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How do you replace the speed sensor? - 2001 Saturn S-Series

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How do you replace the speed sensor? - 2001 Saturn S-Series

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1993 Saturn sl2 code 26. I changed the EGR solenoid and the canister purge solenoid and I'm still getting a code 26. This only occurs when I'm on highway speeds of 64-70. The service engine light comes on and once my speed drops to 50mph the SES light turns off. I also replaced my 02 sensor. The only part I have not replaced is my temperature sensor. could that be the problem?

... 1992 Saturn SL

I have a 2000 Saturn Ls.. I was driving it one day and it began to start Jerking and my speed decrease and my speedometer needle was jumping up and down. I took my car to Amcco and they told me it was sensors. I have change all speed sensor, inculding the wheel sensor because my car does not have Abs. Now my car is stuck in first gear, needle will not move and I don't know if its an electrical problem or if I should replace my transmission?

... 2000 Saturn Ls 4dr Sedan

95 Buick P/A 3800 Series II non-turbo, climate controlled, dies unexpectedly, regardless of temp/humidity. Most all sensors have failed and been replaced, except tranny. Usually starts in neutral. Sometimes needs to be in park for restart. Composite intake/gasket has been replaced. good fuel pressure at ch. rail. Vacuum within specs. ECM/PCM replaced. No check engine/ MIL indicator lamps. Quits at idle speed or highway speed. Thank you!!

Hello spnt.The most common issue by far for this symptom is a crankshaft position sensor.It seems these are very susceptible to heat failure. The secondary failure for the same symptom is the ignition module.I also have ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

Help with troubleshooting speedometer problem. I had a "friend" do some work on my car a while back and ever since then my speedometer will just start jumping from 0 to 10 to 80 to 60 back to 0 at random. It jumps all over the place. Even in park it does this. When it does it going down the interstate it comes out of the torque convrter lockout. So I figure the speed sensor is going out in it. Replaced that and it's still doing it. Well I unplugged the sensor and it is still doing it. I dont thi

I had the same thing go wrong my buddy did not tell me that he droped the thans to the ground befor he saw that the speedo cable was not unbolted, I found out that he had STRETCHED the cable.\015\012not much but that was the problem, ... 1989 Chevrolet Corsica

I,have a.2002 saturn sl 1 series the car will run ok until i am stopped at light and then it dies sometimes it takes about 7 to 10 min but it will start again i replaced fuel pump and filter ,i have also replaced throttlepositioning sensor, and maping sensor, it just dies if it sits idiling to long.im wondering what else it could be.

My friend had the same symptoms on his Saturn that you're describing. It ended up to be the timing belt was worn and timing had slipped. Check your owners manual and you should find when you're timing belt should be changed. I'm willing to bet mon ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have a 98 plymouth voyager se 3.3l auto (4 speed) and the speedo bounces cause the vehicle to have a jerking motion. when the speedo stays a 0 the vehicle runs fine but this doesn't last long befoer the speedo bounces. it also bounces when you are not moving the bouncing goes from 0 to 200 and when moving its between 20 and 80 . any help would be appreciated We have the same problem and had the speed sensor replaced three times. That was not the issue. Now when sitting at a stand still the sp

I would suggest taking it into a Jiffy Lube or Another Auto-Repair company. They can fix it for sure, and if they don't, you get a refund, and an apology. ... 2000 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 1992 chevy silverado 1500 5.7tbi 700r4 trans. The Speedometer stays at 0 and dose not move at all. ive replaced the speed sensor. the cluster, this truck has no speedo cable. ive even tryed a

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Replaced rear differential speed sensor related to ABS, Brake Light, speedometer not reading 0-20 MPH, and auto.transmission slippage. Now that I replaced it, auto. transmission shifts without slippage, but speedometer does not work, and warning lights still show up.

I have a 96 Dakota, same thing, ABS and Brake light came on, dealer says it needs a ABS sensor.\015\012There are no trouble codes on the truck? Have had bad luck with some aftermarket parts, dealer wants $70.00 for the part and $120.00 to put t ... 1996 Dodge Dakota

When I drive for about 15-20 miles, the speedometer 0-outs and I have no acceleration. The "check engine" light starts flashing. However, the motor does not die. After 10-20 secs., the speedometer starts working and the motor is once again engaged. I replaced the speed sensor. The problem continued. I used an od-2 and the code came back as a defective EGR valve. I replaced that and it seemed like that would solve the problem. However, it did not. Same problem. Even though the "check engine" lig

Check the battery connections on the positive post. I have a 96 Caddilac Deville and had simuliar issues. On alot if GM cars a dual booted connectors are installed on the positive/red side of the battery. Over time and battery replacements the connec ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

How to replace 0-2 sensor in 2002 saturn sl1 - 2002 Saturn Sl

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My 1998 Saturn SL2's speedometer and odometer do not work. I replaced the instrument cluster, they still do not work. I replaced the vehicle speed sensor, they still do not work. What is my next step to solving this problem?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

Replace speed sensor on 2006 saturn ion - 2006 Saturn ION

... 2006 Saturn ION

No Start I have a 2001 Saturn S Series. I have replaced the Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump inside the Tank and my saturn still will not start. Could it be a sensor somewhere.

Does your "security" light flash? If so that's your Body Control Module. ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

My check engine came on so i had a diagnostic test ran on it. came back as a bad 02 sensor. i replace it but car seems still hesitant when i go to accelrate like its not getn gas. should i get a fuel injection cleaning like they say to when you replace it or get it be something else. its a 96 saturn sl series dual cam 16 valve.

If the check engine lite doesnt come back on and no other codes, i would try the cleaner in the gas tank first, there are alot of great prduct to add in with your gas.Try that first before you get a fuel injection cleaning, and maybe change the fuel ... 1996 Saturn SL

1999 Mercury Cougar with automatic transmission, car was running fine, then it wanted to shift while driving, and the speedometer dropped to 0, with jerky motions. Same thing 3 years ago and dealer said they replaced the instrument cluster for $700. Doing research, doesn't look like that could have been the problem. Can you tell me what to look for? Possible speed sensor or transmission range sensor?

ONe thing to check is that your throttle position sensor (TPS) is working as it should and that the electrical connections to it are clean and tight and that wires associated with it are intact. When your TPS starts misbehaving by sending the wrong ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Hello i needyour help lexus ls430 auto transmiton 2004, check engine,vsc indecation laip on i see the dtc p0500 vehicle speed sensor i delete the dtc and take a road test car driving perfect speed meter working perfect when the car driving no dtc appear but when stop the car only engine start and engine rpm 2500 still 5 sec then appear dtc p0500. I replace speed sensor check speed sensor wirring (sensor to ecu) ok replace meter assembly replace crank sensor but my problem not solve so suggest me

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Mazda capella s/w 1999 automatic,chassis gw8w hold light flashing.According to the 1st transmission company said speed sensor or related cct faulty so they changed the speed sensor and it did not solved the problem,replaced another sensor...same,replaced the computer on the car sitll the same said electrical fault.took it to 2nd transmission company and they said speed sensor faulty,replaced that and fault still the same.Advised me that 1st gear is slipping and they opened the pan at the bottom

JMZGF14F501185385 ... 1999 Mazda 626

2006 Pacifica ABS light always on and setting hard code for L/F Wheel speed sensor circuit. Sensor was replaced but light did not go off, Sensor was found to be faulty and was replaced again under warranty. Light still on and same hard code for L/F wheel speed sensor cir. setting. Ohmed sensor and it ohms at 577 ohms. Put volt meter across speed sensor connector with key on. read only 6 volts but according to Diag. info. it should be 12 volts. Disconnected connector at ABS module and found I cou

... 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

How do I replace a camshaft sensor for a 98 saturn sl1 series

... 1998 Saturn SL

I have a 2000 Saturn SL2 I had a check engine light, the description was that the cam sensor needed to be replaced, Surprise!!!! 1.9 DOHC Saturn engine does not have a Cam sensor, so I replaced the cables and spark plugs, the check engine light was gone, but then Surprise again!!!!the car will stall and turn off a soon as I put it on D or R, I replaced the TPS sensor the IAS sensor The crank position sensor and nothing the car will not work propperly, the only way to run is to pulse/push the ped

Did you replace the engine coolant temp sensor and harness?that will set a p0341,p0340 code and cause hard.no start as it misreads and dumps too much gas,,,,,the sensor is plastic and sits inside the head and crakcs and leaks into the harness and cor ... 1999 Saturn SL

1988 Lincoln Mark VII (Bill Blass)Electronic Speedometer When in park engine running and no power on, The speedometer shows 0 mph but when you turn on power (Lights, Heater, AC, Ect.) the speedometer jumps up to 85 mph then drops up and down. But when driving the car it works great. I replaced the speed sensor but that didn't help. Please HELP!!

I also had the same problem, had to switch back to Motor Craft voltage regulator with the Bill Blass model Mark VII. ... Lincoln Mark VII

Speedometer works sometimes goes to 80 mph and back to 0. replaced speed sensor. same thing.

With the sensor replacement it is confirmed that the input signals are not the issue and the fault lies around the main processing of the sensor.\015\012The sensor 's pulses are processed by an OP-AMP inside the dash unit. It is possible that t ... 1998 Nissan Frontier

I have a 1999 2dr. saturn SC2 with a po133,po341 & p1133 code. should i simply replace the sensors and it should cure the problem of the survice engine light? it's a 4 cylinder dual ohc. 5 speed.

... 1999 Saturn SC

In July, I got caught in a flash flood with my 2002 vw beetle and had trouble with my speedometer (stayed on 0), odometer, fuel, and RPM gauge on the dashboard. Speed Sensor was replaced 2 weeks ago, but now my speedometer is reading 45mph when I am driving 60mph and I started seeing my fuel gauge moving again. Help?

I would start by checking the connections on the cluster, water is the worst thing for electrical components, now a flash flood did the water fill in the car? if so then you may what to have computerr checked also, this sounds like the connections ma ... Volkswagen Beetle
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