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Where is crank shaft position sensor on 2001 saturn lw300

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Where is crank shaft position sensor on 2001 saturn lw300

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Rebuilt my 454 engine, installed distributor with rotor at 0 TDC on #1 cylinder. Engine ran fine but ses light was on. Code was P1345-- disagreement between cam sensor and crank sensor. Scanner showed anywhere from 19 to 25 degrees advanced. Rotated dist. shaft. to ****** timing. Wouldn't run. Tried two teeth positions in either direction from original setting. Ever have a sensor go bad. The crank sensor is new, cam (on distributor) is not.

The ignition timing is not adjusted with a timing light or with the engine running, and to set the ignition timing follow these procedures.There is a mark or notch on the distributor housing that the rotor should be pointing to when the e ... 1998 Chevrolet K2500

Took it to mechanic after it wont stay running he said it needs a crank shaft position sensor and egr valve. Where is the sensor and how do you replace it and how do you replace the egr valve.The mechanic wants to charge me over 500 and i think i can do it myself.Please help me safe some cash. The car is 2002 saturn sl 4 cylinder Thank you

There is an instruction video on u tube that shows where the sensor is an how to remove and replace itfor the saturn.. It isnt your vehicle but the same steps apply.. and its in the same place.. ... Saturn SL

2003 Nissan xterra...couple problems...timing belt just changed...knock sensor, crank shaft positioning sensor, distributor cap all changed...service engine soon light keeps coming on...took to autozone...said it was crank shaft positioning sensor..took it back to mechanic he said could be faulty sensor so he changed it again...service light is still on. Disconnected battery and light is still on...any suggestions?? Mechanic is going out of his mind w my car. Also gas pedal has been sticking so

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Where is the crank shaft positioning sensor located on a 01' Cherekee Sport with a 4 liter? What are the symptoms of a faulty Crank shaft positioning sensor?

Look at the area around the crankshaft pulley. It's bolted to the block and senses the crank position. If it fails, You won't have an ignition spark. Good Luck, Ned ... Jeep Cherokee

Where is the crank shaft position sensor on a 2002 Jeep crank shaft position sensor

Hello lucasgraves,If you have a 4.0 the crank position sensor is mounted to the transmission bell housing at the left rear side of the engine block. Left is drivers side.If you have a 4.7 the crank position sensor is mounted i ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I put a monitor on the the car. it came up eva p0016 stating a crank position correlation problem camshaft position bank sensor A. should i replace the cam shaft postion sensor and/or the crank shaft?

... 2006 Hyundai Tucson

My nissan is showing codes p00340 and p00325. p00340 is a cam sahft position sensor but my yeat of car does not come equipt with a cam shaft position sensor. instead i replaced the crank shaft position sensor. the car is still shutting off anytime it feels like. what could it be.

I believe that car comes with a dist,it has a cam sensor built end it. ... 1996 Nissan Altima

Was driving the car, and it just quit, now there is no spark. Was told: If there is fuel and no spark, then either the anti-theft unit is on and blocking signal, or the crank shaft position sensor is bad. To find this sensor, follow spark plug wires to coil packs/module and from here directly to crank sensor. You can test crank sensor with an ohmmeter to see if it is faulty. These are all the main components that deliver spark to engine. You can go to autozone.com and register for full fre

Most likely it isnt a theft issue. This is a common problem. You will have to ramp the sensor while cranking. Put a meter on the center wire which is the signal to the computer. You should have a pulse with meter set on 12 volts or so. Be sure you h ... 1992 Dodge Spirit

Mercedes c220 i have a 1994 mercedes c220. the problem is car sometimes starts and some times not. when it starts and when i drive the car can just stop in the middle of the road. the things i've tried doing is changed the crank shaft position sensor, cam shaft position sensor, and still does the same. can some one help and tell me what i need to do?

Check your harness wire. Check if the wire coating is brittle then you have to change it. The original harness has a lifespan so what we did is to replace the wirings one by one with a japanese made wires that wont get brittle. More durable ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1996 mercury sable 3.0 not doc it turns over and finely get it to Crank runs fine but does the same thing every time and turning it toover it pops though the intake iv replace timeing gears chain crank shaft sensor cam shaft sensor remove the catalytic converters it gets fuel pressure been check its hideing no fuses been blowed all relays been replace timeingcheck the ecm no light on until you aren'tplug into it then reads torch converter stuck in off position 3 And turning5 misfire but that's t

Can you boost the fuel supply by spraying carb cleaner into the throttle body and make it any better ?Any chance you have a vac leak somewhere ? Like the EGR valve ? ... Cars & Trucks

Where is the cam shaft position sensor and crank shaft position sensor located

... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe


Need to replace the crank shaft sensor, any advice on what needs to be done to access the old sensor to remove it. ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

Sluggish when you step on the gas. From a dead stop when you go to take off it has a lag of power. Once you get going it is fine. Already replaced fuel injectors, fuel filter, spark plugs, the cam shaft and crank shaft position sensors. Replaced the throttle bottle position sensor, cleaned the throttle body out, new coil, fuel pump and coil is only a year old. Van has only 160,000 miles.

You did mention the oxygen sensors or the PVC valve..\015\012\015\012I would try replacing them..\015\012\015\012Please dont forget to rate well ;o) ... 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 2000 Saturn SL2 I had a check engine light, the description was that the cam sensor needed to be replaced, Surprise!!!! 1.9 DOHC Saturn engine does not have a Cam sensor, so I replaced the cables and spark plugs, the check engine light was gone, but then Surprise again!!!!the car will stall and turn off a soon as I put it on D or R, I replaced the TPS sensor the IAS sensor The crank position sensor and nothing the car will not work propperly, the only way to run is to pulse/push the ped

Did you replace the engine coolant temp sensor and harness?that will set a p0341,p0340 code and cause hard.no start as it misreads and dumps too much gas,,,,,the sensor is plastic and sits inside the head and crakcs and leaks into the harness and cor ... 1999 Saturn SL

2000 chevy blazer, truck cranks and immediately dies. Have replaced computer, fuel pump, injectors, regulator, crank shaft sensor, oil pressure sensor, checked throttle position sensor, check ignition fire(good at all times) will start on fuel injector cleaner. need heeelp!

Does your battery go dead? ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

My 2002 4.3l suddenly began to mis fire and stopped. with ciol disco it cranks over ok. the following codes showfault P0300 random cylinder miss fire,P0131,P0137,P0151,P0101 map sensor- swapped in new sensor,P0442 evap system. i cant see if i have a crank or cam shaft position sensor at this piont. cpu module tests ok what do you thing the problem is. i don,t believe timing chain is gone.

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How to replace rear oxygen sensor on 2000 town & country How to replace crank shaft position sensor on 2000 town & country How to replace cam position sensor on 2000 town & country

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I have a 1997 chevrolet lumina sedan with a 3.1 engine. had a problem with a loose spark plug wire and replaced a bad throttle position sensor. a few days later the car would run well then not start. replaced fuel pump with used pump. now the pump runs and the engine gets spark and vaccum but will not start unless you spray fuel directly into the intake. the fuel pump will only run when you bypass the fuel pump relay hot to hot. ive been told it maybe a bad cam shaft or crank shaft sensor. does

Then u have no injector operation, check for blown fuses under the hood, look at ECM fuses, there are 2 i believe.. ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Cannot figure out how to test the crank shaft position sensor to see if it has caused recent ignition failure because the harness has three leads at the end that connects to the ignition modual and two leads that connects to the crankshaft position sensor, this is on a 2.8 V6 H.O. in a 1989 pontiac 6000 LE I do have power to the ignition module with ignition on, but no signal to the coils, and no spark, was atempting to test SPS when i ran into this oddity with the wires that run between t

If you unplug the crank sensor at the module and measure the resistance of the crank sensor. (the yellow wire and the black wire) The resistance of the crank sensor should be 900-1200 ohms. ... 1989 Pontiac 6000

The Van (91 3.3L) will not start, It will turn over, and I have checked to see it I was getting any spark at the plug and NO SPARK. I have changed out the Computer ECM, emergency stop relay, Coil pack and the Camshaft position sensor. I understand there is a Crank shaft position sensor cant find it and am about out of things to try. Please help?

Look for the crankshaft sensor at the output end of the engine near the flywheel/flex plate area if the van is a Chrysler product. In GM engines, the crankshaft position sensor is combined with the camshaft sensor and is located behind the crankshaft ... Plymouth Grand Voyager

My 1999 saturn sl2 will not start. It cranks, fuel pump is working but I no spark from the ignition coils or spark plugs. A few months ago the wipers started acting funny (going off when they wanted to) it stop by itself. Then the car started shutting off after running for a while I thought it was because of the car overheating so I replaced the coolant heating sensor and the crank shaft sensor. I have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, ignition control module, battery, and alternato

Sounds like a bad timing chain. ... Saturn SL2

I have 2008 Dodge Caliber and the engine light came on with codes P0017 Crank Shaft Position Cam Shaft Position Correlation - Bank 1 Sensor B can you tell me what this means as i cannot afford to pay $100.00 for a dealership to run their test just to tell me what is wrong?

Sounds like your crank sensor or cam sensor is malfunctioning. Their positions are not correlating which means they are not in perfect alignment according to the computer. I don't think the parts are very expensive and probably not that hard to repla ... Dodge Caliber

Where is the cam shaft position sensor located on a 2001 gmc 5.7 , and also the crank position sensor?

If this is a 5.7L the cam sensor is in the distributer and the crank sensor is in the timing cover ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

1995 Buick LaSabre stalls while driving, but will start back on. First the check engine light will come on while driving. Then the batery light and check oil lamp will come on and the engine will quit. Sometimes the steering wheel locks up. The Builck dealer has changed crank shaft position sensor, cam shaft sensor, and no suggests that some magnet in the engine is giving bad signals. Please help diagnose the problem.

Clean battery cables and replace bolts. The cam sensor manet will not cause it to cut off. ... Buick LeSabre
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