Having problems with your 2001 Saturn L-Series ?

Intermittently when I try to start the car, it won't start. If I wait 15 minutes and try again it will start. If I spray starter fluid in the carburetor it will run till the spray runs out. The car is a 2001 Saturn L series with a 2.2 litre engine

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Answers :

Sounds like your engine is not getting any fuel. check your fuel filter to see if it needs to be changed. Fuel lines are under pressure. Be careful because on some vehicles you need to turn the fuel pumb breaker off and crank the engine over for about 10 seconds to depressurize your fuel line before removing the fuel filter. (check motor manuel to see where your breaker is located. One of my cars has the breaker in the trunk of the car, while my other vehicle has it in the passenger side panel). A more serious problem is that it could be your fuel pump. The fuel pump is usually located in the gas tank. Regardless, of where the problem is you will need to replace you fuel filter anyway.
Check the fuel pump relay 
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Intermittently when I try to start the car, it won't start. If I wait 15 minutes and try again it will start. If I spray starter fluid in the carburetor it will run till the spray runs out. The car is a 2001 Saturn L series with a 2.2 litre engine

Sounds like your engine is not getting any fuel. check your fuel filter to see if it needs to be changed. Fuel lines are under pressure. Be careful because on some vehicles you need to turn the fuel pumb breaker off and crank the engine over for abo ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

Hyundai sonata 2000 gls. v6. HAs no EGR. Emission test, first try, HC(0) CO (0) nox 1033 mechanic said my engine seems hot (there was also heat out of vents blowing out. I cleaned my maf sensor and put on high octane gas and fuel cleaner drove for a week and retested. ssecond try HC(0) CO (0) nox 1250. failed agian. I changed my mass airflow from anotehr car and change my 3 front spark plugs myself not the three at back. Car seemed to be running better and engine definitely cooler no mor

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I can jump start my car, but it only runs when i have my foot on the gas. It will run as long as my foot is on the gas, but as soon as I release the gas, the RPM drops to 0 and the engine shuts off and the battery meter slowly goes from 14 V to 0 V. Im trying to figure out if it is the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator. (it could be something else but my limited knowledge of cars gets me thinking it is one of these) any help is appreciated, what is wrong?

First thing I'd do there is charge the battery using a battery charger, then have it load tested. Nothing else in the system can be properly tested if the battery will not pass that test. Once that has been done and if the battery is bad, you have r ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Smelling antifreeze,i hear maybe waterpump,engine lightly sprayed on top in front of fan, engine runs rough when idleing but runs great at normal riding speeds running like this since august 08, when purchased ,tachometer reads halfway between 0 and 1 grand car leaks very little oil. put on 11,000 miles.

Could be a hose or the water pump either way when it leaks your fan is blowing the coolent back on your engine and could be blowing on your ignition wires making them wet and causing a miss fire. Do you have to add coolent regulary? ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Car made a ticking noise every once in a while, the engine has 120xxx miles on it runs really good but would make this noise every so often. went to start it one day and it wouldnt start. tried to jump the car and the battery wouldnt take a charge for a long time. when the battery finally did take a charge it made an aweful noise when i tried to start car. was wondering if it is the timing chain and if so do i need to repair heads because i have heard there is 0 tolerance on the heads and they m

The probable clicking may be a failed starter, remove and inspect, or have tested at pepboys,autozone or similar store. There is and inspection hole in the top of the engine in the front timing belt cover, verify that it is not broken, most times w ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Fuel pump fuse blows after car runs for a while like after it's hot I tried changing the fuse when it is still hot would blow fuse as soon as I turn key on, unplugged the fuel pump and sending unit but still blows fuse. After car sits for a while or maybe cools down I change the fuse and it starts up and runs fine till engine gets hot then blows again.

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2002 kia sedona, check engine light on and fan running up front all the time after car is started till shut-down. Shop ran diagnostic and got code P01159 -Poss Varable Intake Control Valve...Think it's related to pollution control part...$700+ to fix, they say. Am trying to limp along with this car till Aug. Any suggestions?

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I drove my car today and when I was about to go home the car started acting weird. When I tried to start the car my rear windshield wiper started working but the car did not start. Than when I got a jump the car ran for like 4-5 minutes then it shut off. We jumped the car again. It was fine till I got home, I left the engine running while in park for a few minutes, and when I pulled out of the parking space the radio cut off then came right back on and as soon as I turned on the headlights the c

Could be your altenator and or your battery. You can get both tested for free or a small fee at parts stores or garage. ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

Car starts up fine, drives fine till the engine is warm, I would say about 15/20 minutes in. Then I come to a stop and the car will stall out. Put the car back in park, starts up fine, instant I put it into gear it stalls again. Eventually it works, for the most part, after like 10 minutes of trying. Once the car has been parked for a while it will work again for that short distance. I cleaned out the IAC valve yesterday and it stalled later that night. New air and fuel filters, been running cle

Depending on the year,the lock up converter could be the problem,there is a four wire connector on the transmission,unplug it,then try and drive it,you will not have over drive,but it will diagnose the problem. ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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Distributor or fuel pump going bad or dirty fuel pump ... 1990 Honda Accord

01 chev cavalier 2.2l 181000km a week ago car wouldnt start not getting fuel replaced filters and pump ran for two days wont start again. No codes no engine light.. replaced fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator even tried replacing gas cap.. no luck.. car will run for a second when you spray gas in the throttle body/intake... all new plugs and i should mention they are dry fuels not getting to them but why? Any ideas on what to do next? I am stumped please help!

Check into your VATS system ... Cars & Trucks

Malibu Classic with Ecotec Engine ran low on gas. Did not run out of gas the light just came on. Filled the tank up road for about 3 to 4hrs after that then got out of the car got back in and attempted to start the engine would not crank just turns over, sprayed starting fluid in the throttle area tried to crank but still did not. I can hear the fuel pump come on and i can hear the relay click on as well. Need help


The car starts but when you try moving it the engine cuts out,you can restart it and it will run all day till you try moving it.Changed body control module and still the same thing

Check ignition wires for proper order. ... 1999 Chevrolet Corvette

Not running Car sat 4 years period. I sprayed starter fluid in air intake started and ran. (very briefly), Trying to figure how to go about checking and restoring engine running on its own. Drained tank (power suction) put 5 galons in with fuel additive. Can't find mechical repair manual Thanks for your time


I have a 2003 Buick Park Avenue with 114000 miles. I had a tune up 1,000 miles ago. When I start the car in the morning every thing runs fine, starts good every time. I drive for .7 to 1 mile and the car stops dead when I slow down or stop. Car starts fine and runs very good for about a mile then the tachometer drops down to stop but the engine catches and runs OK till I stop. If I slowed down or was stopped the car engine would stop dead. After not running for a few hours it does the same thing

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2004 Sebring 2.7L. The car was running fine with no apparent problems. I turned the car off for a few minutes to get gas. When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start at all. No clicking, very dim lights. I tried jumping 3 times. It would start, then die. The third time, I revved the engine a bit to try to keep it running. while revving, lights on the dash would flicker and the gauges were jumping a bit. car still died once I stopped revving and tried to drive. The battery has been long

Check for 12 volts at the battery if it is anything less you will need a new battery. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 91 z28 5.0 camaro the engine turns and it tries to crank but it won't I sprayed starter fluid and it cranks till fluid runs out is it gonna be a relay and if it is where is the relay or is it gonna be the fuel pump or filter

Its your relay by the stater get a new filter too if does not work contact me ... Cars & Trucks

I have an alfa 156 1.6 sportswagon .. it strated to judder and have a loss of power at low revs yesterday .. i used it this morning it was running rough , arrived home the engine cut out and wouldnt start again .. after half an hour i tried again and it started i re fuelled the car incase it was low as my fuel dial can lie to me and it was fine then till just now ,when collecting the kids from school it cut out at a junction and wouldnt start, again started after half an hour and drove home 2

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My 1994 jeep cherokee is overheatin after less than 5min of driving it will run completely hot then cut off till it cools down...the radiator is not leakin but I did hear a sprayin sound and when I opened the hood I notices coolant sprayed every where..I re filled the collant and when the car over heats I notice the collant leakin out of one of the house on the side of the engine...is this just a hsimple hose leak?

It could very well be as simple as a hose leak. ... 1994 Jeep Cherokee

2002 Ford Taurus 6 cyc. intermitted coolant leak. Vehicle is not overheating. No indication of where leak is. Vehicle is ok driving for two to three days and then coolant appears on front passenger side under engine area. Resevore seems ok. Water/Coolant then has to be added. If not checked, coolant level will over time fall till vehicle overheats. I have run car for hours trying to see where leak is coming from (water pump, resevore, etc) and cannot located the problem. Any ideas??

Some 3.0 engines hive a head gasket leak on the rear head on the corner hear the water pump.. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 2002 accent and car was running fine till last nice it has no power awhen trying to accelerate check engine light went on..code 0p300..the Guy says maybe the coil pack???

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I have a '84 toyota tercel 3AC engine. I have correctly installed the timing belt and am presently having problem starting car. I am trying to static time the engine so that I may use my dynamic timing light to set the correct timing. I know my car has to be running to do the latter. I have primed the carb and it will run until the fuel is consumed by the engine. I have had it running for more than 20 minutes I am just unable to leave the gas pedal to put my timing light in place. Any idea

... 1984 Toyota Tercel

2001 monte carlo ss 3.8 motor, 70,000 miles. when car is started first time of the day it starts right up and runs good, after car has been run and is warm if it is shut off and tried to restart it wont start like first day start, it takes at least three attempts , and puffs back after you try. no engine lights and once car starts runs fine.

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

It violently shakes when parked or when stopped with brake applied, doesn't shake when moving though, rpms is like 500rpm constant so between 0 and 1 on the gauge. it also notice at night my lights stay dim till the car warms up and than they are bright, the car also runs sluggish till the car warms up, the belt squeals till warmed up also, i start running mid grade it helped a little with the sluggishness, has a new air filter, new oil change, new tranny oil change, new brakes, new brake fluid

If it shakes, it is normally either a bad motor mount (if the car runs fine) or your car is "missing" on one or more cylinders (misfire). The belt will squeal because they stretch with use. That can be solved by replacing the belt or tightening the b ... 2003 Kia Spectra

1987 camaro plain and simple we had the car running and tried to adjust the timing and it back fired and stoped running most if not all of the relays in the engine compartment are bypassed (by previous owner) car was running fine up until the backfire then it died currently the car has a 305 tbi motor which the previous owner converted to a carborated 305 he bypassed most of the relays in the engine compartment we have lights and that is it when the fans, fuel pump, and starter all work when hoo

Sounds like the fusable link which feeds power to the ignition switch has gone to the happy hunting ground. this fusable link is bolted to the starter motor battery terminal along with up to four others. ... 1987 Chevrolet Camaro
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