Having problems with your 2001 Toyota Camry ?

Please i really need to know how to solve the problem of my toyota camry 2.2 2001 model which jerks a little when the car is slow the AC on, and jerks more when the car is slow with the AC on. i would be very happy is i can get a solution to this problem, thank you very much. Steve

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Dear Steve,
\015\012 As you describe your problem it symptoms of misfire in low acceleration, it can be 2 cause for same 1st is replace spark plugs and check is problem solved or not, if not then clean or replace fuel filter and clean fuel tank.
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Please i really need to know how to solve the problem of my toyota camry 2.2 2001 model which jerks a little when the car is slow the AC on, and jerks more when the car is slow with the AC on. i would be very happy is i can get a solution to this problem, thank you very much. Steve

Dear Steve,\015\012 As you describe your problem it symptoms of misfire in low acceleration, it can be 2 cause for same 1st is replace spark plugs and check is problem solve ... 2001 Toyota Camry

I have a 2000 galant. for a couple of months it would hesitate between 40 to 50 mph and act like it was jerking. after a drive to the grocery store i was cruising at 35mph and then I felt a **** and all the sudden i heard the motor accelarating but the car was slowing down. all the sudden i had no gears at all. could this be a bad switch, a bad converter or my trans is just gone completely? is there a way to diagnose the problem? please help?

The best you can hope for now ,is,replacing the trans filter,and replacing the filter,also a additive if the filter change helps.If this does not help,take it to a transmistion man. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a Mazda 6 that has a Vacuum leak, that has never caused a problem performance wise until yesterday; My car would not slow down, would not brake normally, also the idle RPM would never slow- would rev at about 2000. While driving the RPM would jump around between 4-2-4-3 at about 60 mph. How extensive is this problem? What would my typical cost be to fix it? Thanks

It all depends on where the leak is and your text gives no hint. seems like you may have a couple of problems. this is most likely still under warranty so i would run these issues past a service department at a dealer. ... 2006 Mazda 6

My car is Toyota Corolla Altis automatic transmission 2001, my problem is, during the Go signal of the traffic light, i will then shift to drive mode but its like no power, it runs very slow at first..... i still need to push hard the acceleration pedal before it runs but still it runs slow, i still have to wait the automatic change of gear... and also, it consumes too much gasoline... i would like to know what is the problem with my car? i dont have enough knowledge about car problems.

Hi,It could be a multitude of things.Find a good mechanic - use family and friends as a reference.GL,Td ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

My check engine light came last Sunday and the car jerked once when slowing for a light. It was suggested that it could be the gas cap. I tighted the gas cap the light remained on (solid) until Monday afternoon when the light went out. The car was running fine until Thursday afternoon when the check engine light came back on. Then the car started jerking again...this time numerous times. First while driving on the freeway then off the freeway it was more when I would accelerate after slowing

... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have 05 dodge neon and the last 3 days my car jerking the engine light comes on would it be a fuel injection or transmission problem but i can start the car up with no problem. i drove my car to the end of my street every second it would ****

Sounds like the fuel filter is clogged ... 2005 Dodge Neon

03 cadil cts v6 ,while driving and pushing on the gas my car jerks and at a stop it jerks at all times.a couple of times,the entire car would shutdown while driving but would restart wit no problem.

Sounds like your fuel pump is starting to default,get hat checked out before problem get worse ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Reving problems hi i developed a misfire and was firing on 4 cyclinders and not 6 when it happened the engine just started to rev itself up to 4000 rpms.. and would not stop i panicked and turned the car off then had problems getting the car to turn back over.. took me 5 goes.. this has been an intermittant issue and is now progressively getting worse.. the misfire has been fixed no problems there but ive noticed when slowing down and putting foot on breaks or clutch causes the car to **** itsel

The high rev sounds like a vaccumm problem. What year is the vehicle? If its newer than 1995 it more than likely has a lot of vaccumm operated parts. I would check for leaks and get that out of the way. ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

Well, I was told that Acura Vigors have an inherent problem with the power steering boots drying up and then leaking and that more and more fluid would leak out till it would just burn out the power steering...I was told that the car is toast when this happens because to repair it would require more money than the car's worth-that the entire engine would have to be hoisted out to do the repair....anyone have a happy ending to this nail-biter? Karen PS mine is a 1994 Vigor LX

Someone is telling you "fairy tales". They don't go bad that often, and when they do, they can be rebuilt and/or replaced. And NO the engine does NOT have to come out. I would be talking to another shop or technician and avoid the "Teller of Tales" ... 1994 Acura Vigor

Hi I just bought a Volvo 850 turbo with 110,000 miles on it. The car has two main problems but I am mostly worried about the ignition switch. The previous owner said he would unplug the battery every night because the car had a slow drain on the battery and it wouldn't start in the morning. He said he wasn't sure what it was but I'm fairly confident the problem is in the ignition switch. When I turn the car off after it's been on the radio, lights, and everything else stays on. I can still

Sounds like you do have ignition switch problem, But to test where the voltage drain is you need to disconnect the battery negative terminal ,hook a multimeter up between the negative battery post and the negative battery cable and start pulling fuse ... 1996 Volvo 850

The TCS light came on and the car started jerking especially at stops. The light would go off for a while after restarting the car but the same problems would happen and the light would eventually come back on. The check engine light also flashed several times.

The TCS stands for Traction Control System, I believe. The TCS is controlled by inputs from the wheel speed sensors. If you have a bad sensor, then a new hub may be required to repair it.\015\012\015\012The check engine light may be a sep ... 1996 Acura TL Series

We just had the engine replaced (seized) recently and now when driving the car, a fast beep started with a icon of a car on a winding road. It would eventually go off, but several times the car would slow suddenly (****)to one side. Is this a transmission problem or something else?

This is likely to be a stability problem. Also there are issues related to your transmission because that is the only thing that can make the car go slowly and stop the engine eventually.If you will take to my lines of advice it will do y ... 2004 Lexus RX 330

My car is stuttering when I get the car over 60 miles then it stutters and when I release my footoff the pedal for one second and go slow and then press the pedal slowly and try to get the car to go faster. Some times when I am on the highway it will continue to run good. Last week I installed a Camshaft sensor and I thought that it was the problem but it problem, so I would like some answers of what it could be please.

... 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv

Hello. We are the happy owners of belov mentioned Ford. And to start with, we are very happy about the car. BUT, driving nights is more or less a nightmare. Headlights are very weak, with only 55W H4 lamps in them.We used to drive a Peugeot 205 before, and on that car, we had changed into 100W H4 bumps, with modification of the wiring, ofcourse. Would the same be possible on our Ford, or are the electronics a barrier? We hope somebody knows an answer to this question, as its become a problem w

There is an easy kit for this car to upgrade to hi intensity lights. Either go on line or to your local aftermarket car store. ... 2006 Ford Fusion

I recently took a trip in the mountains. Going uphill, my car would chug (pull) and eventually slowed down to 25 MPH on a 65 MPH hwy. I had to ride the shoulder to the next exit. Fortunately, there was a Napa auto shop nearby. They test drove it and it seemed ok. I made it to my friends' house. The next day, I had the fuel filter changed. I was told it was very dirty, but if I continued to have a problem, have the catalytic converter checked. I made it back home, but the car slowed to about 40 M

Deifintely have the converter checked. It may be partaily restricted and when seems to be working ok it may have dislodged a piece of the catalyst allow exhaust to flow freely again. ... 1999 Saturn SL

Engine oil pressure light came on while going slow on a hot day but would go off and stay off if driving fast on highway--would come on again at low speed or stopped when hot outside. A mechnic checked oil pressure--good. He replaced pressure sensor,replaced water temp sensor and now the oil pressure light comes on at 1600RPMs every time you run the car. He varried the problem and quit.Help! Car is an 2001 S4 2.7. Thanx,Dave

Whens the last time the oil was changed and what find of oil and oil filter are you useing? ... 2005 Audi A6

I just turned 102000 miles.i have noticed once in a while while getting gas with the car running the idle would slow to 400 rpm amd then smoother out.my check engine light came on on a long trip recently twice the went out by itself.today while idleing the car stalled.it wouldny start it just cranked.i waited a few miniutes and it started and ran fine..what do you think?i would like to fix the problem before i get stuck.thank you..

I think the first thing you should do is( SHUT THE ENGINE OFF) when you are fueling up. The engine running will cause static electricity, which can cause a spark to you fuel nozzel, then boom and you are burnt up along with your car. As to you runnin ... Mitsubishi Lancer

What is the symptoms for a mass air flow sensor problem? i would also like to know why the car would hard shift & do it hard enough to jerk the whole car & make it act as if its starting in l

... 2005 Suzuki Verona EX

Engine Performance problem 2007 Dodge Caliber 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 40000 miles I'm thinking it may be a fuel filter problem...when I try to accelerate, especially on an uphill grade, the whole car hesitates or jerks roughly. Also, during deceleration, the herky jerky also continues. I have had this same issue with previous cars I have owned, which is why I am assuming it is the fuel filter. I would appreciate any kind of feedback or solutions as to how I can fix this issue my

I have a 2007 with the same problem so I had a friends garage work on it and it was coming up with a common code .\012it turned out to be that 2 of the new spark plugs were burning lean and the others were burning rich. the problem was solved by ... 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT Sport Hatchback

I possess Honda Civic Ex 1995 model. I drive my car on petrol and on CNG too. Since last 2 months I m facing a problem that my car gives jerks (misses) in slow speeds i.e in 2nd or 3rd gear when I drive it on CNG only. So I checked out the distributor and found the ignition coil body cracked so I changed it. The problem remain persisted. So I again changed the distributor cap and the rotor conductor (a plastic-metal connector on the main shaft of distributor and rotates to inject the current to

The problem is that the CNG is not burning. Causing the miss. It is not going to have anything to do with the ignition. Other than maybe spark plugs. You can get a hotter spark plug that will ignite the CNG. If the car runs fine on petrol then the pl ... 1995 Honda Civic

I drove my 1990 honda civic to the shop and had the water pump replaced and all belts including timing belt and picked it up yesterday and it revs up slow and doesnt seems to have no power but you can take off in 1st gear and when you ease on the gas pedal slow it goes and picks up speed gradually but when you try to accelerate harder the car dies down,but before i took it to the shop the car would pull real good and didnt have that problem

It seems the timing of the engine is not right ...since they have replaced the timing belt it maybe out by a teeth or two r e t a r d.\015\012Better send it back to them for a reset. ... 1990 Honda Civic

I found I have code P0335 P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction My car has recently developed a problem where it doesn't start, and I hooked up a scanner and got that code. Would that code cause that problem? The car has also died on my while taking slow turns and randomly while coasting to a stop, and sometimes a loss of power when on the accelerator.

A P0335 "check engine light" code could be caused by:\015\012\015\012Damaged CKP sensor connector \015\012Damaged ... Infiniti QX56

2001 eddie bauer ford expedition 4x4 no prior problems with transmission or gear slippage. had trans fluid and transfer case fluid changed last month. yesterday put suv in reverse and car jerked and died. then when speeding up it did not want to shift into higher gear and overdrive light on gearshift was flashing off. pulled over and put suv into park and then it would not go into any gear. turned car off and sat for 15-20 minutes and suv would go into gear but did not want to shift so stayed in

Input or output speed sensor,Incorrect fluid or fluid level,neutral safety switch,or TCM (transmission control module) ... 1998 Ford Expedition

2001 cadillac deville cruise control problem? Set cruise control and car took off rpms up over 4000 push off button and tap brakes it took about ten seconds before it would shut the cruise off. Now it has no power at first it would only go up to 30 mph shut car off let sit for about 20 min . it will go over 30 now but no power very sluggish ,jerks ? Is this a vacum leak?

... 1995 Chrysler LeBaron

My car just started acting up just last week, when i go to start up my car in the mourning it acts like its dead its a very slow start up, i'll let it warm up and i drive it down the street when i come to a stop sign or just slowing down it almost acts like its bout to die.... it hasn't happened yet but the problem seems to be getting worse.... my buddy said that maybe it could be out of time but i have no clue?? would really appreciate the help.

I somewhat had a problem similar to this I would suggest checking your coolant temperature sensor, its in the engine manifold, I have a 98 it was really easy to do, its like a 14 dollar piece, and what will happen over time the OEM sensor they have w ... 1999 Saturn SL
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