Having problems with your 2001 Toyota Camry ?

I cannot find the canshaft position sensor on my 2001 camry 2.2. I have the replacement part but can't find where it goes.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Its bolted with one bolt against the upper part of the block with two wire coming out of it. it is really easy to get into.
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I cannot find the canshaft position sensor on my 2001 camry 2.2. I have the replacement part but can't find where it goes.

Its bolted with one bolt against the upper part of the block with two wire coming out of it. it is really easy to get into. ... 2001 Toyota Camry

I have '97 ford explorer that the check engine light is on and when i get the codes read it says "p0141" witch I have found out means that my bank 1 sensor 2 o2 sensor is bad but i have no clue where to locate that i have the part ready to go but cant find were it goes because i replaced the o2 sensor on the driver side behind the Cadillac converter because thats witch one someone told me it was but then got the error code again even after deleting it

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Have dodge stealth twin turbo ran fine then parked it.now speedometer not working and car will not go past 25-2700 rpm .already replaced speedometer sensor and throttle position sensor.car still runs like ****.cant find wiring diagrams ,just had rebuilt engine installed i suspect that i have apinched wire or one that burnt between speedo sensor and speedo head.

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89 Buick century 3.3 fuel pressure stays at 35 lb and increases to 45 when giving throttle goes t 50 lb before it dies car will idle forever the car might run for 1 mile or so before it dies. Coil pack and module has been replace airflow sensor has been cleaned tbs sensor is working fine. I pulled off one injector wire to se if the injector was keeping power and car stops could the intake manifold hav a major leak that you cant hear or find

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2000 impala 3.4L. Trying to replace the cam position sensor located under power steering pump. Cant figure out how to get the pump out of the whole its sitting in. It will lift a little but cant find whats keeping it from coming all the way out.

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I have an 05 cobalt ls with the L61 engine. my camshaft position sensor is out of range. i bought a new one but now i cant find where the sensor is to replace it... where is it?

Standing in front of the vehicle it located on right side of engine just under valve cover ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

How do I replace the crankshaft position sensor on 1993 olds culass sierra with 3.3 engine. Do I need to remove the harmonic balancer? If so I cant find holes in the slots on the balancer to thread bolts into to pull balancer off

Here is a vedio how to change it.....www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuIislTGOwA ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1994 e-150 conversion with a battery guard system. not starting, no click at solenoid, just relay click. I replaced the starter relay due to the relay clicking but no starter rotation after. The ignition wire to the starter stays hot all the time (12 volts), but goes to 0 volts when the ignition turned to the start position. Any ideas???? I might have wired the relay incorrectly. I'd like to find a picture or description of the exact relay wire placement.

Bad ignition switch it sounds like. A contact may be bad inside your switch upon turning it to the start position ... Ford E-150

I have an hyundai i30 slx, it has now been to the garage 5 times, and they still cant find the fault. 8000k on clock 2 years old Problem just stalls in traffic, on hot days over 30c in heavy traffic the car just dies. Air con is on. It starts every time but this is getting ridiculous and one of these days someone is going to hit me. They have replaced throttle position sensor and loads of other sesors but this is still happening. Any ideas ?

If you are the original owner, check the "lemon" laws in your state regardiing excessive maintenance to a new vehicle.\015\012\015\012Then, I suggest that you take it to another dealership, this in the hopes that they have the one person ... 2007 Hyundai XG350

Cant find where the cam position sensor goes on my 2001 chevy blazer

Hello timrel: My name is Roger and I will help you. You will find the Camshaft position sensor located in the base of the distributor. Remove the distributor cap and rotor to gain access to the sensor. Should you need further help please just ask. Pl ... Chevrolet Blazer

I replased the o2 sensors but it now says that my relay is in the off position what relay cant find it dont want to replace wrong one

I will give u a document that contains a guide to what you need to do and some other important instructions.Just email me @ [email protected] that you will rate this when you get the documents.Che ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

I keep getting the check engine light on in my 2004 Hyundai Sonata with 2.7 v6. Computer says P0340 camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction. I actually replaced the cam position sensor but I still get the error codes. It actually has acted so bad that it says cylinders 1, 3, and 5 are misfiring. In the Haynes manual it says on V6 engines there are 2 cam position sensors, I can only find the one I replaced. I also gave it a tune up with new plugs and wires, all gaps were correct as well. So

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How do you replace a knock sensor in nissan maxima se 1998 model . And where can you find it and is it easy to replace if i will do it my own. And where can you find also the camshaft position sensor and how do you replace it. Thank you and waiting for your resonse. Pls. help......

Thru You tube videos they show it step by step. Just type what question you have and search it and it will show up instantly. So, from now, i know what to do if you have question to fix your car which people share it without charging you even a singl ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

Where is the camshaft position sensor located? I have a 93 Cutlass Supreme, I've replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and crankshaft sensor. It will not start. It ran briefly, but died and will not start again. A friend suggested replacing the camshaft position sensor, but I can't find it!

It is located at rear of engine neer the firewall you will need to rotate the engine forward under the cylander closest to the drivers side it takes a 10 mm socet to remove it and its a little tricky ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer V6 4.0L I am trying to find out were my Camshaft Position Sensor is located and can i get to it without having to remove any other parts such as air intake lines or anything like that if you could hook me up with a diagram or picture of were the Camshaft Position Sensor is located it would be much appreciated, even if you cant get a picture or diagram if you could explain were to find it that would be great. Thanks, Billy Blackwelder

It should be on the drivers side valve cover directly to the rear of the the oil fill cap, should have one bolt that holds it in place with two wire connector on it. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Its a 2003 Chrysler Sebring, sedan, 2.4L X-model and my crankshaft position sensor is defective. I'm trying to replace it myself and can't find where its located on the engine to replace it. Is there any way you can help me out, i had my motor replaced 7 months ago and then my transmission went out and just had that replaced, so its put a pretty big hole in my pocket and that sensor is the only thing thats keeping me from being able to drive it. Is there any advise you can give me or even any d

I do believe it is located on top the the transmission bellhousing and there is a small adjustment so when u install the new sensor dont just push it all the way down and tighten it up cut a small piece of cigarette package paper perfent thinkness an ... Chrysler Sebring

I have a 1995 420a swap in a 1996 eclipse rs the wiring was all different for a lot of the sensors and the ecu. I use the 96 harness. I had three of the same looking connectors that went to the ign coil and the camshaft angle position sensor couldn't find the purpose of the last connector once I match the connectors in the right position the car started but ran ruff I put the diagnostic on it and it read code p0340 camshaft sensor circuit 1 malfunction I replaced the sensor and the car hasn't st

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Car won't start. sounds like out of gas but fuel pump working find. told i need a crankshaft positioning sensor. will it be under hood or under car? need to know where it goes and how to put it on.

Sounds like it could very well be the crank angle sensor they fail often on these vehicles here is a picture that shows the location:\015\012\015\012Here ... 1992 Chrysler Town & Country

Driving @ 65mph the vehicle went into reduced power mode, like when the transmission usually goes out. It then stalled. The transmission had been noisy leading up to the stall. Pocket reader said 0 codes. It looks like the crankshaft position sensor is covered in smuck! What should I do next? Is it possible that the crankshaft position sensor is toast? How do I determine the state of the sensor?

Testing Crankshaft sensor:Method 1:Pull up the RPM reading and crank the engine over. Hold accelerator to floor to shut off fuel to the engine. No reading find the crank sensor, inspect ... Saturn Vue

1994 lEXUS ES 300, the car start but when the gas is press the car turn off, we change the gas pump, gas filter, throtell position sensor, oxygen sensor and is still doing the same we check for any vacum leak did not find any I replace the Mass Airflow sensor the car work find for a day now it doing it again.

It is the computer. send it to auto computer exchange in davie fl they can fix it. ... 1994 Lexus Es 300

Have a 1995 Buick Regal Custom. Check engine light came on. Had sensors tested and showed cam and crank sensors. Had both replaced. Check engine light still comes on. Sits a while and light goes off till driving and car seems to be choking for air then engine light comes on. Help! He's ready to get rid of this auto. Took it back to the man who replaced the sensors but he can't sem to find what the problem is.

May have a grab bag of problems.For starters, check running fuel pressure and also check for proper operation of fuel pressure regulator. Dirty injectors could play a role hereIf fuel filter hasn't been replaced, might be a g ... 1995 Buick Regal

4 wheel drive wont engage. i have replaced everything but the sensor on the tranny that tell it that its in nutral. i cant find the sensor. where is it.its a 1994 ford F150 supercab. i replaced the push buttom, the wire harness, the thing under the hood. i was told it has to be that sensor.

Someone else had a problem with one,but it wouldnt disengage,have you check the shift motor yet? also we found out that there is a module behind the passenger side kick panel that has a reset button on it,try that.The sensor i think you are looking f ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

I have a 1999 saturn sl it has 130000 miles it runs good the check engine light came on with code po113 had it check at auto zone it says air intake temp circut it runs good but when i reach 50 on the highway the steering wheel just shakes a little nothing major when i turn on the car in the moring the sterring wheel shakes a little it says sensor open or shorted replace sensor i cant find that sensor can you please tell me where it is in a pitcher where its located and if i can replace it mysel

1st the sensor is part of the sensor array for the engine's fuel injection system and has nothing to do with the front end, that sounds like u have worn front end parts like tie rod ends or worn Constant ... Saturn SL

I have a 99 Plymouth voyager 3.3 flex fuel which stalls constantly on initial take off only. had the crank sensor replaced twice. was previously getting po140 code which is o2 sensor which i havent replaced but every mechanic i talk to says o2 sensor wont cause it to stall like that now i don't have check engine light even the dealership cant find the problem. another mechanic told me its not fuel system problem because it has good pressure for some reason he thinks it could be something in igni

Check your TPS (throttle position sensor) ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Cannot find sensor that energizes/controls the fuel injectors, they cant open, replaced the MAP sensor with a new oe, old one had about 440 ohms new 180, fuel pressure ok, fuel regulator ok, proper injector resistance and volts/ground, replaced Cam shift sensor,

There is no sensors which control the fuel injestors.There are relays which control the fuel flow through them and they are located on fuse panel block under the hood. It sits right in front of\015\012the driver, you have a single wheel- ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu
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