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I locked my key inside my Pontiac sunfire model 2005,how can i get them out?

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Answers :

Call a locksmith or a car service center that does AAA calls. They should be able to get in safely. The $75 for them to do it will probably be cheaper than the damage you'll do trying to get in. On an older car it may not be too bad. On one that new, pay to get in, then get another copy of your key and keep it in your wallet so it doesn't happen again.
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I locked my key inside my Pontiac sunfire model 2005,how can i get them out?

Call a locksmith or a car service center that does AAA calls. They should be able to get in safely. The $75 for them to do it will probably be cheaper than the damage you'll do trying to get in. On an older car it may not be too bad. On one that ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

I have a 2005 Sunfire and I had GM install after the car was made, remote locks. It seems in cold weather I am not able to get into the drivers side or passenger door. I can get my key in the lock and turn the lock and I can pull up on the handle ouside. It seems that the tab lock (the finger lock inside) inside is frozen. After the car was been warming for about 30-45 mintues it works. I've had it in to the dealership while it was under warrenty and they said it was nothing. I've even had

Condensation is the most common cause for the freezing up of mechanisms. Try using WD40 spray, if you can use one with a long straw that fits into the spray head as it allows you to get into small spaces and keeps things clean. WD40 is not only goo ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

1994 pontiac sunbird;i turn key on everything inside works.turn key over i get nothing

Could have faulty starter or starter solenoid.hook test light make you a test light with longer wires and 12 volt bulb with socket go junk yard find good bulb with socket.hook test light to starter and see if test light lights up if so your starter ... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

I have recently bought a pontiac sunfire 96 model. I had to replace the heater core and it was very filthy inside. The battery in the car was no good when I bought it, but you could jump the car and it run just fine. I stripped all the insides out seats, console, carpet and entire dash. Cleaned it all extremely good put back together and put a new battery in. Now the car will start and run a few seconds then the THEFT light begins blinking and kills the car. I have tried almost everything I know

Try this, turn key on, but don't start car, wait 15-20 min, the turn key off, then try to start the car ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

When I get in my 96 pontiac sunfire, I can not turn my key to start my car. the wheel is locked, and I can't turn my key to unlock it. what can I do.

Try pulling on the steering wheel ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2003 pontiac sunfire i cant get my gear shifter inside my car to put my car in gear its an automatic and its like the inside shifter isn hooked to anything and is hard to put back in park pos

... Cars & Trucks

99 Pontiac Grand Am. I accidentally slid the trunk remote trunk release lockout switch to ON and now cannot open the trunk via the remote or via the remote trunk release button inside the car. I am supposed to be able to use the key to open the trunk manually but the trunk lock cylinder has been broke for some time so now I have no way to get the trunk open. I was able to open the trunk via the remote and inside car release before I switched the button to "ON". How do I gain access to the tr

I'm not 100% sure with that vehicle, but you might be able to remove the back seat to gain access to the trunk ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Cant get key out of ignition on 97 sunfire - 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I have worked on several vehicles with this same problem and each one was a relatively simple repair with no parts involved, first off the shift interlock has nothing to do with it and will not prevent your vehicle from going into ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Pontiac sunfire 2004. With the key off, the speedometer indicates 25 km/h, the tachometer indicates 2500 rpm, and the temerature gauge is pretty hight. When we turn the key on everything seems to go back to normal exept for the temperature gauge sometimes it stays hight and sometimes it does not. Is that a common problem on these model? Oh and by the way the owner of the car did a little tap test on the dash bord and everything went back to normal. Please tell me what is the problem?

I have seen this before, check the connection on the back of the cluster. ... Pontiac Sunfire

1998 pontiac sunfire 2.2 wont shut off with key. its not the ignition switch i tryed it. the key willkill the accesories but not the engine, the coil is getting constant power at all times....... thanks

Its your relay to the ignition ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

99 pontiac sunfire that won't engage the starter. have replaced the battery, starter, and ignition switch. once in a great while you can get it to start. any easy way to tell if it is the neutral safety switch or ignition lock cylinder?? "nothing happens when you turn the key to turn the motor over" all interior and exterior lights and etc. work, but when you turn the key to start the motor all interior lights go off.

... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a Pontiac Sunfire 1998 the horn starts by itself and doesn't stop like if it gets stuck right now I have a pencil inside steering wheel so it can stop does anyone know where the fuse or connection for the horn is so I can disconnect it and make it stop beeping.

Fuse probably needed for other circuits. Take the horn relay out of its socket in the engine compartment relay box. Thanks for using FixYa. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Pontiac Sunfire cannot get key out of ignition all dash lights are off

In cars with floor shifter the button in the shifter may not be all the way out try pulling it out gently \015\012in cars with column shifter try pushing fordward on the shifter. ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 Pontiac Sunfire ran out of gas now won't start. Tried changing the fuel filter, and cycling the key several times, can hear the fuel pump running. Also could get to start with spraying fuel into air intake.

The fuel in the fuel tank also cools the pump during operation. The pump could have heated up internally, causing it to fail. I would recommend checking the fuel pressure with a gauge and be sure the fuel system is pressurized and not lo ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Cannot get key cylinder out of column on a 99 pontiac sunfire

... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

Looks like a dead battery, mabey? key fob will not work, light is not blinking on dashboard (security) can not get inside. 2004 model, on-star is analog, so it is not active.

There is an emergency key for just this situation.\015\012\015\012Use it to pry the keyhole cover off the left (driver's) side of the rear bumper. The pry point is at the bottom of the cover. Insert the key, unlock the trunk and lift it ... 2006 Cadillac XLR

Factory fitted alarm on Honda Civic 1997 1.4i model lost remote Fob is it possible to get another One so I can use the alarm? And has the key switch inside glove box got anything todo with The alarm?.

... 1997 Honda Civic

Security system I just put in a new ignition assemble in my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and now the security system does not recognize the new key. What do I need to do next to get the car started?

Turn the key on,leave it on ten minutes,then turn it off,and right back on,do this three times,and then see if it relearned the key,a total of 30 minutes. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

How do you remove the door panel from a 2 door Pontiac sunfire , I want to spray sillicone on the locking mechanism , the least bit of frost and the both doors are really hard to unlock . I put the noozle in the key hole and sprayed , and also sprayed the lock from inside , this didn't make any difference any help with tis problem would be greatly appreciated , thanks Jim

I would go to youtube.com do a search and watch a few folks pull GM door panels out. Search for door panels or speaker replacement. Yours will be just about like them. You will need to go to a parts store and get the special tool which goes under the ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

How do you unlock a 2004 Pontiac sunfire car door. The keys are inside

You will need a lockout tool referred to as an over under tool. This tool is inserted in the door slipped under the glass and then popped up on the inside of the door. You can then grab the lock button and unlock the car.I would suggest calli ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

Left keys inside my excel 1999 model can i get them without call anyone ???

I tried this my self on my car without calling or using nothin big but a smaller car key just move the smller key around so it can move the seal and keep movin the door handle it should pop the lock if you move the seal to open the lock ... Hyundai Excel

Lost my key how can i get my car started - 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Have proof of ownership and get a replacement key at any general motors dealership ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Can get the key to turn all the way off - 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

First make sure the shifter is in park. Directly beneath ignition key cylinder is a hole in steering column. There may be a plastic cap covering it. Pry out cap if so. Take small screwdriver or paperclip & push up on center of spring loaded switc ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Audi 98 A4 alarm went off and would not shut off, when it did the ignition was locked out, and you could not get a key inside. Now you can get key inside ignition, but car will not start, just clicks once when you turn key. Had AAA out and it isnt batterie, he seems to think the car is on some kind of anti theft lockout......HELP!

Audis and Volkswagen beyond 97 have microcontacts in all door locks and the trunk lock. They tend to fail and the anti-theft recognizes it as attempt to mess with the car. So it triggers the alarm. Sometimes also all windows come down nighttime on th ... Audi A4

I opened my car this morning and left the key inside as i went to get water to defrost the ice the door closed by itself as it sometimes does but the lock slammed shut with the keys inside i am now late for work and i have no way of getting into my car

Just smash the back window as time os of an essence ,always keep a spare key ,and another trick is to have a key cut with no chip in it as these are expensive then grease it and tape it and wire as well to underside of car so at least car can be open ... Hyundai Accent
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