Having problems with your 2001 Saturn S-Series ?

I just want to ask , my friend have a problem with he's saturn s-series 2001, the problem is it is really hard to start we just only hear a click noise so we decide to change the starter, but i just confused coz i think we get the twin cam engine, and my friend engine is not a twin cam, do you think this also affect why car still wont start

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Answers :

Alot of the time the anti theft security can actually disable your starter. Check to see if there is a light on the dash that says SECURITY or a little picture of a car with a lock thru it. This would be a dead give away of the security problem. Check out this link for info and DO IT YOURSELF solutions to this problem.
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I just want to ask , my friend have a problem with he's saturn s-series 2001, the problem is it is really hard to start we just only hear a click noise so we decide to change the starter, but i just confused coz i think we get the twin cam engine, and my friend engine is not a twin cam, do you think this also affect why car still wont start

Alot of the time the anti theft security can actually disable your starter. Check to see if there is a light on the dash that says SECURITY or a little picture of a car with a lock thru it. This would be a dead give away of the security problem. Chec ... 2001 Saturn S-Series

1992 Honda Prelude motor twin cam has problem started to shudder and stopped would not start but fired. Replaced distributor rotor as had a crack down it engine started fine after flooding was cleared and run fine then 5 minutes down the road started shuddering and running rough again under load, would not start again if didn't have foot flat to floor. Then when it started would idle and accelerate but as soon as you put it in gear and the engine comes under load it starts running rough again an

Hello! Please let me know if the prelude is a 2.2 VTECGuru....saailer ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Engine replacement hi I have a 2000 intrepid 2.7 ltrs V6. twin cam. i had the mtr change for a 2006 dodge seebring apparrently its the same mtr,we used the old cam pulleys and rocker cover, after the installation the car did want to start with the cam sensor connected, but stated well when disconnected, the problem is that when you give it to mutch gas the mtr stall and gerks release the gas petal and it will work normally, the other problem is that the onboard computor cant locate the cam shaft

Yes, and update the software too on the computer... it happened to my mom... ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

1997 plymouth voyager , It gives the P0340 code I had the cam sensor and crank sensor replaced. It will start sometimes and will not start for a long period other times I have also replaced the Computer in the van and nothing seems to solve this problem. I can not afford to tale it to the dealer and my local garage is confused. It still gives the P0340 Cam sensor code they even replace the cam sensor again thinking maybe they got a bad one. Not very dependable when you are not sure when it will

Because It that code refers to the circut it could be any thing from an open circuit or bad ground, to a PCM if you have replaced the computer be sure that it was properly flashed or the vehicle wont run, most PCM/TCM/ECM aren't plug and play but if ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager

1998 olds regency. Just bought it. Former owner said occasionally on hot days it won't start after being driven and turned off untill it sits. My instinct was ignition module. However he said he and a mechanic friend googled the symptoms and said tons of items showed up blaming the cam sensor. Said it is telling ECM that the engine is out of time and shuts off the fuel. His mechanic friend said its a common problem. When I called O'Rielly auto parts store, the guy said he's never sold a cam sens

If it was out of time, it wouldn't even be starting. If it did, it would dound awful with backfires. There are a few things you can check. But first, how long does it take to start? Is it always the same time? Is it overheating? Any signs of overheat ... 1998 Oldsmobile Regency

2005 Ford Ranger SOHC 4.0L 6cylinder Stalls and won't run. The engine died while going over some railroad tracks and it tries to start but won't run. I am changing the fuel filter tonight but I don't think it's that. Spark is fine, but I am not getting fuel to the engine. The problem came on suddenly and it could be related to the inertia switch. I turned the key and had a friend listen and he says he can hear the fuel pump kicking on so I don't think that is the cause. I am changing the fuel fi

You could check your TPS, throttle position sensor, its located on the Airhorn. The TPS controls the amount of fuel you get from the Injectors when you put your foot on the pedal. If you have access to a fuelpump pressure gauge you could test the ... 2005 Ford Ranger

Reset computer? I have a problem sometimes of the engine not continuing to run after two or three revolutions. I think one of the computer sensors is causing the problem. I have been able to start and run the engine after a friend reset the computer. He is not available to give me the sequence for resetting the computer...any suggestions? Dennis

The PCM (computer) will not cause this problem, a defective fuel pump check valve will, to reset the computer (PCM) all u need to do is disconnect the battery for 10 minutes. ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

1998 intrepid , ill be driving and all the sudde ill fell a little flutter in the motor , engine light comes on and car stalls out wait about half an hour and it starts up and runs fine . ive been told fuel pump , but i dont think so ive also been told failing cam sensor , but still not sure . my bud had exactly the same sort of problem , and it turned out the previous owner had wired in a big sterio system incorrectly , so the problem stemmed from the fuse box . what do you think?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012This type of vehicles do have the problems you mentioned, CPS, CKP, IAC solenoid, together with the coolant leak on top of engine and the crack of the coolant reservoir tank. I am telling you this as an Intrepid owner. \01 ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

My neighbor has a 2007 Trailblazer SS. It will crank but no start. Checked fuel pressure good at 58 no bleed down.Replaced ignition box, same problem. Hooked it up to a Snap-on scanner tested check engine light, it will turn on and off we can also activate relays with it so we think the PCM is good. With the scanner hooked up we cycle the ignition and we get an RPM reading upon cranking but no start so we think the crank sensor is good because of RPM reading.Have not checked the cam sensor yet

I have the same exact issue. Did you ever fix? If so, what was it? ... 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS

I have a 2001 Bravada. The vehicle will crank and turn over but it wont start. I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the fuel pump relay and the rotor bug. I dont think it is the fuel pump because i can get it started by pour some berrymans in the air intake on top of the engine. I was wondering if there is a check valve on the fuel line that is allowing the fuel to seem back to the tank?????? Im dying here and refuse to buy a fuel pump because i dont think its the problem.

Ok... Wait we have to settle some things here. You can get the vehicle started by pouring fuel down the throttle body, if so then it is most definatley a fuel pump problem. I usually try to bang on the tank with a rubber malle while cranking the engi ... 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

1998 twin cam engine. 147.000 kms. Turned over as normal but did not start. Left for 1hr and started. Started ok for next 3 small journeys then same occured. Left again for 2 hrs and away it went. Same again has occured. Left for 3 hrs and still no start. Problem is their is no spark from the coil pack to spark plugs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Wally S

The symptoms you describe sound very much like a faulty crankshaft sensor. \015\012\015\012This can produce an intermittent no start fault fault when the vehicle is warm and would explain the symptom of no spark being produced. However, t ... Hyundai Excel


It sounds like a hydraulic tappet fault. It maybe that there is partial blockage in the oil passage to one of the tappets and clears when it gets a little warm. Its important that you use a synthetic or semi synthetic grade engine oi 5W40 or 10W40 if ... Subaru Legacy

My Audi A6 has 57,000miles and it now has an awful sound when I start the car. When the engine is cool. It starts as a soft chirp then the sound cranks up, it's so awful I turn the car off a couple of times. There is a sound when I turn the wheel when backing up or parking. But now the sound also happens intermittenly when driving. My mechannic is stumped. My friend who was with me also has an Audi and said it sounds like a belt problem. I am not sure what to think. The mechanic just replaced

If he replaced the pump he may of got some oil on the belt. Simple test is when its making noise spray water on the belt. If its a belt issue it will temporarily get quieter. ... 2003 Audi A6

Shaking problem I have a lexus ES 300, 98. when i am driving in the city below 50 MPH, it drives perfect but when I speed 60 to 70 MPH is when the problem starts. it sounds like the engine whants to torn off. so i stop for about 10 minutes and it works ok. some friends say it may be the computer but i don't think they're right. thanks a lot for your help.

Shaking problems star.. from front end.. check you tires out of round shape.. balancing tiress. inner and outer tie rods. alignament ... 1998 Lexus ES 300

1998 chevy venture E 3.4 SFI lady was driving van it started making a noise she claimed sounded like a flat tire her mechanic stated that there was metal on dipstick and she had broken a cam to my knowledge it was not dismantled i had her turn it over and it backfired from intake and through exhaust i was thinking this could be a crank position sensor or cam mag interupter or engine computer control problem any thoughts ron

Well you can remove the front valve cover and check to make sure all the rocker arms are moving if they all move then the cam is not broken if they are not all moving then the cam is broken ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

N reg c 250 diesel starting problem when cold the engine will fire up and starts and run fir a split second then dies i then need to turn it over again and again until it starts it will then run fine , i think the fuel is draining back towards the tank, this problem arose at the start of the cold snap however the car has had an engine change since and it has not improved the new engine has the old engine parts built round it .the injector pump was changed with the engine . new heater plugs fitt

On the 250 Diesel and TD replace the 4 O rings on the fuel filter housing. That will solve the hard start in the mornings. ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Hello i have a problem of my toyota corolla 1997 xl model and made in japan. the dashboard power engine is on, i went to the garage to fix it but the problem there machine dont have 1.5 engine, so in other words they cant see the problem..May i know what possible anser. Here the scenario when i start the engine its ok while we go out the engine start hi and low temperature can u say what i possible problem with the that. and the person we when to garage they dont know so that i very sad coz they

I am wondering if this is a faulty temperature switch or cooling fan switch. They control the cooling fan operation, and could explain the up and down of the temperature gauge if not working properly. ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

My friend has an automatic transmission problem on his 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8L. It was towed 50 miles on the highway at 60 mph in Neutral as it had an UNRELATED engine problem . The engine problem was fixed, but since the tow the transmission has had problems. It started when the mechanic tried to put in in Reverse after the engine was repaired. He said it would not engage. Finally it engaged and drove fine temporarily. Then the problems started happening shortly after he picked the car up. It h

Yes it will surely need a rebuild. whats funny is that you said they towed it in nuatral. that did not pick up the front of the car? the drive wheel are on the front and when towed they pick from the front and keep the car in park. so if that is how ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Dear friends I am facing engine cutoff problem when I started car in the morning after 4 or 5 kilometer its start engine cutoff problem please advice me how to solve.

Fuel rail leaking ... 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

Toyota 2003 Car of 85kW 2.0 D4D diesel. Who have a similar experience with some of these engines. The problem is this: if the engine is warm and then lowering the engine speed, the car starts to twitch. The car starts to lose power. When holding the accelerator pedal at the bottom, nothing happens. Motor is thinking for 5-10 seconds, then throws a cloud of black smoke from the silencer. When the engine is cold, there is no problem. Cold start, idle, and acceleration is very good with a cold engi

... 2004 Toyota Avalon

Engine judder i have a audi A4 1.9 tdi last week the engine started to jubber at low reves i took it into the the garage they could not get it started they replaced the ignotion barrel i dont know if this problem was related to the engine judder or i was just unlucky that it happened at the same time the car now starts but the judder still comes on intermittently when i swich off the engine it cleares it but it can come back at any time i think it may be a problem relating to the fuel system any

... 2001 Audi A4

I have a 97 Saturn SL with twin cam engine. The trans goes through the gears fine (automatic trans), but after 2 minutes or so, it drops out of overdrive, then out of drive, and it ends up in second gear. When this occurs, it's not slipping out of these gears, but it feels the same as if I was to manually shift down from overdrive, to drive, then to second. Any suggestions as to where to start looking for the problem?

... 1993 Saturn SC2

I have a 3.2lt dohc V6 holden redoe i finished rebuilding the head after i blew a head gasket. i think there is a problem with the timing but i have followed the haynes repair manual which told me that there are dots on the back of the cam gears. i don't know why but when i try to start the engine it sounds like it is firing too late. any advice would be great. thanks.

It sounds like the timing belt may have moved of the crank shaft timing gear one or two teeth ,this can happen when working with the belt tensioner you should reset all the timing marks and make sure nothing moves when the belt is retensioned ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1998 Nissa Maxima with 277K+ miles. I bought this car new and it has run great over the years. Recently when turnig the key to start (cold or hot)the engine starts to crank but sometimes "kicks" back or cranking slows down like the battery is the problem. My mechanic first thought the cam and crankshaft position sensors needed to be replaced. We did that but the problem persists. When the engine does start it runs fine at all speeds. My mechanic now suggests the problem is a timing chai

Consider the cost of any work vis a vis the cost of replacing (your pet) bet it works out cheaper to recycle.......( you have to go to switzerland for euthenasia,wonder where cars go.....?) ... 1996 Nissan Maxima

My Maruti zen 96 model has a peculiar problem. It sometimes fails to start. The sound of solenoid can be heard but no cranking happens i.e. i think, except for the solenoid, the starter does not respond. But it starts of after two attempts without showing any persisting symptons. Then you stop the engine at some junction etc, and again the starter fails to respond for several atempts. Then again the engine starts without any problem. Is it a problem with wiring, starter sub assemblies or battery

A number of things cud be failin--however go and titen the cables on the battery 1st-and maybe at the starter--its a common problem that fools even the pros--if it doesnt help then inspec other wiring or get car scanned--u mite test batt if over 3 yr ... 1996 Suzuki Esteem
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