did not fix the problem. He said he thinks maybe something is slipping inside the automatic transmission, or maybe it's a problem with the engine mounts. But I have since noticed that my fuel economy has decrease

Mcdevito75 here, It is possible something in the tranny could be wrong especially if your tranny has a sensor that is read by your cars, computer system, a bad engine mount would cause the engine to shift position on the chassis while driveing, even ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

94 Aerostar 2wd 4.0 is running rough. It has new plugs,wires,air filter,and fuel filter. Engine hesitates and vibrates when power is needed. Runs poorly, engine feels unbalanced. Local shop put van on scope and found no problems. Thanks

... 1993 Ford Aerostar Extended

I have a Saab 9-3 2.2 tid which I bought a week ago. The engine management light came on after the first day of driving causing the car to go in to limp mode. The garage replaced the airflow unit and the exhaust egr valve. The car seems fine now but the fuel consumption is really poor since these parts were replaced. between 35 and 38 mpg. I have also noticed a lot of smoke when I slow down on the motorway and then accellerate again. Can you offer a suggestion as what this might be?

I am not a mechanic but i have got the same model saab which i have had for 5 years. Same issue a couple of years ago, for me it turned out to be a hole in the hose to the intercooler. Loss of power and smoking. Once repaired all ok though ... 2003 Saab 9-3

Unusual noise My girlfriend's '97 CR-V occassionally makes a brief low growling noise when she accellerates hard. It seems consistant within a speed/RPM/load range. To me, the noise sounds like a vibration, perhaps in the exhaust system, but definately in the front of the car. I did find that the exhaust manifold heat shield was rusted and in need of replacement- several mounting tabs were loose. The car now has a new one and I've found no other explanation for the noise, but she complains that

You mat want to have the lifters checked and re torqued if the car has more than 100k miles.they tighten after time on thair own and will cause the engine to shake and feel sluggish. ... 1997 Honda CR-V

2008 Dodge Avenger electronic throttle warning flashed. Car's performance was poor after, no accelleration , jerky performance. Pulled over and had the dealer come get the car. The dealer started the car and it runs ok now, of course.

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

Vibration noise under accelleration - 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Loud airplane like noise from engine, vibration and poor acceleration.The noise is present at any speed.

I had the same issue and had to replace the Hub Assembly on the passenger's side...a few months later I also had to replace the Hub Assembly on the Driver's side. My uncle is a mechanic and said it is not uncommon in the Malibu. I hope this helps! ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

My 98 chrysler cirrus has bad vibration when accellerating shakes really bad and seems to make a popping sound at take off

... 1998 Chrysler Cirrus

The gear shift quality on my 82 924 is poor. It does not slot into 2nd smoothly and 'grinds' slightly gong into 3rd (you feel the vibration in your hand rather than hear it). Car has 75 000 miles and gear oil not changed in a long while. Clutch does not slip. What could be the cause?

Clutch pressure plate needs to be changed.Its to week to disengage the clutch fully.Good luck ... 1987 Porsche 924

Engine vibration during accelleration in lower gears

Try a tuneup if it has been awhile. ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler that has developed a rear end vibration when I accellerate - primarily from a low speed. It is the worst in 2nd gear. This is a new ensation and seems to be getting slowly worse.. Michael

Checked the "u" joints on the driveshaft? ... 1994 Jeep Wrangler

I have a slight vibration when I take off then constant when I get up to 65MPH and take my foot off of the gas petal which then goes away after I begin to accellerate again.

Sounds like your engine is missing a little. When was the last plug and wire change. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

My 98 Subaru Legacy (Canadian Model) vibrates when accellerating or deaccelerating between the 55 to 65Km's per Hour range. It dose this during the spring, summer and fall when its warmer out, and not at all during the cold months of winter. It will do it at all RPM's (engine in Drive or Neutral) and in a corner or on a straight stretch of road. It does this every time It passes through that speed range. The Car could really use new tires, but this problem continued even when I rotated them. It

... 1999 Subaru Legacy

My father in law being the nice man he is sold me a 91 honda accord lx 2.2 after putting 700.00 dollars worth of work in the front end we reallized we have a bigger problem. the car just dies with out worning when come to a stop or accellerating from a stop my poor boy friend is stumped and i out of money behind on my bills and still have no car to drive. oh the little green s on the dash i assuming has something to do with the speed shift flashes and not sure why car didnt come with owners manu

You need to rule out what makes it die. no fuel? no fire? it has to be one or the other.will try to assisy you for free until you're riding ok? 1st this,when you're riding down road and engine quits! then you turn the key to "on" position,do you hear ... 1991 Honda Accord
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